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Bamboo 1500 Pocket Sprung Memory and Reflex Foam Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 13 customer reviews

Bamboo 1500 Pocket Sprung Memory and Reflex Foam Mattress

Brand: Happy Beds
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What Makes The Bamboo 1500 Pocket Sprung Memory and Reflex Foam Mattress Great?

Exemplary hand-crafted quality, made exclusively for Happy Beds

This product is manufactured and sold exclusively through Happy Beds and features high quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure you get the right product at the right price.

Only requires rotating every six weeks to maintain high quality

Save money and time on turning, as the comfort layer is just on one side. The mattress can be rotated every 6 weeks to spread any wear that develops over time. This will increase the life span of the mattress and prevent indentations which could otherwise cause discomfort, back pain or poor-quality sleep.

Rated at a medium firmness level, making it both comfortable and supportive

Medium mattresses are the industry go-to standard for what goes into a mattress. On average a medium firmness mattress will generally be suitable for you provided you are also, average. Lower BMI than average, look at a softer mattress. Higher BMI than average, or, backpain, look at a firmer mattress.

Accommodatingly thick at 27cm

27cm is considered fairly deep for a mattress and is more than enough room to house good quality components and spring systems, along with generous amounts of comfort layer materials. You may get away with standard sheets at the extreme end, though you may find a slightly deeper sheet necessary to accommodate.

Crafted using eco-friendly bamboo yarn, which is naturally hypoallergenic

Filled with a wealth of individually nested pocket springs

Pocket springs are of considerable better quality than their poorer traditional open coil counterparts. Put simply, pocket spring contours better and supports better than other base layers. When it comes to pocket spring mattresses, the general rule of thumb is that the more springs the better. There are exceptions, of course, but for the best part this is likely to be a good quality mattress based on it's base layer.

Memory and reflex foam layers

Memory foam has properties that adapt shape of your body, immediately recovering its original shape once pressure is no longer applied. It adapts to your movements without sinking, ensuring that pressure is not produced, but without the wrapping feeling which would otherwise cause unnatural posture.

Customer Reviews For The Bamboo 1500 Pocket Sprung Memory and Reflex Foam Mattress

Based on 13 review

Great thick mattress which provides good support and level of firmness- not flimsy at all. Yet, still soft enough that you can sink into it a little if you want to, and so comfortable too. I read the other reviews about it being comfortable thinking they might be a slight exaggeration but actually no, it really is that comfortable. Definitely recommend this one!


Very comfy, good price, only problem was once the plastic was off we noticed a black mark on the back of it, we couldn't put that on the delivery note because the driver didn't hang around for us to check all was ok.


Having bought this particular mattress previously for our guest bedroom and received so many positive reviews, we came straight back to Happy Beds when we needed another.


I am sleeping on the mattress, on the floor as we are moving house and yet to erect the ottoman bed purchased at the same time.


No complaints, everything as advertised. Delivery as promised and comfy mattress


Very comfortable and as good as the mattress it replaced


lovely comfortable mattress really deep mattress!


Lovely mattress, Does what it says :-)


Very comfortable mattress. Great price


Very comfy and luxurious mattress


Firm but perfect with topper





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