Turner Traditional Spring Mattress - Firm

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Height/Depth: 21cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:27:38 PM
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What Makes It Great

I purchased this mattress to replace a memory foam mattress I had for just over a year, now being a runner and regular gym goer my memory foam mattress started giving me back ache to a point where I would lie awake in agony! To which I searched for a firmer a mattress that would support my back, I came across this mattress and can honestly say it’s the best purchase I’ve made in a while, the structural support it provides to my back and comfort when sleeping is unmatched. I would definitely recommend this if you suffer from chronic back pain and need that little support to hold you up, I would definitely purchase again from Dreams and the delivery staff were very pleasant.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

This is the most common type of mattress and consists of an inter-connected spring system. You will often find this sort of specification on cheaper mattresses where pocket sprung would have often been the preferable choice for a consumer. That said, it offers great value and support, well worth it if you are on a budget

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

This is a woven fabric that has generally become terms as a Belgian Damask. There's not really anything Belgian about it, it's just a woven style of fabric

Questions and Answers

I am moving to Brighton and want to know about whether it's possible to deliver to my new address? Also is it easy to move the bed up stairs?

Answer: Hello Andy, The base comes in two halves that link together, making this bed easier to manoeuvre up stairs. We can also change your delivery address if you have already bought this item. Just call our customer services on: 0344 292 0000 and they will be able to help you do this. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi, I am looking to purchase this bed and I was wondering if you do deals on finance, paying it up if you will rather than paying the full price at the one time.

Answer: Hello , We offer Bflex finance, which is interest free and can be taken out for orders between £400 & 2000. Bflex allows you to choose your monthly repayments for a period of between 3-18 months. If your order does not amount to £400, it may be easier for you add services such as recycling or special delivery, to allow you to access our interest free finance. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Will you take away my old mattress?

Answer: Hello , Yes we offer a recycling service for £39.99, in which we take away your old mattress. This can be added to your order in the checkout stage online. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi there, Does the headboard come with the storage divan? Thank you.

Answer: Hi The divan does not come with a headboard. This would need to be bought separately.

The Halliday Open Spring Divan Bed - Firm comes with the mattress?

Answer: Hi , If you order the Divan Set, you will receive both the base and the mattress. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Hi, is the divan delivered as 2 separate parts? We have a restricted amount of door space at the entrance to our property and need to ensure it arrives as 2 pieces. Thanks

Answer: Hi , I can confirm the divan is delivered in two parts, apart from a single which is delivered as one item. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Do you remove old bed and matresss

Answer: Hi , We do provide a recycling service for a one off cost of £39.99. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Hi there how many springs are there in the mattress  ?

Answer: Hi , I can confirm that there are 325 open bonnell springs in this mattress. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Would 1 person be able to manage this bed upstairs?

Answer: Hello , We would always recommend this is taken up by two people. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Would I be able to go into a store and buy it and take it home straight away or would I had to wait? 

Answer: Hello Unfortunately not, these mattresses are not available for store collection. Thank you for your question.

Will this go on a double electrictronic bed 

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately not on an adjustable bed. Thank you for your question.

do you take away single wooden bed frame. no matress

Answer: Hello , Yes we do, for a one off cost of £39. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

do you take the old matteress away

Answer: Hello , Yes for a cost of £39. Please select this option during the checkout out process. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

is it possible to do next day delivery?

Answer: Hello , Unfortunately not. Many thanks for your question.

Do you take company checks as payment?

Answer: Hello , Yes, however the order needs to be placed in store or via Telesales Team and the order will not be delivered until the cheque clears. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi Can this mattress be put on a slatted base

Answer: Hello , Yes this is possible. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the Halliday available to view in your Torquay showroom please.

Answer: Hello , Yes they do have this in store. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.


Answer: Hello , The Halliday is 22cm deep in all sizes. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the ottoman base slatted or solid

Answer: Hello , The Ottoman base is solid. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the bed require assembly, and how is the headboard fixed to the size? Can the cover of the headboard be taken off for cleaning, and what is the fabric

Answer: Hello , The headboard fabric cannot be removed, and is fitted with headboard bolts which are supplied. The divan base links together with linking bars so minimal assembly is required. As with all of our divans the headboard is not included and will need to be purchased separately. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the material?

Answer: Hello Sibos, This will be a belgium damask cover. Thanks for your question.

Hi, would this mattress go well on the Hutching midsleeper bed? thank you

Answer: Hello , This will be a suitable mattress choice for the midsleeper. Many thanks for your question.

Can you take old mattress away when we have new one

Answer: Hello , Yes, this is an optional service through checkout. Many thanks for your question.

Does this mattress have layers of memory foam? The pics show none but the description mentions it does. 

Answer: Hello , Our Halliday mattress does not contain memory foam. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

is there a minimum in store amount for finance? is this with delivery included or not?

Answer: Hello , Minimum order for finance is £500, delivery is included. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What's the total hight with mattress on single bed in inches please 

Answer: Hello , The total height is 56cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How many springs does this mattress have ?

Answer: Hello , This mattress has 325 pocket springs. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can the castors be replaced with feet? If yes, does it come with feet?

Answer: Hello , You can purchase this base with legs. Please call our Telesales team on 0800 652 5090 and they'll be able to help with this. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Dear dreams team Can I order the mattress for a specific date and time? I'm moving to my new flat and need the vendor to deliver As above. Thanks

Answer: Hello , The current lead times for the mattress will be displayed through checkout before payment. You will be able to choose a specific date for your delivery. Many thanks for the question.

can I pick up a mattress straight away

Answer: Hello , These are delivered out to you as store's are only showrooms for display purposes. Many thanks for the question.

Which headboards are compatible with the halliday traditional divan beds?

Answer: Hi , Any UK standard headboard will fit. Many thanks for your question.

Halliday Traditional Spring Mattress - FIRM Can you give the metric dimensions for the above matress? As i need to check if it will fit the Bunk Bed.

Answer: Hello , This will be 135 by 190 by 22cm. Many thanks for the question.

Can you take away the old mattress

Answer: Hello , Yes, this service is available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

What is the depth of the storage?

Answer: Hello, This will be approximately 30cm. Many thanks for the question.

Does this have a guarantee ?

Answer: Hello, All of our mattresses come with a 40 night comfort guarantee. Find out more here: http://support.dreams.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/205720401-40-Night-Comfort-Guarantee Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

im getting a bit confused does this come with a mattress

Answer: Hello , Yes this does. All of our divans come with the mattress. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Would the Columbia headboard fit the Halliday Traditional Spring bed - firm - blue?

Answer: Hello, This will fit any divan bed in our collection. You just have make sure that you choose the same size for both when adding them to the basket. Many thanks for the question.

Can you recommend a headboard for this bed

Answer: Hello, The columbia headboard will be a great option for this bed. Please use the search bar to help locate this on our website. Many thanks for the question.

hi what is the total weight of a double halliday with a classic base with sliders?

Answer: Hi , The total weight for this product will be 60kg. Many thanks for the question.

do you remove old mattress please

Answer: Hello, This can be done through checkout as an optional service. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, is it possible to just by the bed base without the mattress? and what would the price be?

Answer: Hello, The bed base can be bought separately. To find more information on our range, please follow the link. http://www.dreams.co.uk/beds/divan-bases Many thanks for the question.

Hello! I wonder will you deliver it in to my room? or just delivery at house. because my room is second floor ... and I think I can not move myself to upstairs.. and also takeaway old bed.. from my room or I need to bring to down stairs..?

Answer: Hi , Of course! Upon checkout there should be an option for both 'Assembly' and 'Recycling'. These extra charges will allow us to assemble your product for you in the room of your choice, and also take your old bed away to recycle. If you would like these two options please tick the boxes against each of them in the checkout. Thank you for your question.

Can you give me the mattress specification. How many Springs pockets? medium firm or firm? thanks

Answer: Hi , This mattress is a traditional spring, not pocket spring, meaning all springs are connected together. The comfort grade is also firm. If you would like to see more, search for 'Halliday' in the search bar and you can click onto the mattress product directly. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Can this mattress be turned ?

Answer: Hi , Yes this mattress can be turned. Thank you for your question.

I am considering this mattress (small single) for my motorhome. I am 100kg, prefer a medium to firm mattress and this would be supported on a slated base. Would it be suitable?

Answer: Hi . Yes this would be suitable. Thank you for your question.

is this mattress suitable for a male weighing over 20 stone

Answer: Hi , Although this mattress should be fine for this weight, we would recommend a pocket sprung mattress to really optimise your comfort. Thank you for your question.


Answer: Hi , The only difference between these is that one is a small single and one is a normal single size. Thank you for your question.

I am looking for a small single bed and have found one with you. Just wondering if my single head board still new would fit this smaller bed ?

Answer: Hi , No, your single 3'0 headboard will not fit a 2'6 base. Thank you for your question.

Will this bed hold a 25 stone person?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you.

I need a mattress that would be able to lie on the floor, I’m thinking a mattress that can be used on a Duvan base would suit. Would this mattress work well on a Duvan base?

Answer: Hi , This is up to you, we sell this product either separately or with a divan base. It can be used either or. Thank you.

Is the single Halliday mattress suitable for a  kinder high sleeper?

Answer: Hi , No, this mattress would be too deep for the frame. You are limited to a height of 15cm with that bed frame. Thank you.

With the Halliday Traditional Spring Divan Bed - Firm - Beige small double does the Mattress come with it

Answer: Hi , Yes, our divan sets are made up of both base and mattress. Thank you.

Would this mattress be suitable for a 5 year old?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The Halliday is one of our most popular mattresses and is suitable for a multitude of different people. There is no reason this mattress would not be suitable for a young child, the only caution I would take is if this mattress is being used in a bunk as it is deeper than the recommended depth for a top bunk. Kind regards, Dreams

Would you be able to take my old mattress away

Answer: Yes, our delivery team are able to remove your old mattress when they deliver your new one. The prices for this service are: Single Mattress - £25 Double Mattress - £35 King and Super King Mattress - £40 Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the depth of the mattress

Answer: This mattress is 21cm deep. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the label on the bottom end of the mattress go on top or underneath 

Answer: You can ensure the mattress is the correct way up by referring to the label - if the writing is the right way up on the label then this is how the mattress should be placed. If you have placed the mattress so the writing on the label is upside down, the mattress needs to be turned over. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi there My bed frame has been damaged/broken, will this stop it being taken by the recycling service or would this not matter?

Answer: Our team will still be able to take this and recycle it for you. Please ensure that the frame is fully dismantled before being collected. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will you dispose of old mattress?

Answer: Hi , Yes, we offer a recycling service, which you can choose at the checkout. Kind regards Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 review

Really comfy and great service

Bought this 3 weeks ago. Firm mattress which is really comfy. I had problems with online ordering but the customer service helpline was very helpful and sorted the problem quickly. I used the recycling service to remove my old mattress- the bag to place on the old mattress was delivered a few days before. The men put protective covers on their shoes as they entered the house and placed the new mattress upstairs and took the old one away- would definitely recommend Dreams.

Perfect Mattress

Ordered to go with new bed frame for 8 year old daughter. It’s always hard to know which mattress to choose, it took me over 2 weeks lol I read the reviews on all of those I liked and this one grabbed me. inhave to say even tho it is classed as firm it is very comfortable. I wish I had brought my daughter a bigger bed ages ago. All these Layins I have been having since she got it and is fab! no more 7 o’clock wake up woohoo

Extremely Comfortable

I bought this just over a month ago, after having a memory foam mattress for the last ten years.. I was a little worried as to how I would cope going from one to the other.. I needn’t have worried!! This mattress is absolutely amazing and I can safely say I have been sleeping so much better than I was before. I would highly recommended this mattress to anyone who wants a great and comfortable nights sleep!

Absolutely perfect

We recently brought this mattress which was our very first firm mattress, I can honest say this has been the best sleep me and my wife have had ever, I also have a bad shoulder and the mattress has pretty much fixed it. Amazing. Delivery was great, on time, polite, took their shoes off, and delivered to room as promised and took the old mattress without a fuss. Couldn't of been more pleased.

Very pleased

Bought in the sale after investigating other options from other stores. Compared very favourably. This Is a heavy substantial mattress which seems of good quality.. Store staff were helpful when I rang for advice; internet ordering straightforward; delivery person on time and pleasant - excellent service all round. early days but very happy with product so far.

Best night's sleep

I purchased this mattress 3 weeks ago on behalf of my parents who specifically needed a firm mattress due to ongoing back problems. They are more than happy with the mattress and have had excellent sleep with no issues that they had with their previous mattress i.e. stiff and sore backs. They would highly recommend this product!

Great Mattress

I bought this mattress as I required one for my newly furnished spare bedroom. I chose this because it was in the sale and had good reviews from customers who had purchased the mattress already. I wasn't disappointed. My guests who have stayed on it say it is very comfortable and they enjoyed a good nights sleep.

Lovely mattress

We bought this mattress 4 weeks ago for our teenage sons bed as he mattress needed replacing, I have to say that my son is very pleased with it and says that he sleeps like a log on it, the only problem we have now is trying to get him out of it.. would definitely recommend to family and friends..

Great bed, great price

Saw this mattress with a great discount and great reviews so bought it for my guest bedroom. It’s so comfy and firm that I wish I could change it with my bed but alas this is only a double and I have King. Hopefully are guests will enjoy their stay and have a great nights sleep!

Exactly what i needed

I bought this firm mattress a month ago and it has provided such great support for my back. i suffer from lower back pains and the firm strength of this mattress has relieved all pain i had in my back. After a month of usage it still has not let me down!

Great night's sleep

I bought this a few weeks ago and it is the comfiest mattress that I've slept on in years. I sleep on my back so I knew a firm mattress would be the best option and it truly is, my back feels fully supported and I'm so happy with my purchase.

So comfy

I bought this bed about a month ago and it really is so comfy. The delivery was great and I was kept informed of each step and a delivery time. I am having a proper nights sleep and waking up refreshed, all thanks to this mattress!!

Brilliant Mattress.

Bought this mattress for my daughters bed she says it's the best nights sleep she has had for ages. To be honest i didn't realize how bad her old one was. The delivery was outstanding by phil and rob . Will buy from dreams again.


I’m extreamly happy with my new mattress, on the first night it was a bit difficult to sleep on but after a few days it’s been perfect, would highly recommend this mattress to others and i’m very satisfied with the results.

Perfect for our needs

I bought this mattress because my wife has multiple sclerosis and finds it difficult to get into or out of bed and difficult to turn over in bed. This firm mattress has made it much easier for her to do both without help.

Great mattress

So happy with the purchase. Mattress is from without being over firm. Very very comfortable. Both myself and my partner are sleeping so much better with this mattress than our previous one. Would definitely recommend.

Very comfortable

Brought the mattress three weeks ago. Found it really comfy and we have both slept really well on it also. We took a gamble on buying it online and not seeing it first but glad we did beat mattress we have brought.

Comfort that I only dreamed of.

I have been dreaming of a good night's sleep for months. Finally, and without breaking the bank my dream has come true. This product has actually improved my life and I wish I had bought a dreams bed years ago.

a great mattress

I bought this mattress to replace my old one and I am glad I did because my new one is much more comfortable I am sleeping alot better now and it was a great price and delivery was quick and easy thank you.


Bought this approx 1 month ago and it is THE most comfortable mattress I have EVER slept on. The delivery was faultless, it came well packaged and I cannot recommend this mattress enough, thank you Dreams

Moderated Review

I wrote a review giving 5 stars for everything. I noted that the delivery driver & his colleague were very polite and helpful, I have no idea why this was considered not suitable for adding to website,

Great bed!

My son is delighted with his new bed and mattress- says its the most comfortable thing he's ever slept in. The delivery was also great with plenty of communication on when they would arrive.

Looks good, feels firm

I bought this a few weeks ago being guided by the price and good reduction in the price. This mattress is for a spare bed and hasn’t been used yet, but I am confident it will be good.

Firm and very very comfortable.

This mattress was exactly what i was looking for. As i suffer with my back i needed a firm mattress and this one certainly fit the bill. Best mattress i have bought in a long while

Nice and comfortable

Brought this 2 weeks ago, delivery was on time. The mattress itself is comfortable, firm but not too firm & you can really tell the difference when changing from an old mattress.

Perfect nights sleep!

Bought 3 weeks ago, have slept like a baby since, back ache complete gone. I cannot reccomend this mattress enough. Just the right amount of firmness and extremely comfortable.

As seen on tv

This mattresses you get a great sleep feels spacious looks lovely have 45 days to change you're mind about support it is what it says I'm no expert just a happy customer

Stunning, looks great in both my girls rooms.

We bought two of these beds for our 14 and 17 year old last month when we moved into our new house. They are loving having a double bed and the drawer storage is great.

The perfect mattress.

I had backache with my old mattress and lots of sleepless nights. I fall straight to sleep with my new one. It's comfy but firm. Everything I was looking for.

A happy sleeper!

I bought this mattress just under a month ago, and it has been an extremely comfortable purchase. A firm and robust mattress that has helped my nights sleep.

very comfy mattress

Had a very uncomfotable mattress for a few years,decided to finally get a new one so glad we choose this it's so comfy don't even know i'm asleep.Thankyou.

Very comfortable

I have been using the mattress for a month and I am very happy with it. It is firm and doesn't sag in the middle. I am having the best sleep of my life.

So comfortable

Bought this a few weeks ago, I suffer with back pain and this mattress has really helped. Very comfortable and great nights sleep!! Would recommend.


Very comfortable mattress, I prefer a firm mattress and this doesn’t disappoint. It was delivered with no fuss, and they took away my old mattress.

A good night's sleep

I am so happy with this mattress, it is very comfortable, has great depth to it and my friend who has sleeping on it, hasnt had a bad nights sleep.

Great night sleep

Really pleased I ordered this mattress as it is so comfortable. I tried it out before my granddaughter came to stay and had a great night sleep.

Daughter left home & took her Dreams mattrewith he

My daughter's bed had no mattress as she insisted on taking her Dreams mattress with her when she left - so I got another for when she visits!!

Very Comfortable

Had a good few sleeps on this mattress now and its soooo comfy! Very heavy to lift (kingsize) and very well made. Would definitely recommend!

Extremely comfortable

Not only is this mattress extremely great quality it's comfortable got it in the sale too. 5 stars was delivered on time and well packaged.


Purchased when moved into a new flat, and glad I did! It’s so comfortable I’ve slept well since! Here’s hoping it stands the test of time

Very comfortable

Bought this a month ago and for the price it is very comfortable. We bought it for our daughters but we all find comfortable to sleep on

Great quality

Bought this a few weeks ago and really like it worth the money, got it on a sale price, now back up to 400, so really happy with it.

Comfortable and at a great price

We needed a medium firm mattress and this turned out to be exactly the mattress for the job. It was on offer and at a great price.

Excellent mattress!

It’s great and I have been sleeping comfortable for a month now! It’s got really springs and have had no back aches ever since.

Brilliant mattress - cosy - glad I bought it

I bought this a few weeks ago. I really researched the item before I chose this particular mattress and I’m delighted with it.


I bought this about a month ago now and as I suffer from bad back, this mattress has solved my bad back. A great nights sleep!

So comfortable

Only had this mattress a week and its perfect. The mattress is of a very good quality and lovely and firm just how I like it

First mattress

I purchased this mattress for my daughters transition into her big bed. She has never slept better. Would highly recommend.

Stylish and comfortable

I bought this in the sake for my son it was such a bargain. It is so comfortable and being white it is a stylish design.

Very comfortable!

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago. It came quite quickly and did not disappoint me! The mattress is very comfortable.

Perfect mattress i have ever bought

Im very pleased with the quality and comfort of this mattress.100% satisfied and will recommend for sure to everyone.

Great mattress

I bought two mattresses a month ago and so glad I did really nice and comfortable. Great price and for my girls room.

Comfortably and a good nights sleep

I bought this about 3 weeks ago, had no problems, had very good nights sleep every night, would definitely recommend!

Amazingly Comfy

Excellent night sleep on this mattress. I struggle with a bad back but this has really helped with it and my sleep

Great Mattress

I have had this mattress for a few weeks now and I am absolutely loving it. Can't wait for bed time! Its so comfy.

A great buy!

We bought this for our son a couple of weeks back and he said these have been the best 2 weeks sleep he’s had!!

Very comfortable

I brought two of these for my sons and they love them very comfortable and they get a really good nights sleep.

So comfy.

I have had 2 discs removed and with the Halliday mattress I am Having the best nights sleep for a long time.

Happy customer

Bought for my daughter who is says that the mattress is very comfortable. Very happy, good value for money

Lovely nights sleep

I get a great nights sleep with this mattress and it was really good value for money! Firm but not too firm

A great, comfy mattress

I bought the mattress about a month ago, the best mattress that I have bought, so comfy. A great price too.

Very comfortable

Very happy with this mattress, nice and firm. Very good quality. Very friendly and helpful delivery guys.

firm and comfy

very comfortable - firm and turnable mattress. great colour too and well packaged. i bought 2 of them.

Pure delight

I brought this mattress last month and the comfort it provides when laying on it sleep within minutes.

Very comfy

Brought it couple weeks ago and it’s so comfy had really good nights sleep since. Well worth buying

Single Ottoman Bed

Great extra to go with the Ottoman bed ,and definetly comfortable, just the right comfort too.

Very comfortable

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and its very comfortable and great value for the price.

Very comfortable but firm

The mattress is very comfortable and I have not had a bad nights sleep since I bought it!


Bought this mattress few weeks ago. It is so comfortable I have a great nights sleep

Excellent nights sleep

Our son says this is the best mattress he has slept on. He sleeps better and longer.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable! Delivery was great, driver & assistant helpful and courteous.

Excellent value for money

My husband needed something firm for his back and this matress is just perfect.

Comfy Mattress, would recommend

This is one of the best mattresses I’ve ever bought. Excellent value for money.

Good value for money

I bought this bed a month ago its a lovely matterus grate value for the money.

Great support

I brought this mattress a month ago. And it's been great support for my back

Excellent Comfort

I have slept so well on my new mattress, love the comfort and support of it.

Extremely comfortable

Needed a new mattress to help my back as my old one was over 10 years old. .


Bought for my son when on offer would of paid full price very good matteress


We bought this a couple of weeks ago, and it is absolutely so comfortable.


Excellent mattress. Nice and firm. Great nights sleep. Highly recommended.

Just as described

Bought this for my daughter. Really comfortable and firm . She loves it

Very comfortable.

I Brought this mattress just over a month ago been very happy with it.


Bought for teenagers bed. very happy with service, delivery & mattress

Very comfortable

Bought several weeks ago and both my wife and are having great sleeps

Good quality, firm mattress for my son’s bed

Great delivery service. Son very happy with his new, firm mattress.

Worth it

I bought recently, very comfortable, you won't regret your money.

Nice mattress

I brought this mattress about a month ago & very happy with it

Good nights rest

Finally I'm getting a great night's sleep. Firm and sprung.

Halliday mattress

Great item lovely quality great price in the clearance sale

Great Sleep!

Love this mattress, have slept so well since purchasing it!

Most comfortable mattress we’ve had

Bought following reviews online very pleased with product

Comfortable and bargain

Last month, we bought it for my son,he enjoy it very much

Great on a cold night

The warmth coming up from the mattress saves a blanket.

Good quality

Good quality for the price, got it on discount as well

Great value

I ordered it for my son last month and so far so good

Really comy

Phenomenal product and excellent customer services !

Very Comfortable!

So happy I brought this item, it has great features.

Love It!

Very glad I bought this item exactly as described.

Great mattress

Very comfortable and gives you a good nights sleep