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TheraPur CoolMax Memory Foam Mattress Topper Rated 4/5 based on 45 customer reviews

TheraPur CoolMax Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Brand: TheraPur

What Makes The TheraPur CoolMax Memory Foam Mattress Topper Great?

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Prolongs the life of your mattress

100% memory foam filling

Memory foam is one of the more comfortable top layers in a mattress. Memory foam will give a sinking feeling of supreme comfort that moulds to your body giving a feeling of support and contouring

5cm deep topper

Sponge clean only

CoolMax fabric to wick away moisture and aid temperature regulation

5cm of premium zoned memory foam for pressure point relief

Memory foam is one of the more comfortable top layers in a mattress. Memory foam will give a sinking feeling of supreme comfort that moulds to your body giving a feeling of support and contouring

No straps of skirt, so compatible with any mattress depth

CoolMax fabric cover

Customer Reviews For The TheraPur CoolMax Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Based on 45 review

Nearly impossible to fault

I wanted a top-of-the-range mattress topper to compliment an already excellent, but slightly too firm pocket-sprung mattress. The staff at Dreams directed me to this particular product. I really like the thickness of it (do allow 24 hours for it to fully expand once unpacked), it's quite honestly all but perfect. I mean I haven't slept so well in years, I wish I'd invested in my sleep much sooner in life. The only possible quibble, and it's not much of a fault, is that it's still quite a warm experience lying on it. This product is supposedly built to wick away moisture and heat leaving you feeling cool, but I've still found myself a little warm and clammy. However, it is still summer and the air has been very humid lately. I suspect come winter, the cooling effect of the gel layer will be more noticeable. I've certainly never experienced cool memory foam before in winter, so if this does make a difference it will be noticeable. All in all, if you want to make a purchase you won't look back on, I can't recommend this topper enough. You can't put a price on a decent night's sleep, and this topper genuinely surprised me at how comfortable, sumptuous and high-quality it is. I couldn't do without it now I'm on it. It's definitely a brilliant product.


Very happy

I bought this for my son to use in a shared occupancy house with fellow students. He loves it and I am reassured that he is sleeping on a mattress topper that is new, clean, hygienic and with the benefit of being cooler than ordinary memory foam. He has Aspergers and is very sensitive to how things feel around his body. He combines this mattress topper with a specially weighted blanket to have the best chance of a goose night’s sleep - something he finds hard to achieve. Very happy



My mattress was hard and giving me "jip" I thought about taking it to the tip. A friend said "Buy a Dreams topper like mine and you'll sleep so well it will be divine". So off I went to my local Dreams store and bought this topper which I really adore. No more sweaty nights and no more bad back, this mattress topper is right on track. On a good night's sleep you can't put a price so get yourself this amazing device.


5 star mattress topper

Like sleeping on a cloud. My firm mattress was extremely uncomfortable to sleep on, it really disrupted my sleep and caused me back pain - this memory topper has totally improve all of these things and I would recommend it to anyone with a hard mattress. I also get very hot at night usually and I have noticed an improvement since using this mattress topper.


Ottamen beds

Always shopped at dreams bought an ottamen bed with tv in the bottom and a mattress topper for it .sales people are brilliant and friendly so went back for another mattress and another topper then another bed . My advice is if you want great service on time deliverys in these hard times and great social distancing dreams swansea is the place to shop


Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Bought this for my 10 year old so, as he was having problems sleeping. He said "it's like sleeping on a cloud! And now drops off in no time. I'll be buying another for my other son and also our bed. Not cheap but well worth tye money. We did buy some cheap toppers originally and they really don't have much affect.


No more sleepless nights!

We choose this product instead of buying a new mattress as our bed was too firm and no good for a side sleeper like myself, this has saved me buying a new mattress and it works wonders.. so comfortable and the protective sheet stays lovely and cool.. no more sweaty night either. Would definitely recommend


Great topper for back support

It arrived rolled up, but once opened and left for 24 hours it’s perfect. My husband suffers with back pain, he is now able to get straight out of bed in the morning. This has saved us spending thousands on a new mattress when ours is only 2 years old. Very comfy and adds good support to a firm mattress.


The Best I’ve bought

Bought this mattress topper for my new mattress with the hopes that my quality of sleep would improve. As I am a front/side sleeper I need a certain firmness but still enough cushion to allow for proper alignment, this product has exceeded quality in any other mattress topper I’ve had before


Like sleeping on a cloud

This topper has genuinely transformed the way I sleep. The memory foam is soft, supportive and luxuriant. I'm out like a light every night and my back feels noticeably better since installing it. Would recommend to anybody, excellent value for money and a 5-star product!


sweet dreams

I have been sleeping so much better since we invested in a TheraPur CoolMax Memory Foam Mattress Topper. We have a firm mattress and the combination of a firm mattress with the memory foam topper suits us very well. Feeling very grateful for a good night's sleep.


Very comfortable

Bought this product to go with our new ottoman bed, even though it’s not a full mattress, we put it on top of the one we already have and it’s completely changed the feel of the bed. Very comfortable and for the price you pay you expect quality and it delivers.


Good product

Bought this a few weeks ago, and it is a lot thicker than I expected it to be so was expecting it to be really really soft. It has made a difference to my bed and made it more comfortable, but not as comfortable as it should have been in comparison to the price


Excellent Topper

This Topper improves our sleeping experience because it relieves the pressure on shoulders and hips, definitely a good move and another feature we like is that it is held in place with a wrap over cover not just straps like some other makes.


Great sleep and support!

We’ve been using this mattress for about a month now and I’ve certainly had much improved sleep. I feel much more rested and the mattress is so supportive I have no longer been waking up with aching joints. Well worth the money!


Wonderful for arthritic hips !

Bought this six months ago and it is truly life changing - worth every penny - such a luxury. ( it did smell a little of chemicals for a couple of days but that soon disappeared ) This was one of my better life purchases !


Single metal bed

Im really happy with my single bed it has crystal finales and there so pretty. The bed is very stron. I think I will get a life time out of it. Thank you Dreams! Delivery was excellent.



I bought this around 3 weeks ago and have been sleeping so much better. It stays where you put it on the bed and doesnt slide around. It feels like I almost have a new mattress. 5*


Very comfortable

I am so pleased with my mattress topper, it super soft and comfy especially as I suffering from arthritis. It has helped so much. It is also very cool as I get really hot.


Great product!

The mattress I was sleeping on was so firm it was giving me a backache, but on this I’ve never been so comfortable or slept so well! Now we don’t need a new mattress :)


Taken the edge off a hard mattress

We purchased this as our very firm mattress had become too firm ( must be an age thing ! ) anyway we purchased the super king topper and are just delighted with it .



Purchased this item almost 4 weeks ago, can honestly say I have not woken with back pain since. My quality of sleep has greatly improved! 10/10 would recommend.


Excellent product great price

Excellent not slept this well in ages best money spent all around, my back has really improved since using this matress topper couldn’t recommend enough


Comfortable topper

We bought this after finding our mattress to firm and this has really helped to make it more comfortable especially being a side sleeper



Bought for caravan as wife hated the firmness of the bed and always woke up in pain now with this topper all have a good night sleep


Amazing memory foam topper

Having had shoulder problems I needed to have a softer mattress so this works really well as we have got a relatively new mattress


Sleeping on clouds

A wonderful new edition to our bed - we are sleeping a 100% better thanks to Dreams, its like sleeping on clouds !



I brought this mattress topper roughly a week or so ago. Fast delivery and since then I have had great night rest.


A must-have accesory

I bought this product a month ago and it is impressive the way it creates comfort and protection to my mattress


So comfy

Can't believe how comfy our bed is now. The cover wrapped round our matress and the topper stays in place.


Very comfortable - feels durable

A good mattress topper. Very comfortable and has turned a good matress into what a hotel bed!


Great mattress topper, for added comfort

Bought this for my son’s bed. Super happy with the thickness and comfort of this mattress topper.


Amazingly comfy

Brought this to add to our new mattress and have had the best nights sleep since bringing it home


Therapur topper is great

Made a real difference. Changing firm mattress to a much needed medium feel.


Amazingly comfortable

This topper is super comfortable, definitely worth what you pay for


Therapur Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Excellent product and extremely comfortable , worth the money.


Great topper

Been using for a few weeks, improved our bed significantly


Fabulous all round

Fits perfectly, sleep is totally improved now so happy!


Does what was claimed

An excellent purchase. Good nights sleep ever since.


Very comfortable

So happy with this product. Comfortable and cooling.


Love It

Very comfortable, you can't wait to sleep all night.


Luxury comfort

The topper adds a great level of luxury and comfort


Good sleep

Have had just couple of weeks but pleased with it.


Great mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago very comfy love it!

Questions and Answers About TheraPur CoolMax Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Is this mattress topper good for people with back pain in the morning?

Answer: , Whilst we cannot answer to your specific needs, this mattress topper contains zoned memory foam to provide pressure point relief so it may help with back pain. It also adds an extra comfort layer to your existing mattress, so it may help if you are finding your existing mattress is causing the back pain. Kind regards Dreams

If I find this is not the right comfort level for my needs, can I return the product?

Answer: , Pillows, linen, mattress protectors/toppers and other soft items can be returned at any time within 14 days after delivery. For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept back any soft goods unless they are returned unused and unopened in their original packaging. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a gift option with a specific date for delivery?

Answer: , I am sorry unfortunately we do not have a gift option available. For delivery of bedding items we cannot offer a specific date I'm afraid as they are sent via Royal Mail on a parcel service. Many thanks Dreams

Do you use a bed sheet over  the top or just the cover on the mattress topper

Answer: , We would recommend using a bed sheet over the top of this mattress topper as this topper is not suitable for washing in a machine, it can be sponge cleaned only. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the material anti allergy?

Answer: , No, the materials used in this topper are not classified as anti-allergy as they have been not been treated with an anti-allergy agent. Kind Regards, Dreams

can you use an electric blanket on top of the topper ? thinking of cold nights ahead !

Answer: , You can use an electric blanket with this, however you wouldn't be able to place the electric blanket directly on the topper. Many thanks Dreams


Answer: , This mattress topper comes with a fitted sheet, so the foam fits inside the sheet to be able to fix it to the mattress. Many thanks Dreams

Would this make a firm mattress softer ?...

Answer: , This mattress topper will add extra comfort and unfortunately will not change the support level to become softer. Many thanks Dreams

Is the topper reversible

Answer: , The Foam that goes in side the topper can be reversible but the Coolmax fabric is only on one side of the cover. Many thanks Dreams

Is this firm?

Answer: , This topper offers a medium firmness and will contour to the shape of your body, providing support and comfort. Kind Regards, Dreams

Recently purchased waiting for smell to go tho .. can you tell me is the ridge side the Firm side? 

Answer: , The topper does not have a comfort classification, as it is used to enhance your mattress. Many thanks Dreams

Which way is up? Rigged side or flat side? Thanks B.

Answer: , The ridged should face upwards as the ridges are the zoned support areas. Kind Regards, Dreams

Which way is the foam insert supposed to go? The side with flat foam or the side with the ‘patterns’ in

Answer: , The foam is reversible, so you can use which ever side you prefer. Many thanks Dreams

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