Therapur ActiGel Response 1000 Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 90 customer reviews

Therapur ActiGel Response 1000 Mattress

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Brand: TheraPur
Code: 133-00742
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 27cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:40:27 PM
4/5 - 90 reviews


What Makes It Great

Really love this mattress. I don't like to be hot when I sleep so I was interested in the "cooling layer". I thought it might be a bit of a gimmick, but it seemed good in the store so I went ahead and bought it, and it also seems to be working at home so I'm really happy. The cooling layer is very soft and the then the "proper" bit of the mattress underneath the cooling part is decently firm, so it's very comfortable - always feels great to get into bed and then a good night's sleep after that! One of the other reviews mentioned that the mattress smelled bad for a week - I did not experience that. The delivery guy said to remove the packaging and leave it to air out for a few hours. I did what he said (in a room with the window open), and by the evening when I slept on it (same day as delivery), the smell was gone.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

1000 Pocket Springs is considered a fair amount of support for a premium product, any less than this and you start to that find areas of your body are not getting the same amount of support as those with a higher spring count would achieve

This is a unique support layer unique to Dreams that helps to provide a soft and durable layer with fel-like properties that mould to your shape

Micro Quilting is a cost effective quilting option for mattresses. The outer fabric is quilted to a thin layer of polyester that is used to aid comfort between the top layer and the springs underneath. The thickness of the polyester will typically be between 600gsm and 800gsm. Patterns pertaining to micro quilting are often minimal and reflective of the cost of the product. These will typically be diamond shaped as a way to easily spot.

Questions and Answers

Is it ok to use an electric blanket with this mattress?

Answer: Electric blankets can be used with all our mattresses however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the mattress surface. In addition, using an electric blanket may alter the comfort grade of the mattress depending on the mattress type. We also recommend following all guidelines and instructions specified by the manufacturer of your electric blanket. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you damage the mattress by using an electric blanket?

Answer: Good afternoon, Electric blankets can be used with all our mattresses however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the mattress surface. In addition, using an electric blanket may alter the comfort grade of the mattress. Kind regards Dreams

Is this mattress suitable for a bed frame with wooden slats? Slats and spaces are both 2.5 inches.

Answer: Good afternoon, This mattress is compatible with a slatted bedframe. kind regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 review

At last! A comfortable nights sleep!

It has been many years since I treated my self to a new mattress. In recent months I've been waking up with various aches and pains. I put it down to getting older. Then a friend suggested I might need a new mattress. I took their advice and invested in a new one. I'm so glad I did! The Dreams mattress I bought offers the most comfortable nights sleep I've experienced in many years. There has been a significant reduction in the ache and pains I was suffering with. (I still get the odd twinge but I guess that might be the advancing years. All in all I am very happy. When using the same old saggy mattress for years and years you don't realise the benefits of modern mattresses until you get the opportunity to experience one!

therapur actigel 1000

After doing the dreams analysis at their store we got to try the different matresses they recomended. We ended up going for the therapur actigel 1000. Needless to say we are incredible happy with our purchase. This new matress have improve the quiality of our sleep and releaved back pain caused by everyday life and our old matress! Not only its super comfortable but ita great for couples. My partbers turns around a lot at night and used to wake me up. Not with the therapur! I can barely feel if he rolls around. Great purchase Highly recomended


I brought this mattress just over 1 month ago due to getting bad hip pain from my current mattress. The mattress did take a little bit to get use to just because it is softer than our last one but from night one I have slept a full night without walking up. The delivery guys said to leave the mattress uncovered for 3 hours as it is sprayed to make fire resistant prior to packing it, we followed this and there was no nasty smell like other reviews say. 100% would recommend and definitely would buy again.

Actually cool!

This mattress feels soft in comfort but gives very good support being the best of both worlds. I always overheat at night but last night (first sleep) I actually stayed at the correct temperature all night which I did not expect so very pleased in that respect. The only reason it's not got a 5 star review is because it feels like the topper doesn't spread right to the edges and I might roll out. I suspect this is because it allows for wearing in. Other people reported an odour but I found none.

Feeling Restored

We used the Dreams mattress tester gadget, and it certainly isn't wrong, after having a firm mattress for the last few years a d in recent months waking up feeling hunched, achey and like I need straitening out... After my first night I woke up feeling de-creased and like my posture was as it should be :) It's really comfortable, doesn't make me get hot through the night, and just dreamy. Thanks Dreams, staff member was brilliant that dealt with us, and your bed gadget is magic.

Nice firm bed

Good bed and extremely well made, when we first got it the mattresses it wasn't nice and was so much harder than the one we tried in the showroom. However after 2 weeks its getting better almost every night. Although its a medium firmness mattresses I would say its on the hard/firmer side of the scale, defo don't sink into it hardly at all. Altogether a nice mattresses though that is getting even better, currently 2 weeks in

Beautiful mattress

Had the mattress 3 weeks now and its amazing. Literally cannot get over how comfy it is. We initially chose a different mattress and was put off by friends saying that this type of mattress is not good for someone who likes to stay cool. We were worried about going back into store to change, however to our surprise the salesman was more than helpful to exchange and our delivery date was even moved forward by one week.

A Good Night's Sleep!

Following an accident resulting in the insertion of bits of titanium steel abut 18 months ago, I was not sleeping well because of the discomfort of lying on a regular steel sprung mattress. Since getting this mattress I have started sleeping normally again - an absolute godsend! I have just been away for a few days and slept on a regular mattress and noticed the difference immediately.

Acltigel works great

I was well overdue a new mattress but choosing which new mattress to go for was daunting.I thought I needed a firmer one but was unsure,I was swayed by the comfort on the instore bed and convinced by the heat removing properties of the actively system. It has been a wise choice as I do not wake up hot anymore which is great.The bed has proved comfortable

So comfy!

Bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago and it is such a nice change to not be aching when we wake up! Good night's sleep, and great cooling feel! Delivery was also quick and the delivery drivers were so polite taking their shoes off to come into our house and delivering it right to the room excellent service.

Too firm

The mattress felt comfy when we tried it in store but just after one night it felt very firm. After one week I was waking up with a bad backache and after two weeks it’s still very firm and hasn’t softened. Had to go back to the store and order a replacement mattress under the comfort guarantee

The acti gel enhances the comfort.

We were loathe to change our mattress because it was so comfortable. We are so pleased we did as we have both had a great night’s sleep. The mattress is very well made and the acti gel is fantastic. It is so comfortable which ever position you sleep in and so far retains it’s shape perfectly.

New mattress

We've now had our new mattress for a couple of weeks and find it very comfortable and provides a good night's sleep. Strongly recommend. The only thing we didn't realise is the height of the mattress combined with the new bed. In the shop it was on a lower bed frame so not so noticeable.

Exactly what I needed!

We’ve had this mattress for a few weeks now, and it’s been perfect! Soft but supportive in all the right places. I’ve had issues with joint pain on previous mattresses, but I’ve woken up feeling refreshed with no aches or pains since using the Therapur. Exactly what I was after!


This mattress seemed so comfy when we tried it out for hours in the store. The first week it was really firm and it still has not softened. Hopefully I will be able to change it with a softer mattress. It should say firm. Has given me bad back age. Dissapointed.

Squishy comfort but still supportive

I was having real problems sleeping as our old mattress felt too firm for me. My husband and I needed different conditions and so we bought two single mattresses. What a difference - I sleep well and wake feeling rested. Something I hadn't done for a long time.

Comfortable and good quality

Tried this mattress out in store and were very pleased with it - felt exactly the same when our new one was delivered and very pleased with it. Considerate delivery team who took it to the room of our choosing and were careful with everything on the way there.

So comfortable!

We have had this bed for 2 weeks and I have got to say I have had the best sleep in years! So comfortable and soft, but also firm enough to not completely sink and cause back problems. The price is also decent and we know it will last for a long time.

So comfy

Only had it a month but we instantly noticed a significant difference from our previous mattress. It so comfy, the gel works a great and keeps you cool but snug. Feel like I’m getting better sleep and it’s a great mattress all round

So comfy!

We bought this a week ago for our new house. Along with the bed frame to match. The service was brilliant with buying the mattress as we changed the date so many times to fit in with the purchase. The mattress is so comfy!

Very comfortable

Lovely mattress very comfy but the first week all so it smells we have a small bedroom so it’s quite noticeable and the bedding also smelled but it does go away so I would recommend if you don’t mind the smell for a week

Advised that it was a good product.

We have slept on this mattress for two weeks due to being on holiday. It now has two dips where we sleep and a ridge down the middle. Should this be happening? We are of average weight and are not happy with this.

Best nights sleep

After not sleeping a whole night for a long time I decided a ned mattress was in order - so pleased I did. I now sleep soundly without waking up every few hours. Mattress is very comfortable perfect for me.

Very comfortable

Both husband and myself happy so far with mattress. Find it very comfortable. Can't honestly say feeling any coolness from it but wasn't expecting that to work so not really disappointed with this feature.

Worth the price tag

I’ve been using this mattress for 2 weeks now and after a couple of nights getting use to it, I can safely say it’s a fantastic sleep. Firm with a soft topper, ideal for someone who sleeps on their front.

Reliable Comfortable Mattress

I purchased this mattress online after trying a number in store. For the price point it’s incredibly comfortable with little partner disturbance. Side handles for moving the mattress is a welcome feature.

Most comfortable mattress

We bought this mattress for your daughter and can’t get her out of Bed! She says it’s the best night sleep she’s had in years. She wakes up refreshed and ache free and would highly recommend it.

Not for us

The mattress has turned out to,be very uncomfortable for us and we have had to stop using it. We will be asking the shop to,take it back and we will increase our budget to get a better one

Very comfy

Excellent mattress. Haven't woken with any aches or pains and it's so comfy for sleeping on. Some talked about a smell but it's new and it goes away. Got to remember to turn it weekly.

Best nights sleep in years.

I bought this matress a couple of months ago after years of waking up aching due to my old be the incorrect firmness for my sleeping posture. Now wake up feeling refreshed and ache free.

Happy Nights

Bought this Therapur mattress after suffering for too long with a firm mattress. As side sleepers it has relieved hip pains and provided super comfortable sleeps with no roll together.

The best nights sleep I’ve ever had.

I bought this mattress and thought I’d spend a bit more for a change. It was money well spent, I have been having great night sleeps ever since and it has helped with my back as well.

Best sleep in years!

We bought this mattress around 3 weeks ago and honestly have never slept better! No more broken sleep and the customer service in the shop was excellent. Overall perfect experience!

Amazing, so comfortable!

I have experienced a really good night's sleep every time since getting this mattress I am extremely happy I made the purchase didn't realise what a difference it would make

Fantastic mattress for me

Love this mattress it is so comfortable and doesn’t get hot which is what I love. I’m so comfortable sleeping on this mattress best thing I’ve brought along with the bed

Sooooo Comfy

I decided to invest in a good mattress and I did a good thing. I don’t want to get out on a morning and I want to go to bed early at night. Just the comfiest mattress

Most comfortable mattress

I brought this a month ago, and it is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. It provides good support, especially for those that sleep on their front also.

Really comfortable

So far I have had it 2 weeks and its been faultless. Just the perfect of firmness and the added layer of foam gives the softness for a comfortable night of sleep

Better night sleep

I bought this product about 2 weeks ago and can defiantly feel the difference in sleep and comfort. I'm not waking with back neck and shoulder pains no more

A wonderful day after a good night's sleep.

I bought a mattress a few weeks earlier and I'm happy with it. I know that new mattresses are usually good, but when I bought it, life became simpler

Best buy ever!

This bed has made so much difference to our having a proper full nights sleep. It is sooo comfortable and cool. Cant wait to get in it each night!

Felt good when we tried in store

Matteress was Comfortable but was very disappointed as it has dipped where we have been sleeping, and have had to go back to the store to complain

Just wow

2 weeks sleeping on this mattress and no more back pain. It's super comfy. A little more than I'd normally spend on a mattress but we'll worth it

Amazingly comfortable,

I am having the best nights sleep as mattress is so soft and comfortable, it has stopped my back problems. I would highly recommend this mattress

Great comfort

Had the new mattress for a month now and have never slept better! Wake up feeling refreshed and none of those back aches I’ve been suffering with

One of the best I've ever had...

Couldn't wish for much more, the combination of springs and size make this an ideal midrange mattress that lunches above its weight for comfort!

Great mattress

Had this for a month now and haven’t slept so well for years. Perfect softness and no more painful shoulders in the morning. Highly recommended

True comfort

Such a great mattress. Incredibly soft but not too squishy like a memory foam mattress - it has a nice firmness to it. Would highly recommend.

So comfortable

Our trusty 11 year old mattress gave us years of comfortable sleep but it was about time we had something more comfortable and more support.


Since I bought this mattress I’ve had the best sleeps ever , just sink into it and I’m off in the land of nod .....absolutely great

Great sleep

I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a week now and have noticed I’m waking up with less pain in my shoulders. Very comfortable.

very comfortable

very comfortable and cool very good for people that get hot when sleeping and that have skin conditions that need to be kept cool

Best night sleep

I have had mattress for 3 weeks now and I’m really very happy with it. Have been able to sleep better than I’ve had for years!!


We brought this several weeks ago and are very pleased with the Mattress. First time when we used it the best sleep ever

So comfortable!

So happy with our purchase. It's so comfortable. Should have changed the mattress years ago. Delivery was easy too.

Great Mattress

I brought this mattress over a month ago and couldn't be more happier, the best nights sleep I've had in a long time

Really soft but yet firm enough to be supportive.

I bought this mattress one month ago and it is so comfortable and supportive resulting in great nights sleep.

So comfortable

Bought this 4 weeks ago and it is so comfortable, the topper feels really luxurious. It is a medium firmness.

Such a comfortable mattress

So happy we bought this mattress, it is flat, comfortable and so far not too hot and not too cold to sleep on

Very comfy mattress

I can now stay in bed for more than 10 hours without having back pain the next day (yes, I'm a big sleeper!)

Comfortable and cool, I highly recommend this bed

I bought the Therapur Acti Gel about 3 weeks ago and am delighted with it. It is super comfortable and cool.

My mattress

I bought my mattress two weeks ago it is very soft and comfortable .its the best bed I've had many years.

Aaaah finally a mattress I can get behind!

Owning this mattress after our old hard one was like night and day. Just delightful, cool, supportive.

Brilliant Mattress

Absolutely would recommend this mattress. It is a dream to sleep on. Exactly what I was looking for.

Comfier than I thought!

I am really pleased with my therapur 1000. I do feel its cooler to sleep on than a normal mattress.

Comfort is amazing

Absolutely the best purchase of the year. So comfortable and would not like to sleep on another bed

Best night's sleep I've had in years

No more waking up feeling sore and not wanting to lie in bed anymore. This mattress is incredible!

Great mattress

I bought this couple weeks ago and I’m really happy I did that. Great sleep night since I had it.

Good mattress

Experienced a lot of back problems with our previous mattress but this one had solved the issue.


I used this mattress when I came out of hospital for couple of weeks. It was so comfortable.


We have only had the mattress for two weeks but so far it is proving to be money well spent.

Really comfy

Got this mattress a few weeks ago I sleep well,its comfy cosy,and get a good nights sleep.

really comfortable

First time in ages i have been able to sleep right through without waking up all sweaty

Great mattress

Mattress is really comfy. Helping both mine and my partners back. It keeps cool as well

Worth it

After years of bed sleeping I’ve finally found a mattress I fall asleep in instantly

Very comfortable!

I've had it over a month and it is amazing - I'm now having the best night's sleep!

Great nights sleep

I purchased a month ago have had a great night sleep every night and no back issues


Purchased just under a month ago. What a sleep I have had on it every night since.

Great purchase

Purchased recently, pleased with mattress and had excellent service from Dreams.

Very comfy

Best nights of sleep I've had for a very long time. Lovely & comfortable.

Super comfy matress

Delighted with this. Very comfy mattress. Excellent quality and price.

Sleeping great

I bought this a month ago and it has been a dream sleeping on it.

Excellent mattress

I am very happy with my new pillow and the mattress is wonderful.


This is a really nice matress, so good for various pains.

Fantastic bed

So far so good - been sleeping so well since purchasing!

Ideal protection

Couldn’t ask for more, does exactly what it needs to do

Very comfortable

Great choice I made best purchase I have made this year

Lovely and comfortable!

A great mattress, and excellent service from the shop.

Best Nights Sleep I’ve Had inAges

Very comfortable and firm - just as I like it.