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Silentnight Studio Gel Mattress

Silentnight Studio Gel Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Silentnight Studio Gel Mattress

The Silentnight Studio Gel Mattress is a new product from one of the words most infamous manufacturers which utilises Gel, a rising in popularity top layer that offers luxurious comfort with little of the downsides previously associated with memory foam.  Much like the rest of the Silentnight Studio range, this product comes rolled up, allowing the retailer to pass on logistical and transport cost savings to yourself, giving you a better product at a cheaper price. 

What makes this product stand out above others is the comfort layer of gel, coming in at a healthy 3cm layer, the gel is both cooling and bouncy, giving you much the same comfort as memory foam but without the heat retention that can sometimes leave people feeling too hot.

Underneath the gel comfort layer you have a support layer made from 1000 mirapocket springs. These springs are better than the poorer miracoil alternative found in more budget lines as they offer all-round better body-contouring and less unnecessary spring movement. The combination means you'll get a combination of good support with good comfort.

This model comes in a medium tension, making it suitable for most sleepers. Not too firm, nor too soft, this is a mattress that works for the vast majority of people to give enough support to prevent any neck and back pain, while being soft enough to let your body relax and sink into the springs and gel layers.

It's a great buy and priced low relative to quality of materials and springs.


What Makes The Silentnight Studio Gel Mattress Great?

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Depth: 24cm

Most experts recommend a minimum 10 inches, 4 inches on the top layer and 6 inches for the core so this size is an ideal balance of size and performance. Generally, the heavier the load the deeper the mattress should be.

5 year guarantee

A 5 year guarantee is quite rare in the industry and is a great indicator of the retailer beleiving in their product. Anything go wrong in the next 5 years, no drama, get it replaced.

Handcrafted in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK means that the product is built here, by people being paid a fair and honest wage using certified and safe products of good quality and construction. UK manufacturing is some of th best in the world and all of that is reflected in this product


The fabrics, materials and fillings of this mattress are the result of what has been deemed vegan-friendly materials. Ideal for those expressing their beliefs while still requiring good levels of comfort and support from a product

Pressure Relief

One of the big complaints when settling into a new mattress is that it does not feel as comfortable as they hoped, where this mattress shines is in the enhanced pressure relief that it offers. Each part of your body exerts different amounts of pressure against the mattress and through the use of springs and foams, these products are able to offer significant pressure relief as a result across the entire body.

Knitted Cover

It is common in the industry to have a knitted cover, these covers can come in a variety of patterns but are typically hard wearing and do not present problems for consumers.


A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

24cm deep

A depth of 24cm is about right for a good quality mattress. While the depth of a mattress is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, you typically cannot get the best comfort and suport out of a thin mattress

Super-easy to care for - no need to turn over


Single sided means only one side is comfy. Positives are you only need to rotate the mattress occassionaly rather than the more cumbersome rotate and flip. Downside is the lifespan of the product may suffer as a result, only marginal, but worth mentioning.

Approved by the National Bed Federation

The NBF is one of the most prestigious awarding federations in the industry, helped slightly by the fact that it is one of the only, however, it is still a great source of comfort knowing that this product holds approval by the team


Geltex is a top layer patented by the Silentnight group and applicable against many Silentnight and Sealy mattresses. It is the new alternative to memory foam that offers all the benefits of memory foam with non of the downsides. When we talk about the benefits of Geltex over memory foam, we're talking about better breathability and better cooling and ventilation properties. This means the age-old issue of getting too hot with memory foam is gone, left in it's place is all the pros and comfort properties of memory foam.

Includes a free 60-Night Sleep Trial: swap for any other Studio mattress if you don't love it!

The retailer are so sure that you will love this mattress that they are willing to provide a 60 night sleep trial to guarantee satisfaction. In that time, if you do not like the product you can swap it for a different one in the large collection of mattresses on offer. This offer comes as more retailers and brands look to offer similar pro-consumer terms previously held by the likes of Eve, Simba and Nectar. It's great news for the consumer and gives you the confidence to purchase online.


Rolled up mattresses are ideal for anyone looking at trying to get a mattress up a tight staircase or in a car to bring home from the shops. Do not missunderstand just how troublesome getting a mattress up stairs can be. Heavy and cumbersome, sometimes a rolled up mattress that expands to the side of a full mattress anyway, may be the better option

Fire Resistant

Fire resistant does not mean the product will never catch fire, rather, it will not go up in flames quite so quickly. Resistant to fire in the same way that I am resistant to kisses, sooner or later you end up giving in.

Mirapocket springs

Mirapocket is Silentnights own take on pocket springs, in this instance, mirapocket is better than miracoil in terms of the support structure offered and is the one to consider should your budget allow it.

A hybrid gel mattress - gel and 1000 pocket springs for the best of both worlds

Pocket springs are probably the best support layer you can get in a mattress helping to provide measured and even support across your body where you need it most. What's more, the unique feeling of pocket springs hugs each point of your body, offering contouring across each pressure point to relieve aches and pains. Lesser models will frequently include alternatives to pocket springs like open coil traditional springs and reflex foam. Do not be fooled, while pocket springs are often slightly more money than their counterparts, you are typically getting a better spring system and base layer.

The intelligent gel-infused layer is cool and fresh for healthier sleep

This 3cm Geltex comfort layer also soothes pressure points

Balanced medium firmness - not too soft or too firm

A medium tension mattress like this is the goldilocks of mattress tensions. Not too soft, nor too firm, medium is typically suitable for the vast majority of people that are looking for a good nights sleep. If you are of average build without back or neck problems, this should be a suitable product. If you are of lower BMI and a side sleeper, consider a softer mattress, whereas if you are of a higher BMI and suffer neck and back pain, consider a firmer tension.

1000 Mirapocket springs provide the perfect level of support

Pocket Springs are a great support layer. Available in a variety of firmness's, the quality of a spring system is generally determined by the spring count. With 1000 springs this mattress represents a good quality to cost ratio, providing enough springs to successfully contour to your body and provide you with a great nights sleep.

Each pocket spring responds to your individual movements and shape

Pocket springs are of considerable better quality than their poorer traditional open coil counterparts. Put simply, pocket spring contours better and supports better than other base layers. When it comes to pocket spring mattresses, the general rule of thumb is that the more springs the better. There are exceptions, of course, but for the best part this is likely to be a good quality mattress based on it's base layer.

Tailored support that's just right for you

Beautiful, soft-touch knitted cover provides temperature control

Delivered rolled-up - better for you and our environment

Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Studio Gel Mattress

Based on 7 review

Overall a really good mattress, it's comfortable, supporting me where I need it. Recovered from being rolled on delivery quickly, the only downside was a strong "new" smell when first opened, but was gone by the time we went to bed.


Good levels of comfort, back supported well without being overly firm. Feels well made and great quality. I'd happily recommended to anyone looking for a good sleep and supported posture.


Extremely comfortable and also supportive, doesn't sink like my last mattress. And the gel top is perfect for anyone who regularly overheats!


All good, super comfy, lovely cozy feel and helping me sleep so much better, look forward to going to bed.


Amazing mattress, tons of comfort and support, not firm and not soft. Perfect mattress, at least for me.


Bought for mid teen girl and she said it's the best thing ever.



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