Silentnight Sleep Healthy Eco 2700 Mattress

Silentnight Sleep Healthy Eco 2700 Mattress

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Silentnight Sleep Healthy Eco 2700 Mattress Review

Part of the new Sleep Healthy collection by Silentnight comes an exclusive partnership with Bensons for Beds for a new model dubbed the Silentnight Sleep Healthy Eco 2700 Mattress. Let's dive in on what makes it a great buy.

The Comfort Layer

Silentnight have changed direction in recent years, bolstering their lineup with Eco ranges that feature a deep Eco-Comfort filling that is both soft and luxurious. This material is produced from recycled plastic bottles and is widely regarded as a great option for those looking for a breathable mattress that features good heat regulation. The comfort layer sits at the top of the mattress and is where you get the softness in the product.

The Support Layer

This is the layer that sits at the bottom of the mattress and is what protects your spine and neck as you sleep. The great news here is that Silentnight use their own proprietary  spring system known as Mirapocket that is a slight change on pocket springs which are already excellent. The medium comfort mirapocket layer is suitable for the vast majority of people and is largely considered to be the goldilocks of mattress tensions due to it being ideally suited to back, stomach and side sleepers alike of average build.

What stands out as a testament to the great quality on offer is the included Silentnight 5 year backed warranty which helps show how much confidence the manufacturer has in their product. Typically we see 1 year warranties plague the industry which are not as consumer focused.

Reasons to Buy

Fantastic all-season mattress that has great temperature regulation through a great pocket spring base layer that is both breathable and cooling.

Reasons to Avoid

Price point might put some people off, the beauty of the Sleep Healthy range is that there are a degree of different models that will suit alternate price points.


What Makes The Silentnight Sleep Healthy Eco 2700 Mattress Great?


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Handcrafted in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK means that the product is built here, by people being paid a fair and honest wage using certified and safe products of good quality and construction. UK manufacturing is some of th best in the world and all of that is reflected in this product

5-year guarantee

This is an exceptional guarantee that is fairly uncommon within the industry, this shows that the retailer and supplier both have huge confidence in the product that they are selling. Any problems in the first 5 years? Call them and they will sort it.

Made exclusively for Bensons for Beds

This product is exclusive to Bensons for Beds and cannot be purchased elsewhere. That's not to say you can't get a discount though, head over to our voucher codes section against the retailer to see if we can get you a deal on this product

Luxury quilted soft knit sleep surface

A soft knitted cover can add additional feelings of comfort and luxury to your mattress and can even have a bearing on airflow and longevity. In this case, soft knitted and quilted covers are both breathable and stretchy.

Features Silentnight's Eco Comfort Fibre™ for added breathability

Eco Comfort Fibres are patented to Silentnight and are part of their new green initiative that sees all mattresses in the new Eco range feature recyclable materials in the support layer. these materials can be made from plastic bottles and are both cheap and environmentally conscious. I've personally slept on Eco Comfort support layers before and find them extremely comfortable.

Firmness rating: Medium

A medium tension mattress is largely suitable for most people of average BMI. Not too soft, nor too firm this mattress has enough softness in the tension to allow you to sink, while providing enough support to contour to your body.

HeiQ Viroblock technology protects against bacteria

2700 individually Zoned Mirapocket springs

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