Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 Mattress - Medium Firm


Becky's Thoughts On The Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 Mattress - Medium Firm

If you regularly experience aches and pains that keep you awake at night, this mattress could be the cure. The unique Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 mattress moulds to your shape, giving you a comfortable sleep that takes the pressure off your joints.

This medium-firm Geltex mattress offers a cooling gel comfort layer and the unique Mirapocket support layer for ultimate comfort. Meanwhile, the ultra-soft Puratex Fibres provide a luxurious feel that will have you dreaming of lazy mornings while also protecting you from allergens and dust mites.

The mirapocket support of this mattress is one of the better quality ones within the industry, we personally prefer it over the miracoil and traditional spring varieties as it offers better and more measured support across the entire mattress, contouring to your body.


What Makes The Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 Mattress - Medium Firm Great?

Divan Bed Set Options

Available with a divan bed, you are able to get the entire package at this retailer. Everything doesn't begin and end with the mattress, the right base can determine the firmness and feel of the product and is critical in aiding with a great sleep experience.

Geltex Ultra 3000 combines Geltex� with Ultraflex for unrivalled support, luxurious comfort and greater breathability to ensure a cooler, fresher night's sleep

Check out the top three reasons that make Geltex inside the best comfort layer available:1. It's designed with a special gel memory foam which contours to your body for a hug-like feel2. It doesn't get hot and uncomfortable like traditional memory foam.3. It has all the benefits of memory foam with non of the downsides.

Mirapocket spring system featuring 2,000 individually nested pocket springs deliver tailored support

A Mirapocket spring system is Silentnights own version of the familiar pocket spring layer. Pocket springs are one of the better quality supports available in mattresses and offer full body contouring and adequate measured support.

An extra layer of 1,000 responsive mini springs actively respond to your movement so you're undisturbed through the night

Part of a new hybrid range of mattresses, mini-pocket springs operate as an additional support layer that allows you to have full body-contouring. Frequently paired with a different support layer like reflex ,gel, latex or memory foam.

Intelligent gel-infused comfort filling for enhanced breathability to help prevent overheating

You'll be able to sleep better with this breathable, hygienic mattress. It's great for those of you who are warm sleepers, and it's the perfect choice for anyone who wants a more refreshing sleeping experience.

Purotex fibres actively protect against dust mites and allergens to ensure your sleeping space stays fresh

Purotex® is the world's first and only probiotic that is 100% natural. It has been clinically proven to maintain a healthy microbial balance, help improve digestion, and support immune health.

Unrivalled Support, Luxurious Comfort

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