Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress Rated 4.4/5 based on 7 customer reviews
Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress

Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress

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High quality mattress at a fairly reasonable price point.

Preferable pocket springs that outperform many on the market in the support layer.

Ideal for those looking for a memory foam product.

Good for people who sleep neutral or cold from a temperature perspective.

Not good for hot sleepers as the memory foam will cause excessive sweating.

Unsuitable for tossers and turners as the memory foam can make it feel as if you are fighting against the product.

Heavier people should consider something with better spring density, perhaps 1200 springs upward for additional support.

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In our experience, the materials and construction that go into this product can make it suitable for the following people.

Combination sleeping, all positions sleeper icon
For combination sleepers
Suitable for back, stomach and side sleeping.
inhaler icon
Good for allergies & asthma
This mattress has anti-allergen properties
Sleep apnea icon
Helps those with sleep apnea
Soft and medium tensions promote side sleeping.
Snoring icon
Helps prevent snoring
Promotes side sleeping which stops snoring.
Acid reflux icon
Helps with acid reflux
When paired with a compatible adjustable bed.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Today we’re on a roll with all things Silentnight (if nothing else than because Dreams have recently had a mass inventory update around the brand). Alas, stepping into the spotlight of manufacturers Pocket + Memory range is the stunningly designed Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress. This innovative creation aims to revolutionise your sleep experience, providing everything that a restful slumber requires. Silentnight has truly outdone itself with this model, bringing together the premium comfort of memory foam with the robust support of pocket springs. The blend of these two highly sought-after elements creates a unique sleeping surface that offers the ultimate in luxury and support.

Who will this product suit?

The retailer has masterfully crafted the Clovelly Pocket Memory Mattress to cater to a diverse audience. Let's take a look at a few of the things that will make it great for you:

Combination Sleeping

The medium firmness level of the Clovelly makes it an attractive choice for combination sleepers - those who tend to change their sleeping positions frequently throughout the night. Whether you're a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, this mattress is designed to provide a good level of comfort and support, helping to maintain spinal alignment in various sleeping positions.

Memory Foam Contouring

For people who appreciate the body-contouring features of memory foam, the Silentnight Clovelly could be the perfect fit. Memory foam is known for its ability to mould to the body in response to heat and pressure, providing excellent support and comfort. It's a fantastic choice for individuals who prefer a 'hugging' feel from their mattress.

People Seeking Pressure Relief

The combination of memory foam and pocket springs makes this mattress a good choice for those looking for significant pressure relief. The memory foam layer offers a cushioning effect that helps alleviate pressure points, while the pocket springs provide an underlying support that prevents you from sinking too deep into the mattress. This could benefit people with joint pain, arthritis, or those who simply desire a more restful and comfortable sleep.


Thanks to the individual pocket springs, the Silentnight Clovelly is an excellent choice for couples. Each spring operates independently, meaning movement from one side of the bed doesn't affect the other side. So, even if one partner tosses and turns, the other partner's sleep remains undisturbed. The medium firmness level also ensures it is versatile enough to accommodate different comfort preferences.

Who will this product not suit?

While the mattress holds broad appeal due to its memory foam and pocket spring combination, there are certain nuances that can make it less suitable for certain individuals.

Hot Sleepers

One of the key characteristics of memory foam is its heat retention, which can be a blessing during cooler months, but a curse for individuals who naturally run hot during their sleep. This group, commonly referred to as "hot sleepers," may find discomfort in the warm sleeping environment that memory foam inherently creates. Hot sleepers typically benefit from materials with excellent breathability and cooling properties, such as latex or innerspring mattresses, which might make the bed less suitable for them.

Restless Sleepers

Another group that may not find the Silentnight Clovelly ideal are those who move around a lot during their sleep. Memory foam is well-known for its contouring property, which means it moulds to the shape of the body and slowly regains its shape when pressure is removed. While this offers excellent support and pressure relief, it can make movement more challenging and create a feeling of being "stuck" in the mattress. Therefore, individuals who change positions frequently during the night or have mobility concerns might find a mattress with a more responsive surface, such as those with wool or gel foam comfort layers to be more suitable.

Heavier Individuals

Lastly, while the mattress boasts a robust 800 pocket spring system, heavier individuals, typically those over 17 stone, might need a mattress with a higher spring count or one with reinforced support and in a firmer tension. This ensures that the mattress can adequately support their weight and provide the required durability.

Mattress tension

The Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support with its medium firmness. This feature ensures the mattress can adapt to a wide variety of sleepers, regardless of their preferred sleeping position - whether it be on the back, side, or stomach.

Memory foam comfort layer

Memory foam, the standout feature in the comfort layer of the mattress, offers an array of benefits for sleep. Its pressure-relieving qualities make it ideal for easing aches and pains, while its ability to conform to your body ensures personalised comfort. It effectively minimises motion transfer, making it a great choice for couples or restless sleepers.

Pocket spring support layer

The support layer of the mattress showcases 800 pocket springs, one of the most sought-after support systems available. Despite the seemingly modest number, these springs provide targeted support and distribute weight evenly across the mattress. They react to your body movements throughout the night, ensuring a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. While more springs could have enhanced the overall support, the current count still offers considerable benefits at a reasonable price point.

What do customers think?

Though the Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress is relatively new to the market, it hails from the trusted Silentnight brand, known for its quality and reliable products. Predecessors of this mattress with the same blend of memory foam and pocket springs have received glowing reviews, promising a similar response for this product. To further assure you of its quality, the brand and retailer offers a generous 5-year guarantee and a 100-night sleep trial, ensuring you're covered for any potential issues.

How much is it?

Despite the incorporation of high-quality materials and superior design, the Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress carries a surprisingly affordable price tag. For under £400, you can enjoy a double-sized mattress that doesn’t compromise on quality and comfort.

Final thoughts

The Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress is a true manifestation of superior design and exceptional comfort, both of which have been achieved by combining the luxurious softness of memory foam with the robust support of pocket springs. While it may not suit those who sleep hot or move frequently during the night, its vast appeal and generous features make it a compelling choice. This mattress not only helps to ensure quality sleep but also assures peace of mind with its comprehensive guarantees and sleep trial. 

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How does it feel?

Personalised feel depends on bodyweight. Adjust your weight below to get an indication of how the Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress may feel.

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Quantitative Measurements KPI question mark

Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the quiz above for a more tailored guide.
  • Back Sleepers
  • The amount of support offered from a mattress will vary depending on the firmness of the tension and the type of support layer used. Based on a person of average build.
  • Side Sleepers
  • If you sleep on your side you typically need a supportive tension that is not too firm, nor too soft. This is because your hips and shoulders need adequate sinkage.
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers need a reasonable amount of tension in the base support layer to adequately offer body contouring and help prevent aches and pains. Results will vary based on your build.


  • Breathability
  • Mattresses that feature breathable materials help promote airflow and keep you cool making for a more hygienic night's sleep.
  • Turning on mattress
  • Certain materials like memory foam can make it difficult to move about on the mattress while you toss and turn. Same too for pillow tops which can create a cloud like sensation which can make manoeuvrability challenging.
  • Stability
  • Depending on the type of support layer in place can have an impact on stability, edge to edge support and roll together prevention. Pocket springs of a firmer tension will have better stability than open coil soft tension, for example.


  • Initial Odour
  • Materials in mattresses, particularly memory foam and rolled bed-in-a-box mattresses can have an initial odour, this is typically short term and reduces considerably within 24 hours.
  • Long Standing Odour
  • Certain materials inside different mattresses can produce a small odour. Typically this is short term rather than long standing but there are minor exceptions.

Brand Rating

  • Overall Brand Rating
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4.43 - 7 reviews

Image of the post author
heather chapman
via wantmattress
Just the right blend of firmness and comfort! This Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress has proved to be an exceptional choice. The medium comfort grade is spot-on for side sleepers like myself, providing enough support without compromising on comfort. The memory foam layer does a great job of hugging the contours of the body, making for a tranquil, undisturbed nights sleep. However, a few loose threads were observed on the mattress which left me slightly concerned about its longevity.
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Image of the post author
via wantmattress
"Superbly satisfying sleep, thanks to this Silentnight Clovelly mattress. The medium comfort grade provides an excellent balance of support and softness. It has a distinct feel that relaxes the body, promoting uninterrupted sleep. However, there were a few loose threads, which is a minor hiccup in an otherwise premium mattress."
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Image of the post author
via wantmattress
Just adore the Clovelly mattress from Silentnight. The memory foam layers are a game changer, providing a comfortable sleep that's hard to compare. The right balance of soft and firm, however, displeased with the loose threads on the mattress. Keep this in mind.
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Image of the post author
Andrew Parry
via wantmattress
really enjoying the unrivaled support from this Silentnight Clovelly Mattress. The memory foam layer is the stuff of dreams, providing sublime pressure relief. Nonetheless, the presence of several loose threads did slightly mar the overall experience.
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Image of the post author
via wantmattress
Loving the Silentnight Clovelly's medium comfort grade - it provides restful support without sacrificing comfort. However, a few loose threads popped up almost immediately, a little disappointing. Perfect otherwise, heaps of style and function.
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Image of the post author
via Dreams
Really happy with this mattress, its so supportive and medium comfort everything you need to a good nights sleep. The responsive memory foam layer hugs your body and provide an undisturbed sleep.
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Image of the post author
Gay Red
via Dreams
Love my bed and mattress looks amazing

Questions and Answers About The Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Image of the post author
Verified Buyer
Can I use an electric blanket with this mattress?

Answer: Great question, especially for those chilly nights! While the product description doesn't explicitly mention compatibility with electric blankets, memory foam can be sensitive to heat. If you're considering using an electric blanket, it's best to check directly with the manufacturer to ensure it won't affect the mattress's performance.
Image of the post author
How does the mattress handle motion transfer?

Answer: Ah, the age-old question for couples! The 667 pocket springs in this mattress are individually responsive, which means they work independently of each other. This helps to minimize motion transfer, so if your partner is a restless sleeper, you're less likely to be disturbed. Sweet dreams!
Image of the post author
Is this mattress good for side sleepers?

Answer: Absolutely, the medium comfort grade of the Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress makes it a versatile choice for various sleeping positions, including side sleeping. The memory foam layer contours to your body, providing excellent pressure relief on your shoulders and hips.
Image of the post author
Is the cover removable and washable?

Answer: The mattress comes with a beautifully soft, hypoallergenic knitted cover. However, it's not removable. To keep it clean, you can spot clean with warm soapy water and a cloth. A mattress protector is also a good idea to shield against stains.
Image of the post author
Verified Buyer
Is this mattress suitable for people with allergies?

Answer: Yes, indeed! The Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress comes with a hypoallergenic knitted cover, making it a good choice for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Breathe easy and sleep well!
Image of the post author
Verified Buyer
How often should I rotate this mattress?

Answer: Great question! For the first three months, it's recommended to rotate the mattress head-to-toe weekly. After that, a monthly rotation should suffice to keep the mattress in tip-top shape.
Image of the post author
Can you use an electric under blanket with this mattress

Answer: Good afternoonAn electric blanket would to be fine to use with this mattress as long as the safety and care guidelines are followed.Thanks
Of The Silentnight Clovelly 800 Pocket Memory Mattress
Brand: Silentnight
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Good

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