Silentnight Chesham Miracoil Mattress

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Brand: Silentnight
Code: 113-00486
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 27cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:18:28 PM
5/5 - 100 reviews
Rated 5/5 based on 100 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

Well, I'd love to tell you how utterly dreamy this mattress is and how well we're sleeping on it, but I just can't get out of bed. The first night we slept on it, we thought the incredible comfort was probably something to do with the fact our old mattress was like something you'd find dumped in an alley, but, after a month, we're still loving it. The topper bit adds a lot of height (that took some getting used to, and doesn't work brilliantly with our fitted sheets, but meh) but I think it contributes a whole lot of comfort too. The mattress is just the right degree of firm and springy for us, and I'm so glad, because I didn't try it before we bought it, and it wasn't that expensive, comparatively. Dreams also collected our old mattress. (Hope they didn't dispose of it in an alley! Joke. I know they wouldn't.) I really can't recommend this mattress enough. Buy it! Your back and sleeping pattern will thank you!

This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Silentnights take on the open coil specification with some slight patented changes that help with comfort and support

New from Silentnight is a range of exciting technologies that make this mattress durable, long lasting and sure to please for many years to come

Easy to clean and maintain, this sort of fabric and finish is fairly common on mattresses and won't cause any issues down the line

Questions and Answers

Has the pillow top got the breathable material in it? I'm having trouble with overheating on a foam mattress I have at the moment.

Answer: Good Evening, The Chesham Mattress features natural materials as well as an Eco Comfort layer which are all highly breathable, allowing air to pass through for a refreshing night's sleep. The pillow top also has a soft quilted cover that's loose knit which also helps to provide natural breathability. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi how much guarantee comes with the mattress ?

Answer: This mattress comes with a one year guarantee. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this mattress suitable to replace sn existing mattress on a platform divan base? 

Answer: Yes this mattress is suitable for use on a platform top divan base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you turn this mattress?

Answer: We recommend that your rotate your mattress head to toe fortnightly for the first three months and then every month thereafter. This mattress is one sided only, so therefore you are unable to physically turn over and sleep on the other side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi Does the Silent Night Chisham Mirocoil have edge to edge sleeping ?

Answer: Good Evening, The Chesham Mattress has a miracoil spring system that spreads your weight evenly across the bed - from edge to edge. Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the weight limit on this mattress?

Answer: Our mattresses are designed to accommodate a variety of different sleepers and therefore we do not advise specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this mattress be used on adjustable beds

Answer: Unfortunately this mattress is not suitable for use with an adjustable bed. We do offer a range of mattresses available to purchase online or in store which are specially designed for and suitable for use with adjustable beds. Kind Regards, Dreams

I would like to use this in a caravan, can you tell me the weight of the 4' small double please?

Answer: This mattress in a small double weighs 21kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you use this mattress with a slatted base?

Answer: Yes this mattress will be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 review

Wish I'd bought one sooner.

My old mattress was definitely on it's way out so after a lot of research I bought this one. My wife and I both suffer from back problems and I also have sciatica so I chose a firm mattress for the first time. Right from day one we have both had pain free uninterrupted sleep every night, something we only dreamed about before. Top quality and very comfortable and didn't break the bank. Couldn't be happier and would definitely recommend to anyone, especially back pain sufferers.

Comfortable and decent price

Brought a few weeks ago and haven’t had an uncomfortable nights sleep since. I did buy this mattress mistakenly thinking the top layer was memory foam but I wouldn’t change it. Very happy with my purchase and better nights sleeps since. Only suggestion I would make is that the dreams logo patch would be better stitched to the side/under the mattress instead of on top as you do feel it against your feet... other than that, very recommended.

Exceeded expectation

Dreams is a brand and retailer you believe you can trust, and I am delighted that my experience with their service and quality of the product exceeded my expectation. I played safe and bought a known brand as the reviews were good for a lower end of the price range mattress. The quality of the mattress and it’s comfort I feel is actually better than marketed, so I am a very happy customer and will definitely shop with you again!

Comfy, sterdy and good price!

We received our new bed a few weeks ago! The delivery men was really polite and helpful... The bed was straight forward and easy to build! It looks great and feels even better! I have been getting the best sleep I've had in a long time the mattress is firm and still soft the mattress topper sewn on is really thick. Every penny we spent on this bed was worth it and I would happily pay it again!

Firm but comfy!

I’ve only had this mattress less than a month but believe me I’m sleeping so much better now! It’s firm but comfortable and so good for my old aching back! I also bought satin finish sheets which makes for an even better and more comfortable bed. I’m most reluctant to get out of bed now when my alarm goes off ! Well! you will be too if you buy this mattress!

My back is happy

So I've waited few weeks before review to make sure it's what it supposed to be. And it is!!!! After back operation I couldn't find a mattress that was good for me. Spent way to much time and money buying and returning other mattresses. Now I wake up without pain and I'm not miserable anymore. Good back support,perfect firmness. Happy sleeper.


So I have had this mattress for about a month and started to get used to it. Now when it said firm they mean firm, not bad if you like sleeping on a piece of concrete, that said I am very happy with the product and with a bit of time your body will adjust and the mattress does give a little. Suppose it's just a new mattress thing cheers.

Great comfy dreamy nights sleep

What a nights sleep, I was advised not to use dreams for my mattress but I'm glad I didn't bother listening to them as my experience was superb from the call first thing to the delivery itself, the guys were so helpful and I truly would recommend, the mattress was great and after 8 months got a good night's sleep thank you dreams

Never slept so well for years !

Having managed to ignore the wife and put off buying a new mattress for years as I considered ours was fine this was the best Christmas present ever. Excellent value, delivery was on time and well organised and the product is fantastic. In fact its so comfortable I'm off back to bed !


This is the first mattress I have brought. I mostly went on the reviews and I'm glad I did. This bed is amazing. I have such good night sleeps now and my back feels a lot better. When I stay at other people's houses I miss it. It's a great product with also a good height to it.

Lovely mattress

I suffer with back ache constantly due to my job. I switched from a full memory foam mattress to this one. I have had uninterrupted sleep ever since. I can feel my back stretching out and relaxing properly. My back ache has now gone from constant to every now and then.

Luxury pillow top.

Purchased for the guest room and was pleasantly surprised by it's thickness and comfort which is also enhanced by the added pillow top feature. This mattress represents excellent value for money from a recognised household brand. Great service and delivery included.

Great sleep

Had the mattress for 2 weeks now and never slept better. Being a physio, who also has rheumatoid arthritis, I know the importance of good posture and the comfort needed for adequate sleep and rest to occur. This bed ticks all the boxes, especially value for money.

Super comfy and great for bad backs

We had an old and quite soft mattress before buying this one. Both used to have sore backs and wake up not feeling rested but this mattress is fantastic. It took a few days to get used to the change but has been so comfortable and great value too.

its my new best friend

It's so nice, I've overslept twice, rested ny head and had breakfast in bed, lay on top then snuggled inside, it feels so right and comfy at night, that after my sleep it all seems .......I'm so chilled that I even remember my Dreams


I’ve had this mattress about two weeks now, amazing, I’m a Registered Nurse and suffer with sore shoulders, since I’ve had this mattress my shoulders are not painful nor sore, it’s quite firm but still comfortable which I love.


The mattress was purchased for my Husband who sadly passed away before he could use it but my Son has used it and was delight with it , very comfortable . I was also happy with the delivery as it came in a couple of days .

So comfortable

Bought medium firmness which due to top layer does feel more squishy when you sit on the edge but sleeping does feel like a medium mattress. There is also very little movement when my partner moves about during the night.

Perfectly comfortable

I bought this for my new place and I can safely say I have never had a more comfortable and supportive mattress. My sleep (something I struggle with) has already improved and it’s the perfect addition to a new place

Really comfortable!

Wasn't sure about buying this mattress but it has proven to be a perfect choice. Very comfortable and supportive. The comfort too really does make a difference. Excellent price and definitely value for money.

Very comfortable

I bought this 3 weeks ago, when first arrived I thought I'd made mistake buying a firm mattress but this is so comfortable with the cushion top. It was a very good choice and have had some very decent sleep.

Very supportive

We are very happy with the mattress, it is firm but not too firm, we have slept well, it was nice to know we could return if we were not satisfied as bought on the I internet, with out trying first.


I had been suffering with a bad back for a while due to my old mattress. When replaced with this one it did not take long for my back issues to disappear! Oh, and a great nights sleep of course!

Excellent value and quality

Got this (a couple of these) for a rental property and it does what it says on the tin. Firm enough but at the same time with the built in topper on it makes it a very nice mattress indeed.

Firm but fair

Honestly had no idea how bad my 10 year old mattress was until i replaced it with this one. The differance is amazing. Has a quality feel, despite the low price, would recommend.

A great sleep

I brought this mattress 2 weeks ago and already I can see the difference that it has made to my sleep. I look forward to going to bed, it's firm and supports my weight evenly.

Love this mattress

I bought this mattress a month ago...spent a week looking at reviews and decided to give this one a glad I did....only problem I have now is getting up in the mornings.

Lovely bed

Such a comfortable bed. For a long time I’ve struggle with pocket sprung mattresses but the cushion attached on top has resolved this issue. And all this for a fantastic price!

Great value

Lovely firm mattress, we went from a medium to firm mattress due to back problems, very comfy and very firm, took a week to adjust to the change but now very happy with it.

Firm and Cozy!

I only received this mattress two months ago and it has made such a difference to my bad back! I'm waking up pain-free and refreshed and I'm sooo pleased with my purchase!

Great back support!

After suffering back problems, I bought this mattress as I needed firmer support and I can happily say that now I am sleeping 100% better and not waking with back pains.

Very comfy!

Very happy with this mattress. Gives good firm support but the soft topper makes it very comfy. I am prone to backache but this mattress has given me no trouble at all.


I bought this mattress about 4 weeks ago, I have a bad back and me and my partner are different sizes! So needed a firm mattress, it has been amazing and really helping!

Exactly as described

Had this now for 3 weeks and haven’t slept so well for years. With this mattress you gets great value for money and a very comfortable sleep. I would highly recommended.

Super comfy

My old mattress was only a year old but it was cheap and boy can I tell now I have bought this mattress, sleeping a lot lot better. Learnt a lesson, invest in your bed

Great mattress

Bought this for my sons bed as he has been suffering for around a year with a sore back, a few nights on this mattress has helped his back tremendously! Great purchase!

Amazing mattress!

Bought a month ago after months of backache on our previous mattress. SO glad we went for this one as we have never had a better night sleep! Very comfortable mattress!

Super comfortable

Bought this to replace our old mattress and couldn't be happy, is so comfortable and as both my wife and I have had bad backs has been so good and really helped us.

Excellent purchase

I bought this mattress few weeks ago and the changes to my backache were immidiate. I'm very happy with my purchase for a great price. It's light and airy as well.

Extremely comfortable

I bought this about a month ago...very comfortable and supportive. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my spine and hips. This mattress is the best I've ever had

Firm but fair

Had this mattress a couple of weeks now,and going too bed is a joy,before getting it i was waking 2 or 3 times a night,now its a solid sleep right through.

Best mattress ever!

Had this mattress for over a month now and it’s great. Got it on a divan base and the height of the bed is perfect. Great nights sleep, no back pain

Great quality

We are really glad we have chosen this mattress,it’s been a month now, and we are finding this is the most comfortable mattress we have ever had.

Bought this and am so pleased I did .

Was time to renew our mattress . This is a great product . A very firm mattress and the extra topper on brings great comfort overall well chuffed


Its just what i needed a firm mattress with a pillowtop for a little bit softness. I am sleeping better,I could not t ask for more ,thank you.

So comfortable

I needed a firm mattress but with comfort. My god this is the one it’s super soft but firm on your back really deep too! Fantastic will buy again

Exactly what we ordered!

After having 2 weeks on this mattress, my back pain has eased. Definitely a great buy as a firmer mattress. Delivery was quick and friendly too.

Great delivery service

The delivery men were great and efficient. The mattress is firm but supports my daughters back well following surgery. She says it’s “well cosy”

Great comfort

I bought this for my parents who were suffering from back issues with their old mattress and this was improved comfort and now pain free sleep.

A perfect nights sleep

Bought a month ago and after sleeping on the sofa because my previous mattress was so awful this mattress was a god send so soft but yet firm

Very Comfortable

Have had this mattress for a little over a week now and it is very comfortable. Not too hard but not too soft either. I would recommend it.

Very comfy

We bought the superking firm mattress and we are very happy with it. It is comfy and have slept well since buying it. Good value for money

Great, comfy mattress!

I am pleased that I chose this mattress. It is very comfortable and great value for money and I am able to get a good night's sleep now!

Exceptional comfortable

Bought this just over a month ago and it’s perfect, just the right firmness, depth, everything I needed. Haven’t slept better in years.

So comfy!

I bought this as I don’t like a mattress to be too soft, but I do like a bit of comfort and that is exactly what this mattress offers!

Very stirn

I bought this mattress because my back was becoming very uncomfortable. Since we have had this mattress my back is so much better.


Bought the mattress when we bought a new bed and I have to say it was a great purchase. Had a great night's sleep and still do.

Good mattress

Bought 3 of them with 3 divan bases and we're satisfied until now. The mattresses are slightly firm but elastic. Happy for now.

Great mattress.

Needed a firm mattress due to back problem and this fits the need perfectly.Easy to turn as recommended and very comfortable.

Guest room bed

Bought base and mattress for the guest room. The opinion of the guests was the mattress is very firm but comfortable.

Fantastic mattress.

Better than expected as was bought online. Really pleased with it. Our second mattress from dreams. Will use again.

Very very comfy

Treated ourselves to this new mattress a month ago. Best decision we have made in a long time....Very very comfy .

i love my mattress

i brought my mattress a month ago and i am very happy with it. Its been good for my bad back. No complaints.

Very comfortable

Bought for my son. He finds it very comfortable. He sleeps better on this mattress compared to the last one


We bought this mattress a month ago and it was best choice for us.No more back pain.Great product :)

The best mattress

Bought this last month and this is by far the best mattress I ever bought. Great value for money too

Perfect mattress

Excellent quality and comfort, so glad I purchased this mattress as was stuck on what to choose,

Lovely comfortable mattress! Can’t fault it!

Bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago and can’t believe how much of a difference this has made.

Great mattress

I bought this mattress a month ago, it is a great price and I have a lovely nights sleep on it.

Super Comfy

Had for a couple of weeks now for our son - great nights sleep since ans even the odd lay in!!

Super comfortable

This is honestly the best mattress I’ve ever owned great nights sleep and my back feels great

Silentnight Pillow Top

Needed a single mattress and this one ticked all the boxes. Great price and very comfortable

Nothing better for that price

This product is top quality so dont bother looking anywhere else for a comfy firm matress .

Absolutely perfect!

We bought that a couple of weeks ago and we feel our body totally different. Thanks again

Fantastic service very efficient

Best sleep I've had for many a year , so pleased with service keep updated all the way .

So comfortable

Bought two of these mattresses for my children and they love them, very cosy, great buy.

Super comfy

I brought this 3 weeks ago and cannot fault it it’s really comfy and perfect mattress

Great Nights Sleep

Bought 2 weeks ago and finally wake up with no backache. Very comfy and great price.

Daughters new bed

I brought this a month a ago, delivered on time, a lovely comfy bed, cannot fault it

Really comfortable mattress

Bought for my son a month ago, it is really lovely and deep, very comfortable

Comfy bed!

I bought this mattress a month ago and haven’t had a bad night’s sleep since!

Great comfortable nights sleep

Really happy. Was in desperate need for a new mattress and this is perfect

So comfy

I got this matress a couple of weeks ago and wow it’s extremely comfy.

Fantastic Mattress!

I bought this a few months ago and really loving it- very comfortable.

Silentnight Chesham Miracoil Mattress

Great mattress, nice and firm but comfy too! Love the topper as well.


I bought this item a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with it.

Great Quality

I bought this mattress a fortnight ago and it is very comfortable

Great Mattress

Lovely and firm and I’ve got to have a great nights sleep on this




I haven't had a bad nights sleep since I bought the mattress,.

Great product..! so pleased

Glad I bought this for my sons’s bedroom ..he really likes it

Very comfortable

I bought this two months ago and I’m happy with my purchase.

Great product

Can’t fault this Mattress. One of the best I have ever had.

Very comfortable

Had the Bed a month now and getting some lovely nights kip

Great matress

I bought this two months ago and it’s so comfy and big!

Very comfy.

Excellent mattress,very comfy and a good nights sleep.

Very comfortable

I bought this to replace my old one, very comfortable


Bought 4 weeks ago good nights sleep Great mattress

Fantastic Mattress

Best matress i have ever slept on, very very happy