Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 23 customer reviews
Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress

Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress

A high firmness mattress is not something for everyone, but depending on suitability, there can be many benefits to such a mattress. The Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress offers you the stability and proactivity of high firmness, which is known for taking care of the health of your neck and back. 

The most important thing during sleep to avoid possible joint and muscle pain, it is the right alignment of both your neck and your back to avoid unnatural curvatures that end up causing discomfort. When you have a mattress of high firmness like this one, the absence of sagging ensures that your entire spine has support and therefore remains straight.

The Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress has a support layer of 1500 springs, distributed in a way that respects your natural sleeping position and with an equal support throughout the entire surface of the mattress, meaning, there is no part of it that is not supported by springs. 

With a latex comfort layer, in conjunction with the support layer, they offer the two materials that provide the best ventilation within all possible combinations of mattresses that exist, you will have cool nights without annoying sweats, it is perfect for the summer but that doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from it in the winter. In addition, latex is a soft, durable material that is easy to clean and by its nature is perfect for reducing pressure points that could harm your joints and bones.

It offers an incredible 5-year guarantee, that is, the mattress will have a guarantee valid for 100% of its life expectancy, a safe and risk-free investment, since user reviews are positive in its entirety, praising its excellence, comfort and value for money. If something in life happens to your mattress in the next few years, don't worry, the guarantee will be in your favour.

In addition, for extra comfort it includes a pillow top that gives it that final touch of softness so that you feel that you sleep on the clouds without sacrificing the benefits of high firmness. With Purotex technology, the Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress is one of the most competitive when it comes to hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, it keeps your sleep environment clean and healthy, those nights of itchy discomfort are over, plus if you suffer from acne, an antibacterial mattress is a must as it will improve the condition of your skin. Clean skin is necessary for it to be healthy, and for this, you need a mattress and a pillow free from bacteria.


What Makes The Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress Great?

Spring count – 1500

Mattress height: 30cm

With a depth of 30cm, this mattress is quite thick and featuring a fair amount of heft. While quality is not necessarily determined by depth, it does go some way toward allowing good quality fillings.

10-Year Guarantee

A 10-year guarantee is fairly unheard if within the mattress industry. Bear in mind that the average mattress has a lifespan of around 7 years before being replaced and you can soon realize why many suppliers do not offer this length of guarantee. When they do, however, like in this instance, you can be assured of a mattress of good quality because otherwise the retailer and supplier would lose money. As such, buy with confidence, if anything does go wrong, you'll be looked after

Headboard not included

The bed frame comes separate from the headboard for styling and aesthetic purposes. allowing you to pick the right bed frame and headboard for the style of your room.

1500 individually responsive pocket springs embrace your natural sleeping position and provide support where you need it the most

Innergetic Latex insert gives excellent pressure relief

Latex is a luxurious material of natural origins and is one of the better materials for mattress construction due to it's softness, breathability and resilience. You will find latex often used as a top comfort layer and occasionally used as a core/base layer due to it's additional supportive properties.

Firmness rating: Firm

When we fall asleep, our muscles relax and what that does is it allows our body to decompress. But when we're sleeping on a too soft mattress, the muscles don't have enough support and they're not getting the proper relaxation.The benefits of a firm mattress are that you're going to sleep more soundly,  your back pain is going to be relieved and you're going to have less muscle aches and pains.

Quantum Edge spring unit offers support up to the very edge of the sleep surface, maximising comfort and reducing the roll-off feeling

Providing even pressure distribution, Innergetic Latex responds to your body’s contours to provide excellent comfort and support

Tencel is an eco-friendly fibre that is softer than silk, cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton

TENCEL™ has some key benefits as a material for mattresses thanks to it's gentle and soft feeling against the skin. The Tencel material is extremely breathable, has a sustainable method of production and proves unfavourable for any bacteria growth. In all it's a fantastic fibre you can feel good about using.

Purotex is anti-bacterial, creating a clean, fresh and hygienic sleeping environment

Micro quilted pillow top offers a smooth and comforting finish

Customer Reviews For The Sealy Sanctuary Senses Mattress

Based on 23 review

Purchased the king size in the recent promotional offer. This mattress suits my husband and I and here's why... It's firm enough to give support, (we both have back niggles) but soft enough to give you the comfort needed to drift off to sleep. I don't feel him turn over in bed nor he I, and there is no 'dip' created for me to roll into, which happened in our previous mattress, which wasn't that old. This mattress is light enough for me to make the bed myself and the best bit (sad I know! ) is that it has side handles for lifting with, who knew these would turn into a deal breaker. :) So pleased with my purchase.


a comfy mattress and just what we needed. This is the second sealy we have bought. the first one is in the spare bedroom. hence the reason for buying another sealy a good brand


This mattress is as comfortable at home as it was in store, it was the right choice for us.This quailty mattress is good value and we are very pleased with the purchase.


Excellent mattress and very happy.You need to sort out about delivery times and the automated text was not correct,not drivers fault.


Very comfortable and supportive matress. Go in store before purchasing to see which mattress will suit you though.


Excellent choice... I have only had Sealy beds before and the quality is second to none.


Very comfortable but very bulky and heavy making it difficult to make up each day.


This mattress still has a smell about it€¦I am airing it, but it still lingers


Purchase and delivery 🚚 spot on very comfortable nights sleep now


Just what we expected nice and comfortable.


firm but so comfotable with great price


Finely getting a good night sleep.


Awesome mattress, so comfortable


The mattress is comfortable.


Lovely comfortable mattress


Great with the discount


Very happy with my buy


Fantastic matress


Very comfortable


Good product


top product

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