Romantica Tencel 1000 Pocket Mattress
Rated 3/5 based on 7 customer reviews

Romantica Tencel 1000 Pocket Mattress

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Brand: Romantica
Code: P1549
Retailer: Mattress Online
Updated: 10/20/2019 4:19:52 AM
3/5 - 7 reviews


What Makes It Great

Very happy with my purchase. Had it a couple of weeks now and nothing to complain about. Its deep, comfortable, looks well made and does the job perfectly.Picked the mattress for the cooling cover as I can get hot in bed, so far so good.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 review

my only advice is buy this mattress!!!Its so comfortable and supportive without being too firm, Its a very dense feel so you dont feel one another moving at all, lovely finish to the mattress too.

Feels amazing and its comfortable for all sleeping positions! Very happy with this mattress and would recommend it to anyone, looks great too!

The tencel stuff is supposed to keep you cool in bed but it is no different to our old, ordinary mattress.It also seems quite hard.

Great mattress!Really comfy and helps keep me cool at night!Would highly recommend!

No bad points, its amazing!

Nothing in particular.