Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress Rated 5/5 based on 104 customer reviews
Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress

Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Reynolds Pocket Spring Mattress has been a best seller of The Dreams Workshop for some time now, the basis for the Reynolds Mattress first came in the form of an old favourite model called The Lambert Pocket Spring Mattress. This particular mattress impresses with good quality pocket springs, of which we prefer to open coil traditional bonnell springs, and with a quantity of 1000, there is enough support and body contouring for those looking for something to help alleviate back or neck pain.

The Reynolds Pocket Spring Mattress is considered a very firm mattress, that means it is going to be more unsuitable for those with a lower BMI than standard or for those that sleep on their back or stomach. I would recommend this sort of mattress to be an ideal fit for those looking to alleviate back or neck pain.

With deep layers of upper fillings and strong pocket springs this mattress is an ideal fit for anyone looking for a firmer than average mattress.

For those influenced by genuine customer reviews, you are in good company. With over 600 reviews and an impressive 94% of reviewers who recommend this mattress, it's clear to see that this should be on the radar of everyone who is after a firmer than standard mattress with built in orthopaedic support. Customers were particularly excited about the improved nights sleep they are getting, while others talk about the great value to cost of the product. Naysayers were unhappy with how firm the mattress was, perhaps not expecting it to be as firm as advertised. Remember, there is no set standard in the industry for tension meaning that what is firm for one retailer, may be medium for the next.  Feedback here certainly suggests it is toward the firm end, so steer clear if you are a side sleeper or of a lower than average build.


What Makes The Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress Great?

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Quality soft-touch damask cover

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

1000 pocket springs (King)

1000 Pocket Springs is considered a fair amount of support for a premium product, any less than this and you start to that find areas of your body are not getting the same amount of support as those with a higher spring count would achieve

Deep layers of fillings

Comfort Grade - Very Firm

Very firm mattresses are ideal for those suffering with back pain. The amount of pain relief that a quality very firm mattress can provide is often the primary reason for people to purchase this specific type of mattress. For those looking for comfort over pain relief, there would be an arguement to perhaps look at something close to medium firmness

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Customer Reviews For The Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress

Based on 104 review

Very firm and supportive

We bought this mattress back in December after trying it out in the showroom the day before lockdown, we bought primarily because it was on offer and were looking for a very firm mattress at a reasonable price. This mattress has not disappointed, its very firm and extremely comfortable and is as good as the Orthopaedic mattress it replaces which cost several hundred pounds more! We wanted a new mattress as my partner was suffering with lower back pain and since using the new mattress this has completely disappeared. If anyone is looking for a extra firm mattress at a reasonable price I would highly recommend.


Put Dreams to the test , to wake up at your best.

The shopping experience was very good , in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, the bed technician, showed me the the beds that would suit my requirements after being assessed. There was no hard selling and for an additional fee my old mattress was taken. The mattress was delivered on time and I was called before it was due to be delivered. I would defiantly buy a bed from them again.


Def the best mattredd ever

In 2019 i purchased a super king mattress from Bensons. Proved to be a horrible dissaster, sank after 2 weeks and it was also quite espensive. After struggling 2 years i decided to buy this one, super king as sell, very firm. Oh what a release for our bones, it s fantastic. Sleep like a baby. Deffinitely Dreams has done a great job with this mattress


Great experience shopping at Dreams!!

I have had the mattress for three weeks and finally getting a full night sleep! I have been impressed with my first purchase from Dreams from entering store, experiencing the in store mattress guide through to delivery. Great advice given in store to flip my mattress on a weekly basis for the first 3 months to get the best use.


Time for bed.

The service and attention I received at the Braintree store was over and above from your competitors . I thought the technology assistance in the mattress selection was extremely helpful in making my decision to select a Reynolds very firm product. I would have no hesitation in recommending to friends and family. Thank you.


amazing mattress

I bought this mattress recently having shopped around different suppliers. I went to Dreams and this particular mattress was recommended to me. The Mattress is everything I was told it was and is extremely comfortable and within a few days my back and shoulder pains vanished. Money well spent and good value.


Dreams dreamy mattress!

Transformed my sleep! That is a sign of a great mattress. Makes such a comfortable night sleep! The delivery was exactly as and when agreed and the delivery staff were very helpful, taking the mattress all the way up the stairs to the bedroom, respectful, efficient and tidy. Thank you!


Aesthetics ,quality and storage

I bought this bed just under a month ago and the feeling is: I wish I had all my life. As soon as you hit the pillow, that you gone. Built to afford you a perfect night every night.Drammatically lifts up the appeal of your space. Voluminous storage keeping your clutter free!


Dreams are the best

After purchasing a simba mattress I have returned it because it was the most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. I Have now got a dreams mattress which is definitely one of the best, my back pain has disappeared and am now having the best sleep ever, thank you dreams.


My spine had found his soul mate

After using the special mattress machine in store, which I would contextualise as a dating app for your posture. I was matched with my true love, a nice stiff mattress that has been gifting me a solid 8 hours of deep REM sleep since it was delivered. Thanks dreams.


Just five more minutes

Sleeping, I've been doing it all wrong untill i bought my new Reynolds Pocket Sprung Mattress, So comfortable. Never have i ever used the snooze button so much, every night is a good nights sleep. But, I now need a lot of excuses as to why I'm late for work!





Loving my new mattress

I’m very happy with my new mattress I like the extra firm feel it really supports my back and is very comfortable whether I am sleeping on my side,back or front. I also like the cool feel to the mattress it stops me from feeling to hot at night


Best choice

I bought this product 2 weeks ago , I am highly satisfied whilst it’s so comfortable & quite firm, great orthopaedic designed I could finally rest & relax on after a long time , recommend to anyone who needs an orthopaedic great mattress.


The perfect mattress for a good nights sleep

Excellent mattress firm we are delighted with our bed it takes around 3 weeks to get used to it with your body at first I was a little concerned because I have hip replacements in both legs but I find it very good and no problems at all.



The staff in store were accommodating and professional, helping me to buy the perfect mattress without ever being pushy. The mattress has literally been life altering for my bad back. I know exactly where I will buy my next mattress.


Extra firm mattress

I was waking every morning with backache and I feared my old mattress, now nearly six years old was the culprit! After research and reading the online reviews, I purchased the Reynolds mattress. I am now having a great nights sleep!


Very comfortable

We needed a new mattress and was recommended this one, as I was I distant on a firm mattress- very well recommended as I have had the best nights sleep with no aches and pains in the morning. So far so good as only a few weeks old.


My back approves it

I was worried at first that it would be too firm for me. However, from first night I slept super well and my body had no complaints. It was a great price too so definitely would recommend to anyone who is looking for a firm mattress.


Fantastic mattress

If you like a firm mattress this one is fantastic. The mattress supports the body weight of two people without disturbing the other and doesn’t feel stiff. It is a really comfortable mattress and I would highly recommend it


Best night sleep ever!!

This has helped me with back pain that I was getting regularly from my old mattress. Since sleeping on the new one I haven't been bothered with pain at all !! Fantastic mattress. Would recommend to everyone in my position!!



Our old bed had given up we went to store to buy another bed and stumbled on this one just right for us because we like a firm mattress after trying all of them even ones costing 3 or maybe 4 times the price this was great


excellent comfort,excellent service

i purchased a new mattress due to the age of my old one (20 years). best thing i have done for a very long time. very good quality,very comfortable. i can finally get a decent nights sleep with a mattress from dreams.



Bought a month ago the mattress has a pattern covering , strong edging and it has made a massive difference to our sleep we both do not have aches which has made a relief in our days ,thank you



This mattress is so good. Really firm , nice and deep. We sleep so much better since we purchased this. We really do recommend this one if you want a firm, solid , comfortable it..


Good mattress. Good service

Definitely worth buying! It was delivered on time. It took a couple of days to get used to it as it can be a little bouncy but better than most of the other sprung mattresses we have tried.


Excellent Features.

Bought this mattress a month ago and i can honestly its the best mattress that i have had. It provides a comfortable sleep and my back and knee problems seem to have settled using it.


360 review of the Reynolds mattress

Brilliantly firm, handles to make it easy to handle and flip too. Looks well made and durable. A mattress that makes me appreciate spending a little more for that extra comfort.



For the price it is a really good mattress very comfortable especially as we both suffer with back problems not too firm just right. The best sleep we have had for a long time.



After going on “The Dream machine” we purchased this mattress as it was the recommended firmness - only had it for a couple of weeks but seems to fit the bill perfectly


My new Reynolds pocket sprung mattress

Perfect purchase, very comfortable and very reasonably priced compared to some others would definitely recommend to anyone who are looking to upgrade their mattress


Nice and firm!

I bought this on a recommendation from a family member due to back problems I'd been having! Really glad I did as I've had nothing but good nights sleeps since.


Great purchase and great value for money

Great purchase, great value for money and nice design on outer material. No more aches and pains. Look forward to snuggling up on our new mattress every night.


Great night sleep

I bought this as I needed a quick purchase and a collection in store. Was not disappointed, we actually used it for ourselves one weekend and it was so comfy.


Raynolds pocket sprung mattress

Was abit uncomfortable to begin with as we went from a medium to a very firm but once you get used to it really comfortable and had a brilliant nights sleep


Reynolds pocket sprung mattress

Purchased two weeks ago and it was the best investment I have ever made. Better sleep, less aches and pains and easier to get our if bed in the mornings :)


Its great

I brought this around 10 weeks ago, for some delivery time came but went to wrong address. Two weeks later I got my bed in the end etc thankyou dreams.


Super comfy

I bought this mattress for my teenage son. He has told me it is so much more comfortable than his old mattress and has a good nights sleep ever since.


Brilliant back support

I was looking for the hardest orthopaedic mattress I could find and this definitely ticked all the boxes for me. I have a fantastic nights sleep now.


Mattress review

The mattress is very comfortable and has good support for your back. I highly recommend it to people if they are looking to buy a new mattress.


Firm but gentle

It’s a very firm and well padded mattress. I believe perfectly designed for someone who’s a strong built in need for a orthopaedic mattress


Firm, traditional, comfortable

A traditional, firm but comfortable mattress. NOT memory foam - which is a good thing in my estimation. Cool to lie on even in hot weather.


Best matress I have ever owned

Excellent matress. I am experiencing the best nights sleep ever, in my lifetime. I just wish I had discovered this matress sooner.


Very comfortable

I bought this mattress around 1 month ago and it has made such a difference to my sleep! Very comfortable and very supportive


Quality Mattress

Very firm mattress. I purchased a mattress topper which has resulted in the best nights sleep for a long time! Superb quality.


Five Star service throughout

the service in the shop was excellent, the delivery was on time, very polite and professional and kept us notified throughout.


Comfy nights sleep :)

The mattress is so comfy and wide that both my husband and I can stretch out and have a wonderful night's sleep every night.


Firm and comfortable

My family have not been able to come from England to use this bed, so I have tried it myself and am very pleased with it.


Pocket sprung mattress

Very comfortable, well worth the money I paid for it. Sleep feels way better now and it’s harder to get out of bed!


Now l can sleep like baby, Thank you Dreams.

I bought this 4 weeks ago , and I’m more than happy with the product. Now l can sleep like baby . Thanks to Dreams.


Dream Heaven

Fantastic luxury mattress that takes me to dream Heaven. The only issue is I don't want to get out of bed :-)


Fantastic mattress!

Fantastic! Just what I wanted. Sleep so well on it. Thank you to the Dreams team for helping me choose it :)


Best choice for a firm affordable mattress

Exactly what I was hoping for this mattress to be ! Firm but not too hard! My sleep has massively improved.


New bed and mattress

Very comfortable mattress. Bed seems very durable. Very happy with the customer service and support given.



Well made and suits my requirements as I suffer from a spinal disorder and required an extra firm mattress


Suberb sleep. Can't wait to go to bed

Best purchase in our new property. Snug, warm and so comfy we don't want to jump out of bed just into bed.


Comfy supportive mattress

Mattress is very supportive especially as i have back problems decent nights sleep good price & quality


Great nights sleep

Since having this mattress we have had better nights sleeps. Also great service from ALL of the staff.



bought this do not like memory foam and wanted one that you could turn this fitted both criterias


Good sleep

Mattress is mind blowing and felt comfortable day and night .price slightly higher tham expected


Great quality

Good quality product, delivery on time. This mattress is very firm, exactly what I was looking.


Super comfy

Had this mattress a while now and i still love it! Nice and firm to support my back its great


Good quality

Firm comfortable and good price ! recommended this to my parents and they have purchased it


Snoring for the country

A good mattres. At first we thiught it jight be a bit f8rm but my boy is very happy wity it


Great bed

Extremely pleased with this purchase. I now awake refreshed following a comfortable night.



Good service in the shop, nice delivery guys, good mattress - what more can a guy ask for


Very impressed

Very impressed and very comfortable. Big improvement from the last mattress it replaced.


Reynolds Pocket Sprung Mattress

I purchased this this mattress now sleeping like a baby wish I had brought it sooner



Good quality nice and firm. Replaced the lambert but just as good in all fairness.



My kids are so happy that they said "mummy we can sleep well now on this mattress "


Comfortable and firm

Bought this recently , very happy with the purchase. Good quality and well made.



We have had many different mattresses and this represents great value for money


New mattress

Glad I had a new one my old one was worn out here's to the next 10 years or so


Great Mattress

Simply Great Mattress - Thabks to Dreams for good advise and fast delivery!!


extra firm just fantastic



New Mattress for a new bed.

Firm and comfortable, just what i needed, also nice and cool in the summer.


Great value

It’s a lovely comfortable mattress. Very pleased with it. A good price too


Quality sleep

The mattress is providing us with the quality sleep we were looking for.


Really comfy

Purchased this mattress as advised and feel they made the right choice.



This mattress is very firm but comfortable meaning a good nights sleep.


Firm Mattress

Very firm mattress and supports your body well. Very good night sleep


Pocket spring mattress

Bought this product 2 weeks ago excellent best 2 weeks sleep for ages



Super comfy sleep I've ever had. Highly recommend


Very firm I’m sleeping much better.

Although I have a topper on this mattress it’s very comfortable.


Very Comfortable

I Bought this about a month ago and I am very pleased that I did


Best mattress ever

I bought this two months ago very very happy with the product


Reynolds pocket sprung mattress

Good service in shop efficient delivery comfortable new bed.


Great comfy mattress - able to have a great sleep

Lovely comfy mattress allowing perfect sleep every night now


New mattress

Great mattress, fitted perfectly. Our son loves his new bed


Quailty and low price!

Reasonably priced matress with excellent co.fort and finish


So comfortable

I’ve had my new mattress 3 weeks and I’ve slept like a baby


Very Comfy...

Too early to give a better opinion, another month maybe...


Matress Heaven

Excellent customer service provided and delivery on time


Highly recommend

Firm mattress with great support, exactly when I needed.


reynolds pocket sprung mattress

very pleased with mattress best night sleep for months


Traditional mattress

Traditional firm mattress, good price, quick delivery



I like a firm mattress and this is just right for me


Good service.

Good service all round. Delivery was also very good.


Comfortable night rest every time

Feels comfortable and just right interms of firmness


Reynolds pocket sprung mattress

Best nights sleep in a long time! Highly recommended

Questions and Answers About Reynolds Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress

Could you tell me which is the best turn over, pocket sprung mattress you have. As I have back problems and also sleep on my front mostly

Answer: Hi , Comfort can be down to personal preference, this mattress is designed to have a very firm support if this is what you are looking for. Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site and somebody can assist you with your requirements further. Thank you for your question.

What is the height of the headboard?

Answer: Hello , This headboard does not come with this divan set. All headboards are optional extras with our divans. The headboard shown in this image is 135cm high, you can view it here: Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

I'm confused about rotation. On the question: Does it have to be turned? you've answered "...every 3 months for the 1st year and then 6 months" then "Once a month will be just fine" then "Fortnightly for the first 3 months and then monthly..." How often?

Answer: Hello , When a mattress first arrives it does need regular turning as it is getting bedded in,after it has been bedded in you can slow down turn rotation. This is why after the first year, the amount of times turned is reduced. Many thanks for the question.

hi can you tell me what is better for bad backs orthopaedic or memory foam mattresses ?

Answer: Hello , Orthopaedic mattresses will be better for the back in general but it depends on your personal condition weather you have medical ailments. This is because memory foam mattresses can provide pressure relief. Many thanks for the question.

what is an orthopaedic mattress and how does it differ to other mattresses ?

Answer: Hello , Orthopaedic is a firmness level specifically targeting people who need more support than the average person and for those who are looking for a very firm sleeping surface. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, can I ask how long for the delivery for this mattress? I really need it within 3weeks! Thanks.

Answer: Hello, This is a stock item generally, this should be available but can be checked more accurately with your post code on the product page and through checkout before payment. Many thanks for the question.

How much is weight of Double and King size Mattress ?

Answer: , The Double is 33KG The Kingsize is 37KG If you need any other weights then please see our delivery tab on each product. The weights are listed here. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi I'm married to a bodybuilder and no mattress lasts longer than a year. Is this going to be a good strong mattress ? Fed up of replacing them. Looking for a good sturdy firm mattress at a reasonable price

Answer: Hi , Take a look at our high spring count Therapur or Flaxby range. Additionally you could have a look at the insignia range as these are thicker mattresses. Thank you for your question.

is this a stock item or a made to order item please?

Answer: Hello This will generally be a stock item. As you process an order online, you will be given a exact date for delivery before checkout. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I need a double mattress with extremely firm edges as I am disabled and need the strong edges to assist me in getting in and out of bed. Is this suitable as I don't have a bad back, just a weakness in my legs

Answer: Hello, This will be a great firm option. If you feel you could go for a slightly better option, please check out our insignia range in terms of pricing. Many thanks for the question.

Does this mattress require turning? If yes, head to toe turning or from one side to the other or both? How frequently? Thanks.

Answer: Good Evening, We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly - rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months and then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

What kind of guarantee does this mattress come with??

Answer: Hello , This will come with a 1 year's with an option to extend to 8 years anytime before the delivery date of the product purchased. Many thanks for the question.

What is the weight limit for this mattress per person please.. thank you 

Answer: Hello , There is no set weight limit for this mattress however it is a extremely durable product with excellent side support. Many thanks for the question.

Hi can I pay by card for my divan, does the divan and mattress come together or do I have to pay for them separate?

Answer: Hello Staffa, The divan base and mattress come together in the set price, this also can be paid by card online. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi Can you please tell me if there is a possibility of financial terms to buy a lambert d mattress £349.? Thank you

Answer: Hello, The order value has to be greater than £400 for finance to be provided through checkout. This is based on basket value. Many thanks for the question.

Is it comfortable for a back disk?

Answer: Hello , With this being an orthopaedic mattress, this would be the recommended choice as it is very supportive. Many thanks for the question.

Is this bed best for back sleepers or side sleepers?

Answer: Hi , This would be more suited to back sleepers as the comfort grade is very firm. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Sorry, i was asking you about financial terms to buy a  lambert d mattress but actually is the double one £399 Thank you  Maria

Answer: Hello, The basket value has to be £400 or above to be able to apply for the finance options through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Is this ok for osteoporosis 

Answer: Hi , You may find this too firm, it is highly recommended that you visit a store to try these. Many thanks for your question,


Answer: Hello ged1, Fortnightly for the first three months and then monthly thereafter. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Does this mattress have to be turned?

Answer: Hello , This will be every 3 months for the first year and then 6 months from there after. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, what exactly is the material inside the mattress?

Answer: Hi , This mattress contains 40mm Polyester, 8mm Topaz insulator. Springs, and the tick is made from Nylon Thank you.

Do you take the old mattress away?

Answer: Hello , This can be done for £39. The option will present itself through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

will the delivery man take away the old mattress?

Answer: Hello Yes, we can do this for you for a disposal charge of £39.00. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I recently purchased a new lambert matress, from Dreams shop on the Boucher Rd. Does it has air cooling Circulation inside the Matress.

Answer: Hello . No this mattress does not have air cooling circulation. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hello this William! How often, do you turn the Lambert Matress round ? Is it once every two to three weeks or .months.                                         Warm greetings,                                            Mr William mcclean. 

Answer: Hello , Once a month will be just fine, just be sure to continuously rotate it. Many thanks for your question.

what is the price of a king size lambert mattress ? Is delivery charges included ?

Answer: Hello , The lambert in a king size will be £499 for just the mattress. Many thanks for your question.

can this mattress be turned over

Answer: Hi , Yes, this mattress can be turned and also can be rotated from head to toe. Thank you.

Is this mattress suitable for a pine bed with a slated base?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will be suitable for a slatted base. Many thanks for the question.

do you take the old matress away

Answer: Hello , This is a available service through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Hi. What is the pocket spring count for the single mattress?

Answer: , Our single Reynolds mattress will have 435 pocket springs. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would this mattress be okay for a ottomen bed?

Answer: Hello , Yes this mattress would be fine. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

dimensions say 10" deep but mattress measures 8". Why such a diference.

Answer: , The depth of this mattress is 25cm which is 9.8 inches Kind Regards, Dreams

Has it got any warranty?

Answer: , Dreams offers a one year guarantee on this mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the combined user weight for this bed?

Answer: Hello , There is no weight restriction for the bed. Many thanks for the question.

Do your orthopaedic mattresses turn over

Answer: Hello, Yes, this mattress will be available to do so. Many thanks for the question.

How heavy is this mattress as we now have to take it upstairs ourselves when it is eventually delivered due to covid

Answer: , The Reynolds double mattress weighs 33kgs. Many thanks Dreams

What is the weight of Lambert king size mattress?

Answer: Hi , The weight of this product is 33kg. Many thanks for the question.

would you take the old mattress away?

Answer: Hi , Yes, the disposal cost is £39. Many thanks for your question,

What depth is this mattress?

Answer: Hi - the depth of the Lambert Mattress is 22cm. I hope this helps.

What is the depth measurement of this mattress please

Answer: Hello , The depth is 22cm. Many thanks for the question.

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