Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress Rated 4.79/5 based on 57 customer reviews
Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress helps with

Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress

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becky says

A mattress is an essential purchase, and it's equally important to ensure that your child’s is the right one. The new Moon Light Toddler Mattress is a foam product that has a hypoallergenic cover and an 8cm depth that will help to protect little ones from allergens. The water repellent outer cover will help to protect against accidents, and it’s Mumsnet rated (which we like to think is a pretty good guarantee!).

How does it feel?

Firmness of The Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress depends on bodyweight. Adjust your weight below to get an indication of how it may feel. Remember though that firmness is entirely subjective.
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Reasons to Buy

At time of writing there is not a single negative review with the worst one to date commenting on the firmness being a bit too soft. That's in part due to the extremely low price. Quality of components is good, as is standard for the Little Big Dreams range of mattresses. With 8cm of depth the mattress would be considered thin for an adult but for toddlers 8cm is plenty to ensure that the back and neck are adequately supported without any risk of feeling the slats of the bed.

Reasons to Avoid

This is a toddler mattress and is thereby suitable for toddlers rather than larger children. As such the amount of usage you ultimately receive from this mattress may be limited. There is perhaps an argument toward investing in a soft-medium tensioned full sized mattress that the child will be able to grow into which will have a higher up-front cost but which would prove suitable for a longer period of the child's life.

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Of The Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress
Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews.

Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark

Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews. For example, a firm pocket spring support layer is more breathable and offers better back support but may prove unsuitable for side sleepers, the reverse is true for a soft-medium tension reflex foam support layer. This is one of 100+ datapoints considered when generating the below ratings.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the quiz above for a more tailored guide.
  • Back Sleepers
  • The amount of support offered from a mattress will vary depending on the firmness of the tension and the type of support layer used. Based on a person of average build.
  • Side Sleepers
  • If you sleep on your side you typically need a supportive tension that is not too firm, nor too soft. This is because your hips and shoulders need adequate sinkage.
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers need a reasonable amount of tension in the base support layer to adequately offer body contouring and help prevent aches and pains. Results will vary based on your build.


  • Stability
  • Depending on the type of support layer in place can have an impact on stability, edge to edge support and roll together prevention. Pocket springs of a firmer tension will have better stability than open coil soft tension, for example.


  • Initial Odour
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  • Long Standing Odour
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Of The Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress
Brand: Little Big Dreams
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress Great?

Comfortable foam mattress with hypoallergenic properties

Allergy sufferers often experience the problem of waking up in the middle of the night or having to get up in the morning with a stuffy nose and eyes. The reason why you wake up with a stuffy nose is because your mattress has accumulated dust mites, mould and mildew, all of which are allergens. The solution is a hypoallergenic mattress is made from materials that do not support mould or dust mites. They also have anti-microbial properties that effectively kill any bacteria that may come into contact with it.

Water repellent cover to help keep fresh

The water repellent cover is ideal for small accidents and spills, helping to keep the mattress hygienic and fresh for many years to come.

Available in both cot and toddler sizes

Covering the entire baby-sector quadrant, these mattresses come in micro sizing suitable for both cot and toddler beds

PVC Free

Commonly a specification found in Air-Mattresses and can be toxic, as it’s quite common for PVC to cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat, and also cause headaches and nausea. That's why this mattress has been made free of any PVC ensuring that those that do suffer from the aforementioned when confronted with PVC can still get a sound nights sleep.

Depth: 8cm

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Hypoallergenic offering increased protection against allergens

 This hypoallergenic mattress has everything you need to help you relax and recharge. With strengthened protection against allergens, ths mattress offers increased durability for a healthier, more comfortable night’s sleep.

Water repellent outer cover to help protect against little accidents

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and your child's sheets are all wet? That's, a hassle for all involved and without protection could create a very unhygienic mattress very quickly. The water-repellent outer cover on this mattress prevents accidents from happening in the first place. It's a win for everyone!

Mumsnet rated

Mumsnet, an award-winning parenting website, recently reviewed this mattresses and concluded it was a great buy offering everything your child needs for a good nights sleep.

Age suitability: 1-4 years

Toddler mattresses have a typical suitability that maxes out around the age of 4 when they are due the next step up in their development cycle and into a kids mattress.

8cm depth

About Little Big Dreams

Little Big Dreams is part of the Dreams workshop and mainly targeted towards children's mattresses. The quality is considered good and, with UK based manufacturing, you can be assured of the best quality components crafted in safe working environments. 

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Customer Reviews For The Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress

Based on 57 reviews
Happy Baby Happy Mamma

We purchased a cot bed mattress for my baby and I was delighted with the quality. My daughter immediately looked and seemed comfortable and she sleeps really well in her cot. As any parent knows its a big step moving your baby into their own room but she immediately settled which we credit the mattress with as even at such a small age a baby knows and needs comfort. Will definitely consider dreams in the future. Delivery driver was friendly, COVID compliant and we were updated before delivery of when to expect his arrival. Really good service.

Incredibly comfortable

I bought my mattress roughly over two months ago and I am over the moon with every aspect of my purchase! My mattress before has been very worn out and was causing me very bad back problems. This mattress saved my life and my back is in much less pain. My nights sleep has improved drastically too! Thank you so so much!

Baby Mattress

I bought this around a month ago for my 5 month old, and cant fault it at all. Nice and firm and she sleeps well on it. The only thing Id diss about it is the slight chemically smell when it first arrived, however Im sure all mattresses are like this. Great price for this product.

Super pleased! Highly recommend!

We bought this mattress for our 2 year old and her new cot bed. It is lovely - she is comfortable and sleeping well. Long may that continue!! I am very pleased with it, especially as it gave me the four pillows for 20 in a current deal! Thank you!

High quality, very comfortable mattress, low price

I bought it a month or so ago, its incredibly comfy and my daughter loves going to sleep in her big girls bed. She sleeps better than she ever did in her cot. Her mattress has really made a difference and it was a great price too.

Decent mattress for reasonable price.

Bought this mattress over a month ago and cannot really complain. It's a great price for someone on a tight budget. It fits my son's bed perfectly. It's his first bed coming out from a cot and he absolutely loves it.

Nice mattress

Bought this for my 3 year old toddler. He likes it. I think it's the perfect firmness, no complaints. Their was no chemical smell like others have suggested. Delivery wasnt next day, very good price so overall happy.

Cot mattress

It fits the cot perfectly and looks very good quality which is what I would expect from Dreams having bought large mattresses from them in the past. Delivery was swift and the delivery men were polite and friendly.

Lovely mattress.

I bought the cot mattress for my 6 month old to move into her own room and its been great. Shes had no problems and gets a good nights sleep. Easy ordering and great customer service from the drivers.


Bought this a couple of weeks ago. Our little boy hasn't woken up since!! Now all I need is a larger one for the wife and my life will be perfect again!!! Great product. Excellent and speedy service.

Comfy well made and excellent price

First mattress for a toddlers bed Delivery was quick driver was helpful and friendly. Mattress made well and fitted well into the bed base Happy with the price when compared to other retailers

Great price

We bought this bed for my son, the price was fantastic. we do strongly believe that the mattress would have been more firm. The mattress is a bit soft, a bit too soft. Next time will buy elsewhere.

Superb quality, luxurious feel, value for money

This is the 2nd of these mattresses we have purchased as they are such lovely quality. Even the older one still looks and feels as good as new. Delivery was fast and communication excellent.

Perfect for our baby

We bought this mattress for our baby and its perfect for her, firm to help with her growth and fits perfect inside the cot. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cot mattress

Great service

The service was brilliant! The guys did a great job with assembling the bed. They were also very polite and engaging with my little one, who was over the moon with her new bed.

Value, comfort, service. A dream.

bought this a month ago for my 5 month old as he moved into a larger cot. My boy seems very happy. I'm very happy with the quality and the value / service was fantastic.

Great service, great price

We looked around for a suitable toddler mattress and settled on this one from Dreams. Service start to finish was excellent. Really well priced and product is as expected.


We bought this mattress for our baby going into their cot. Comfy to say the least. Baby sleeps well. The measurements of the mattress are exact and fit well into the cot.

Very comfortable

Although it wasnt the mattress we ordered, my son loves the mattress and has slept better than ever on it. The removable cover on top is great for easy washing.

Great mattress soft and comfy perfect fit for cot

I bought this a few weeks ago and it's just what we wanted, it fits perfectly in the cot its foam so nice and comfy for my baby. Great price for a cot mattress.

Cot bed mattress

Great value for money. Comfortable and makes the toddler bed more sturdy than the previous mattress. My 2yo is sleeping a lot better too! Long may it continue!

Good Quality

When buying a mattress for a cot bed, you want the best. This is a great product and an even better price. The features of the mattress make it a perfect buy.

Fantastic buy

I bought this matress a month ago very comfortable and sturdy.Good price and quality is better then pricy mattresses.recommend this product.

Great value for quality

My baby is enjoying good sleep and play on the mattress. Happy with this purchase :) Delivery was very accurate and driver very helpful.

Good value

Cant comment too much as baby isnt here to sleep on it yet. But value seems good and the matteress is soft and suitable for its purpose


Bought this for my nearly turning 6 month old baby, trialed it in his own bedroom. Had great results each and great sleep for the baby!

Good price!

I bought this mattress a month ago for my babys cot, it seems good quality and he looks comfortable. It was also a great price :)

Good quality

I bought this bed a fortnight ago and am very happy that I did. The bed is exactly as described on the website and good quality.

Lovely mattress

I brought this for my 6 month old when moving from moses basket to cot. She sleeps well all night and seems very comfortable.

Perfect night

I purchased my daughter the silent night toddler bed mattress and she absolutely loves it having a perfect night sleep

Not bad product

The matress itself is very thin for the price... baby doesn't seem to be very comfortable on it.. needs to be firmer.

Great mattress

This is a great little mattress for a reasonable price. Our 2 year old daughter sleeps well on it. No complaints.

Lovely cot mattress

Bought this for my little one, shes slept soundly on it so its a winner for us. And a bargain for the price

Very comfortable

I actually bought this mattress to fit our garden day bed, it fits perfectly and everyone loves to sit on it


Bought a mattress for my toddler last month came within a week and my toddler has slept soundly ever since.

5 stars

Delivery was nice and quick. Product was perfect. My children are happy and comfortable in their new beds!

Worth the value!

For its value its good, i thought it may have been comfier having no springs but its ideak gor the price.

Perfect for my little one

I bought this a few wks ago for my daughter its comfortable and she loves it especially on her new bed

Little one seems to find it comfortable!

Happy with the thickness and feel of the mattress. Little one seems to find it comfortable.

Great mattress!

I bought this over a month ago and I absolutely love it for my sons cot bed its so comfy!

Great product

I purchased this for my babys first cot and its perfect, good price for a good product

Fab mattress

Fantastic mattress for my 3 year old who sleeps much better now. The quality is perfect.

Nice toddler mattress

This is a good mattress for a toddler bed, arrived well packaged and seems good quality.

Good Toddlers bed

All good :) happy with the product. Only down side is we had to wait extra due to covid.

Great product

I bought this item for my toddler. Very comfortable and good quality for the Money

Works great

Brought for my daughter who wasn't sleeping great. Perfect night sleeps since.


I bought this a few weeks ago for my baby girls cot! Great and good delivery

Good quality

Pleased with this purchase, its very good quality and an excellent price.


Perfect for my baby cot! Excellent price and was delivered super quick!


great quality mattress at a very good price, extremely quick delivery


Good quality matress which fits perfectly and is not to thin


Looks good and thick just waiting for newborn to try it soon

Comfy matress

Reasonably priced mattress. No complaints from my 2yr old

Great mattress for toddler

Great mattress for transitioning from cot to toddler bed

Cot mattress

Great mattress at a good price and excellent service

Great features

I bought this month ago and Im so happy with that

Great stuff

Bought this some time ago,so good. We both love it.

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Questions and Answers About The Moon Light 70 x 140cm Memory Foam Toddler Mattress

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Do I purchase cot bed size or single fitted sheet to fit this mattress

Answer: If this mattress is purchased in the cot size, then cot bed size fitted sheets will need to be purchased. The Moonlight mattress is not available to purchase in a single size.

How firm is the mattress please? Im looking for a medium firm mattress not a hard one

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The Moon Light Mattress is classed as a Firm tension Mattress, but we do have the Quite Night Mattress which is a Medium-Firm tension or the Sleep Tight mattress which is a Medium tension.

Hi is this mattress suitable from birth???

Answer: This is a toddler mattress, which is compatible with both toddler beds and cot beds. This mattress is suitable from birth as long as it goes within a cot bed.

What is the exact size of the mattress?

Answer: Good Evening,This mattress is available in two sizes - cot and toddler.Cot: 8cm (H) x 120cm (L) x 60cm (W)Toddler: 8cm (H) x 140cm (L) x 70 cm (W)

Is this available in the Newbury store for collection? We need two!

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer a collection service and this is unavailable to try in store. Thanks, Dreams

Can you remove the cover to wash?

Answer: The cover can not be removed and washed however it is water repellent and wipe clean.

Hi, is the Little Big Dreams Moon Light Mattress suitable from birth? The size we would require is L140cm x W 70 cm

Answer: Yes this mattress is suitable from birth.

Does this comply with the british safety standards?

Answer: Yes all of the mattresses do. .

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