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Monza 1000 Pocket Sprung Reflex Foam Mattress

Brand: Happy Beds


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What Makes The Monza 1000 Pocket Sprung Reflex Foam Mattress Great?

Exemplary hand-crafted quality, made exclusively for Happy Beds

This product is manufactured and sold exclusively through Happy Beds and features high quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure you get the right product at the right price.

Only requires rotating every six weeks to maintain high quality

Save money and time on turning, as the comfort layer is just on one side. The mattress can be rotated every 6 weeks to spread any wear that develops over time. This will increase the life span of the mattress and prevent indentations which could otherwise cause discomfort, back pain or poor-quality sleep.

Complete with breathability enriching air vents

Air vents are strategically implanted into the mattress to allow constant air circulation which provides optimum breathability to help regulate body temperature.

Features hand-stitched handles that make transportation and mobility simple

Relieve the strain of moving a mattress with these hand-stitched handles. Strategically placed to distribute the mattress weight evenly, making the process painless.

Modestly sized at 25cm, making it a great choice for most bed frames

The industry standard for mattress depth is 7 inches, with most offering a comfortable 10 to 14 inches. Generally, the higher the load, the deeper it needs to be. But quality is important as a well-built 10-inch mattress can be equally as comfortable and supportive as a budget 12-inch mattress. This 10 inch mattress sits at the higher end of the scale, worth consideration for those requiring a little extra weight support.

Rated at a medium/firm firmness level, making it ideal for those seeking orthopaedic assistance

Finished with a quilted top that sports a charming squared pattern

Filled with deluxe classic materials, such as delightful dual pads, rich satin pads and durable polyester

Crafted with a thick layer of sturdy reflex foam, the likes of which makes the mattress great for joint support

Made with a respectful amount of individually nested pocket springs

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