Midler Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm Rated 4/5 based on 204 customer reviews

Midler Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm

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Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 22cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:44:31 PM
4/5 - 204 reviews


What Makes It Great

Our children (8 and 11) needed new single mattresses, especially our son who’s been struggling a little with backache. They both liked our recent firm mattress as I have very worn discs in my lower back and a firm mattress has helped me greatly. The quality of the Henley Sprung Mattress (ordered firm x2) is good and we’d read the reviews left by other customers to help us with our decision in ordering from Dreams. One persons soft is another persons firm, so it’s difficult to gauge how accurate reviews can be. However we have found that if we’d ordered these for adult use, we would have been a little disappointed as they aren’t very firm, but for children we think they’re just about right. As an adult, if you kneel on them when changing bedding, you do sink into them quite a bit and more so if you sit on the edge. Lying flat and turning over is clearly where you gauge the support on offer, so as our children weigh less than an adult they have so far been happy with the comfort and support that the Henley offers...so that’s good enough for us! Ordering from Dreams was great with good communication every step of the way and the delivery guys were friendly and professional, taking both mattresses upstairs for us. Finally as these were on offer, we feel for the price we have good value for money and hope that in time they last well with regular turning as advised by Dreams.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

800 Pocket springs is a compromise. It is a far better choice than an equivilent open coil product but is a little on the low end in terms of the volume of springs. Support should be acceptable, but if there is an option for 1000+ at a similar price, it is worthy of paying a little bit extra

Questions and Answers

What is the return policy if we dont like the firmness of matters?

Answer: Good Evening, Dreams offers a 40 night comfort guarantee which allows for the replacement of a mattress if the buyer finds their original purchase to be of the wrong comfort level for them. We would suggest that you read all the terms and conditions of this guarantee which can be found on the below link: https://support.dreams.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/205720401-40-Night-Comfort-Guarantee This helps to outline all necessary information and detail on our comfort exchange policy. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this mattress arrive in a box/rolled? I have very narrow stairs. 

Answer: This mattress will arrive flat and packaged in a plastic bag. If you require a rolled mattress we recommend looking at our range of specially rolled mattresses online, these are perfect for navigating through smaller spaces. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, what is the length of guarantee on this item? thanks

Answer: Hello , There is a 1 year manufacturers guarantee as standard but you can purchase an 8 year additional guarantee called 'bed cover' if you wish. You can select this option at the checkout. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can I collect from store or is it delivery only

Answer: Good Evening, Unfortunately this mattress is unavailable to be collected from stores and can only be delivered. Kind Regards, Dreams

What warranty or guarantee do you give?

Answer: Hi , This will have 1 year guarantee by default but you can purchase optional bed cover, extending this to 8 years. Thank you.

Do you dispose of old mattress if I buy a new one? Or do you charge? If so how much?

Answer: Hello , We offer an old bed recycling service for £39. This can added through checkout. Many thanks for your question.


Answer: Hello , It depends which store you are going too as some stores are open until 8.00pm. Many thanks for your question.

Is the head board included on this deal

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your question. Headboards are not sold with mattresses or divans as a package at the moment.

Is this hyporallergenic?

Answer: Hello , Unfortunately this bed isn't hypoallergenic. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Could you please advise us which, if any, of these mattresses are anti bed mite please? Many thanks 

Answer: Hello , None of our mattresses are specifically anti dust mite. Thank you for your question.

will you remove old mattress?

Answer: Hello, This is an optional service available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Does this bed include a memory foam layer as well as pocket springs?

Answer: Hello , This bed will only include pocket springs within. Many thanks for your question.

Is the mattress turnable?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this mattress can be turned over. Many thanks for the question.

How many springs are there in a single?

Answer: Hello, 324 pocket springs in a henley single mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Does the single base come as one piece? We have a very narrow staircase and not sure it will fit.

Answer: Hi , Yes the single base comes as one piece. Thank you for your question.

can the mattress be turned or is it a non turn mattress

Answer: Hello , This mattress can be turn over. Many thanks for the question.

Do you do finance.

Answer: Hi , We do offer finance on products over £400. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 204 review

Good Purchase

Purchased mattress around 4 weeks ago online. Easy purchase process with excellent comms from Dreams delivery side. Initial observations were that the mattresss was well made but lighter in weight than expected. The sides appeared a little soft but overall it looked and felt good quality for the price point. This is a comfortable mattress and certainly not too firm. I think for occasional to regular use it is fine, for a more heavier individual orregular reqirement perhaps not so good. Overall this is a good item of reasonabler quality for the price, I have seen far worse products for triple the price!! Would recommend for adult guest use, or regualr for children upto late teenage years and lighter adults.

Not what I was expecting

I ordered in the January sale. I was surprised to find I had to wait almost a month for delivery - although there were weekday delivery slots available slightly earlier. delivery went very smoothly but the mattress itself is incredibly soft and squashy. The description on the website said firm so it is not what I was expecting. It is absolutely not firm. I can pinch the mattress at the edge almost together so I'm not convinced it was worth the money i paid for it.However it is comfortable and my back hasnt been aching as much as it was before, therefore I decided it was not worth it to complain about the description and then wait another month for a delivery.

Very luxurious for the price

I've had my new mattress for around 3 weeks now. My old mattress was much firmer for "firm". I wasn't convinced at first that this was actually a 'firm' mattress (as was sold to me), and I was worried that it might not be supportive enough given my back problems. However, after sleeping on it after the first 3 nights I was totally sold! It is SO comfortable! Yes it is a bit springy and bouncy and very squidgy/soft on top, but the firm support is there underneath all the comfort. This is my first ever pocket sprung mattress and I have to say ... so far the most comfy mattress I have ever purchased.

great service from start to finish!

I ordered my mattress online. From order to delivery, the service was second to none with constant text reminders of expected delivery date. Alright, so I had to pay a little extra to have my mattress delivered on a Saturday due to work commitments, but overall, I cannot fault Dreams! On the morning of delivery, I took a call at 8am to let me know the expected delivery time of my mattress, it arrived on time, delivered by two men with smiley faces. The mattress itself is cosy and comfortable. I have had it for two weeks now and so far, my back pain has virtually disappeared. Thank you, Dreams!

Fantastic mattress and superb service!

I'm so happy I bought from Dreams!! I bought this mattress after originally buying one from someone else. I had to send the other one back as it was damaged. This one turned out to be cheaper, far better and came with great service!! The two friendly delivery men phoned me on the morning of delivery to say the mattress would be with me between 10.30 and 12.00, I took delivery of it at 10.30! :) Excellent product, the mattress is very, very comfortable and feels of a very high quality! and I would definitely recommend Dreams!!

Best night sleep ever!

My mattress was 20 years old, I suffered from bad back and achy legs. So I decided to finally buy myself a decent mattress and what a difference!!! I now have the best nights sleep ever - no aches no pains just incredible comfortable. The mattress states firm and I was worried it would be like sleeping on a board but no it is just perfect. I cannot recommend this mattress enough. Additionally the guys who delivered it were lovely and quick and wore shoe protectors as it was really muddy that day in my garden.

Very comfortable mattress

We had this mattress delivered about a month ago to replace our old memory foam one. I found our old memory foam mattress to be very hot particularly in summer months and was very pleased to find that this one kept me quite cool. Overall comfort of this mattress is very good, no more backache or feeling too hot, however it did take a couple of nights to adjust to it which is to be expected. I’d say it represents good value for money. Delivery was on time and the delivery guys were professional and friendly.

great value super comfy mattress!

bought this mattress for my learning disabled son who has herniated discs in his back, as he couldnt tell me if it was ok i was a bit nervous whether i had bought the right mattress with support for him, but after reading the reviews decided to purchase this one and couldnt be happier! my son has been sleeping so much better and i struggle to get him out of bed in the morning now lol great valur too at half price and the delivery guys were really helpful and gave good advice thanks dreams!

Softer than I expected

I got my mattress four weeks ago, at first was even softer than my old mattress which I have still hung onto; just in case, as I was really concerned that I'd have to send the mattress back. My first night; back was sore the next day as was the next, however the advice from Dreams to persevere for 30 days before arranging a return. I'm happy to say that my back is ok, and I'm getting a reasonably comfortable nights sleep. If you want a really firm mattress though, don't choose this one.

Good enough?

After a few weeks of using this mattress, I think I should probably have spent a bit more than I did or gone for something firmer. I do get a good night's sleep but I can feel more of the mattress's inner workings when I sit on it than I had expected. I do hope it lasts. I don't dislike it but it's not quite what I had expected. I didn't have the chance with this purchase to go to a store to look at one first. I would probably only recommend it for a guest room.

Firm but comfortable

I got my new 'King' mattress about a week ago and find it extremely comfortable to sleep on. I slept well on my old mattress too (I almost always do, wherever I happen to be), but it is noticeable how much more "refreshed" I feel after a good night's sleep on my new mattress. So far I am extremely happy with it. The delivery process, & the removal process for my old mattress, was handled very pro-actively and efficiently, without any fuss, exactly as promised.

It is what it says.

We've had this over a month now and is giving us a better night's sleep than the more expensive one we're replacing after only a year. Good quality, firm but not stiff, and no roll in to the middle...though could do with a feature to stop someone from 'accidentally' rolling on to my side. Edges are a bit weak if you intend on sitting there but other than would recommend and buy again. Delivery guys were fantastic and cheery. Thanks

As described......

We had this mattress delivered last week and it has been excellent. The whole experience spot on. We had a call to give us a 1 hour time slot and the mattress arrived on time, even though our property is very difficult to find. The driver called us and we gave directions, and the mattress was delivered by two very happy helpful men. Mattress was just as described, firm. We have never slept so well.

Perfect choice, highly recommended

I bought this matress for my parents, as I already had a matress from Dreams of similar characteristics and I was very happy with it. It is firm but not hard and it goes with the shape of your body, great for people who may have i. e back problems. It is a great choice and I would highly recommend. Plus the price-reduced at the time was just over 200 pounds which was another bonus.

Everybody loves it!

I use this mattress in my spare room and all my guest have commented on how comfortable it is. I used it for a few weeks before my more expensive pillow-top mattress came and if I'm honest? This is probably more comfortable that that.... Brilliant value for money. I don't know how long it will last as it's probably only used a couple of times a month, buttons far so great!!

not firm enough, disappointed

Not as firm as I expected. It felt ok at first, but after about 3 months of use it already feels like the 5 year old mattress we bought it to replace, sagging like we'll start to notice the springs soon. My husband's back is hurting from it. Also it seems a couple of inches narrower than a normal double. Wish I'd realised I could have exchanged before 40 days was up!

Excellent mattress

I bought this mattress just over a month ago and can honestly say that it has been well worth it. I have an intermittently bad back and needed a firm posture sprung mattress. As you would expect, it took a few days to get used to, but now over a month on, I have been sleeping so soundly and it has greatly helped with my back and posture. An excellent purchase.

Not very happy!

We bough this mattress for a spare room so it wasn't used for a while. It's only been slept on twice but both times, by different occupants, it has proved very uncomfortable. Way too soft. We can tell by sitting on the edge that it doesn't have much substance. You get what you pay for I guess. We only wish we'd had guests before the upgrade option expired.

No more back problems

We have had this mattress over two weeks and although at first we were a bit hesitant buying without trying it is the best decision we have ever made. It's very firm but extra comfortable compared to our old softer mattress which gave us both a sore back! This is equivalent to a number 1 on the firmness scale but as its a pocket spring it's just right!

Not as firm at the 'Firm' rating suggests

I have had this mattress for over a month now and find that it does not support me as firmly as I had hoped. The handles are very helpful for turning and it does have a very luxurious feel. Initially it is very comfortable to lie on, but I tend to sink into it rather than lie on top. I would suggest that Medium Firm would be a more accurate rating.

Stated as firm but is very soft for me.

I’ve had a few nights sleep (the delivery service and communication was great), and it is way too soft and there vey uncomfortable. I have a disc bulge in my lower back and this soft mattress causes some pain. Also, two people roll in to each other because of its lack of firmness. I will have to wait until 26 Feb to change it for the extra firm.

perfect !!

I was looking for a firm mattress and tried several out in stores first. The ones that I liked always seemed to be the most expensive. I felt that I was was taking a gamble buying on line without trying first. But it was more than a pleasant surprise, the mattress is perfect. I would recommend this mattress to people looking for a firm mattress.

Perfect firmness

I bought this mattress in the sale and couldn't be happier with it. Delivery was easy - driver gave me plenty of notice on the day of arrival with a text and a call and the 2 man team brought it all the way up to the fourth floor for me. This is my main mattress now and I've had a couple of weeks of great nights sleep.

bed and mattress

I bought the man hasten bed and mattress, the bed is ok but doesn't look ivory looks more grey. Really disappointed with the mattress, it's not very firm and really sinks when you sleep on it, I think I'm going to have to end up buying a mattress topper which I didn't really expect to have to do, overall disappointed.

Great night's sleep from the first evening.

This is a very affordable yet comfortable mattress. It's firm but not hard and I found that morning aches I was experiencing with my old mattress were gone from the first morning on the new one. It was clearly a lot easier to move than my last mattress and the integrated handles will definitely help with that.

Softer than expected

This is a quality mattress, but softer than expected for something labelled 'firm'. Getting on and off the bed the mattress feels like it squishes down quite a lot (to the point that I wonder if it will have an impact on its longevity). Comfortable once you're supine, but lots of give when you move or sit up.

Far too soft for a firm mattress

I bought this for my son wanting a firm mattress, it is fine when laying down and very comfortable however it is far too soft. Sitting on the bed is nearly impossible as it is so soft the mattress collapses at the sides. It was ok value but if I had to buy again I would choose a different mattress.

Nicely sprung

This mattress is great, it’s thicker than I expected it to be, great quality, not too firm and not too springy. I have had to put a quilted topper on it just because the dimples in the mattress tend to be a little disturbing with just a plain sheet on, but that’s mostly look instead of comfort.

Good value!

I bought this 3 weeks ago. The mattress was a bit too hard to start with. It’s taken me a few weeks to get used to it, maybe because my last mattress was very soft. Now however I am starting to feel the benefit and am getting s good night sleep. Great value for money given I paid a sale price.

Pleasantly surprised

I am use to sleeping on very hard mattresses. When I first got this I thought it would be too soft. However it is perfect. Firm but still comfortable. I get minor back and neck aches but I have not had any since using this mattress. Considering the price it is a purchase.

'Super comfy'

We bought this mattress for my son, and invested as he is now old enough to not be wetting the bed. It is INCREDIBLY comfy and is lovely and thick. I am sure he is sleeping better on it too than the cheap 'kids' mattresses you can get from other retailers. 5 Stars from us!

Best mattress we have purchased!

Had mattress a few weeks now for my 4 year old daughter and really happy with the buy. So comfy and not to firm for her but firm enough I think it should last, even with her jumping on it everyday! Hope it goes on sale again soon so I can buy her younger brother one too.

*Good mattress, delivery and all round experience*

I have had this mattress for 3 weeks now and I am extremely satisfied with both the quality of the mattress and the quality of my nights' sleep. The firmness is as advertised however the edges aren't as firm if you are wishing to sit on the edge. All in all 4 out of 5.

Best sleep in years

Bought this about a month ago. Was in the sale and an absolute bargain. Chose a firm mattress as I suffer with my back sometimes, but this is not so firm that it doesn't feel cosy. Highly recommend it. Best sleep I've had in ages and no back problems thus far!!!


This was bought on-line for our son's flat (so without trying it out first), but happy to say that it's just as the photo and he says it's fine - afraid I can't get him to elaborate more! I saw it when delivered and it seemed quite firm, good value in the sale.

Firm, comfortable mattress

Bought two as guest beds, so haven't slept on them but they are comfortable to lie on and my 1year old loves bouncing on them. They seem good quality for the money, have handles on the side that make moving them easy. They are firm but not hard. Very pleased.

Great firm mattress

I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for about a month now and it’s excellent. I bought a 4 in firmness and it’s just right. My only gripe is that the edges are very soft, so if you sit on the end of the bed to put your socks on in the morning it dips a lot.


I am absolutely delighted with this bed. I bought it for a guest room, and it looks great, my family tell me it's comfy, and the amount of storage is amazing (one reason I chose this design). I can't praise it highly enough and would recommend it to anyone.

Extremely Comfortable!

I bought this mattress for my mum, who suffers from a bad back, and she's very happy. She says she gets a good night's sleep - it provides excellent support but is not too firm. And to think I bought for half price as part of a clearance it even better

comfortable mattress

this mattress is comfortable but when ordering online the mattress said it was rated firm..when it arrived it definately was not firm totally opposite really soft i was disappointed to say the least..as i suffer from a bad back..the bed is comfy tho...


My son has had his new mattress for two weeks now ,and we are really impressed ,my son has been sleeping though the night,and quiet often just lays on it .It's holding it's shape and is firm but not to firm. We now know we all need new mattresses .xx

Firm, comfortable, great value & good delivery

If you like a firm mattress but do not want to pay hundreds of pounds then this will almost definitely meet the bill. The delivery men were also very accommodating, and went out of their way for me, which in this day and age, was very much a

Poor quality

I bought this mattress in September and it does not match up to the firm description. It dips in the middle and each of the springs can be felt through the mattress topping. I have exchanged for anithrr mattress. Customer service very good.


I brought this mattress along with the ottoman bed frame. I wasn't sure what mattress to go for but I'm so glad I picked this one. Amazing comfort and helps me sleep loads better than what I was. I no longer get a bad back. 100% recommended

Great mattress, good price and excellent service

We bought this mattress when moving into a new flat. The ability to choose your delivery day and then being contacted regarding the exact time of delivery was great. The mattress is very comfortable and nice and firm as we were looking for.

Comfy mattress

Bought 2 of these for my teenage boys as needed something firm but comfortable that was going to last. They both love them! Great price in the sale. Dreams as always delivered with no problems, keeping me fully informed on delivery time.

Great features

I got my mattress a few weeks ago slept on it for seven days wawu what a difference it made loved the fact I got up feeling very refreshed it was absolutely fabulous to sleep on that matress.Thnx dreams you have made my dreams come true


I purchased this mattress in hope that my nights sleep improved as my previous mattress was six months old and not supporting body weight properly.I can recommend this mattress as now I get a good nights sleep and back support is great.

Fantastic buy!!

Had this mattress for a month now and it's wonderful. Was having back pains and I haven't had any since using this mattress. Only one problem though ... I can't seem to want to get out of bed! Definitely need to get that worked on lol.


Comfortable enough but not as firm as I’d hoped despite selecting the firm option. Sides are quite weak compared to what it replaced which took some getting used to. Got it in the sale, but really wouldn’t be worth paying full price.

Not firm enough

I bought the mattress about 6weeks to 2 months ago and it is already starting to lose the firmness and become quite bouncy when you lie on it. It's a real shame because I needed a firm mattress and thought this would be adequate.

Good for the money

Only had this two weeks but so far very happy. Is nice and firm but not rigid and gives great support. Edges could be more stiff, but that doesn't bother me. Nicely finished cover with good size fabric handles for easy turning.

Excellent mattress, excellent delivery service

Excellent mattress, excellent delivery and old mattress removal service. We use this for guests, but needed to sleep on it for a few days due to ensuite work and it is an excellent mattress; almost the equal to our £1000 one.

Orthopaedic Mattress

We bought our king size mattress a couple of months ago and it is fantastic. We also bought an oak single bed and trundle the quality is great. The service we received was second to non, and will purchase from Dreams again


Brilliant mattress, bought it for my daughter. Firm but comfortable. 2 guys delivered the mattress took it straight to the bedroom and placed it on the bed, took the old mattress away. Both guys were lovely and polite

Very impressed

I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago for my son and the Dreams team were very helpful and put the mattress in the child's bedroom and made sure they wore overshoes. They were prompt in their delivery time too.

So comfortable!

I bought this product last month via the website. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a mattress without trying it first, but i needn't have worried. The firmness rating is accurate and i find it very comfortable.

Better than expected

The mattress was delivered exactly within the time window promised. I did not have to waste the whole day waiting around. It is firm and comfortable. I am getting a good night's sleep for the first time in months.

Good value comfortable mattress!

Have had mattress for almost a month and am very pleased with look of mattress, quality and value and both of us have said whilst is quiet firm we have found to be comfortable straight away and sleeping well!

Very comfortable!

I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago and have found it nice and firm...just what I needed. Service & delivery first class! My only criticism is that the mattress is a bit too squishy around the edges.

Very comfortable mattress

Bought a king size for me and my husband to replace our very old mattress , very comfortable, he's no longer complaining of back ache! Also got a double for my daughters new storage ottoman bed she lives it!

Great service!

Dreams was a dream to deal with. Good quality product, easy to order on line and delivery smack on the nose. Delivery guys were so friendly it made my day. Another order soon? No need to sleep on that one!


I bought this mattress not even a week ago , well comfortable and I feel very refreshed in the morning , I’ve recommended this product to friends and family , the two guys that delivered were brilliant.

its a mattress

We bought this as we needed a new mattress, its not as good as we thought it would be, dents already in forming where we lay, hoping it will last longer then ones we bought before! Dont think it will!

Great Night's sleep

Bought the Mattress a couple of weeks ago for my ever growing son.he seems to like it,the actual item was delivered swiftly and on time by friendly staff,wole process from start to finish was great.

Good quality and looks good

Enjoying this comfortable bed, for the last dew weeks. I have had lots of comments on how good it looks. I got it assembled by the Dreams team and they were efficient, friendly and did a good job.

Great product

Bought this mattress as it was at a bargain price in the sale and am very impressed would have paid double the price for a mattress of this quality. Brilliant product would highly recommend.

A better sleep!

It arrived in time for me to get some better sleep before and during the Festive Season. My back is much happier with a good, firm mattress. An excellent Christmas present to myself!

henley mattress

I bought the mattresses on the 18th June 2014.Very satisfied with the mattresses,The mattresses were delivered with care and on appointed time. I am happy to buy from Dreams in future

Great price for a great mattress

Bought this for my son, who's not the smallest lad. He thinks it's great and definately considering buying the same one for myself. Recommend to anyone. Good support but not to hard.

Grandson now sleeps comfortably

Good service mattress delivered on scheduled date with good information about the 2hour delivery window. Grandson who has gone to college says it is comfortable he now sleeps well

Great sleep

Went for a firm mattress, this is perfect just firm enough, not too hard. I hav had a poor back and since havn this mattress i hav slept better. For price it is a fantastic buy.

Extremely comfortable and very good quality

Excellent mattress, firm but comfortable for all sleeping positions. Very good quality and excellent value: this is a truly great purchase with an outstanding all-round service

A perfect nights sleep

I bought this mattress online without testing it out, at first I was worried I made a mistake but when it arrived I was very pleased, I sleep perfectly every night now.

Blissful nights sleep!

My sleep has become blissful as the other half has stopped complaining! Probably a little hard for me as I'm half his weight but absolutely worth the comprimise :)

Good value mattress.

Brought this mattress for my son and daughter in law, who both suffer with bad backs. They both have slept better on this mattress and are happy with the quality.

Comfortable for price

I bought this in December and have recently started using it in my new house. I have had this one before so knew exactly what I was buying. Well worth the money.

My new mattress

I bought this with my new bed frame without trying it first. Needn't have worried it's so comfortable. Didn't realise how uncomfortable my old one must have been

Sleeping on Air !

I recently said to my daughter I would never buy a mattress on line BUT I have just bought one guided by an online adviser and it gives me a great nights sleep.

So comfortable!!

I needed a new mattress and due to back problems need a firm but comfortable mattress - this one is excellent - I sleep really well and feel very supported.

Good enough

It is not as hard as I thought it will be and those buttons on it can be sometimes painfull, but my back does not hurt anymore and that is all i need ;-)

So comfy!!

Since getting our mattress, we have had the best night's sleep in ages..It is a good quality and value for money.Would definitely buy from Dreams again.

Great mattress

I bought this mattress for my spare room, its just what i was looking for & is very comfortable. Im sure my guests will have a great nights sleep on it.

Good Value

Great replacement mattress - guests have had a good nights sleep and it was in the December sale so good value - delivery guys were very courteous too

Lovely firm materess

So happy I bought this especially as it was in the sale. Fantastic quality and very firm just what we were after. Great and helpful delivery team too

Really comfy

I bought this for my 8 year old daughter at a very reasonable discounted price. It’s really good quality and extremely comfortable. She loves it.

Good quality.

I have had this mattress two weeks, it's good quality and firm but you need a mattress topper as the indents dig in and hurt keeping you awake.

Great value for price.

So comfortable, better than expected, service great, delivered & telephoned an hour before delivery as promised. Very happy & regular customer.

Very comfortable

Bought this a month ago. Firm but soft. Eliminated back complaints almost immediately. Delivery was prompt and efficient. Also a huge bargain.

As good as I’d hoped!

Quality bed and comfortable mattress. The best part of the delivery was the cheeriness of the guys that delivered. Polite, helpful and lovely!

Very comfortable

Bought to replace old mattress ,wish we done it sooner it's very comfortable and firm to support my husbands back. Delivery was as promised

Good quality with the tv the speakers r so good .

I bought this a week ago and I'm luv in it, at my off days just want to stay in bed whole day cos is so comfort and the tv entertain me.

So comfy!

I bought this a few weeks ago and I’m extremely pleased with it. The firmness is perfect and I haven’t had a better nights sleep in years!

Comfortable and firm

I purchased my Henley mattress around a month ago and I can definitely say that it is as I needed. It's extremely comfy, firm and sturdy.

Not really that comfortable

Unfortunately the mattress does not feel pocket sprung at all instead it feels like the old spring mattress and is not that comfortable.

Not happy

I'm Disappointed and unhappy with the Comfort of the matters. The Button on the matters I can't feel when I lie down on the bed or sit

Excellent value

Bought to complete a vintage bed which needed a slightly thinner mattress than the standard ones now made - ideal and very comfortable

Great quality

We brought this product 6 weeks ago and its firm but very confortable it gives in the correct places. We would defently buy this again


I purchased two beds and matresses from dreams, fantastic quality and the kids love them fantastic nights sleep! Great service too.

great to sleep on

needed a bed for guset to sleep on went on thr dreams website saw abargain and made the purchase it all appears good no complaints

Excellent sleep

I wish that I had bought the mattress two years ago rather than just a month ago. The quality of my sleep has been enhanced.

Very comfy and firm

Bought this as the in laws were coming to visit, it's been used a few times since and everyone has had a good nights sleep.

Mattress not very firm.

Overall bed not good big gaps around mattress not as in picture. Don’t like it but bed put together now nothing I can do

Fab delivery and mattress

I have slept so much better since I ordered this mattress from you. Furthermore, the delivery guys were great and speedy

Great product

I bought this mattress because I was experiencing bad backs this product has really helped me & it's very comfortable.

Does what it says on the tin!!

Very comfy but also supportive especially if you have back problems. Got a good nights sleep fromthe very first night.

Excellent all round

Excellent product at an excellent price. Delivery was bang on time and the guys were really helpful. 5 stars all round


I wanted a hard'ish mattress and this fits the bill perfectly. Delivery was on the day and on time. Highly recommended

Not firm around the edges

This mattress is decent but my main complaint is that it's not firm at the edges which means I often fall off the bed

so comfy

i bought this a month ago and so happy...best nights sleep ive had in ages. excellent price and excellent mattress

Very comfy

Had this mattress for 3 weeks & it's so comfortable. Lovely & firm for my back. Get such a good night's sleep now.

very comfortable

Didn't realize how bad my old mattress was until I bought this one and had the best nights sleep I've had in ages.


Have had this mattress for a month now and it’s very comfy get a good nights sleep would recommend this mattress

New mattress

We have had our mattress a couple of weeks and it is firm but comfy, with a good nights sleep since we've had it

Excellent value for money!

Excellent mattress. I wanted something firm but didn't feel like a piece of wood and this is the one! Love it!!


I bought this item 3weeks ago and thinking it would be really firm but there,s far to much bounce in it for me

too many buttons

could have been a bit firmer. there are too many buttons on mattress which makes it uncomfortable to lay on.

Comfy and firm

Bought this in the sale and well worth the money. So comfortable and firmish giving a great night's sleep.

Great Mattress.

Bought for my daughter she say it great, nice and firm and shes get a better night sleep than her old one

Good deal

Very comfortable - we bought this in the sale for the spare bed and have had lots of positive comments.

Mattress quality

It was for a guest room. My guests commented on their quality of sleep during a stay over the holidays

Good Mattress at great price

Bought this for my 3yr old as her first big bed. She loves it and has slept in it every night since.

Firm Mattress

Exactly what i wanted & no problem with delivery, was contacted in the morning to give delivery slot

Very comfy

Bought this mattress for my daughter, she loves it, goes to sleep Wii ply and says it is very comfy.

Great Product

I am very happy with the product. The service was excellent and the delivery team was very helpful

Amazing !

I bought it about two weeks ago and it is great and quite firm as it was described on the website.

firm mattress and provides a good night sleep

I bought this with the manhattan bedframe . Really nice firm mattress and it supports my bad back

Spare bed mattress

I bought this for my spare bed and I am really pleased with it, very comfortable and supportive .

Great night's sleep

Lovely firm mattress = good night's sleep. Good value for money. Fantastic service from Dreams.

Nice firm mattress

Had my mattress since middle of January and I love it. Sleeping well and it's very comfortable.

Good buy

I bought the matress 2 months ago and it was really good buy. Verry pleased and happy Thank you

Nice firm mattress

I bought this for my daughter's bed and i think it is an excellent firm mattress. She loves it.

Firm & Comfy

Bought this in the jan sales....very pleased...excellent quality & would certainly buy again.

My New Mattress

I have had my new mattress for about 2 weeks now. I am very satisfied with it, it's so comfy.


Comfy mattress but miss a star as the buttons do hurt your elbow or knees if you lean on one.

excellent value for money

We bought the mattress for a new single bed and we are absolutely delighted with the quality.

Great mattress

Great mattress, firm but comfortable. Good price, and excellent delivery service from Dreams.

very comfortable

Very happy with this mattress. Great value and super comfortable. Would definitely recommend.

Good value and service

Bought this in time for my son to return home from college. He has raved about it ever since.

Great mattress great service

Exactly what I needed and easy to order over the Internet. Martin and Hakim were brilliant!


Good price for an exceptionally good mattress. Best night's sleep I've had for a long time!


Now we don't wake up in the night as we used to with our old mattresses - they're heavenly!

Single divan bed

Bought this single divan bed got our daughter. Does the job. Good Mattless and very comfy.

Great Mattress

Great product and an excellent value for money. Really has enhanced our nights sleep.

Really comfortable

Fits the manufacturer's description perfectly. Looks great and is extremely comfortable.

Fantastic Mattress!

Fantastic mattress. Originally bought for a child's room but would recommend for adults.

Comfy bed

I bought this for my 12 year old son. He says it is very comfy and he sleeps well on it.

Sleep like a log

Mattress is lovely and firm, sleep is really good and delivery of product was spot on.


Bought mattress without trying.... absolutely Devine, so comfortable. Back pain - gone

Amazing value

Very comfortable and gives the kids a great night sleep and excellent value for money

So comfy!

Bought this bed and mattress 2 months ago and have had the best nights sleep in years

Way too soft!

This bed is sold as a firm mattress but it is medium at best, my back is killing me!

Great service

I ordered online and found the delivery very painless and delivery drivers friendly.

Fantastic Pocket Sprung Mattress

Fantastic quality mattress, rather firm, but very comfy. Great value for money also.

Good Mattress

Mattress was delivered 2 weeks ago and it is really good. Great service from Dreams!

New mattress Pocket Sprung

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of service we have received from Dreams

Very comfy

The matress is a good firmness and very comfortable, get a great nights sleep on it


Great value and good quality. Very good customer service and helpful delivery guys.

Henley mattress

purchased this mattress for my son, he says hes never slept as good as he does now

Super Comfortable

I am really happy with the comfort of my new mattress. Great delivery service too.

Great Bed

Everything promised in the description. Very Comfortable and a great nights rest

lovely mattress

Lovely comfortable mattress at a great price, delivered on time with no problems.

so far so good

needed a firmer mattress and this turnd out to be thwe perfect firmness I needed

Great nights sleep the best I’ve had for years.

Had the mattress for about a month now and it’s the best one I’ve had for years.

Comfy for kids

My 2 children love this mattress, find it comfortable for a good night's sleep.

So comfy

It is exactly right wish I had bought one months ago sleeping like a baby now

Firm and Comfy

Bought this for my teenage son. He says it's firm and comfy and just perfect.

A decent night slee

Happy with the product - comfortable, firm - much better night sleep since .

comfortable mattress

since buying this mattress have noticed an improvement in comfortable sleep


I bought bed and mattress last week I am very happy with my order excellent

Comfy mattress

Pleased with the mattress for the price I paid. Great quality and comfort.

Great Features

I bought this mattress a few ago and really pleased. A great nights sleep!

Very comfy

We bought this for the guest bed and we've had some pretty happy guests!!

So Confortable

Great, really comfortable mattress. Great quality. Good support. Love it.

mattress from dreams

brought for a holiday let and is great value for money no problams so far

Good firm bed without being too rigid

I took delivery of this for my new home and am more that pleased with it

Very comfy

Great purchase, very comfortable and already noticing improved sleep.

Really nice

I bought this a few weeks ago, I am happy with the price and product

Great mattress

So a lovely mattress for a great price! Would definitely recommend!

Comfortable mattress

The mattress is exactly as described and I'm very pleased with it.

Excellent mattress

I recently bought this for the first spare room and it's perfect

Not great

Very basic mattress not very comfortable or sturdy disappointed


Excellent mattress. Very comfortable and great value for money.

As described

Been using now for nearly a month and its perfect, great value.

Good quality

Comfortable and firm. Offers just the right amount of support

Henley Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Love it!! So comfortable!!! Great nights sleep!!! ??????????

Good comfort

Its been 3 weeks now and my husband has never slept better.

Best nights sleep EVER !

Never slept so well, amazing nights sleep ! Thanks Dreams !

Great features

I bought this 2 monts ago, and I'm very content. Thank you!

Nice and comfy

Bought a few weeks back and am very happy with my purchase

Very nice

Bought this recently for my bed and have no issues so far!

So comfortable

This is a fantastic mattress for people that like a firm.

Good quality - glad I made the purchase

From the first night I knew I had made the right choice.

Great to sleep on and enjoy.

Great quality for the price and I am so happy that I did


Good value, but I wouldn't say this is a firm mattress.

Comfy mattress

Fabulous value mattress and excellent delivery service

Ok just using now so it's to soon to say

Its ok only used mattress so it's to soon to say much


Very pleased with it so far,lets see how long it last

Very comfortable!

Lovely comfortable mattress ... very happy with It!!

Perfect present

Bought this as a present for my Dad and he loves it.

Great Quality

Great value, very comfortable and excellent quality

Great features and comfy

It is a really comfy matress...well worth the money

Great quality

Very comfy.. good quality... highly recommended...