Little Big Dreams Moon Chaser Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 37 customer reviews

Little Big Dreams Moon Chaser Mattress

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Code: 113-00500
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 15cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:46:07 PM
4/5 - 37 reviews


What Makes It Great

I received this mattress as a product test however this review contains my own views. We are very pleased with this mattress, although softer than our previous mattress, my daughter has slept very well. I'm unsure if the mattress has some sort of foam top to it but we were unable to feel the springs (which was a nice surprise). It also looks nice with the purple piping and grey edging.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Ideal for anyone suffering from allergies. These products are made from materials that do their best to protect you

Waterproof backed has both pros and cons. The pro is that you won't find yourself with a soiled or sodden mattress. The con though is that a mattress is meant to breath, it's part of the comfort of the product that you might find gets lost

Questions and Answers

Does this mattress have warranty if so how long

Answer: Good Evening, The Dreams warranty covers this item for 12 months. We also offer extra coverage for 8 years via purchase of our 'Bedcover Plan' which will cover a variety of accidental damage scenarios. Information on Bedcover can be found here Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you have any of these in stock in store to take away, or does it have to be delivery? Thanks

Answer: Unfortunately we do not stock any of our Little Big Dreams mattresses in store, these have to be delivered. We do stock a number of rolled, ready to use mattresses in store - our Doze and Sleep Essentials mattress ranges can be bought in store and taken away the same day. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this mattress have an off gassing smell?

Answer: This mattress is a supportive traditional spring mattress and therefore will be unlikely to have any kind of odour as there is no foam or memory foam in the filling. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can a small adult sleep on this temporarily? My mum visits once a year for a few weeks and will have to sleep on my daughter's bed. Need to make sure it's good for that.

Answer: Good morning, This mattress is designed for children however there is no age restriction. Occasional use by an adult should not be a problem. Kind Regards. Dreams

Hi the mattress has 2 different sides to it. What way up does it go?

Answer: The correct placement of the mattress is to have the grey side on the bottom and the white side on top. Kind regards, Dreams

Is this mattress suitable for bunk beds? What age is it recommended for? 

Answer: Hi Gg, Yes, all Little Big Dreams mattresses are suitable fro bunk beds. Recommended for toddlers + Kind Regards, Giedre

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 review


I bought this a few weeks ago and it has proved a hit with my 8 year old. He used to complain that his old mattress was too hard and often came through to his Mum and Dad's bed in the middle of the night because of his hard bed. He hasn't woken at all during the night since we bought the new mattress. On this basis I'd highly recommend the mattress.

Little loves it!

I bought this a month ago and it’s been fantastic. Little one transitioned from corned to full size single bed with this mattress and it is so comfy. She has slept every night the whole night with no problems. Very durable and can take a bit of a wear as she loves to jump on it to!

Perfect for my daughters bed

Purchased this around a month ago and my 4 year old has slept like a log since. It is comfy enough that I have had to stop myself falling asleep whilst reading her bedtime story. Would look to purchase again when we need to upgrade our toddler bed

Classic bed at a good price

This was a birthday present for our 4 year old. The transition from cot bed to this was simple. No problem whatsoever. It’s not too high off the ground so even if she did fall out she won’t hurt herself.

Perfect for my toddler

We have had this a couple of weeks as or youngest was moving into his big bed. Very comfortable and as he is also determined not to wear nappies anymore then great that it is fairly easy to wipe clean.


Bought for my little boy’s mid sleeper. Got it free as part of a deal so excellent value. Feels quite squashy and not supportive enough for an adult, but it’s for a 4 year old who is very happy.

Amazing bed for children

Mattress came a few weeks ago for the little ones bedroom. She says it's the most comfortable she's ever been. Used to have trouble getting her to bed now I have trouble getting her out.

So Very Comforatable

Brought this s few weeks ago for my daughter and glad I did, she loves how comfy it is and also we know with all the hypo-allergenic features it has she won't be breathing in bad stuff

Best mattress ever!!!

My 12 year old daughter has stated this is the best mattress ever! She sleeps so much better since the mattress arrived. It is a very comfortable mattress.

Very comfortable & great quality!!

I bought 2 x of these mattresses for my children's bunk beds & was very happy with the quality of the product & my children say they are very comfortable!!

Comfy and cosy

I bought this for my 7 year old daughter. Reports are the mattress is comfy and cosy and is ideal for her high sleeper. Service from Dreams excellent.

Great nights sleep

I bought this a few weeks ago for my 5 year olds bed. She sleeps well every night and in her words “it’s the most comfortable bed ever!!!”

Comfort at an affordable price

We bought this mattress for our grandchildren’s bunk beds and it has been perfect at an affordable price with Dreams mattress protector.


Purchased this for my son a few weeks ago without trying in store so was nervous but I’d perfect for a young child he is very comfy

Strong and durable

We bought 3 for our 3 children and to be honest they are a bit stiff but I guess they will wear in in time overall a good purchase

Comfortable and solid mattress

Helps my son's sleep and seems to withstand him bouncing on it! Great for protecting against little accidents.

Great mattress

My son loves it and said feels very comfortable. The bed is perfect. Not too firm and not too soft.

So comfy

My girls are having amazing sleeps on their new mattresses. They love their sleep even more now :)

Very good for a budget mattress

Bought this mattress for my daughter’s bunk bed. It’s a great fit and she sleeps very well on it.

Very comfy

Bought this a few weeks ago and my son loves it on his new bed - he's sleeping really well on it!


Bought this to go with a bunk bed and so happy with it and my son loves it as it's so soft n soft


Purchased for my daughter’s new bed and she’s so happy with it. Lots of lovely unbroken sleep.

Great matteress

I brought this matteress not only was price great but the quality is brilliant very comfy too

Lovely mattress

Great mattress, very supportive and comfortable. My son thinks it’s the comfiest bed ever!

Lovely and comfortable

This is my little ones first ‘big bed’ and he thinks it is super comfy so we’re happy!

So comfortable

Excellent quality very comfortable kids love it Id definitely buy one for myself

so comfortable

I bought this a few weeks ago for my son's bunk bed, he is really happy with it.

Lovely mattress

Really comfy Mattress for my little boy I would highly recommend for the money

Perfect for top bunk

Fits perfect on the top bunk. Looks very well made. Kids said it was comfy.

Excellent mattress. Perfect for my daughter

Mattress bought last month. Really good mattress. Excellent quality

Comfortable and affordable

Purchased for my son, and very happy. Quick delivery and super comfy!

My princess

My daugther absolutely loves her mattress, really nice and comfy

Very comfy

Brilliant product and faultless service once again from Dreams

Perfect for the job

Bought for my daughters mid-sleeper. Fits well and very comfy.

Lovely comfortable mattress

This mattress is excellent quality and really comfortable.

Comfy mattress

Bought for 6 year old daughter, very comfy for her.