Insignia Leighfield Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm Rated 4/5 based on 59 customer reviews

Insignia Leighfield Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm

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Brand: Insignia
4/5 - 59 reviews


What Makes It Great

I purchased this super king product and had it delivered on 23/11/17, after 2 days there was a significant dip on one side, after consultation an engineer came out and condemned it. Replacement delivered 13/12/17..gave it some time and over the course of approx 8 weeks, 2 significant dips appeared, giving myself back ache. Engineer out and has condemned this 2nd mattress too. Dreams have been very good in dealing with this issue, have noted that there were previous reviews, some with exactly the same problems and someone else having had to replace 2 mattresses. It appears that this particular mattress may have an inherent issue during manufacture, and possibly more in this range. Just seen the Insignia Burnham Medium Firm has a review with "dips" in mattress. I do hope that Dreams are able to resolve this issue before selling too many more, as I've had no concern over previous purchases over the years.

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

3000 pocket springs (King)

Ensure that every single part of your body is moulded to your mattress by going for one with 3000 springs, all perfectly aligned and adjusting to every movement you make

Natural cotton and wool fillings

4 Row Side Stitching for edge support

Fresche treatment

Handcrafted in the UK in our Dreams Factory

Questions and Answers

Is this mattress available in continental king size (160cm wide)?

Answer: , Unfortunately this mattress is not available in 160cm. We do offer this size in our Tempur range. We also offer Made to Measure sizes in our Flaxby, Hypnos and Sleepeezee Ranges. Please visit a local Dreams store or call our Telesales team for more information. Kind Regards. Dreams

How much is the headboard advertised with Insignia divan

Answer: Hello, This will depend on the size you are after. Here is the link below for the headboard. Many thanks for the question.

I have just had an Insignia Leighfield 3000 king mattress. How often does it need to be rotated, how often does it need to be flipped over. Does it need to be flipped and rotated at the same time?

Answer: Hello, This is a double sided mattress and will need to be rotated every 3 months. This provides a great benefit of freshening up the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Hello Can you please tell me how knay springs in a super kingsize mattress and how heavy the super kingsize would be in kg? Would the super kingsize mattress be too heavy for a wooden frame with sprung slats? Thank you.

Answer: Hi , This mattress has 3000 pocket springs inside it, and it weighs 63kg. This will happily sit on a sprung slatted base. Thank you for your question.

Hi Does this mattress need to be flipped over please ,or just rotated .

Answer: , The Leighfield mattress is double sided and therefore we recommend that it is rotated as well as turned. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi does the Leighfied have the anti roll together technology? 

Answer: Hi , As this mattress is a pocket spring, anti roll together is one of pocket springs main qualities. Thank you for your question.

Hi. How many springs are there on the double. I note that you state 3000, but that is for king size. Can't you state springs for relevant sizes of mattress, save confusion if you did.

Answer: Hello, There will be 2760 springs based on a double. Many thanks for the question.

what is the weight of the mattress we have a lift up ottaman bed that has a weight limit for teh dampers

Answer: Hello , The mattress is 50kg. Many thanks for the question.

How much does this mattress weigh in the double please?

Answer: , This mattress weighs 41kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

How thick is the Leighfield mattress please as I need to know what fitted sheets to get?

Answer: Hello , This is 27.5cm. Many thanks for the question.

What is the weight of the insignia leighfield 3000 k mattress

Answer: Hi , This is 63kg. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 review

3000 pocket sprung mattress

I came across this mattress from my own knowledge of mattresses and personal taste and comfort. Both myself and partner are over weight so a firm mattress is recommended to prevent roll together and for our own backs sake. However this mattress also came up as top of the list recommended upon using the dreams sleep match service. Which just confirmed I had selected the right mattress after all. The one that was delivered was somewhat firmer than that of the shop but it is still comfortable and I’ll be adding a gel memory foam topper anyway as this helps protect the mattress and let it last a lot longer as my last mattress which was a sleepeezee has only lasted for 7 years but that’s probably because with almost a combined weight of 40stone isn’t good for prolonged use for any mattress and it was a soft one to begin with. This is a good quality mattress and recommend for side sleepers and the overweight.


The perfect night's sleep!

I bought this mattress a month ago and it has been fantastic. I've slept well every night and I have noticed that my neck, back and hip pain has virtually gone! The process of buying the mattress was great as we were treated so well by the Luton Dreams team. Getting to have a personalised plan of what type of mattress would suit us helped take the pressure off of making the choice ourselves (as we most definitely aren't experts!). I highly recommend this mattress... a mattress is an investment... you only have one back and you spend 1/3 of your life in bed... so, it's worth all the money! Thanks again.


Causing me horrendous spinal pain

After 14 sleepless and pain filled nights on this mattress, with spinal pain getting worse each night and lasting progressively throughout the day, I contacted dreams to try for an early mattress exchange, but was told I had to wait the full 30 nights. When I complained that that was impossible, they said to try it for a further week and if I still had problems they would ask management. Be warned - this mattress is rock solid with no give and is nothing like the mattress I tried in store. I don’t recommend this mattress and currently don’t recommend Dreams either.


Great mattress!

We are sleeping on this mattress for about 3 weeks now. And I can say that it is the best mattress I've slept on so far. Exactly what we've been looking for. My husband is a fan of a very firm mattresses , when I prefer a bit softer versions, and in the shop we've compromised on this one. And it did not let us down! It is firm but very comfy at the same time. My chronic back pain improved in the last few weeks and I've started to sleep better. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a top quality firm mattress at an affordable price.


Feels like we slept on a concrete floor!

We tried this mattress in store,then ordered it online.It arrived on a Monday and by the friday after several nights without sleep we took the mattress off and put our old one back on,followed by a phone call to dreams and we now have a completely different mattress been delivered,we had another visit to dreams and tested mattresses out and this one again an ours by far is more firmer than the one in the shop.


Hard as a brick

Bought the mattress two weeks ago. Had to go to the store as the bed was nothing like the one in the store. The mattress was supposed to be firm but both me and my partner found it to rock hard. Put on a thick topper on it still didn't help. Went to another store and tried it out that mattress was no at firm at the one I bought. Since then we have not used it waiting on assessors coming out.


The worst mattress ever

Unfortunately my husband and I have purchased this mattress in May. It feels like sleeping on a piece of concrete. Totally different to the one of the same specification that was shown to us in the store. After nearly two months of sleepless nights and complaints sent to various people including Furniture Ombudsman we have finally exchanged it to a different mattress.


Firm Mattress, that IS actually firm

Nice firm mattress, with edge to edge support. No role over and role out. Make no mistake this is a firm mattress. The Only issue, being as the mattress is so firm, is perhaps the tufting does not have to be so severe? It doesn't bother me but you may want to counteract this with a mattress topper. Personally I can't stand any foam feel, so this is personal choice.


A Board

We tried this mattress in the shop & thought the firm version was fine however we are now on night 27 and find this mattress to be like sleeping on a board. There is no give whatsoever and certainly does not contour to our bodies. Great if this suits you but definitely does not suit us.


Too heavy

When we bought this mattress we were not told how heavy it was. I find if physically impossible to turn it. There was no warning about how heavy it was so eventually it will be worn down in the place, which is not good for the mattress' lifespan.


Best Night's Sleep

Best mattress I've slept on. I suffer with my back but it is much better after choosing this mattress. I don't have to wear my special belt now which is brilliant. I recommend this firm mattress to anyone with a bad back. Great night's sleep too.


Beautiful sleep

My partner brought me this mattress about six weeks ago. In have two slipped discs in my back. Since purchasing the mattress my back pains have reduced significantly and my sleep is amazing. My daughter also likes sleeping on the mattress.


Very comfortable

This is very relaxing to sleep on and me and my Wife really really love it!! I would kd have given it 5 stars if it had arrived on time when it was supposed to, which led to an official complaint whereby Dreams compensated us financially.


Top quality!

I bought this mattress with a divan base after months of poor sleep. I noticed a difference straight away. This super king mattress is massive and feels really firm. Getting it upstairs was a challenge but was well worth the effort.


Love this Mattress

Had it for a month or so. Really comfortable mattress, nice and firm just as I requested. Excellent in store advice and also their test bed machine that identifies the best product for you. This was it and the machine was correct.


Disappointing, too hard

We bought this 25 days ago... counting down to 30 days so we can exchange for a softer mattress. My husband went in store and tested a mattress, he was advised to get a firm mattress... it's too firm !I feel like a pea on a drum



Wow what a lovely mattress ! Look forward every evening going to bed. It is so comfortable. I could not have imagined what a good night sleep could actually be. Words dont really describe how good this mattress is..


Great feature

I was looking for a new mattress for a long time and I have compared so many different mattresses till finally I chose the insignia leighfield pocket sprung mattress and I’m so happy I did ,the best I have ever had


Best sleep I have had In years!!

This mattress is amazing! From the first night I slept in it I have been sleeping throughout the night! Something that was very unusual for me!! Great support and you don’t feel your partner moving about!


Fabulous mattress

I've had this very firm mattress for 3 weeks now and am very happy with it. I was concerned that some people had had problems, but my Double Bed size is fine. Buy this if you like a very firm mattress.


Supremely Comfortable

After a lot of research and great sales support, we purchased this matress as a firm but comfortable option to suit our requirements. It's very good, firm but extremely comfortable and well made.


Excellent and best mattress ever

I bought this a month ago... literally this is one of the best mattress of my life. I used to have back pain no its no longer... this mattress gice you so much comfort... it is truly unbelievable



Only had this a few weeks, but very please so far. It's much firmer than our previous mattress (which is what we wanted) so took a bit of getting used to, but we are both sleeping well.


Great support!

It's a beautifully firm mattress but needs a mattress topper as the 'dips' which are caused by the buttons could be felt through the protector and sheet. My back doesn't ache anymore!


My pregnant wife can actually sleep now!

Great mattress and super comfortable! My wife was having troubles sleeping on our memory foam mattress so decide to get something a bit firmer and it has been great for both of us!


You get what you pay for!

Owned the bed for a month now and the sleep quality and comfort is amazing. the bed is firm as advertised but really comfortable. bought with the luxury divan and really pleased


Comfy firm mattress

Have had the mattress for 4 weeks now. It's comfortable and we can see the difference from our old one as we are sleeping better. Easy to order and good delivery by dreams.


No more back ache

It’s a breath of fresh air getting up every morning and not having any back ache. It’s nice and firm and supports the spine very well, making me sleep on my back all night


Not for me

I brought this bed 3 weeks ago and it's killing my back to the point I can hardly walk. It's far to hard. So glad I did the comfort exchange as I carnt keep this bed.


Firm, VERY firm

This is much firmer than the one at the showroom, probably as its brand new and the showroom one has been there for while, hopefully softens a bit after a few months


Very comfortable

We bought this mattress about a month ago and have been very pleased with it, exactly what I was hoping for. Delivery was also very good - professional and on time.


Great quality mattress

An excellent mattress, beautifully made. We have bought the firm one and will probably buy a mattress topper just to soften it slightly but a very good purchase.


Great mattress

Purchased this after trying in the store, always a bit sceptical if the one delivered is the same as the display one but all is good great mattress well pleased


Good night sleep

A long overdue replacement to our existing mattress and wish we'd done it earlier. Firm mattress which has made an instant difference to a good night's sleep.


Great new mattress

We’ve had this mattress 2 weeks now and are very pleased! The old mattress was very old so the new one feels strange but I’m sleeping much better.


very firm as wanted

Happy with mattress, very firm which was just what we wanted. Delievered on time, and by friendly staff who carried it upstairs to bedroom.


Pocket sprung all the way!

I have slept like a baby for the past month after suffering hip and back pain from a collapsed, 2 yr old, big brand memory foam mattress.


Great comfort

Brough this mattress about 3 weeks ago and it's very comfortable. A great night's sleep so far. Although it's more than I wanted to pay.


Dreadful product

Mattress has sunk in the middle so now sleeping on a slope. Has caused much upset & severe back ache. Worse item I have ever purchased.


A firm bed that is comfortably firm

Finally having a good night's sleep, with the firmness providing support for a now diminishing back problem. This is a quality product.



I bought the 3000 pocket bed about a month ago, but started using it about 4 days ago. My wife and I have been sleeping so good.


Good product

I bought this 2 weeks ago and the sleep is wonderful. It's very comfortable and relaxing. Will recommend it to everyone



Having to get used to this as our old mattress was a little old BUT so far having a fantastic nights sleep


Excellent mattress

Have been using the mattress for over a month and it is good. Delivered as agreed by 2 helpful men.


Perfect mattress

I bought this a month ago and am so happy that I did. This is the best mattres I have bought it.


Great replacement

We had grown used to old mattress and we're worried about changing there's no worries there.



Great mattress, v comfortable and has relieved my lower back pain that I was suffering from.



I cannot say how much better both me and my husband sleep. Wish I’d done it 6 months ago.


A wonderful sleep

The mattress is as firm and comfortable as we were hoping and getting a good nights sleep


Very confortable mattress!

This mattress is very confortable! No more snoring from my husband! Very impressed!!


Really firm mattress

SLept on this for about a month. Very comfortable. Mattress is very firm and stable.



I got this mattress 2 weeks ago and really love it, it helps me with my back pain


Great product

Great product very comfortable and I notice a massive improvement in my backache


Great Features

I bought this item a month ago and I’m loving it, it’s Exactly what I wanted.


very comfortable

very convenient to buy 1 month back super recommend..


Lovely firm sleep

Brough this matteress to replace our old one love it


Mrs Annette Emery

Happy with purchase....great mattress.. so comfy:)



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