Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress - Orthopaedic

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Brand: Insignia
Code: 133-00650
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 28cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:41:15 PM
4/5 - 71 reviews
Rated 4/5 based on 71 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

I have the mattress for few months now. It is ok but not a big difference from a much cheaper one. Don't believe it will do miracles because it won't. Is just commercial,...perfect sleep...will make you pay 1000 pounds without a real benefit. Be careful, order it online not from the store. You will not get a refund if change your mind. Is very tricky. Read before you buy. If doesn't fit you will pay 20% from value....if you are late 15 minutes for picking up you will pay extra 50 pounds. If you want to exchange is not for free...50 pounds...and you have only one shoot...nice when you pay about 1000 pounds. The guarantee is only one year..fair enough for 1000 pounds mattress!! Extra warranty??? Pay another 80 pounds.... I wish I could change my mind but...not possible... so open your eyes before buy such an expensive mattress. At this price...I expect more.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Better than average amount of springs. Might be slightly firmer as a result but don't let this put you off. Firmer mattresses can still offer tons of comfort, the only difference is you get a better level of support as well. Ideal for those suffering from a bit of back or joint pain

Very firm mattresses are ideal for those suffering with back pain. The amount of pain relief that a quality very firm mattress can provide is often the primary reason for people to purchase this specific type of mattress. For those looking for comfort over pain relief, there would be an arguement to perhaps look at something close to medium firmness

Questions and Answers

How many inches thick is the NEW! Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Spring MATTRESS - Very firm

Answer: Hi , The answer is 27cm. Many thanks for your question. Shannel

Does the mattress come with a guarantee?

Answer: Hello, This comes with a one years manufacturing guarantee as standard. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, I am referring to your product code 313-02458. Do I pay only £679 for Package 1 for both the bed (with 4 drawers) and the mattress? Thank you.

Answer: Hi , That price is for a single divan set with no drawers or headboard. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Do you take old mattress away and any fees?

Answer: Hi , Yes we do take old mattresses away, and it does come with a fee. The option for old bed/mattress recycling should appear upon checkout. The prices vary depending on the size of the mattress or bed, but will be displayed upon checkout. Thank you for your question.

what is the approx weight for (Double) Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress

Answer: Thank you for submitting your question. Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress (Double) approximate weight is 36 kg. Kind Regards, Giedre

Have just purchased this mattress. Very pleased with it. Just one question. Can it be flipped as well as rotated?

Answer: Yes this mattress is able to be both rotated and turned. We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly; rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

Sorry - previously posted a question, but didn't mention the type of mattress. We have just purchased a Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress - and are pleased with it. Just one question - can it be flipped, as well as rotated?

Answer: Yes, the Insignia Bedgebury Mattress can be rotated as well as turned. We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly; rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it anti-roll?

Answer: The Bedgebury Mattress is a firm pocket spring mattress that has luxurious cotton and wool fillings that provide unrivalled support. In addition, this mattress is side stitched super superior edge support. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 review

Poor for backs

I bought this mattress 2yrs ago which was down as medium to Firm! The 1st month I wasn’t too bad but after that I have been in pain every night since. My husband cannot sleep in the bed anymore & sleeps every night on the sofa because of the pain he is in with his back. Since then I have looked up the mattress to find Dreams have now changed the description to very Firm?? That explains why I have been In pain & have to see a osteopath regularly. I’ve contacted dreams about this & they said they are entitled to change the description of their mattress. Disgusting customer service all I wanted to do was to swap to a medium to Firm mattress like I originally ordered not to sleep in what feels like a slab of concrete & not with my husband. Stay away from this if you want a good back!!!!!

Very supportive and good quality

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago as I have suffered from a bag back for some time and felt I needed something firmer. It hasn't been a miracle cure but it certainly offers greater support and I don't feel I'm sinking so much into it as I did with my old one. It seems to be of very high quality and I'm pleased with the purchase. Bought from Dreams because they give you the option to return their mattresses after trying them out. No amount of trying in the showroom can substitute for the few weeks' sleep necessary to find out if it's right for you!


I bought my bed two months ago I had no sleep for two nights the bed had a strong chemical smell I contacted dreams they said that was normal after a couple af asthma attaches we bought another bed and put our new one in another room two weeks later an inspector came out said yes that’s ok try again he said it could take a few weeks for the smell to go he was right nearly 6weeks before we could use it no more contact from dreams and I’m £200 out of pocket but finally I. Can sleep on the bed

Best sleep I've had In a while

I bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago, after trying several memory foam mattresses I have to say this is one of best mattresses I've had. It's very firm, perfect for my back. Also love the fact that you don't get disturbed by each others movements. The only one thing I'd change is that the firmness doesn't go right to the edges, so if I'm sitting at the edge of bed I feel myself sliding of slightly. But otherwise a great bed.

Good range at affordable prices

I bought this as a guest bed so that I had somewhere for my son and his wife to sleep when they visit. As this is a single bed with another folded underneath when it is not being used it does not take up so much space as a double bed or futon, allowing the room to be used for other purposes most of the time. As it can be used as 2 separate spare beds it will be ideal for when the 2 grandchildren stay overnight on their own.

Really happy

I bought this mattress as I have lower back issues, and I must admit the first night I woke feeling like I slept on a board and thought I had made a big mistake. The next night it was a much better sleep and since then I find I can get up easier and not waddle about for a few minutes. Very happy - the service in the store was great, as was the delivery team and the updates sent to my phone. All in - very happy

So firm

So happy with this mattress, best nights sleep ever. I suffer with chronic joint pain and this has helped no end due to the additional support. This is also great for a light sleeper as you cant feel the other person moving about in the night! Only negative is that I didnt realise this wouldn't not be delivered rolled up so quite bulky to manoeuvre to the desired room and too heavy for 1 person to turn.

Good but has dips

I really enjoy this bed having tried an Emma mattress that was too soft and warm at night. This has a much firmer base which I have discovered I prefer but also has made me sleep much better. The only thing that could potentially be a pain is that it has quite pronounced “divots” where the springs are. Personally, I find it comfortable and it is not a problem, but maybe others would take issue with it.

It really is very firm

We bought this bed and it was delivered just over a week ago. I have slept great every night. Hardly feel my partner move in the night, no sinking or roll together. It is very firm. I was worried it was too firm but it's great. I found some of the "firm" options in the store were actually too soft. Only down side is you need a matress topper as otherwise you can feel the pattern a bit too much.

As described

We've had this mattress for 3 weeks now and we're delighted with it, it's very good quality, it's as firm as Dreams said it was and we're very happy with it. We were a bit apprehensive about buying a pocket sprung mattress as we were going to opt for a traditional spring mattress, we are both pleased we went with this, it's very similar to a quality hotel mattress, we highly recommend.

Excellent service and quaw

From start of entering store to delivery of mattress the store staff, text information re delivery and the two delivery men dreams where excellent. Could find no faults with them. But the only problem is the beds SO COMFORTABLE WE HAVE DIFFICULTY GETTING UP IN THE MORNING. Well done to all the staff in store, manufacture ing, back room, and delivery teams. Thank you.

Great mattress

I bought this few weeks ago ant that was the best spend money from few years. Comfort what we have sleeping on that mattress got influence on all our life. We more relax and not that tiered. My wife finally stop crying on the morning that she can't uo from bed because of back pain. Now we start looking for really god quality pillows.

Good nights sleep

After spending 1 1/2 years of interrupted sleep, especially after having major surgery 6 months ago I decided I needed a firmer mattress. Since I started sleeping on the Insignia Bedgebury mattress my sleeping pattern is getting back to normal and I am not getting the aches and pains that I was getting

Quality product

We had tried this mattress out in the shop as my wife wanted a really firm mattress for her bad back. The mattress that was delivered was exactly the same as the mattress in store and you can really feel the quality. It definitely seems like it will last, although only time will tell on that score.

Good firm mattress

Mattress (Bedgebury SK) arrived last week. No issues so far. Good and firm for bad back. Helpful staff in store (Gina, New Cross Gate), answered all questions. Price dropped before delivery, raised query online and difference refunded immediately (Price Promise).

All natural materials. Looks great.

I purchased this 2 weeks ago. All natural filling. . Very comfortable from the first night. Very expensive looking and luxurious. Firm whilst still having a little give and softness. Exactly what I was looking for. Very happy. Very helpful delivery drivers.

Awful nights sleep

Was really looking forward to receiving my new mattress but only lasted 1 night on this. I sleep on my side and gave me back/shoulder ache. If you sleep on your back you may find it a bit better. I know it was firm but after sleeping on it, it felt solid!

Extremely comfortable

We purchased two single adjustable memory foam mattresses to replace our previous Dream mattresses which we had for many years. The difference was immediate, we both have arthritis and we are now having a more comfortable night and sleeping a lot better

Best Bed and Better than The Hospital Beds

Bought this bed mattress two weeks ago and I have just come out of hospital after having a broken hip operation and find this mattress very comfortable for my hip and staff at the showroom were very helpful and explained our options.

Very comfortable ( Amazing workmanship)

I Bought this mattress three weeks ago and i can confirm that my back ache is gone. Its very comfortable, it relaxes the whole body. I used to wake up tired, but now i wake up feeling relaxed and ready for the day. Many Thanks Dreams.

Very comfortable

I had this mattress delivered at the beginning of this month and it was the worse thing I did....i cannot get up in the morning! This mattress is fantastic sooo comfortable and very supportive for my back. Worth every penny

Description is accurate

We needed an orthopaedic or very firm mattress; the description of this mattress was accurate so we were able to choose easily and with confidence. The mattress is as described and exceptionally comfortable.

Great Service

didn't take long to find what we needed, Darren was very informative and listened to our specific requirements regarding delivery. There was no need to contact again to reschedule. Fab all round

kingsize orthopaedic matress

got to say I love my new mattress. the staff in the shop were so helpful and patient and polite. I wud recommend DREAMS BEDS to anyone. thank u for finally helping me to get a good nights sleep.

Very nice to stretch and sleep.

I love this firm mattress.keeps my back straight and I do not get any lower back pain in the's a very good buy for me.100% satisfaction.also very pleasant and helpful staff at Dreams.

Very comfy

I bought this a few weeks ago and have already noticed improvements in my sleep quality now I’m used to the firmness! The only downside is the new mattress smel that is taking ages to go away.

Good features and great deal

I kept looking for a very firm mattress for my parents then finally bought this a month ago. My parents like it very much which support their back strongly. Great value and fantastic features!

Lovely and firn

After 9 months of having to sleep in a half sitting up position due to a broken pelvis and spine and my old mattress being unable to support me I am finally able to lie down to sleep

Excellent customer care and product

Walked into the showroom not knowing what we wanted but a lovely man called Darren helped us. Customer service and product knowledge was brilliant and now having a good night's sleep

Great comfort.

We bought the mattress 2 weeks ago. It is classed as very firm and yes it is firm but not like a board, there is the right amount of give and so far I've slept like a baby on it!

Great mattress

Had it for two weeks now and it’s comfortable. Only issue was that it was damaged on arrival. (So too was the 2nd bed I bought) so for delivery I would not give 5*

Firm comfortable sleep

Bought this a couple of weeks ago and have had great sleep ever since. It is very firm but it is great for your back I don't wake up with aches and pains anymore

Comfort ,

purchased this a few weeks ago,nice firm comfortable, suits our needs [pensioners]second one from dreams,hence the reorder couldn't be more satisfied thank you .

Very firm mattress

Purchased this mattress about a month ago and have had great nights sleep since. I know it's not everyones choice to sleep on a firm mattress but it suits us.

Staff got our needs spot on superb choice

I brought this a month ago and have slept well since different from what I am used to but staff listened and interpreted my needs perfectly Thanks

Wonderful sleep on this comfortable mattress

I like a firm bed it feels like you are just floating on it, so good for your back, I am fast asleep in no time and hardly move all night, very happy

Great quick deluvery

I bought this 2 weeks ago after my partner said my mattress was to soft I didn’t really want a firm mattress but I have had the best nights sleep

Full support

Since purchasing the “firm” matteress my wife’s back has been fully supported allowing her to obtain a good nights sleep after many months.

Luxury sleep

I bought this mattress a month ago.since then I have been sleeping So well that i have not even had a break in my sleep. This is too good.

Great comfort!

I bought this matress a month ago and absolutely love how comfortable it is. I get the best night sleep since then. Highly recommended!

Brilliant mattress

Bit dubious buying online however the description is spot on. Firm mattress very comfortable really pleased with my purchase thankyoy

The Best Mattress

The staff at Dreams were really helpful and assisted with all my needs! The recommendation for the mattress was perfect.

Chunky mattresses

Was so pleased with this mattress when it came I thought my bed would be to high to get onto because it's so chunky.

Lovely mattress

This is a wonderful firm mattress, very supportive and no question of rolling together if sharing it. Very pleased.

Comfortable sleep

Brought this bed just over two weeks ago, and for the first time in awhile had a good night sleep. No waking up,

Marvellous mattress

Friendly helpful service, airy showroom, stress free experience made it an easy choice. No back pain any more.

Very firm is very firm :)

I love firm mattresses and this one is awesome. I got 2000 springs in king size, which makes huge difference.

Best Sleep

I fall asleep quickly, sleep so soundly and wake fully refreshed ready for the day with no aches and pains.

Lovely quality product

We have had this just over two weeks & we are both very happy with the quality sleep we are now getting

I bought this a month ago very uncomfortable

I bought this a month ago very uncomfortable would not recommend it if you suffer from back problems.

Firm double mattress

I am very pleased with my new firm mattress. The problems with my back are greatly diminished.

Beautiful Mattress

only had it two weeks but so far extremely happy. Very comfortable and having fabulous sleeps.

Good support to back issues

This bed replaced our Emma mattress and we thoroughly enjoying it. Good Support for the back

Superb mattress!

Lovely firm mattress, great value compared to others I tried and excellent delivery service!

Much too hard

Not had a comfortable night since we bought this mattress. Can't wait to change it.

Firm but comfortable

I've had this a month now so much better then the memory foam one I had before hand

fantastic sleeping

since I have been sleeping on it, I feel much more rested in the morning


The mattress is solid and will stand the test of time, good investment.

Good nights sleeping

Bought this mattress just over 3 weeks ago - wish I had done it sooner!

So Comfy

Never realized what a difference a quality bed makes to a nights sleep

Most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on

It's very good for your back and help you get a very good nights sleep


This mattress is firm. Had less back pains. Very happy with purchase.

Comfortable mattress

Bought before Xmas 2018, had for 4weeks now & delighted with comfort.

Fantastic for back posture

I bought this a few weeks ago & my sleep has improved dramatically.

Great mattress

My wife and I are sleeping much better since buying this mattress.


This mattress is very comfortable and I get a good nights sleep

So far so good!

I bought its 4 weeks ago and I am happy till now. Thank you

Very comfortable

I bought a mattress for my bed very comfortable so far.

Cheap good mattress

Mattress is good. The time for delivery was very long.

Beaumont mattress

Extremely happy with mattress purchased last month