Insignia Ashdown Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium Firm

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Brand: Insignia
Code: 133-00648
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 27cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:40:22 PM
4/5 - 82 reviews
Rated 4/5 based on 82 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

Had this for 3.5 weeks now. Was deciding between this one and the insignia bedgeberry as I wanted a very firm supportive mattress. this is certainly firm enough and I find it very comfortable. Id say the only downside is when you sit on the side of the bed i.e. Putting socks on in the morning - it sinks quite a lot. So if you only tested the bed by sitting on it you'd think it was a soft flimsy mattress. However, it's not - lying on it it's super supportive and feels pretty firm. so far so good have only slept on it by myself (king size) so can't say if noisy or bouncy with another person. Also it was up for £699 in store but the day after I bought it, the price dropped to £569 so I spoke to dreams and they promptly refunded the difference. Don't be pressured to buy coz of the "deal" there's always a deal on! It's currently up at £1399, so the price really does go up and down. Worth the buy so far 100x better than my last memory foam mattress and seems to be helping my low back issue. It does have deep pockets by the way but that doesn't bother me, some may find it annoying. I love it so far just hope it lasts and doesn't indent!

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Anything over 1500 pocket springs in a mattress is going to offer enhanced roll together protection and ensure that every part of your body is sufficiently supported. The 2800 quoted here might be a little overkill for most peoples needs but it's certainly very nice to have

Questions and Answers

How many pocket springs for a double mattress. You say 1600 for a king size but how many for a 4.6" Thank you

Answer: Hello , This will be 1368. Many thanks for the question.

Hi  I would like to order a mattress but could you plese keep it in your store for about a month. I am moving to my new house and I need you to keep it till then. Many thanks

Answer: Hi , The store do not hold stock as they are show rooms. Many thanks for your question.

Can you tell me how much a memory foam or 1000 pocket sprung mattress weighs approx

Answer: Hello, This will be 34KG. Many thanks for the question.

can my old mattress be taken away

Answer: Hello, Yes we offer a recycling service for a small fee. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hello. I understand these beds are made in Germany and shipped to you in the UK. We live in Austria, is it possible to order from you and arrange for the divan bed to be a shipped to us here in Austria? If so, what would be the cost please. Thanks

Answer: Hello, I'm sorry but our divan beds are made here in the UK. If you contact our telesales team on 0800 652 5090, they can help with arranging this for you. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi. Can anyone tell me if this mattress is double-sided? Thanks

Answer: Hi Scab222, Yes, this mattress is double sided. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

How deep is this mattress. Im interested in 5'0 king but not sure what depth of fitted sheet to buy for it. Thank you! 

Answer: Hi , This mattress is 27cm deep. We hope this helps you and thank you for your question.

Have you a base to go with the ash down double ?

Answer: Hi , Yes we do, it is the classic divan base. You can search for this in the search bar. Thank you for your question.

Is this item Latex free?

Answer: Hi, Yes this is. Thank you for your question.

How much does a Kingsized Insignia Ashdown mattress weigh please? 

Answer: Hi , This mattress is 36kg. Thank you for your question.

Are the mattress and the divan base the same colour/fabric?  It doesn’t look like it in the picture.  I would like the mattress and the base to match.

Answer: Good Morning , Thank you for submitting your question. Divan base and mattress is not the same colour/fabric, however can be matched by exploring our divan base ranges separately. Kind Regards, Giedre

Is it okay to put this mattress on a sprung divan base

Answer: Hi , It is ok to put this mattress on a sprung divan base. Kind Regards, Giedre

Does the Insignia Ashdown comply with Crib 5 regs and will it be OK for a wooden slatted bed?

Answer: This mattress does not comply with crib 5 regulations. The mattress is suitable for use with a wooden slatted base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Bought this mattress nearly a year ago and very satisfied with it. I rotate this mattress as prescribed. However, does it need to be flipped as well? I have not done so.

Answer: Yes, we recommend that this mattress is turned as regularly as it is rotated - once a week for the first 3 months after purchasing and then once a month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 review


Having been on a cheap inflatable air bed for 10 days, I was so looking forward to my new bed arriving. It’s been such a disappointment. After 1 night I had developed lower backache, and after the second I was in agony and ended up blowing the air bed back up. I’ve now bought a topper and am using that, along with an additional 2 duvets to lie on, in a bid to make it through the 30 days until I can change this one. I don’t fully understand the problem, as I have slept on some ridiculously solid mattresses before without any problem. Possibly, it’s the shape and the firmness combined, as there are quite pronounced dents in the mattress where the buttons are. I’m also not sure this mattress holds its shape properly either, as after my first couple of nights there was a clear dent where I’d been sleeping (and i’m not a big person).

Great Service

I ordered a mattress on line after putting in my sleeping position and getting a recommendation of type. I ordered the mattress and I have to say that Dreams have been excellent through the whole process. I booked my preferred delivery date and have been kept informed at every step, even down to being notified of a two hour window. On the day within the allotted time, the delivery guys contacted me to let me know they were 20 minutes away. When they arrived they checked where it was going, covered their shoes and delivered to the room of my choice. No fuss, no hassle, no stress. Great service Dreams. Having now slept on my mattress for a couple of months I am having the best sleep ever. Thanks and well done Dreams!

Does not last one year

I bought this mattress nearly a year ago. Initially, I was very pleased I was happy with it for around 8 months however it is now noticeably sagging in the middle and I cannot sleep properly as my lower back is not being supported. I am not heavy - I weight 160kg. Extremely disappointed as I was assured that I was buying a quality mattress. I am about to begin process of trying to get my money back but judging by comments online, dreams do not seem to make it easy.

Awful Mattress

This mattress is expensive and very uncomfortable. I bought it for my son who is one. I have slept on it with him several times and woken up with back ache. There are deep indentations where the buttons pull the mattress into tufts. This makes peaks and dips which are noticeable, unlike other mattresses I have slept on in my lifetime! Dreams are not being very helpful and will not refund my money. Not happy at all. Poor service. Never buying from here again

Back pain

We tried this mattress in store before purchasing it, but only after 2 weeks the middle of the mattress is sagging causing me and my partner back pain, you need to sleep a few nights to notice this. I wish I had read the reviews before buying it. Do not recommend. This is twice as expensive as my old mattress but extremely uncomfortable. Definitely not worth the money!

Fantastic all round

I bought this bed one week ago and we love it already. It finishes off our bedroom fantastically and the storage is great! The design is brilliant and it is a very sturdy bed. One thing I will say is once it is built it is very hard to move due to the weight of the bed but with a storage bed that is what you want to know it can hold plenty.

Good Night's Sleep

I recently bought a 5 ft Insignia Ashdown Pocket Sprung Mattress from Dreams. This mattress is thick, comfortable and firm and was recommended for my sleeping position. Dreams got it soooo right. I used to wake up with back ache but since purchasing my new mattress I have slept well from the very first night and no back ache.

Fantastic night sleep

From the moment I stepped into the dreams showroom in Leicester and I have been pleasantly surprised. The customer service I received and the delivery were second to none. When it comes to the bed and pillows they are exactly what I wished for. Highly recommend the Leicester branch (near stadium) and Dreams products.

Very comfortable mattress

Having suffered backache from my previous memory foam topped mattress, I was nervous about spending money on a new mattress in case it turned out to be no better. However having used the Ashdown mattress for 3 weeks now, I am very happy with it and it gives the right amount of support. No more memory foam for me!

Just awful!

My husband and I was so excited about getting this mattress but it is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept in. I have always had medium-firm but this is ridiculous! I wake all the time and my poor body is aching in places it never has done before. I have to wait 7 more days before I can send it back

New mattress

I had to change my other mattress as it was to firm so I had to have this one or forfeit my money which I think is very very bad ,so I had this one that was more money,its ok and I now have to put up with it,also its a bit lower than I'm used to, but I would say that this mattress is more on the firm than soft .

My new friend!

Only a few weeks into my relationship with this mattress, but already I can say I haven’t slept so well in a long time. It is my ideal level of firmness, and appears to be very well constructed. I will carefully follow the turning/flipping recommendations to ensure that it remains in good condition.

Fantastically firm yet comfy

I recieced the mattress almost 1 month ago and have found it to be extremely comfortable and yet firm so very supportive for my back. I had previously experienced months of interrupted sleep but not since taking delivery of this mattress. Extremely competitively priced and worth every penny.

Insignia 1600 mattress

I bought this mattress 1 month ago and upon first use I knew something want right! I could hear the springs! Assessor confirmed mattress is faulty! So disappointed! On plus side new one coming next week! Hopefully I won’t have any trouble with this one. Very disappointed!

Insignia Ashdown Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium F

Had this for nearly 2 months for myself and my 6"4 20+ stone boyfriend Has kept shape and support and really helps us both with.anh joint pains from previous mattresses Very fairly priced for the quality and quantity of springs Delivery service fantastic and friendly

Fantastic all round

We love the bed and the mattress it finished the room of nicely and we get a fantastic night sleep no more tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. The bed itself it's extremely heavy so make sure you have it in its permanent place before putting the mattress on.

poor design

took delivery 2 weeks ago to replace our 25 year old bed, first night was great but since then the mattress has sunk where we have slept leaving it like a jelly it is no different to our old one, so would not recommend. Applied for refund.

Really comfortable

I bought this mattress a month ago after having my last one for 8 years and was really worried that it was going to take ages to get used to it - not the case it was really comfortable straight away and I haven’t missed a nights sleep.


Purchased 5 months ago and now feels like we are sleeping in a valley it has sagged so much. It is causing severe discomfort, poor nights sleep and the service has been awful. Dreams give you nightmares and won't even offer a refund!

Perfectly comfortable

Throughly love our new mattress! If you are a “hot” sleeper this mattress has to be considered. Firm mattress I now hardly even notice when my boyfriend gets up for his 4am wee and th mattress doesn’t ping me out!! Haha! Great buy!


I love this mattress, right from the 1st night - perfectly comfortable! I have always enjoyed a firmer mattress but have slept on some that are rock hard. This one is the perfect combination of cosy comfort with a firm support :)

So comfortable

I've had this mattress for nearly a week and I can honestly say it is so comfortable and my back doesn't hurt anymore, I also bought the Tempur pillow and my neck feels fine now really happy with our purchase so far.

So good we bought a second one!

We bought this mattress for the bed in our spare room, and once our visitors had left decided to try it out for ourselves. We slept so well we decided to get one for our own bed. Really comfy, so pleased with it.

Great feature Soft foam

I bought this on the 7/8/18 since then l sleep like a Baby and also wake up sound,without having any pain that l usually had in the mornings.Thanks to Emmanuel for his recommendation that made me go for this foam.

New mattress. New levels of sleep

3 weeks in now and so very glad I decided to choose this mattress.. Firm but supporting. I don't get dead arms anymore from pressure points. If you like a firm mattress, get this. You will not be disappointed...

The best

Brought this as I have a double exactly the same. The best matress for comfort and best night sleep ever. I need to get another for my last bed. Even guests can't believe what a good night's sleep they have.

Great comfort!

The best bed and mattress! Very sturdy bed frame and practical due to its storage. The mattress is exceptional, very comfortable and it feels luxurious. I would buy again the same for the second bedroom.

To hot

Been sleeping on this for a couple of nights, it is far to hot, wake up in the night and I'm absolutely roasting, it's a shame because it is comfy, think I might have to change after the allocated time.

Great mattress. We love it. Great delivery guys

Bought a mattress a months ago and it’s absolutley amazing. I would like to give compliments to delivery guys that had a great job too. Overall 20/20. Thank you dreams...I hav sweet dreams every night


Very expensive and most uncomfortable. Yes, tried in store but the deep dipped areas in this mattress did not seem apparent at the time. Not slept well at all and would love to have my old one back!

Great Item

I brought this mattress two weeks ago and it's good so far. It gives me enough support for the back which kind of relief the back pain I've been suffered for a while. Would recommend to friends.

Peaceful night sleep

I absolutely love this mattress it’s just what I needed for my back I’ve got back problems due to that I’ve had sleepless nights for years. From the first night I’ve been sleeping like a baby.

Great nights sleep

Bought it a few weeks back and its a great nights sleep very comfortable and would definitely recommend to anyone. Hard enough to be a help to my back and soft enough to be very comfortable.

Firm Mattress

There is nothing wrong with this mattress, it is just a little too firm for me. There is no roll together which is good. I think it will just take a while longer for me to get used to it.

Best Mattress ever

We have been sleeping on this mattress for two months now and both love it. No roll together and lovely firm surface. It's even better than the Hypnos mattress that I loved for 20 years!

Great service, great bed!

Have had our new bed for a few weeks now and are settling in really well. The two lads who delivered it were prompt, polite and professional and just got on with the job. Very happy!

Really comfortable

We went to a dreams showroom in Chigwell - really well laid out, and gave us the opportunity to try a wide range. This was our prefered choice, and delivery was fast and efficient.


Terrible mattress. After only a couple of nights the mattress was sagging in the middle and started to cause some back pains... I wouldn't recommend this model.

No regret

I brought this product about a month after needing a new mattress for some time and I was not disappointed. Very comfortable. Good price and delivery was quick

A great purchase

We bought it a month ago as we needed a firmer mattress that didn’t need to be turned every time you changed the bedding. It’s super comfortable. We love it.

Very comfortable

THis is the second one of thes matresses i have bought, they are very comfortable and the delivery service is excellent and puntual to the specified slot.

Great comfortable sleep

This was delivered about a week ago and the comfort is fantastic. the service delivered by the sales team & the delivery drivers was excellent.

Comfty mattress!

Bought this mattress for my new bed and I wasn't so sure whether it was the right one. So glad I spent that little extra as it's really comfty.

Exactly what we were looking for

It’s been a month since I bought this and very happy with the mattress. Both me and wife like hard mattresses and this fits the bill perfectly.

Like sleeping on air

We had not had a new mattress for a very long time, and our Dreams Mattress is so comfortable and it is like sleeping on air, it is wonderful.

Very comfy

Bought last month , recently had major surgery and needed a better quality matttess this one was good value and is good extremely comfy


If you need a firm mattress for better support, this is exactly what you will get with comfort. Enjoying better nights from day 1.

King size mattress

My wife & I brought this mattress a month ago.we went for 1600 pockets,.Insignia Ashdown.well worth the money,comfortable & firm.

Super Comfortable

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I find this mattress really comfortable and helps me sleep smoothly. Highly recommend it.

I am now having a best night sleep

I got this mattress a couple of days ago and it's wonderful and the service I got was first class from the Lowestoft showrooms

A great night's sleep (and cheaper than a divorce)

This was a queen size bed and mattress. it allows us to sleep together but separately, which was always the aim of buying it

Extremely firm, definitely not medium-firm

I feel a bit mis-sold here. I like a firm mattress but this is solid. Had to buy a topper to soften it a bit for my hips!

Great mattress

Can't believe even the first night I found a big difference as more nights I sleep on it I feel more better many thanks

Insignia Ashdown

Very pleased with our new mattress. We are sleeping so much better. One slight problem being that it is very warm.

Great features

I brought this a while ago and it is very comfortable, I have had the best nights sleep since getting this mattress

Superb mattress!

I got my mattress about 3 weeks ago and have never had a better night's sleep, I look forward to going to bed now.


Nice and comfortable, seems like good quality and can tell the difference of upgrading to large number of springs


I bought this mattress just over three weeks ago, I feel so soft when i sleep on it especially my back side.

Exactly the right firmness

Got this a few weeks ago. Excellent quality, no complaints at all. Sleeping really well on the new mattress

A very good choice

I bought this mattress a month ago and have been sleeping really deeply every night ever since

Shhh... Sleeping

I cannot elaborate on the excellence of the above mattress as I am too busy sleeping on it.

Good night’s sleep

After 7 days on this mattress we’ve no complaints, had great nights sleep. Great quality.


I've had a bad back for a year now - already in such a short time my back is much better!

Quality service and very happy with the purchase.

We purchased a new mattress without trying it and was very happy the quality and comfort.

Fantastic service all round

Bought a mattress two weeks ago from Dreams and would totally recommend on e wry level.,

Love it

Such a comfy bed great support particularly after my back surgery. Great feel and shape.

Very comfortable

Helpful staff, simple online buying system, very comfortable matress at a great saving!

Sooo cumpfy

We bought this mattress a month ago half price in store really cumpfy can’t fault it

Comfy and as expected

Delivered on time on the day expected. Comfy and not had a bad nights sleep so far.

Get this mattress if you want to sleep well!

It's by far the best mattress I have slept on. So comfortable and super value.

Back pain

This mattress is still causing me back pain, and I'm past the comfort date

Very comfortable

I would recommend using Dreams when choosing a mattress. Very comfortable.

So comfortable!

Very happy with the firmness and having a much better nights sleep.

Comfy nights sleep

10 days in and we are sleeping like a dream each night, thank you


lovely comftable mattress providing me with a great nights sleep


This mattress is amazing best nights sleep I’ve had in years .


We are Happy with our purchases and the service we received

ashdown mattress is so comfortable

I bought this three weeks ago and am very pleased with it

Very comfortable

Bought the mattress a month ago and very happy with it

Perfect mattress

Just the perfect mattress to meet our growing family.

Comfy for my back so happy

It’s been amazing thank you for your recommendation