iGel Pegasus Mattress Gold Rated 5/5 based on 29 customer reviews
iGel Pegasus Mattress Gold

iGel Pegasus Mattress Gold

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iGel Pegasus Mattress Gold Review

The iGel Pegasus Gold was one of the most desirable mattresses in the Bensons for Beds lineup for a number of years. In recent months, the Pegasus has been discontinued in line with a refresh to the entire mattress collection within the iGel segment. Since then however, there has been the introduction of a new mattress, the iGel Advance 2000, a fantastic alternative to the Pegasus that features much of the same fantastic build quality and suitability.


What Makes The iGel Pegasus Mattress Gold Great?

Mattress height: 27cm

27cm is quite deep for a mattress and comes with enough depth to feature many good quality components and comfort layers necessary to get a good nights sleep

Easy care non-turn mattress, rotate occasionally

Non turn mattresses basically mean that the mattress is one sided, this means that the fillings and topper are only on one side so make sure when you first receive the mattress that you put the comfortable side on top otherwise you will have a very uncomfortable sleep. Take note however, a non-turn mattress should still be rotated frequently to prevent the common dip that you may otherwise get from sleeping in the same position over time.

Handles on all sides to aid rotation

Rotating a mattress can actually be a bit of a pain without help and support. That's why we've included some handy-handles to make the job a little easier. Mattresses average around 35-40kg, without handles you sort of have to do that weird third-arm with your head thing that is both unflattering and fairly useless. Trust us, get handles.

2000 pocket springs encased in foam for premium support

Typically, the more springs the better. The average mattress has around 1000 springs and so anything more than that is considered good. The firmness/tension of a mattress is also not dictated by the amount of springs and so you do not need to worry about the firmness being unsuitable when it comes to spring count. Simply the more springs, the better the mattress can contour to your body. 2000 springs is considered great.

AdvantEdge™ - provides premium edge support

Surrounding the mattress is what has been aptly dubbed the AdvantEdge™ foam. This works along side the mattresses springs to offer far better edge to edge support over traditional mattresses with standard rod edge support. The main benefit of this product means that roll-together is prevented alongside roll-off providing an even and measured experience no matter which point of the mattress you are sleeping on.

Vivatex™ safe, soft and greener fillings & fabric

Vivatex™ is used in this mattresses fillings and fabrics and provides a safe hypoallergenic sleep that will be both soft and comfortable while reducing the chance of any additional allergies.

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic

This means that the mattress will be unlikely to cause irritation or allergies when in use due to the materials used in the make-up of the mattress.

iGel™ temperature-regulating mattress with Graphene technology

iGel is a fairly new material for use in mattresses, surpassing memory foam in temperature regulation while providing many of the same qualities that make it a great choice for those looking for a premium comfort layer.Gels temperature regulating properties are not the only stand out feature, the popular comfort layer also has great temperature regulation and is naturally hypoallergenic.

Firmness rating: Firm

When we fall asleep, our muscles relax and what that does is it allows our body to decompress. But when we're sleeping on a too soft mattress, the muscles don't have enough support and they're not getting the proper relaxation.The benefits of a firm mattress are that you're going to sleep more soundly,  your back pain is going to be relieved and you're going to have less muscle aches and pains.

Free full 10-year guarantee

The average mattress lifespan is 7 years. The average guarantee is normally 1 year. These 2 numbers often do not get close to each other, however, this mattress comes with an amazing 10 year guarantee that should last the entire lifetime of the mattress protecting you from any problems that would crop up in that period.

Exclusive for Bensons for Beds

This is part of a wider range of mattresses made exclusively for Bensons for Beds meaning that you are not going to be able to find them elsewhere at present. We do have a partnership with Bensons for Beds that may see unique offers from time to time that may be exclusive to us.

iGel™ Graphene technology provides 7 times better heat transfer

iGel is a fairly new material for use in mattresses, surpassing memory foam in temperature regulation while providing many of the same qualities that make it a great choice for those looking for a premium comfort layer.Gels temperature regulating properties are not the only stand out feature, the popular comfort layer also has great temperature regulation and is naturally hypoallergenic.

FreshNow™ moisture wicking for an all-night fresher feel

FreshNow™ is a series of new covers that feature moisture wicking technology that are available in a wide array of different styles and colours.

Contains second life textiles and 100% recycled PET

Recycling is at the forefront of this mattress and the textiles employed in the comfort layer and cover of the product, as such the materials used include those that have already had a previously life as another product. Common examples include water bottles and clothing that are repurposed and reworked to become something new that is both soft and durable.

Overall greener, safer, chemical free formula

Attention to detail has been at the forefront of many light facelifts within the mattress industry to date, and one of these comes in the form of new, green initiatives whereby the manufacturer has been able to create the same sleep experience in a safer and more chemical free manner, giving the consumer a greener mattress as a result.

5cm of iGel™ Advance beaded gel for pressure relief, helping relieve aches and pains

iGel is a fairly new material for use in mattresses, surpassing memory foam in temperature regulation while providing many of the same qualities that make it a great choice for those looking for a premium comfort layer

Euro Quilted top with attractive pattern design in 6 colourways

Customer Reviews For The iGel Pegasus Mattress Gold

Based on 29 reviews

"We had a memory foam mattress that needed replacing a so we decided on this igel mattress as it claimed to disperse the heat more effectively, we had to wait for 4 weeks for it to be delivered but having tried it for 2 nights this mattress is significantly cooler than our previous memory foam mattress, it is a firmer rating which I will have to adjust to, but it is fine. I suffer from severe pain and insomnia so I was rather concerned about trying a new mattes but I did manage a little more sleep than normal over the last couple of nights, so I am hopeful! The chemical smell was strong for the first night, but by the second night it had faded. The one thing we didn't realise was how much deeper this mattress is compared to our old one, so we will have to buy new sheets and I struggled to get into bed as I am small!, so on the whole we are pleased with our purchase, just wish I could have afforded the matching bed frame to go with the mattress. Spending a lot of money on a mattress is a consideration for us all but we spend a lot of time sleeping (if we are lucky) so it is money well spent."


"We tried this mattress in the shop and it felt extremely comfortable. We were also taken by the idea of a mattress which regulates body temperature (thinking about the summer months). Having now had the mattress four days my advice is "don't be taken in by the sales pitch". Every night we have struggled with overheating which has never been an issue before. Both myself and my husband ache all over, and we are exhausted having struggled to sleep on such an uncomfortable bed. We have therefore decided to send the mattress back. However be warned as when I called to arrange for the mattress to be returned Bensons told me they deduct 10% of the mattress value if we choose a new mattress through them (and no refund of difference if the mattress is cheaper than the original) or 20% if we request a refund. All in all a terrible shopping experience with Bensons and we shan't be using them again."


"I was initially sceptical after reading the reviews. I had already bought the mattress and was dreading delivery. But i can honestly say the mattress is AMAZING. My previous mattress was awful and giving me terrible back pain. This mattress is so supportive and i have not had any pain for over a week. I was previously waking from every move of my partner. Not anymore. We both get a great night's sleep every night. We didn't take any time to get used to it. Perfect from the first sleep. I have not noticed any smell associated with the mattress as others have mentioned. Only suggestion is to add handles to the side as it is very difficult to move, even with 2 people it's extremely heavy. Worth every penny. Thanks"


"We're rather disappointed in this expensive mattress. Our immediate impression was comfort, with the gel layer on top, but we dislike the way we sink into this mattress. We question the quality of the springs underneath the gel as the ROLL-TOGETHER factor is AWFUL. We always seem to end up in a hot sweaty dip in the centre of the bed and it's a real effort to get up and out! Maybe we should have gone for the more expensive version but that might have been an even bigger waste of money. Such a disappointment when we thought we were treating ourselves. I wish we'd stuck with an ordinary quality pocket sprung mattress with no roll-together and a lot more support."


"I have had this mattress for a few weeks now. It helped alot with my back pain however, it seems to form a deep on each side of the mattress, where we sleep, and the middle of the mattress remains higher. This gives me the sensation of rolling out of bed, even if we have purchased a king size. Other than that it's quite comfortable; the top layer is softer whilst the rest is firm, thus allowing less movement of the mattress when one of us shifts. Please keep in mind that this mattress is quite thick. Having it on my bed frame, which is quite tall as well, makes me have to 'climb' in bed. I will have to buy new taller bedside tables to be able to reach them."


"My old mattress was killing my back. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy a new mattress. After testing out many in the shop I plumped for this one. Not cheap and had to endure 5 weeks on my old one waiting for it to arrive, but I am not disappointed. It's soooo comfy. I feel very high up on it, and can't say I notice it keeping me any cooler, but I don't care coz it's just perfect to sleep on. My back is as good as new again. A considered purchase but glad I took the plunge. Not sure how easy it will be to rotate when the time comes coz it's very heavy, but i'll worry about that when the time comes. Very happy :) "


"We have had this bed for a month now. We bought it without reading these reviews and we were dreading the bed being delivered but took comfort from the 40 day return offer. Well we must say that we are very, very happy. It took about three nights to get used to it but now we are really pleased. We are neither too hot or too cold which makes us think that the temperature control works well for us. We have different back troubles but both have not had any problems since. As each bed is made to order all I can say is maybe we were lucky with the manufacture of our bed. I really can't understand the bad reviews. "


"The service from bensons was great, no hard sell and they found us a display Pegasus mattress and gave us a competitive price. After reading the reviews I was worried but wanted to leave a review to reassure other buyers. This is a really comfy and supportive mattress, the igel did just what I wanted, supported my back and stopped a sore shoulder and hip. We chose the 4 to provide extra support. I have not felt too hot or too cold on this mattress and feel really rested after a good nights sleep. There has been absolutely no smell from the mattress either, I highly recommend this mattress. "


"We bought this mattress in September 2018. At the beginning we were not sure whether this is the best option for us. After a year we think that we made the best decision we could. Mattress is firm, comfortable and not too hot. I haven’t noticed any deformation. Is really hard to find better mattress. To be completely honest I have to admit that iGel is really heavy. This was a problem when we decided to move out but it’s weight is not a problem for every day as mattress has to be rotated only. "


"Had the mattress 3 days and it's the worst thing I've ever bought. The gel smells so bad even after a full day uncovered with all windows open...clothes, bedding etc all smell of this disgusting gel chemical. It also regulated temperature...yes, if you are use to sleeping in a furnace....it heats up and stays there...boiling hot and most uncomfortable. A real bad choice. Benson's were superb in 'post purchase' problem solving. now on something much better"


"One night on this and I am a walking zombie and my husband has had 1 hours sleep. We were both sweating like pigs in sandwich bags and extremely uncomfortable. This was supposed to solve our back problems and we are both stiff and achey. The igel concept was supposed to prevent the temperature issue. It is an absolute joke. A complete waste of money. I wish we had read the reviews before being conned by this in the store. "


"I was disappointed with this mattress. The firmness is fine, but that's about it. The top of the mattress is domed shaped which seems weird. Also, I didn't find the so called "body temperature regulation" worked at all. We decided to swop this mattress for the same priced Slumberland one. At least it's a decent shape and it has handles! The I-gel one hasn't even got handles which makes it awkward to move."


"I bought this bed 2 months ago as the bed we had originally was far to warm my husband and I were waking up in sweats. So we decided to buy the igel bed as this was "suppose" to work with your temperature? "NOT TRUE" please don't be fooled by what the sales people say in the shop. I spend a lot of money on Egyptian cotton bed linen to stop the bed been hot! Don't buy such a waste of money!"


"having suffered with a bad shoulder due to car accident I needed a better mattress. this is the best thing I could have brought. it doesn't get hot at all. its very comfortable. but bear in mind it will take some getting used to as would any mattress. theyre all hard when they come new as its not compressed. takes a few weeks but I feel so refreshed in the mornings now! would recommend this to anyone!!"


"We bought this in the sale last August in Northwich. Store manager had one of these and explained the benefits. We love the comfort level and are not too hot when we sleep which used to be a problem with our old foam mattress. Only downside is it’s quite heavy. But overall 5 stars and would recommend."


"This mattress is amazing, I've never slept as well. I was waking up several times during the night feeling hot and very uncomfortable. Not anymore!! My husband and I love this mattress, it's like getting into a bed in expensive hotels. We love it and would highly recommend."


"BOUGHT THIS AND ITS FANTASTIC read the reviews above and they are not my bed, the mattress feels so comfy, have never slept so well now had it for 4 month reviews on the mat are only bad on this page. people need to remember the company sell thousands of these a week "




"Just fabulous - originally purchased a pillow top bed and swapped for this due to being anything but cloud like!!! I wanted this one originally and I am glad I had the chance to correct my mistake - good service from Tim at Bensons in the stockport store. "


"superb comfort, took a few nights to get used to our new mattress and for it to soften as we were advised in the shop. Really notice the cooler nature of the gel in the bed versus our furnace of an old mattress. great service, great bed. "


"Iv had it now for 3 months and its the best memory foam iv ever had. A lot cooler than the cheap memory foams iv had before. its very supportive as well as being nice and soft on the top. The best mattress iv ever slept on."


"Excellent service, outstanding quality. Took my partner a week settle into the new mattress. As cool, if not cooler than our previous latex mattress. Would recommend to all my family and friends."


"Great mattress would have given 5 stars but the lack of handle straps for moving the mattress around is an oversight, as the mattress is quite heavy and has to be turned head to toe once a week "


"I absolutely love the temperature regulation on this bed and so does my wife so cannot understand the last review unless that was faulty and of course you need to spend time with it"


"Purchased this mattress 10 months ago and am really pleased, so comfortable and does adapt to the temperature of your body so not too hot as i feared.Excellent mattress!"


"Excellent comfort level - just like it was in store. Delivery was very quick after I ordered it. But having handles on the mattress would help when we need to move it."


"I had a Pegasus in my main room and bought another for the spare room for when my parents come to stay. It's a great mattress and very comfortable."


"matress is very comfy but dissapointed no handles on side for moving or turning it as it is really heavy and awkward to move"


"We are very happy with the mattress and pillows. I does keep you cooler and is very comfortable. "

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