Grayson Combination Pillow Top Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 862 customer reviews
Grayson Combination Pillow Top Mattress

Grayson Combination Pillow Top Mattress

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Grayson Combination Pillow Top Mattress Review

The Grayson Pocket Spring Mattress is a new model in the range from Dreams, replacing the ever popular and much loved Haskell Pocket Spring Mattress. This mattress is upgraded from the Haskell with similar spring counts and tension but with more memory foam as a top layer with a view to provide you with a more comfortable mattress at a very competitive price.

With 561 pocket springs, the Grayson mattress won’t win any awards for sheer quantity of springs. However, quantity is not everything. By having pocket springs in this mattress over cheaper traditional open coil units, the Greyson ends up being a far better alternative at a similar price to poorer quality open coil mattresses that usually prop up the budget mattress market.

With a deep layer of pressure relieving memory foam that contours to the body and moulds to fit, the mattress is ticking another box for comfort. By combining memory foam with pocket springs at such a low price point this mattress really is one of the better budget mattresses you can buy.

Reviews for the mattress are really quite impressive with an impressive 1000+ reviews and an inspiring 91% consumer satisfaction. The feedback from many appears to be good with many commenting on the great nights sleep they are now getting with people taking about the great quality and good value afforded them through the Grayson mattress. Some people have reported problems over the last year relating to quality control through the Covid era, but the good news is that this largely looks to have been rectified in recent months where these issues have been ironed out. The end result is a good quality pocket sprung mattress at a more than reasonable price point.


What Makes The Grayson Combination Pillow Top Mattress Great?

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

1000 pocket springs (King)

1000 Pocket Springs is considered a fair amount of support for a premium product, any less than this and you start to that find areas of your body are not getting the same amount of support as those with a higher spring count would achieve

Memory Foam layer

Something for the memory foam lovers. Who doesn't love a bit of sinky-floaty and supportive material designed to rebound again and again. Definitely the optimal for comfort in any mattress

Quilted finish with soft-touch knitted fabric

Easy to clean and maintain, this sort of fabric and finish is fairly common on mattresses and won't cause any issues down the line

Sumptuous pillow top

With a pillow top, this mattress effectively comes with it's own built-in protector. That's all a pillow top really is, an additional top layer of comfort which makes all the difference when it comes to getting that good nights sleep. We quite like pillow tops, they have their place in the industry. 

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Customer Reviews For The Grayson Combination Pillow Top Mattress

Based on 862 review

I’d forgotten what a real mattress feels like...

When we moved house three years ago, we decided to upgrade our bed to a king. ‘Let’s splash out on a fancy mattress’ we said, so we went and ordered one of those online king size foam mattresses. Came straight away and felt like literal concrete. Three years on and perhaps we’d become accustomed to sleeping on a plank of wood. My wife woke every day with back pain and I never had a solid night’s sleep. We decided it was probably time to upgrade the upgrade! Off to Dreams then. As soon as I laid down on the Grayson Pocket Spring mattress, with its soft, forgiving springs and cloud-like foam topper, I realised what a real mattress could feel like. What we had been missing out on all these years. You can’t put a value on that level of comfort! Now it’s in my home and I’m sleeping better and my wife’s back pain is all but gone. So all in all, it’s the best thing I’ve bought this year.


Comfortable sleep!

I bought this two weeks ago to replace a mattress that was going on for fifteen years old. This was on offer at the time and felt very nice in store. Initially my wife, who is much shorter than me, was concerned about how very deep this mattress is as she felt she might need a step to get into bed! For the first ten nights or so we both were not sleeping too well on the new mattress, and we were considering making use of the thirty night guarantee, but we put this down to having been so used to our old one that it needed to time to adjust. Since then the mattress seems to have got progressively more comfortable and we are now (three weeks in) both sleeping very well with none of the discomfort and hip pain we were getting with the old one. To summarise, I would say this is a great product, at a fantstic price but give yourself time to adjust to how very comfortable this mattress is.


Amazing sleep!

We tried this in the shop, and tried the little test to give you ideas of what mattress you need. This didn't come up as one, but combination mattress did so we went for this! We only had it for a few days as it had a few rips in the base and corners, so we are waiting for a replacement. We did have the best sleep on it though in the week we had it! I love that it is really thick. You'll need extra deep fitted sheets. It's a little firmer than in the shop, but that's understandable. I did feel like it dipped after I spent a long time in bed (I work nights so I tend to lie in bed longer), but I sort of pushed it back into shape, like plumping the pillows. No back ache, no neck ache, just a well needed SOLID sleep that both me and my partner have needed for a long time after having a horrible springy mattress that digs in!


Very comfortable

We were greeted by a friendly member of staff by the name of Ian on arrival with the necessary hand sanitisers and masks if needed. We explained what we were looking for and Ian walked us over to the Sleepmatch bed which, when laid on, takes a recording of how you lay and what mattress would be most comfortable for us. It stated that we needed a medium to firm mattress. Ian then showed us the types of mattress which would suit us asking initially what our budget was. We agreed as a couple that the Grayson Pocket Sprung Mattress suited us best. We therefore purchased this along with a mattress protector. The mattress and protector arrived within two weeks and we have had a great night sleep ever since. Thanks Dreams!


Absolutely Love this Mattress!

We bought this to replace our 18 month old, worst purchase we ever made, Simba mattress. For a long time prior to purchasing the Simba and certainly whilst sleeping on the Simba I was waking up with a very achey lower back and hips, and there was just no getting away from it. We took delivery of our Grayson at the end of December and at first I worried that it was a little too soft and wouldn’t do much for my hip pain, and for about a week it didn’t. Fast forward to the end of January and not only am I sleeping perfectly (my partner is too) but my aches and pains have all but disappeared. The bed definitely isn’t too soft and I am honestly sleeping better than I have in years. So happy with this buy!


Excellent service from store to delivery.

From the moment we, myself and my girlfriend, entered the Batley store we were provided a top class service. This included the use of the machine that helped choose our “perfect mattress”; and I have to say, it chose our perfect mattress! When it came to delivery, the communication was top notch once again with our delivery date and time, with regular updates. The men who delivered the mattress were incredibly helpful, and even took extra care with their footing inside the house (new property and raining outside). The mattress is perfect and we’ve never slept better.


Best sleep ever

I needed a mattress for a while but put off buying it because I was indecisive! But being at joke for the past couple of months i needed a very comfortable sleep and my new mattress oh it does this! I had the most comfortable rest in years! It’s so snuggly! I stayed in my bed for a while two days because it felt so so good! I absolutely love my bed! The bed is very comfortable and helps me to rest! It’s not too soft and not too firm just right! I look forward to well resented night!! A bed that would would wash all my weary day away!! Thanks dreams! Best bed ever!


Grayson Pocketsprung Mattress

I purchased this mattress from my local store about 3 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with it. It is incredibly comfortable and boasts excellent support. The mattress conforms well to my body, allowing for an uninterrupted, comfortable sleep. The mattress is firm enough that you don't sink in but soft enough to allow for side sleeping without putting pressure on your hips and shoulders. This mattress is a lot cheaper than the more reconigsed names but you should not give this a pass. Combine this with a memory foam pillow and it's lights out!


Comfortable, but too hot

I bought this about a month ago. It was really comfortable. Soft, but still providing good support for my body. Unfortunately, i discovered, that the gel layer works like an insulation. Basically, it did not let my body heat through, so i'd wake up in the middle of the night due to overheating. I'm a person who is usually warm anyway, so maybe if other people won't have this problem. I have since replaced the matters with a different one, sans the gel. So, if you're a person who's always a bit chilly, i would certainly recommend this model.


Sweet Dreams!

We bought this mattress about three weeks ago and it's definitely been money well spent. The combination of the medium-firm memory foam against our aging joints with the heavyweight pocket sprung section underneath makes for a comfortable but sturdy feel. We have a low bed frame and were too close to the floor with the old mattress. This mattress is really thick so has raised our sleeping position which is in an unexpected bonus. Also, no movement on my husband's side when I fidget! Overall, a fabulous design for a peaceful sleep.


Waking up feeling better and at good value.

My wife and I are both side-sleepers and we bought this as a replacement to a memory foam mattress. I needed a mattress which was medium, and my wife needed a soft mattress. I'm 6'3, a light sleeper and used to wake up quite achy, and sometimes with a bad back as I've turned and rested awkwardly. I'm waking up much fresher and without any aches or pains with this mattress, feeling well supported. Pretty sure I've had deeper sleeps as well. We didn't want to budget for an expensive mattress so this really hit the spot.


So comfortable it s like sleeping on a cloud

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago. It was delivered precisely when stated and I have to say, it's the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. The only downside to it is that it does tend to make one rather warm so I wonder how we will be in the warmer months but honestly I would absolutely recommend this mattress! Additionally the sales lady who helped us with this purchase was nothing short of excellent. She was so helpful in finding the right mattress for us and I would easily go back if ever needed.


Comfortable, and a great night's sleep!

We had such a good experience trying out mattress' in the Botley, Oxford store, being shown all the different types and styles. We ordered this one in the end, a medium double, with an extra attached topper! This makes for an extra comfy sleep! We are both side sleepers, and we have no issues and it's so comfortable, and cannot feel any springs and it makes no noises when rolling over! I would recommend this to anyone, or at least give this a go! Delivery was quick and simple, and even got this in the sale! Thanks


Really Comfortable

Really comfortable mattress. It's deep but not so heavy that I cant rotate it on my own. The build quality so far looks excellent. You do get an indentation in the top pillow top layer after a few nights but when I rotated the mattress this disappeared after a day or two and it does not affect the main body of the mattress or the comfort. It is quite deep so my old fitted sheets would not fit properly but as I had read the mattress information properly I knew this and purchased some new ones which would fit.


Massive step up from our previous mattress

After 18 months of sleeping on whatever mattress our landlord provided us with, we were excited to be able to buy our own mattress and have a good night sleep. After spending a couple of hours in the Dreams store in New Cross we picked the Grayson. Since it has arrived, we have slept beautifully. The better sleep even shows up on the stats on my smart watch. The memory foam on top makes the mattress very comfortable, without being so thick that you fully sink into it and overheat. Very pleased with this.


So Comfortable

Having had our last mattress for more years than I care to remember, and having suffered a shoulder injury, I was very hesitant about buying a new mattress. I needn't have worried, the manager was so professional and extremely helpful and after using the "test bed" recommended several mattresses to us. I was still worried about my shoulder but after the first nights sleep, those fears quickly subsided. I had the best nights sleep I have had in ages. I can thoroughly recommend this mattress


Better than when we first got it. Still 'bedding i

I had this delivered around 3 weeks ago. The first couple of nights the mattress was rock solid. Obviously this is due to the mattress being new. We are sleeping better now and it is better than our old mattress, however we will need a little longer befire the mattress is softer and we can give a better feedback. Other than than that the staff in store were brilliant and using the instore machine was a good thing to help us cheose our mattress. The delivery team were also really good.


Nice, comfy mattress

We purchased this mattress to replace a cheap memory foam one we had for years. We tried this one out in store but beware that when it arrives it feels much firmer. Don’t let this put you off, now that we have had it a few weeks it has settled nicely and is so comfy. The only negative I have about this is that the dimensions, specifically height, online don’t include the additional height of the mattress topper so be mindful of that when purchasing sheets to fit this mattress.



Brilliant product. The whole experience from testing mattresses in store to delivery was excellent. I especially would like to mention the 2 delivery drivers that came from Halifax all the way up to Helemsly - they couldn’t help enough. They were polite, professional and extremely respectful when moving old mattress and replacing new. The staff at Clifton Moor were also very professional. All COVID requirements were in place and they made the whole experience very easy. Thank you


Very comfortable and supportive

After 12 years on the same mattress me and my fiance decided it was high time to get a replacement. This mattress has not disappointed. Honestly, the first two nights we were sore when we woke up but we assume this was our bodies adjusting to a firmer mattress. Since then we have been sleeping REALLY well. My fiance has also suffered from a slipped disc in her neck and she says she feels much better upon waking up compared to our old mattress. We highly recommend this mattress.


Ending sleepless nights

We took delivery of our new mattress just after being on holiday to Devon , the cottage we stayed in was beautiful and the beds were extremely comfortable , my wife and I said to each other , if our new mattress is half as good as the one on holiday we would be happy , but since we took delivery it’s like we’re on holiday all the time extremely comfortable and snuggle ( that’s the wife’s words not mine ) we have a good nights sleep every night , we’ll worth the money thank you


Really love this mattress.

After waking with a regularly bad back I decided to get fitted for a mattress, this among several others was recommended for me, and after trying several in store I decided on this one and was very happy with the price. I couldn't be happier as I have had a very good night's sleep every night since its been delivered, its firm enough to support but also allows me to lay on my side without getting uncomfortable shoulders, and ive not had a bad back since, well worth the money.


Good product

We bought this mattress some 5 weeks ago and it has proved to be a very good product. It has definitely improved our comfort and posture and has met all our requirements. We were impressed with the expert assistance and advice given to us at the store and also the efficient, prompt and safe delivery. We also took advantage of the mattress disposal service. The delivery and removal took under 5 minutes. Very impressed with our Dreams product and customer service.


Great mattress

I ordered this after using the electronic scanner in-store. It was one of the cheapest options offered but having tried out all the mattresses on the list, it was also the most comfortable. The delivery was well signposted and the drivers were helpful, friendly, and conscientious. The mattress has held up well over the last month but that’s not a long trial. It seems to have excellent build quality though, and I’m sleeping much better on it.


So Comfy! Best night sleep in years!

I brought this matress a couple of weeks ago. The first night sleeping in it was the best sleep I've had in years. I suffer from back pain and this matress has really helped it not get in the way of my day to day. The only reason it's not a 5/5 right now is that you are instructed to turn the head/tail of the matress once a week for 6 weeks and when I did I felt like the flip was making it uncomfortable for a bit. Amazing otherwise


Really comfortable

Bought this a month ago and it arrived within 2 weeks - really quick! The mattress is really comfortable, soft but not sinking in, and the slight layer of memory foam is flexible enough that it doesn't create awkward dunk ins from sleeping in certain positions. My only issue with it is that I can still smell the new mattress even having aired it several times over the past 2 weeks, though it's going away now. So far, so good¬!


Night shift workers live changing mattress

I work night shifts in a busy factory and used to struggle sleeping during the day because of pressure points on my back from my old mattress. I visited the dreams store in Carlisle where the staff were very friendly and helpful and helped me chose my new mattress and wow, what a difference! It was well priced and so comfortable, my sleep quality has greatly improved and I feel more alert and fresh. Thank you dreams.


Really Comfortable & Cool

I bought this mattress a few months ago and so far it’s been the best mattress I have owned. I have tried and tested a lot more expensive mattresses that don’t offer as good night sleep as this one does. It breathes really well to keep an even body temperature through the night. Also as my partner often tosses and turns through the night I don’t feel a thing on my side. All round fantastic mattress and I highly recommend!


Wow!!! what a great buy

We bought this mattress for our daughter as her old mattress had become so uncomfortable that was not sleeping well and having to use two quilts to try to make the bed more comfortable. Since it has arrived and put on her bed she is sleeping better and now enjoys laying on her bed to chill out where before she would rather sit on her bedroom floor. Happy well-rested daughter is a happy house and we all want a happy house.


Amazing Mattress!

I bought this Matress and I am so pleased with it! It was a really good price and is the comfiest mattress I have ever had! I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud! since I got this mattress delivered I have been tracking my sleep and comparing it from my old mattress and I am going into a deeper sleep with my new mattress and feeling so refreshed in the mornings! The only problem is I don’t want to get up in the mornings!!


The cure for my disturbed nights sleep

Have tried all sorts over the last few months to help me sleep, such as CBD, ear plugs, sleeping tablets etc (I'm a very light sleeper) because my partner snores and tosses and turns which often keeps me awake. Genuinely this new mattress is the only thing that I needed; incredibly comfortable but importantly seems to absorb any movement from my partner so I remain undisturbed. Best purchase I've made in a long time!!!


Comfy - keeps your body warm

Bought in December (with a new bed frame). Went for this as seemed comfy when seen & tried instore. Thought springs with foam topper would suit us. However, mattress does make you feel quite hot in the night (probably because of heat retention in the foam. Mattress foam topper does also appear 'dented' with our body shapes already after just 2-3 weeks so not sure how this element of the mattress will fair long term.


A great night's sleep

We are so pleased with this mattress - after trying several mattresses which were recommended by the fancy machine at Dreams we decided on the Grayson which has been a fabulous decision! I generally do not like soft mattresses or memory foam while my partner would prefer a softer one. This has turned out to be the perfect mattress for both of us! It's so comfortable and we have both been sleeping better than ever.


Great nights sleep.

The mattress was brought after testing several in store. The depth makes it easy for me to get up in the morning even with a bad back. It's a very comfy sleep and you can't feel anyone else fidget beside you. I don't find the side wall crushes when sitting on the edge. I've not experienced any pressure points so I don't find I get numb sleeping in one position. All round great quality and a perfect nights sleep.


True comfort with the great memory foam topper

Best sleep I’ve had in years after investing in this greatly priced mattress, the foam topper and design makes a huge difference as someone who has suffered from shoulder pain in the past from sleeping on my side I often worry with memory foam about the mattress being too warm however this mattress has been great, providing really comfort and no negative aspects to report - a great mattress for anyone to get


the best thing we ever bought!!

Me and my pregnant fiancée bought this mattress a month ago. We forget what it is mean to sleep well. Thanks to this mattress we are less stressed during the day much more calm. It’s all because of this mattress. I really recommend to everyone to walk in to a dream store and explain what you looking for. Even if you don’t those guys knows what they doing . We bought ours at the Dartford store. Thanks again!


So comfy bit dips quickly!

Loved this mattress in store and was so excited when it arrived as it truly is so comfortable, however after just a week or two of sleeping on it, the pillow top dipped and you end up rolling in to the dip. I'm not a heavy person and from reading the reviews it seems this is a common issue. I have had to exchange for another mattress which is such a shame as it was so comfortable but it wouldn't have lasted.


Perfect balance of softness with support

Really comfortable mattress, just the right balance of softness and support. It’s not too heavy as well which is great when changing sheets. I was worried after reading other reviews that the mattress could develop a dip in the middle but I didn’t find that happened (super king size) been using for 2 months so far. Quite wide compared to other mattresses so you need deep fitted sheets. Overall I’m happy.


Great night's sleep

This is the second Grayson mattress that we have bought as we were so happy with the first one. We needed a new mattress for our guest room and we needed to look no further as we were thrilled with the Grayson. I used to suffer with backache in the morning but since sleeping on this mattress it is a thing of the past. Can't praise it enough and the whole experience of buying from Dreams was in fact a dream.


Improving with use

Initially l was disappointed with the Mattress as it was much firmer than the one in the shop. I would have been much happier if the one l bought felt the same, but was much firmer and l probably would not have chosen the one l bought if l had tried it out in the shop. I can only conclude that the one on the shop had been there for some time. My hope is that the one I’ve got will eventually feel the same


So comfy and at a fair price

Bought this mattress around 6 weeks ago and I've slept very well since. It's tall and on top of a divan it makes the bed quite high which I really like. Would definitely look for the same or similar mattress like this next time I need one and the service from the staff in store was also really good - very helpful but not at all overbearing and obsessed with making a sale like some retailers can be.


Solved back problems

I’ve had back problems for the past couple of years, and immediately they’ve been alleviated with this bed. Not only that, but it supports your body in such a way that you sleep the entire night through without awkward back ache. If you’re having trouble sleeping, do yourself a favour and get this bed, you spend half your life lying on one of these things; make sure it’s this kind of quality.


Looks good, made well.

Firstly, it felt a lot harder than I thought so like me give it time to settle, over a few weeks it’s now very comfortable unlike some reviews it hasn’t sunk in the middle and the edges are fine, I thought it was a little bit dear, but saying that I haven’t brought a new mattress for well over 12 years. So in Summary it’s a very comfortable mattress and is well made but give it time to settle


Finally a good nights sleep

I’ve woke up the past few years stiff with a bad back thinking I’m getting older and it’s just the way it is, even my physio said the same thing but I wondered if it was my mattress so I went to dreams and bought this mattress and now I get up and I’m not stiff and I feel 100% better I can’t believe how much it’s helped, try the machine it might be the best thing you’ve done for your back


Comphy mattress

Hi we bought this just about a month ago,with trepidation,as our old mattress was sooo comfortable,we were loath to change it,but we are so pleased we have,this mattress is so much better than we were going to give it credit for,we would willingly stand in the shop and sell it for free,it is so much fun to go to bed and know we can have a good night sleep , good and soft and comfortable x


wonderful sleep

I bought this really comfy mattress under a month ago and have no complaints whatsoever! This single mattress is real value for money and gives me a really good 'dream-sleep' and I feel refreshed and have plenty of energy in the morning. This mattress is like floating on air and is mega-comfortable. In conclusion well worth the money I paid. I'd recommend this product! Mary


Best nights sleep

Got this mattress along with a new bed just over 3 weeks ago. It’s completely changed my sleeping. I was matched at Dreams to the firmness or mattress and chose this one as wanted a built in mattress topper. It is so comfy. I’m a side sleeper which can often be uncomfortable on the wrong type of mattress but this moulds to my shape and supports me beautifully. Worth every penny.



We bought this just under a month ago to replace an existing mattress that was well past its sell by date. We tried out loads of mattresses, in various stores. but we kept coming back to this one. Since we've had it our quality of sleep has improved immensely - we are sleeping deeper and longer and no aches and pains when we wake up. Therefore very pleased with our purchase.


Best mattress I've ever had

After years of sleeping on mattresses included with rented properties, we finally decided to buy our own and I'm so glad we went with this one, it's very comfortable and we're sleeping great. We went in store to try some out using the sleep match bed, it was very helpful getting to try out different ones and all the staff were great. All in all our dreams experience was 11/10!


So far so good

I used the dreams bed measuring thing that gave me a list of mattresses that would be suitable. I chose this and so far I am really happy with it. The salesman was knowledgeable and helpful and delivery was everything you could hope for. A good experience buying a mattress and with the 100 day exchange option it made everything much less stressful than choosing blind.


Simply the best

I have had this mattress about a month now and honestly I haven’t had anything like it before. It is so comfy and I get a decent night sleep from it. I just want to be in bed all the time with this mattress. Highly recommend! I have spinal issues and normally find it extremely difficult to find a mattress that is right for it but now I have! Very pleased! Worth every penny!


Puts me to sleep in no time!

This mattress is fantastic, for the cost it provides comfort of a mattress 2 to 3 times the price. I used to have back aches with my previous mattress once I woke up but now those aches have completely gone. I would recommend buying a mattress with proper pocket springs and memory foam like this one over any online foam based products because the comfort is unparalleled.


Lovely and comfortable, great sleep since we bough

Bought new mattress after getting fed up of having to hang on to the edge of the bed to avoid rolling into the middle after probably 12 years on our old mattress! We have never slept so well, so deeply and both have to admit to waking each day fully rejuvenated and no niggling back or leg pains. Wish we’d invested before now but as they say, ‘better late than never’!


Perfect comfy feel

All of the mattresses i tried in store all felt the same, and gave me a very sore back trying them out. However once i came across this mattress i actually felt very comfortable. I returned another day to test in store again and was definitely happy with my choice as i had that really comfy "floaty" feeling which made me think i had found the right one. Very comfy! :)


Comfort like you've never known it!

I was surprised to find that the test we went through said that I needed a medium rated mattress as opposed to a hard bed that I've always used! I find this mattress very comfortable (too much so sometimes) & we both find getting back to sleep during the night (we both wake up at various times) so much easier & quicker. A certain reluctance to get up in the mornings!


Greyson pocket sprung mattress

It’s amazing. So comfortable and such good quality. It feels new every night I get into it! I used to wake every morning with bad hips and pins and needles through my arms but this has stopped since having this mattress! It’s so nice to finally get a great nights sleep. The mattress is very deep due to the additional memory foam top so deep fitted sheets are needed!


very comfortable

got this mattress after my old one was getting rather uncomfortable to sleep on and i was really happy about how it felt to sleep on, overall i feel as though it is a really good quality mattress but if i have to be picky it is a little bit too thick as by bottom sheets i have are not big enough to cover the whole mattress but besides that i am really happy with it.


Heaven on Earth

All I need to say is ever since I got this delivered, I have been sleeping perfectly. My previous mattress wasn't too bad but gave me some backpain when using it every so often. This mattress on the other hand, when I woke up on the morning after my first sleep with this I felt amazing. It's so comfy and it feels like waking up on a cloud. Well worth the money!


Really comfortable

We bought our mattress at Dreams, and have been delighted with it. It is comfortable, gives excellent support, and my back has been so much better since we started using it. It is a deep mattress so is easy to get in and out of bed. Because it has two layers, the memory foam does not get too hot, and the sprung base makes it less rigid than memory foam alone.


Extremely comfortable!

We bought this mattress in January and it was delivered in March. We have been sleeping on it for about 3 weeks now and have been having some of the best sleeps! We bought this mattress with a mattress protector from Dreams too and the combination of both works very well for us. We are finding both to be excellent value for money and would highly recommend.


Super comfy - soft yet firm & supportive

My partner and I bought this in Aug 2020. He loves a firm mattress and I like soft to medium so we were worried we’d find something we both like but we actually found a mattress we both love! With over 1000 pocket spring and a topper of memory foam this mattress is perfect for us both. Dreams were super helpful throughout and delivery was fast and helpful!


Great mattress

After years of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress I decided to treat myself and the Haskell doesn't disappoint. Mattress is so comfortable, the pillow top feels like you are sleeping on a cloud but also provides support where you want it. Best purchase I've made in a long time. Make sure to purchase deep fitted sheets as it is a really deep mattress.


Like sleeping on a marshmallow!

I bought this mattress nearly a month ago, and have been sleeping so comfortably! It’s the perfect firmness, but the best part is the memory foam top. I was dubious before buying as memory foam hurts my back, but the topping is perfect. It makes the mattress so comfortable and easier on my joints. It’s honestly like a marshmallow and I’m so thrilled!


Love my Grayson mattress

I absolutely LOVE my new mattress!! This was after returning an Emma mattress, I went to the Dreams store in Stockport and Liz showed me around. She gave me so many ideas and which mattress type would suit me. Then I ordered online during the Boxing Day sale. I have a back condition with damaged nerves, so it was key for me buying the right product.


Soo comfortable and the best mattress ever bought

We bought this mattress back in December and it was delivered to us on 25th January and we have had the best nights sleep ever since then. It’s soo incredibly comfortable and supportive at the same time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who likes the comfort of a medium soft mattress. Its got a thick base and a memory soft topper.


So comfy,

I bought this mattress 3 months ago, after the advise from in store customer Assistant and using the computer generated bed which recommends what mattresses are best for you. I picked the Grayson Pocket Sprung. I can honestly say it is so comfy suits my sleeping position exactly.Best nights sleep I have had for years,so happy with this product


Superb Mattress

We have had this Mattress for about a month now, I have to say I haven't had a better nights sleep, we was matched to several mattresses and chose this one because of its luxurious memory foam top. I can honestly say I have absolutely no issues whatsoever, its a lovely mattress and super comfy, I would recommend dreams and the Grayson any day.



Ordered mattresses for my kids during lockdown and was so relieved they were nice. So, I ordered this one for myself which is similar to theirs. So nice to have a better mattress finally. I love the hybrid style, its like an old style mattress made better in just the right ways. This mattress was very thick, needed to buy deeper sheets.


Pretty good!

Really comfortable, but you do get valleys where you (and your partner) tend to sleep. It's also quite warm on the whole but this could be to do with our mattress topper, rather than the mattress itself. But the bed is enormous and fantastic for two tall people. I used to get hip pain from the pressure of my old mattress, but don't anymore.



This mattress is perfect! I'm known to normally only get 4-5 hours sleep on a good night. However since getting this mattress I have been having full night sleeps with hardly any disruptions. It seems to suit my body perfectly, which is due to using the match machine. Thank you so much for finally providing me with a perfect night sleep!


So comfortable!

I bought this product about a Month ago and it was delivered at the beginning of August. This mattress is so comfortable and feels to be made from great quality. Definitely recommend this product and the customer service from Dreams themselves was fantastic, they went out of their way to ensure we got a mattress that was right for us.


Dreams can come true!

We are delighted with the Grayson pocket sprung mattress and pleased that the advisor in Harlow store recommended us to go for a King Size mattress. We used used the in-store sleep simulator to choose the best back support. The quality and length of our sleep has both dramatically improved. We are healthier, happier people for it!


Still not sure

We took delivery just over 2 weeks ago. I think the bed is fairly comfy but by partner doesn’t like it - he finds it too hard. We were told this is normal with a new mattress, but at least we have the opportunity to exchange it after 30days. I’m still getting used to the overall height of the ottoman base plus the deep mattress!!


Very comfy, yet supportive

I bought this product about a month ago after going through the Dreams posture machine and it recommended 3 mattresses at different costings. The grayson mattress stood out to us and it was a good price. It's probably the best nights sleep I've had in years. Well worth going through the system to get a personal recommendation.


Danger of never getting out of bed!

We've had the King sized version this mattress for a couple of weeks now and are delighted with it. It is extremely comfortable, no more achey back in the morning, and the firmness level as determined by the in-store machine thingy has proven to be spot on. The product was delivered on time, we couldn't be happier with Dreams.


Grayson Mattress very poor quality

We were disappointed with our Grayson pocket mattress, after one sleep the top of mattress was sagging and did not get better only worse. The replacement of first mattress did the same. We got a refund, and I may add Dreams were very helpful in shop and customer service, there was no question of our refund once we sent photos.


Great mattress for the perfect nights sleep

I bought this mattress for my wife and I after visiting Dreams. The mattress is fantastic, both my wife and I find it extremely comfortable and have had the best nights sleep that we've had in a long time. This is no doubt the best mattress that we've ever had and I would completely recommend to my friends and family.


Worth it!

My previous mattress was bought in 2006. I was not willing to let go however, thank to the super friendly member of staff, i was able to replace it. At first, i did find myself struggling to get used to it however, after about a week, i am loving my new mattress. It has helped me with my back pains and shoulder pains.


Really comfortable mattress and great service

We bought this mattress after the lady in Dreams Coventry used their high tech machine to point us in the right direction to the type of mattress would suit us. We went for this one, as we thought it was the most comfortable, and it was even more comfortable than more expensive ones! Glad we’ve bought this one!


Incredible comfort!

I went to the store to find my perfect matters and I tried the super high tech bed that tell you what's the best mattress for you depending on how you sleep. I tried several of the ones in the list and chose this one because it was a mix between a spring and a memory foam mattress and this one has the best of both.


Stick withnit

Took some getting used to as so different from my old pocket sprung mattress and at one point i thought i may have to swap it.. but after 2 months i can honestly say i love it .. super comfy and has relieved the grumbly hips i used to suffer fron in the night. suoer soft on top but supportive underneath very happy


New Mattress

Great service in store which assisted us to pick our mattress. Very pleased with the product which is extremely comfortable. Was kept well informed and updated from store visit to final delivery, which was also professional and trouble free Great overall service, will recommend Dreams to all friends and family.


Very supportive, comfortable mattress.

We bought this mattress around a month ago, best idea we had. I have back pain problems, ongoing and this mattress gives me all the support I need and is now allowing me to have a decent night's sleep. It is very comfy and just firm enough without feeling hard. I would recommend this mattress without hesitation.


Can’t go wrong buying this

Really happy with the mattress, it’s incredibly comfortable for me (who likes a soft mattress) and my husband (prefers medium firm). We did visit in store beforehand. After arriving I realised it does need extra deep fitted sheets as normal fitted sheets don’t stay on. This mattress is excellent value for money.


Really comfy

The reason for only 3 stars is the bed is really comfy but after 2 nights of sleeping on it a dipped formed. Spoke to dreams customer service who were excellent and have replaced the mattress with no problems. I only got the replacement mattress yesterday so will update my review with a more fair overall rating


Dream. Bed

First few days I had to get used to it seemed strange at first .old mattress would wake up 3/4 times a night.Now I’ve Progressed to 7/71/2 hours a night sleep regularly. At 85 next month,That’s a h*ll of a miracle. All I can is thanks. Should have changed it years ago,look what I’ve missed. Yours John Line.



The mattress is very comfy, and when trying it out we much preferred it to the Tempur which cost about £1k more than this one. It's great for couples as you don't notice each other moving about during the night. It's also a thicker than average mattress, which gives a bit of extra height which is also nice.


Great service all the way and high quality product

I bought it 5 weeks ago. Being kept up to date with the status of my order all the time, delivered i time. The mattress is exceeding the expectations so far. With an extra £60 i got an extended guarantee to 8 year and a free mattress protector, good deal. Overall very happy with my experience with them.


Super comfy!

Had the mattress for 3weeks now and its super comfy! I now sleep alot better. I also went in store before I purchased to try the mattress and had an assessment done so I could chose the right one. Delivery men took the mattress upstairs for me which is great as its very heavy. They were helpful and polite.


Comfy mattress

Bought this from local store, delivery was great, kept informed throughout. Slightly disappointed with Mattress as I remember it being far more comfortable in the shop! Not saying it's not, it's a good thick mattress and I am getting a good night's sleep..probably just me looking forward to it too much .


Great night sleep! Can't get the kids out!

Great quality mattress which is providing such a comfy good night sleep we can't get the kids out! The mattress is on the firmer side which is great for me but still very comfortable. The quality of this mattress is also very good and I would highly recommend to those who like a firm but comfortable bed.



I brought this over a month ago and I am soooooo pleased. This is the comfiest mattress I have ever brought!!! We was served by lyn in Chelmsford who gave excellent customer service and help us choose the perfect mattress for us! Very please! Would 1000% recommend this & totally worth the money.


Great buy

I bought this mattress a month ago because I needed a soft to medium mattress due to stroke related problems, i must say that I have been very impressed with the softness especially with the layer of memory foam on top and the excellent sleep i get from the product. In my opinion a great great buy.


Absolutely recommend

It’s so much more than I thought it’d be when I tried it in store. It’s the first bed I’ve ever bought new and almost begrudged the price. HOWEVER. My Sciatica is completely gone and I don’t think I’ve ever slept as soundly in my life! 10/10 recommend to anyone. It’s honestly worth every penny.


A good nights sleep

I bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago.When my wife and I were looking for a new mattress your staff went to great lengths to ensure we made the right choice. Your staff were very knowledgable and not pushy at all. My wife and I are happy with our new Mattress and enjoying a good nights sleep.


Fantastic mattress and service!

Bought this mattress and a bed a few months ago for delivery on the 24th May (the day we got our keys!!!) dreams turned up slightly early but agreed to wait until the estate agent came :) great service and they put it all together quickest! Such a comfy mattress, very heavy to change the sheet!


Mostly great

Bought this mattress about a month ago after extensive in store testing of the options. Mostly it is great. It’s lovely quality and the memory foam top layer is very comfortable. Only gripe is that the memory foam layer creates a rounded edge so I sometimes feel like I could roll out of the bed


Best nights sleep ever!!!

Having had the same mattress for a long time which I loved by the way! I knew it was time for a new one I was apprehensive as I didn’t think any other mattress would live up to the one I’d had for so long! But this one is AMAZING so unbelievably comfy and I highly recommend it. Happy sleeping


Very comfortable

I bought this a few months ago with a new bed frame. It is very comfortable and has improved my nights sleep. The mattress is very thick due to the added layer, this makes it sit high in the frame and fitted sheets can be difficult to fit. This is a small price for the comfort at this value


Super comfy

We chose this mattress following a go on the in store sleep machine, so we knew it would suit us and we are really pleased. It is excellent quality and most importantly has allowed us to sleep better. We wish we’d got a new mattress sooner - it’s worth the money for a superior nights sleep!

Questions and Answers About Grayson Combination Pillow Top Mattress

Ive bought the Grayson Superking mattress and after 3 night there are visible indentations from where we've laid on it that won't spring back up. How frequent do you have to rotate the mattress round?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. From the point of purchase, we recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly. Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months and then every month thereafter. If you think there may be additional issues with your mattress, then we would recommend reaching out to our customer service team as they are best placed to advise you further. Kind regards, Dreams

We had delivery of the Grayson K mattress and base on 8/9/2020. We have only slept on it for 3 nights and although it’s comfortable the mattress leaves excessive indentations of where we have slept and a mound in the centre. This doesn’t correct itself.

Answer: , It is normal for settlement to appear in the topper of the mattress, this is a good indication the mattress is performing as it should settling to your body. However if you do feel this is excessive please contact our customer service team and they will be able to discuss this further with you. Many thanks Dreams

We have just got this mattress in King Size. Will a standard King Size sheet fit or would it be better to get a deep fitted sheet. The mattress is twice as thick as our old one!

Answer: , This will depend on the fitted sheet you are looking at purchasing. As this mattress is 29cm in depth, most standard sheets should fit this, however please double check the product specification of your desired sheet. Kind regards Dreams

Hi. Can you please advise? We purchased a Grayson 1000 super king mattress which was delivered on 24/08/20. We have turned the mattress as instructed but we have a permanent dent in the mattress where we lay and a lump in the middle. Can you tell me why?

Answer: , This can be natural settlement as your new mattress gets used to your body contouring to your shape, however if you do feel this is excessive please contact our Customer Service team. Many thanks Dreams

How often should you turn this mattress 

Answer: , We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly - rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi there. I have just been to a Dreams store at the weekend and ordered this mattress in double. Would normal double fitted sheets fit this mattress or would I need to buy deeper sheets? Many thanks

Answer: , This mattress is 29cm deep, therefore most standard double fitted sheets will be suitable as they usually fit mattresses up to 30cm. Kind Regards. Dreams

I have this mattress but I have noticed that the shape of my body is in the topper is this normal? How do I get rid of it? Especially when I would like it to return to normal

Answer: , We would recommend that you contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you with this query. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is This Mattress Anti bacterial ? And anti allergy? 

Answer: , The Haskell mattress has not been constructed with any anti-bacterial or anti-allergy treatments. Kind Regards, Dreams

How heavy is this mattress? Would it work for an Ottoman bed?

Answer: , This mattress is 42kg and would be compatible with an ottoman bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi can I use a electric blanket on it

Answer: , You should be able to use an electric blanket with this mattress. Many thanks, Dreams

Can you take the topper off

Answer: , The pillow top on the Haskell mattress is not removable. Kind Regards, Dreams

is this mattrass Grason K Mattrass king size listed

Answer: , Yes, this mattress is available as a King. Kind Regards, Dreams

Good Afternoon, What is the material the top layer is made of? 

Answer: , The top layer is made from polyester. Many thanks Dreams

How many centimetres thick is the memory foam part of the mattress please?

Answer: , It is a total of 2.5cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

How heavy is the small double mattress

Answer: , This will weigh 42kgs. Kind Regards, Dreams

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