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Flaxby Natures Element DNAir Mattress Rated 5/5 based on 142 customer reviews

Flaxby Natures Element DNAir Mattress

Brand: Flaxby

5/5 - 142 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Flaxby Natures Element DNAir Mattress Great

Having received 4 operations for blown discs in lower spine which cured the unbearable pain from my lower back left hip, thigh tight down to the end of my toes, I still suffered back discomfort during sleep and when getting up in the morning. The mattress I had was 8years old and had been very expensive to buy with memory foam it weighed a ton and difficult to rotate so I decided to change it . Following my trip to Dreams Bedding , explaining my requirements and that it had to be a firm mattress eventually I decided that this mattress was to be my final choice. This was confirmed on the Dreams bed computer that analysed which matteress would be suitable for me . Since using the mattress I have found that my sleep pattern has improved(confirmed by my Fitbit sports watch) my backache during the night and on getting up has gone . I have found it to be completely supportive especially sleeping on my back . Obviously this review is based on a short period of time and I am hoping that it's good points will continue for a few years.

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

3000 pocket springs (King)

Ensure that every single part of your body is moulded to your mattress by going for one with 3000 springs, all perfectly aligned and adjusting to every movement you make

Ventilating and temperature regulating exclusive DNAir pocket springs

This spring system is exclusive to Dreams. However, the pocket spring is generally a very good spring system for a mattress and will give you all the comfort and support necessary

100% Viscose Belgian damask finish preventing wear away and overheating

This mattress is covered with a 100% viscose Belgian damask finish. This material is not only highly absorbent with temperature-regulating qualities, it will also offer added durability to prevent wear away.

Split tension/zipped options so you and your partner can both sleep happy

Split tension mattresses allow you to select a different tension for each side, making them an ideal choice for sleeping partners who are not the same. Whether it is your sleeping position, weight or just your preference that is different, you can change just your side to suit without effecting your partners sleep.

Exclusively handmade by Harrison Spinks in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK to the highest standards by skilled bedmakers. These superior quality mattresses offer sustainable luxury using the finest natural fillings. They are 100% foam, glue and FR chemical-free, they product zero landfill and even the Cortec™ Quad springs are recyclable.

5 year guarantee as standard

A 5 year guarantee in the industry is normally fairly unheard of. After all, mattresses only have a typical lifespan of around 7 years anyway, so for a manufacturer and their chosen retailer to offer this sort of guarantee, it acts as a testament to the quality of the product. Buy with confidence, the manufacturer would not offer this sort of guarantee without the reassurance that it could stand the test of time. 

4 Handles

Handles make it easier to flip and rotate a mattress. Mattresses should be rotated and/or flipped every 3 months, without handles this can become cumbersome and so consider this a plus point for saving hassle down the line.

3 brass air vents

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

2 rows of hand side stitching

Additional hand stitching around the sides of the mattress help ensure the product does not fray and tear with time. Double hand stitching speaks to the quality of the product.

100% Pure Natural Cotton for durability and highest comfort

Comfort Grade - Medium or Firm

Medium Firm is the optimal firmness for a mattress if you are looking for comfort but also suffer from some minor back problems. This is because this type of mattress will ease the amount of strain on your muscles but not in such a way to deter comfort, ensuring a great nights sleep

Flaxby Care Guide

Flaxby offer care instructions to help get the most from your new addition. The instruction cover maintaining its appearance such as removing dirt and stains. It includes how to avoid damage from water and hot surfaces as well as actions to avoid like inadvertently removing fire-retardant coating. These instructions can come coupled with the warranty. It is important to follow the care instructions as not to void this warranty.

About Flaxby

The Flaxby collection by Harrison Spinks is hand-built by British craftsmanship and made exclusively for Dreams. Their mattresses consist of a pocket spring core coupled with a layer of tightly grouped mini pocket springs to fully contour to your body, relieving pressure points and providing support. Their unique perforated sides push airflow towards the surface keeping the mattress well ventilated and the temperature regulated. Even the Flaxby collection bed bases contain 2000 pocket springs to provide additional support. Add the finishing touch with their hand-crafted headboards, pick from customisable designs in luxurious fabrics to match your divan.

100% pure cotton for the highest comfort

Exclusive DNAir pocket springs for ventialtion and temperature regulation

The ideal choice in construction when choosing a mattress, pocket sprung mattresses offer, in our opinion, the best combination of support and comfort. The number of pocket springs can be equally important however

Customer Reviews For The Flaxby Natures Element DNAir Mattress

Based on 142 review

Gets better and better

On the advice of my chiropractor I sought out my local Dreams store to look into replacing my old mattress. The technology of the service provided showed me the mattress that would be most suitable. My first night was interesting in the sense that I initially felt I was sleeping on an ironing board but I did get a very good nights sleep and my back had benefitted. The mattress has softened a little, I don’t want it to soften too much or that would defeat the object of the exercise. It is heavy to lift but I am sleeping so much better that I consider the heaviness of minor consequence. I am pleased I bought this mattress and so is my chiropractor.



When we buy a bed, we are actually buying a set of parts, the most important being the mattress. I purchased my 'Bed' a couple of months ago and it was delivered 2 weeks ago. When I went to Dreams the first thing I identified was the bed itself. Then Next came the mattress. It had to be just right, so I tried a few. None of which felt 'Right'. Then came the Flaxby Natures Element DNAir Mattress. It was the right one for me even before I sat on it, and once I laid on it I knew this was the one. I have now had it for 2 weeks and it is great! The Best Buy ever! Worth every penny.


Quite Simply - The Best

My old Millbrook mattress was well overdue for replacement, although it had done sterling service it was time for another visit to Dreams.... I was a bit dubious about giving my personal details to have suggestions made but I was offered a choice of four suggestions and eventually chose a medium Flaxby Nature's Element mattress. It is the most comfortable night's rest I have ever had. I don't sleep well but have had much more since buying this mattress and even when I'm awake in the middle of the night I'm rested. A really good investment.


Nature’s Element Medium - Fantastic Mattress

This is a great mattress. I’d previously slept on the Firm version of this mattress for nine months so bought this with absolute confidence that it was right for me. This time I plumped for Medium (which I have on a wooden slatted frame). I prefer this slightly over the Firm. I weigh 8.5 stone and am a front sleeper so a firm mattress may be more suitable for a back sleeper/someone heavier. I certainly didn’t find the Firm overly hard as other reviewers have commented but the Medium is perfect for me.


Farewell to backache!

I wish I had bought this mattress years ago! From day one after it was delivered I woke up without any lower back pain, and that is how it has been ever since. The test bed in the Dreams shop correctly identified what type of mattress was the right one for me, and I am so happy I went along with their suggestion. It is firm with just the perfect amount of support in all the right places for the position I sleep in and for my size and bodyweight. Would recommend with no hesitation or reservations.


The mattress

I went to but a memory foam mattress know I would have a good choice range at Dreams. I was pleasantly surprised how friendly the staff where, also how i could be tested on a machine which gave me the excact mattress i needed. The staff were very knowledgeable and hospitable. My whole experience and now my comfortable nights sleep is all to the fantastic staff, information I recieved and the fact they took my old mattress away was simply perfect. Thanks to the staff that helped.


Comfortable Mattress

We have had our new mattress for a month now and have had a good nights sleep every night. We chose this particular mattress after visiting our local store and going through the sleep test with one of the helpful staff members, which really helped us focus and understand what type of mattress we needed. I would recommend that anyone who is looking for a new mattress visits a store where you will benefit from the expert staff who really know their products.


So comfortable

I chose the Nature's Element mattress because it is 100% pure natural cotton. I liked the fact these mattresses are made in the UK and are beautifully constructed and finished. Strong handles enable easy rotation on divan base as advised for first three months. I wanted pocket springs rather than memory foam or combination. Am so glad I chose the firm mattress – it gives support where necessary...yet so comfortable. Best night's sleep for years.


Perfect mattress

We bought this mattress after it was one of the recommendations on the Dreams Sleep Match computer. We noticed an immediate difference, no more waking with aches and pains, just a peaceful and comfortable sleep. It's not the cheapest mattress, but the price is totally worth it for a good night's sleep. The mattress itself is very well made and is of a very high quality. All in all, we're delighted with this purchase and would highly recommend.


Perfect for two different needs

We bought this mattress to suit both mine and my husbands needs, he likes a firm mattress and I prefer a softer one. It is perfect. You do not notice the different of sides at all and the middle eases together without feeling like there is something in the middle. The mattress is comfortable on both sides and neither of us have had any problems or back ache. The lady at the shop was really helpful at finding the perfect mattress for us.


Just what we needed

Due to a back injury I needed a mattress that would help me get comfortable and this mattress is fantastic, we tried out the machine that finds the right type of mattress for us and recommends a type that would be suitable. I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but after using the mattress now for 2 weeks I’m starting to get a good nights sleep and have recommended the mattress to family and friends


Incredibly comfortable

I received the mattress three weeks ago and chose the medium firm option having only slept on firm mattresses before. I’d read other reviews saying it took a while to bed-in and that’s true. When I first slept on it I wasn’t sure but now that I’ve had it for three weeks it’s by far the most comfortable mattress I’ve slept on. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore and I’m really happy with it.


Beautiful mattress a well made cloud

Bought this to go with a dreams bedneeding. Brand new mattress. So glad i went for is so comfy. I plumped for a nin mattress top as i had a recently bought memory foam mattress topper and between them both it is great. Back ache gone that has been plaguing me for months. Beautifully made but heavy and takes some doing turning it on your own! Best purchase in a long while



I bought this mattress about a month ago. I went for the more harder one. I’ve found it really comfortable. I get a good nights sleep on it. Also because of the small pocket springs in it there’s no dip in it with two people sleeping on it. Delivery was spot on. The guys took it upstairs unwrapped it and placed it on the bed. Would definitely recommend this mattress


Relax into nature

Wonderfully comfortable mattress made of natural materials, no adverse temperature problems, maintains shape no matter what. Can't wait to go to bed now, in fact been going to bed earlier just to enjoy the comfortable sensation, meaning I get my 7-8hrs sleep now. Don't wake in the night either now but sleep right through to dawn! Worth the extra cost hands down.


Great nights sleep

My wife and I can never really agree in anything. When we were going around to the different stores I would like a mattress but she would hate it, and when she loved one I hated it. We were seriously considering buying two mattresses and putting them together. But when we both played down on this mattress we looked at each other and said this is the one for us.


Very comfortable

I suffer with all over body pain and needed a new mattress and went to Dream to seek one out. The staff were very helpful and their fabulous sleep machine recommended this mattress for me. I tried it out and bought it. It's been at home for 2 weeks now and after a little getting used to a new mattress I've finally have athe best nights sleep I've had in ages.


The most comfortable mattress I have ever bought.

This mattress is so comfortable, its amazing. I used to wake up feeling tired, aching and with a muggy head. Since I purchased this mattress from Dreams, I have the most restful nights sleep. I don't ache anymore and I have not had one headache. I am just so thrilled. Also, I used to feel like I was overheating with my old mattress, but not anymore.


Soft yet supportive

We've had the mattress about 6 weeks now and it was sheer, soft, supportive comfort from day 1! It is quite a heavy mattress and turning it is much easier with 2 people, but it's worth it. I used to wake up with aches across my back and shoulders every morning and would have to keep rolling over in the night because of hip pain, now, nothing, just sleep.


Wow what a mattress

I only bought this three weeks ago, but the difference it has made to the sleep pattern of both myself and my husband is extreme. The mattress is both firm and soft, firm underneath where you need it and soft on the top so you are comfortable. I just wish that I had found this months if not years ago. Never going back to any other type again.


Sooooo Comfortable

This mattress is amazingly comfortable so much so I wouldn't of thought it possible. It's been six weeks now and myself and wife both love this mattress with no more aches and Pain in the morning. Can 100% recommend this medium firm mattress. Also very well made & Excellent quality over many other brands we tried and looked at.


Deep, deep sleep!!!

When choosing the mattress, it was a slight gamble as you only get a couple of minutes to judge. I knew as soon as I lay on this one that I had the right one for me. The sleep I've had on this has been deep and incredibly comfortable. I just need to get a bit stronger to move it around. The materials and firmess are awesome


Lovely comfort

I have an existing back condition and working in care means that my back can get pretty sore. I found it so difficult to find a mattress that I can get comfortable on but this one has been absolutely perfect. I have such a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, even my husband is happy for once.


Flaxby Nature's Element DNAir Mattress

Having had this mattress 4 weeks now I couldn't be happier. I get a great comfortable nights sleep (did so from the first night). I'm a front sleeper so purchased in Medium and it's perfect to support my body preventing my natural back arch from over extending - well worth the money, great quality.


Very comfortable mattress

I have been using my new mattress for about three weeks now, delivery having been delayed due to the Coronavirus. Delivery went very smoothly with friendly, helpful employees. My sleep pattern has gradually improved over the three weeks, all due to my comfy new mattress. I can recommend it.


Firm and amazI got mattress

I bought the mattress a month ago. We bought it for the guest bedroom but we loved it so much that we started sleeping in the guest bedroom! The mattress in the master bedroom is from Bensons. After getting this one we wished we would have got the master one from dreams as well! So pleased!


Sleep is a dream ( sorry )

Bought over a month ago and used the in store analysis sytem ( must admit a bit cynical about that ) but that combined with excellent sales person conivonced us it was right for us. I had suffered shoulder pain after sleeping over the past 8 months, now diappeared in just on a fortnight.


Finally a great nights sleep!

I was a bit unsure about spending so much on a mattress but after suffering with back and neck pain on my previous memory foam mattress this natural material mattress finally gives me a great nights sleep. Also, it keeps me cool so I don’t wake up from being too hot. Worth every penny.


Really comfortable

We have had this for about a month now and it is really comfortable. It has also excelent support fearures which is essential since I have arthritic problems. It doesn't get uncomfortabley hot but keeps a warm cosy feel. I would reccomend this range of mattresses to anyone.


Amazing comfort!!

We bought this mattress a month ago to accommodate our 6 month old joining us in’s so comfy and such great support the back ache I was starting to get with out old mattress have disappeared! And me and my husband can both get a great nights sleep again!


Super comfy

We have had this mattress 2 weeks now and what a difference. We had back ache the first week and have had to change our pillows as obviously what we were used to was very poor quality. So happy with our purchase and the staff are amaizing at the Barnstaple store.


Excellent quality

We wanted a product that was as eco friendly as possible whilst still being able to get a split comfort mattress. My partner can now sleep very comfortably on his firm side. Well crafted an in comparrisson with other brands great value for the quality of work.


Fantastic firm but comfortable mattress.

We have had this mattress a month now and couldn't be happier with it. We wanted a firm mattress due to lower back problems (which have now improved) but despite being firm it is very comfortable. You can clearly see how well made it is and of high quality.


So comfotable

June 2018 I injured my back and although I have had phisiotherepy and pain killers I have not had a good night's sleep since. From the first night on our new mattress I have slept well and have virtually no pain during the day. Absolutely delighted with it.


Looks great feels great

Our mattress has really transformed our sleeping patterns and how we both feel about going to bed and getting up. We actually love going to bed now because it is so comfortable and we sleep so much better, and we wake up feeling awake instead of hurting


Sleep, glorious sleep

For a long time I could only dream of a good nights sleep, then I bought this mattress from Dreams and have turned my dreams into reality. The mattress is so comfortable it's unbelievable. No more tossing and turning just sleep, glorious sleep


Great Nights Sleep

We bought this mattress a month ago and it's been a great nights sleep and entirely hassle free. The delivery team were perfect, arrive exactly when they said they would. The mattress is of high quality and is exactly what we tested in store.


Great mattress

I have eagerly awaited the delivery of my new mattress and have not been disappointed. The support and comfort it provides is outstanding. I awake fully rested and no aches. Yes, there are cheaper mattresses but this was worth every penny.


Perfect Mattress

We bought this mattress a few weeks ago after it was recommended by the dreams sleepmatch machine. It was not cheap but it is something we will spend up to 8 hours a night on for the next 10 years so it had to be right. This certainly is.


Sorted the back pain

My wife likes a softer mattress, I need a firm because of back pain after a couple of attempts now found a split mattress that suits both of us. Back much better now, wife happy, many peaceful nights - if only the cat slept elsewhere!



Not been a month yet however this is the best mattress I have ever own. Really luxurious and excellent quality. Although it took some time to break in the mattress, it is now amazing and would definitely purchase again.


very comfy a great nights sleep at last

i brocke my back in two places so i needed some thing a bit special after 5 months of sleepless nights i whent to Dreams at Leicester .tryed 5 mattress i setted for Flaxby Nature.s what a great choice .i now sleep well


Super comfortable bed

We bought a Flaxby Natures Element Dnair Mattress - Medium Firm / Firm single bed from Dreams for our 16 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it and says it is so comfortable and much better than her last bed!


Best nights sleep in years

Since we got this mattress we have been sleeping better than we have in years. When one of us moves the other doesnt feel it, the mattress is very comfortable, it holds the heat and there is so much room. Love it.


Soooooooooooooooooo comfortable

Bought this for our new property and first time we slept on it was 20 December 2019. Their machine is brilliant & 4 mattresses were recommended - we chose this mattress & have slept soundly ever since the start.


Sleeping at last!

We bought this only a few weeks ago and already we can see the improvement in our sleeping pattern. We are no longer bouncing each other when we move in bed and the level of comfort is like a really good hotel.



We have been sleeping on the bed for a few weeks now and we could not be happier. Very comfortable. It’s only when you get a new bed do you realize how bad your previous one was. Don’t wait, get a new mattress.


So comfortable!

I bought this after trying several different mattresses in the shop. This one ticked all the boxes for me. I have arthritis and no longer wake up with as many aches as I did before, wish I had got one ages ago!


Super comfortable

Was having lower back pain from a memory foam mattress that was too soft. Was recommended this after doing an assessment at a store. It is literally perfect. Super comfortable and I no longer wake up in pain.



Its high quality, but only one sided. Seller told me you should flip it every few weeks. No! You don't flip this one - you only rotate it every season. Very comfy and stupid expensive! Worth it? Yes.


Best nights sleep

If I had known about these mattresses 20years ago I would have brought one then. I’ve had the best nights sleep since buying this and will be buying another when the time comes. Well worth the money.


Excellent British made Mattress .

Ordered in February but due to Coronavirus delivered in June, however worth waiting for ! Delivery was excellent, professional, helpful staff who took appropriate safety measures in current situation.


Super Comfy

I bought this mattress a month ago and I have really bad back and joint problems. This mattress is great at supporting me no matter if I lay on my side or back. I would highly recommend this mattress.


Great mattress

This is the first mattress we have ever bought. We loved the fact that we could buy 2 different types of mattree (half medium, half firm) to suit both of us. Mattress is good quality and comfortable.


Wonderfully comfortable

This mattress was recommended by the Dreams team and is softer than I had intended buying. However, it suits us so well and is giving us much better sleeps and is so comfortable we can't believe it!


Really comfortable

We are really pleased with our new bed the duel mattress really works well and we are sleeping so much better teamed with the tempo pillows we purchased altogether delighted with our new Flaxby bed


Best Mattress I've ever had.

I bought this mattress about a month ago and so glad I did it's the best mattress I've ever had, its so comfortable I don't think I could find one any better. I do look forward to going to bed now.


Wonderful Sleep

Couldn't have been easier to chose the best mattress and the delivery was very smooth. Absolutely right for us, firm no roll together, cool but cosy, dreamy sleep.... can I hibernate now please?


Best sleep ever

Nervous about a new bed but should not have been best experience ever sooooo comfy and luxurious from the moment we got into bed. None of this getting used to it business, best night sleep ever!


Best night sleep

This is the first time I have bought a mattress without trying it out first and it was not a mistake. This mattress is really cool in the summer which is ideal and it's the perfect firmness.


Best sleep in ages

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago & I’m sleeping so much better. I suffer with lower back pain & since purchasing this mattress my pain has nearly gone. Would definitely recommend.


Marvellous product.

we spent ages trying different mattress types after having a go on the Dreams machine and although this was quite a pricey mattress it was well worth it, having a much better sleep now


Great mattress

This was one of only a couple of mattresses that I found comfortable, this one was half the price of one in another shop and gives the same comfort and support so perfect for me


Very comfy

Bought this mattress which was recommended by the very helpful staff at Eastbourne to go with my new bed. This is my 5th bed from Dreams, always delighted with the product


Best mattress ever

I have had the best sleep ever on my new mattress. I love that the product is manufactured locally with local products. Very comfortable, would recommend the mattress.


So comfortable

I have had this mattress for a month and have slept so well from the 1st night. I know it was quite expensive but it was worth every penny. British made too, win win!



I bought this mattress a month ago and I'm glad we did, it felt firm when we got it but it is very comfy, causing no hip pain, it keeps me cool during the night too


Superb Mattress

Now used every night for 2 weeks and every morning we wake after a very good nights sleep. Comfortable but not too soft. Not too hot in warm weather -just perfect.


Fantastic Mattress

My mattress is fantastic. Best mattress I have ever bought. I have felt a considerable change in my back problems. Would recommend to anyone with back problems.


Dreams come true!

A great mattress. Firm yet comfortable. My husband , who is a light sleeper, and I both sleep really well, waking refreshed for the day. Many thanks to the makers


All natural fibres

Recovering from spinal surgery I needed a firm but comfortable mattress. I love that it’s all natural fibres so no overheating issues! So comfortable I love it


Great mattress!

I bought this mattress about a month ago. Made use of the in-store tech to select the right one for me and haven't been disappointed. Easy ordering and delivery.


Really comfortable!

We've been furloughed all through this crisis. I wish we had had this mattress at the start. We now get much better and more relaxed sleep. It is so comfortable.


Wonderful to relax and sleep on

Purchased recently and it is the most comfortable mattress I have had. It is medium but feels very firm and comfortable to sleep on. Mattress coves fit perfectly


Great night's sleep

Very comfortable and cool. No lumps or bumps and is just firm enough without being rigid. Very much like a certain famous hotel chain brand but a little cheaper


Really comfortable

Great mattress I thought I had ordered 5 ft mattress so bed is to small nothing wrong with product just a really expensive bed that's wrong size


Great mattress

SincE buying this mattress a week ago we are sleeping much better. It is also much lighter than our old mattress so is easier to turn and clean


Nice & firm

Bought for son, after a lot of deliberations & he is totally satisfied with the firm comfort level & stated it was best nights sleep he’s had


Wonderful new mattress

Well worth waiting for. Produced in Britain and extremely comfortable. This is the second Flaxby mattress which we have bought from Dreams


Lovely and comfortable

Was a bit weird for a couple of nights, but now feels perfect. Even managed a few lie-ins which never happened before on my old mattress


A Great Nights Sleep!

Pure Bliss! I bought this mattress 6 weeks ago and it’s SO comfortable, So soft. I’d like to ask you to try it’s all mine.


Firm comfort, a perfect night sleep ache free

After a month of refreshing ache free sleep, I highly recommend the dreams firm mattress. It is comfortable, whilst firm and supportive.


Great night's sleep

From day 1 we had a good night's sleep. Some mattresses make you feel hot but not this one. It is everything that we expected of it.


Fabulous mattress!

We haven’t regretted our purchase of this firm mattress, so so comfortable, in fact it’s very difficult getting up in the morning!!!


So comfy

The best nights sleep I’ve had in years! So comfy and snuggly. I truly feel like the princess and the pea. The mattress is so thick.


Feels great

So my mattress arrived a few weeks ago and it hasn’t disappointed, really firm all over which is what I need, great night sleep.


Comfy mattress

Have been using the mattress for a month now and it is improving with comfort as time progresses. Very pleased with the product.


Supreme comfort

The bed was delivered two weeks ago and had wonderful sleep since then. I hadn't appreciated how worn out the old mattress was.


Traditional mattress

I wanted a traditional mattress and chose this. Very comfortable supportive mattress and natural materials prevent overheating.


Brilliantly made

We brought this a month ago and so pleased with it. So comfortable and dont want to get out of in the mornings. Love my new bed


So Comfortbale

Couldn't ask for a more perfect mattress. We prefer a hard mattress and this is perfect. I haven't slept this well for years.



We had the mattress delivered about a month ago . The mattress was beyond our expectations giving us a good night's sleep.



at the moment we are enjoying a good nights sleep. it is very comfortable to lay on and now drop off to sleep a lot quicker.


Fantastic comfort, nice height

I bought this and waiting a month for delivery. It was so worth the wait. Best mattress I’ve ever own. Comfy and spacious.


2nd of third type, excellent

Our last mattress lasted 18 years, we long but in all honesty a great mattress and this one us proving as good.


DNAir Nature's Element

Hand made, natural materials, perfect for people with back issues as well as looking for comfort sleep. Highly recommend.


very very comfortable

so very pleased we purchased this at the beginning of September never had such a good nights sleep for such a long time


Nice pattern

I am so happy with my new bed ,I look forward to going to bed now and struggle to get up in the morning it’s so comfy



I bought this in march and have had it 2 weeks absolutely love my mattress so comfy and the service has been amazing


Sleeping well!

Sleeping very well, best we have done according to FitBit app. Waking up with no aches or pains from odd sleeping

Questions and Answers About Flaxby Natures Element DNAir Mattress

what does the zipped option mean in the sizing?

Answer: Hi , The zipped options are zip and link options. This is beneficial for couples with different comfort preferences, as you will be able to have two mattresses and join them together to create one king or super king. It can also help to get your mattress up the stairs if your stairs are narrow, as you can unzip the king/super king into a smaller mattress. Thank you.

Can an electric blanket be used with this mattress?

Answer: , An electric blanket can be used with this mattress however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the surface of the mattress. In addition, using an electric blanket may alter the comfort grade of the mattress. We recommend following all guidelines and instructions specified by the manufacturer of your electric blanket. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it true that you don’t flip the mattress. How do you know which is the top?

Answer: , This mattress is not double sided and therefore cannot be turned over. The top of the mattress can be determined by ensuring that the label on the mattress is the correct way up. Kind Regards, Dreams

We had an awful first night’s sleep on this mattress (bought the medium one, but it seems much harder than in store). The delivery men constructed the bed, how can I check they put it the right way up - which label are you referring to (none on the top)?

Answer: , The label referred to is the label on the side of the mattress. This will be stitched into the edge. Providing the label is the correct way up, the mattress will also be. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you choose which side is medium and which side is firm, on the zip and link option?

Answer: Hi , This mattress is rotatable, so you can choose which side has which firmness when you are placing it on your bed frame or divan. Thank you for your question.

We bought a split mattress but Is there a way of telling which side is firm and which side is medium, without having to lay on the mattress ??

Answer: , On a split tension mattress each side will have it's own label to help you identify the the comfort level. Many thanks Dreams

We are not sure when our bedroom will be ready for the bed. If it says 6 weeks delivery does that mean that it is 6 weeks at the most, can we delay delivery if necessary?

Answer: , We would be able to delay the delivery a little further for you than the 6 weeks. Many thanks Dreams

what covers the springs in the mattress?

Answer: Hi , Each spring is individually packed in a polyester case. Kind Regards, Giedre

Whats the weight of the Mattress?

Answer: Hello, This product will be 18-25kg depending on it's size. Many thanks for the question.

Whats the spring count for the double, i wanted more than 2500?

Answer: , There will be 2400 springs in a double. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi are the mattress, or the cover, treated with chemical fire retardants?

Answer: Hi , Yes, all mattresses are required to by law. Thank you.

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