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Dormeo Options Spring Mattress

Brand: Dormeo
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What Makes The Dormeo Options Spring Mattress Great?


While the medium is a safe choice for all, medium/firm is a great option for stomach or back sleepers. Preventing the hips and pelvis from sinking lower than the shoulders it straitens the spine. Medium/Firm mattresses can be medium-firm across all layers, a combination of a medium top with a firm core or a firm top with a medium core.


Cover:Airmesh Sides

Comfort Grade: Medium/Firm

A medium firm tension mattress is slightly firmer than your average medium mattress. This is ideal for those who either prefer a little bit more support, or, those that have a slightly higher BMI than average. You may also benefit from a medium firmness mattress where you are suffering from neck/back pain as the additional support can help prevent and alleviate these symptoms.

Total Depth: 17cm

Mattress:Traditional coil sprung mattress 

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