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Conroy Traditional Spring Mattress - Medium Rated 4/5 based on 385 customer reviews

Conroy Traditional Spring Mattress - Medium

Firmness: Firm Mattress

4/5 - 385 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Conroy Traditional Spring Mattress - Medium Great

We have had this mattress a couple of weeks now. I actually prefer a much softer mattress, but my wife won this battle (as she always does) and so we went for the much firmer one! I’m so glad we did! The first few nights were a struggle, I had backache! I was assured by my wife and the internet that this wouldn’t last long... it didn’t! Amazing! I’m a lorry driver and spend around 12-15 hours a day hunched over a steering wheel getting annoyed at stupid drivers, this also gives me backache (and a short fuse)... now, this is the good bit! Since sleeping on this mattress, I’ve slept really well, my back no longer aches either in my lorry or in my bed... the only issue I have now is the fact my wife can’t stop telling me she told me so! Totally worth it!

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Traditional open spring mattress

This is the most common type of mattress and consists of an inter-connected spring system. You will often find this sort of specification on cheaper mattresses where pocket sprung would have often been the preferable choice for a consumer. That said, it offers great value and support, well worth it if you are on a budget

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Memory Foam layer

Something for the memory foam lovers. Who doesn't love a bit of sinky-floaty and supportive material designed to rebound again and again. Definitely the optimal for comfort in any mattress

Quilted finish with a soft-touch knitted fabric

Easy to clean and maintain, this sort of fabric and finish is fairly common on mattresses and won't cause any issues down the line

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Customer Reviews For The Conroy Traditional Spring Mattress - Medium

Based on 385 review


I bought this mattress about a month ago ,after trying all the mattresses in the show room and out of them all this one I decided to buy because it felt alive , it is firm and had bounce which I classed as lively where as I sank into the others on show and classed those as dead , I am very pleased with this buy and have to say have had really nice and sound sleeps as it is very comfortable so much in fact that I have also bought the exact mattress as a single as well for any visitors I have , its a very firm mattress but based on old style springs with a bit of modern day added i.e the memory foam on the top , these make a great tem together and as I have already said make for very sound and peaceful night sleeps


Comfortable firm mattress with side handles

I've had the mattress for two weeks and have slept very well. The handles make it easy to turn (can't be flipped). It's a decent value for the price but I'm concerned about how it will hold up in the long term given that the interior (wooden?) frame can be easily felt along the edges and sides since there appears to be no protection aside from the side fabric. I can also feel springs if I put much body weight on an elbow or knee. This isn't an issue now but the springs will be more easily felt as the top padding becomes compressed over time. The delivery team were fantastic! I wish all furniture stores were so committed to good service.


Super comfy and great value

After doing the Dreams mattress calculator, (well worth doing by the way) my husband and I learnt that medium mattresses were best for us. We found this one in the showroom and loved it (mainly for the price) immediately. Since it's been delivered, we have slept really well which is a feat for me as I'm 7 months pregnant. I'd certainly recommend this mattress and the Dreams experience- from choosing a mattresses to it being delivered, the team have been professional and the products excellent.


Love it

I bought this bed and the mattress about 3 months ago I absolutely love it the mattress it so comfortable it is in real I love my bed as well all my friend love it and I thought when I got it with the drawers in that is was going to be very uncomfortable but I was wrong it is so comfortable I definitely recommend dreams and the staff are absolutely amazing they knew what I wanted and they guided me though everything but definitely get one of there beds / mattress.


Amazing comfort

This bed is so comfy.just the right the right firmness no rollover in the middle with the memory foam top that bounces back.had a great first nights sleep and now when the alarm goes off don't want to get out of was easy to put together the base units are light but solid and looks great where the old bed was.for the amazing price I bought it for I am well impressed.i would recommend this bed set to anyone who needs a comfortable good night's sleep.


Great mattress, great delivery service

I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago for my 17 year old son. After trying different options in the store this looked to be the best product at the price point we were budgeting. Delivery process was excellent (fast, and with good communications throughout). My son is really pleased with it. Very comfortable and of sturdy construction. Would recommend both the product and the service from Dreams.


Brilliant all round!

The mattress has been great. Really comfortable and the right firmness rating. Although it arrived firmer than in store it's really comfortable and has settled well. Delivery options were a bit limited and you can't chose time slots which is annoying but inevitable. The call centre were happy to help by telling me time estimates as much as possible. All round really happy with the product and service.


So comfortable, such an upgrade

I brought this mattress as my old one was on its way out and the difference this has made to my sleep is absaloutly outstanding I just wish I had done it sooner delivered very fast and the team at dreams where so helpful I highly recommend this mattress I’m a competitive bodybuilder (so quite heavy) and this is just ideal with support and keeps cool aswell I would highly recommend this upgrade


Excellent product!

I brought this about a month ago and it's the best mattress I have had. I had memory foam before this one and really couldn't get on with it but I also can't get on with full spring mattresses. I decided to switch back to spring where there was a memory foam topper built in. It's very soft on the surface but firm enough so you don't sink in the middle. Overall an excellent buy for the money :)


Very comfy and firm

This mattress is just what we needed. My wife has frozen shoulder and I suffer with sciatica. Since purchasing this mattress we have both slept like never before. We have also both been waking up on a morning with reduced pain, especially my wife. This has been an absolute God send for us. We have turned it weekly to keep it fresh and firm. Very happy customers indeed with this mattress.


Sleeping like a baby!

I had a bad back and used my new mattress for respite from the pain - I slept like a baby and within a week my back has fully recovered. So happy with it! Needed an airing for 24 hrs as most memory foam does. My only issue is that I feel like im rolling to the centre of the bed- it may all be in my mind though! It's not that much of a problem so I haven't called the shop about it.


Daughter’s great nights sleep!

We bought this mattress after moving home and fitting out our daughters bedroom. Upon visiting the Middlebrook store, we let her try out a number of mattresses and the Franklin came out on top. Since it was delivered and has been in use, she is sleeping so much better & I confess to ‘resting my eyes’ on a couple of occasions! One of our best buys without doubt!


Great mattress but induced allergies

The mattress itself was fab , really comfy and the service was brilliant. The memory foam however caused my son to have a sore/hoarse throat from the day it was delivered, when he was at his dads it cleared then started again when he came home. Able to swap with the 40 night comfort swap as it was causing him discomfort . hopefully the replacement will be better


Extremely comfortable

I bought this mattress about 1 month ago now and it is a great mattress. This mattress feels relatively cheap for how good it is. I was worried about getting a spring mattress as they're often too firm but this is the perfect amount of firmness and softness. I sleep well every night, wake up with no sore muscles and I'm overall extremely happy with the product.


Well Done Dreams !

The service was very good from when I arrived at the shop to purchase the Bed the Sales assistants were Brilliant. No Pressure and every thing they told me seemed very proffesional. Even to the Delivery service when two helpful delivery staff arrived and were very pleasant and were a credit to your company. May we say we will recommend Dreams to our friends.


Great product & delivery

The double bed we ordered for our son was both sturdy and attractive. We were given lots of options in store and the mattress types were explained fully. The delivery was both prompt and smooth. Plenty of notice given letting me know what time they would be arriving. The men worked wiicjly and quietly setting up the bed and were professional at all times.


Great nights sleep

My old mattress was almost 15 years old,and i suppose over the years you do not realize that you are getting less time and less comfortable sleep each night.I soon realized after a couple of days getting up without back ache and still feeling tired that i had done the right thing in buying a new one,it is brilliant and would recommend this mattress.


Totally delighted!

Bought this superb mattress on the strength of these reviews and a visit to the shop for a wee lie down. The product is so comfortable, and the layer of memory foam adds a little bit of indulgence. I love it. A mention must go to the Dreams staff, both in the store and in the delivery, who were so friendly & helpful and arrived at the allotted time.


So comfy even for a side sleeper

We tried a few mattresses out in store and found many too soft for us. This one felt perfect but I worried it might not be right for me once we got it home since as a side sleeper I worried it might be too hard. Happy to say it's just what we wanted. Not sure if it's true memory foam on top but whatever it is really comfy medium firmness mattress


very happy with my purchase

Bed is really comfortable and easy to self assemble, my partner wasn't to keen on buying that mattress because he thought it would be too hard and springy for him but when it was on the bed he knew he haad made the right choice because it was soft and not springy at all, very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this to other customers


5* for comfort

I bought this for our spare bedroom and I'm really impressed with the overall quality and comfort. The matrtress itself is firm but really comfortble as the memory foam topper slighlty moulds around the contour of your body. The order and delivery process was seamless and the staff were very friendly and professional. Would highly recommend.


Comfortable but underside looks cheap

I bought this for my 8 year old son. He was attracted by the memory foam topping. It is comfortable but when it arrived I thought the underside looked a bit padding and just flimsy covering and you can feel the springs. Did not seem as good quality as the other one that is this price category which was identical on top and bottom.


Dream many dreams

I brought this mattress for my daughter as the mattress she had even though it was new, was awful. She had to sleep on a sofa it was that bad. So I went online and looked at dreams selection and thought perfect. The delivery was fast, and it arrived in perfect condition. My daughter had a solid 10 hours sleep and loves it.


Brilliant bed

Bought a small double ottoman bed it went together pretty well with every thing we needed supplied. So glad we ordered the mattress with it as it is so comfortable & with all the storage underneath the bed it's such a brilliant buy for the money. Also delivery was very easy & on time with no fuss. Great service & quality.


Incredibly Comfortable

I bought this a couple of months ago for my 11 year old son. For the previous 2 years he had slept on the floor, even though he had a perfectly good cabin bed. Best but every. He chose it after trying out all the different mattresses in the shop. He now sleeps comfortably in his bed, vertically, horizontal or diagonally!



I bought my Dreams Mattres and it was the best thing I could do for me and my better half sleep. We are working so hard so we need good rest at nights. Since The Mattress has arrived at our homme, we sleeps without painfull wake up's few times at night. It's the best gift for our health and body that everybody deserves.


Most amazing matress

I did my research and read loads of reviews and I'm so glad I did because this is the best matress either myself or my parter have ever had! It's super comfortable, and not an aching muscle or joint in the mornings. We both sleep perfectly!! Will be replacing the other matress we have with another one of these.


Even my Husband Agrees!!

After much deliberation and convincing my husband that our old mattress was the source of our aches and pains I replaced it and even he is thrilled with our Franklin Traditional from Dreams! It is sumptuous but still fairly firm and supportive. Now it’s even harder to get out of bed for work in the morning!!!


Comfortable and easy to move

I bought this bed to replace an old bed for my husband. As he is on oxygen, he sleeps alone. He finds this bed very comfortable and sleeps well. No smell when first delivered as do some foam mattresses. Delivery men were great and had old bed removed and new one put in, in a matter of minutes. Very pleased.


Excellent buy!!

I bought a whole Double bed last year from dreams and i must say that was very comfortable so this year i decided to buy this double mattress after having this for more than a month i definitely recommend this mattress for the money . It is so comfortable. Now my king size bed is on its way too. Happy buy!!


Lovely bed great service

Bought this bed for my two year old, it very comfy (more so than ours!!) and perfect for his needs. The shop assistant managed to pull my delivery date forward so it arrived on just over a week. The delivery drivers were polite and most helpful. Overall very pleased. Would deffinately recommend this bed.


Firm and comfy

After testing several mattresses we went for this one, because it had good support on the edge, which I where I end up half the time due to baby sleeping with us. The memory foam top makes it very cosy and I've actually missed a few morning gym sessions because I wanted to stay in bed! Staff helpful too.


comfy and supportive

Bought this mattress for my son in his twenties who is 6ft 2in and broad. He finds it very comfortable and supportive and is getting a good night's sleep. There was a distinctive memory foam smell initially which has worn off after a week. The mattress has a nice cosy cover and is springy to the touch.



My daughter had this mattress on her single bed for about 3 years, she got a double bed in the summer & requested the same mattress again! Loves it. Only downside is that her bed is a small double and the mattress was the same price as the regular double & had to wait an extra 8 days for delivery.


Very comfortable great service

After ordering a mattress from another company and having terrible service dreams staff was wonderful. I have a recent back injury and the matress test in store guided me to purchase an appropriate mattress. The matres was delivered with in a few days and honestly the best sleep I've had in months



The matters is one sided, the other side is too rough. The bed frame is OK. The delivery was 3 weeks late, due to chaotic DREAM system. The team who deliver and fixed the bed is GREAT, really helpful and professional. They were quick and accurate, finished the job with the high standard.


Great mattress so far

I'm happy with this purchase so far... as long as it maintains the same level of comfort as time goes on, I will be very happy. It's extremely comfortable and seems to be of good quality. Delivery arrived within the slot I was advised earlier on that day so no issues with the service.


great support, comfort but ghastly smell from foam

Shame about the ever present plastic smell of the memory foam, such ghastly smell just won't go away even after weeks of open display! It was exchanged for a non-foam mattress. Else the memory form mattress provides the best support and comfort ever compared to other mattresses I had.


Top class mattress!!!

I bought this mattress a month ago and I can't believe how firm it is but how quickly it adjusts to body temperature and shape and moulds perfectly around you! Its the smartest mattress I've ever had in look and comfort! Definitely recommend buying one if you suffer from back ache!!!


Super supportive yet soft and comfy

I have bought 3 mattress this year, the first 2 being mattress in a box types super expensive and both rubbish and returned. Went to Dreams and tried the convoy mattress and it is absolutely amazing. Supportive with a firm feel but lovely soft layer on top giving it a soft feel too.


So comfortable

We bought this item a few weeks ago for our teenage sons bed. We were pleasantly surprised at the high quality and fantastic delivery service provided by dreams. Our son has remarked on how comfortable his mattress is and how much better he now sleeps. Overall a great purchase!


Ultimate Comfort

Bought thiswoth partner for moving into our first home together, between us we never found either of our old mattresses particularly comfortable but with this mattress we get an excellent nights sleep every night. Great balance of firmness and softness, very breathable material.



Bought this mattress along with a new divan base for our teenage sons bedroom. He choose the mattress having tried lots in the store and he felt this was the most comfortable for him. He's not been disappointed and is very happy with the bed which he has had for about 2 weeks.


Firm but very comfortable mattress.

Our mattress was delivered on 2 June and we spent one night on it before having a 5 night break away. It was a joy to return to after sleeping on three different beds while away. It is firm and very comfortable. We are delighted with it and can recommend it without hesitation.


Incredible comfort

The mattress is incredibly comfortable. You sink into it and it is so easy to fall asleep. The top is cushioned so all you felt is soft, cushioned luxury. Cannot fault the quality. It is a little expensive. However, the years of comfort it will provide is worth the investment


Amazing comfort

I bought this mattress a month ago and I don't regret buying at all I have a brilliant night sleep I can sleep all the way through the night whereas with my old one I would be fidgeting it's really comfy and I love how it mounds to you and I would recommend it to any body


Franklin spring mattress

I bought this mattress around six weeks ago it arrived in perfect condition on the day ( and the hour they said it would ) I'm very pleases with the service and with the mattress it holds it shape and is a comfortable sleep , very good value for money Richard Tudball


Very comfortable great value!

I've been sleeping on this wonderful mattress for a couple of weeks now. Before this I had one which was quite firm and was suffering with lower back pain. This is much softer but seems to do the job in supporting me well. I sleep like a baby! Back pain much improved!


Great mattress, firm with comfort topper

We bought this for our guest bedroom. A very good mattress at a reasonable price. A firm base with a comfort topper, which makes it supportive for the back and very comfortable to sleep on. We have had compliments from friends of our who have stayed with us recently.


Sleep dreams are made of this

I just wish I'd gone for this new mattress months ago. So much more comfortable on my back which had major surgery last year. The service was really good, two cheerful, friendly chaps arrived promptly, took away my old mattress and installed the new one. Very happy.


Extremely comfortable!

I was nervous buying a mattress online without testing it in the shop first. I trusted the reviews and bought it. I have not regretted my decision. I bought it for my spare room but slept in it for a week to test it. It is comfortable, good quality at a great price!


Amazing storage and so comfortable!!

Bought ottoman bed and new mattress a month ago and am loving it!! So much storage under it, which I needed in my small bedroom and the mattress is the best thing ever!! Also had the put up service and the guys were efficient and really nice, made it so much easier.


Very comfortable for both of us

We both gave different levels of needs. After going on the mattress recommendation scanner, this was one of the mattresses it was suggested. Apart from the first night it has been very comfortable for us both. It is supportive and has smooth feeling for us.


Great Mattress

This is the second Franklin Mattress that I have bought for my 14 & 16 year olds. My son and daughter both love this mattress, it is perfect for them and a good price too when bought in the sale. Would definitely recommend, may get one for me next time ;)


Great bed

Bed was the perfect size for my spare room. All of my friends who have stayed the night have complimented on how comfortable the mattress is, saying "that their body felt support but almost a light weightless feeling" great price, great mattress/bed


Great replacement for single bed

Bought to replace an old single mattress along with the Fleetwood frame, perfect match together. Good level of firmness and comfort, pleased with the purchase! The delivery and old mattress removal was really efficient and straightforward.


2nd Franklin Traditional Spring Mattress

Bought a 2nd mattress as changed bed size and was really pleased with the comfort of my first one, Was pleased to see that this range was still being offered and I couldn't be bothered to go through the whole hassle of trying mattresses again.


Professional to the end

We purchased two beds . John the manager from Chester runs a very professional business and we had a complete quality experience from helpful selection to delivery . This company deserves the busines as they are exceptional . Metilyn Phillips


Sooo comfy!

Ordered a new bed as have recently been decorating my bedroom, and this matress is absolutely amazing! I struggle with back pains and this bed has massively helped me out! Im in significantly less pain since having this matress to sleep on.


Sweet dreams

Took a good few nights to get used to this bed but can honestly say now 2 weeks on I could jump out of bed in the morning ... I don't but I could!!! As the saying goes you can't put a value on a good nights sleep and this is so true.


Best sleep in years!

I bought this over a month ago and it has made such a difference to my sleep quality. It's so comfy with just the right amount of support, and the memory foam layer really helps to keep the bed cosy, as well as adding extra comfort.


Great mattress

This is the second of the same mattress I have bought. The first was for a small double but when we upsized to a Kingsize, we wanted the same mattress and wasn’t disappointed. The delivery team were really helpful and friendly too.


Fantastic franklin

A very good and comfortable matteress for a fantastic price need I say more the only thing that could possibly make this any better would be for single spring movement but still fantastic couldn't get better for the price really


Excellent value

I replaced our old mattress a few weeks ago - I was impressed with the selection in store and knowledge of the staff. I now have a mattress that is comfy that supports my back and therefore excellent uninterrupted nights sleep!


Firm and comfy

Bought this about a month ago to replace my old mattress that had become quite uncomfortable, with the conroy mattress nice and firm to help with my other halves bad back, so much more comfortable than our previous mattress too


Genuinely great value!

This mattress is extremely comfy! The memory foam top layer actually makes it feel like a full memory foam mattress but at a fraction of the cost! Really pleased and will be purchasing another exact same replacement very soon.


Fantastic product and service

We had excellent advice from the store. Staff member was friendly and helpful. Did not feel pushed. Mattress is excellent. Efficient and careful delivery. Family guest has purchased the same mattress since staying overnight!


Just right!

I bought this mattress based on the on-line reviews ten months ago without even trying it first and I`m really pleased with how comfortable it is. It`s neither too hard or too soft, just right, as the three bears would say!


A great mattress

We bought this mattress to go with our newly purchased bed. It is very comfortable and we are having the best sleep now since a very long time. It supports without being too firm. I would highly recommend this mattress.


Love this mattress!

I bought this as my spare bedroom mattress, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy just good value simple bed. Anyway, I love this bed so much that I’ve slept in my spare bedroom for the last 2 weeks!!! Highly recommend


Sweet Dreams

My old mattress was so heavy I struggled to lift the corners to put the fitted sheet on ?? The Conroy is so easy to fit the sheet to! It’s firm but so comfortable that I’m away with the angels in a few minutes


A great mattress and service

My son chose this mattress for his room, and he's extremely happy with how comfortable it is. The store salesman recommended various mattresses for him to try, and my son chose the one he felt suited him best.


Stated medium but actually towards firm

The mattress is comfortable but is definitely medium firm rather than medium.. It took a couple of weeks to get used to this but now I sleep well on it. Very strange as in the store it definitely felt softer.


Good value

Nice bed and very comfortable :-) Unfortunately the matress was damaged and when I called up a week later "Dreams" were very helpful and offered a replacemnt matress straight away. Great customer services!


Great mattress

My son is 19 & it's harder to get him out of bed now, as the mattress is so comfy! Can't fault it. Will be looking at getting a Queen size next to go with the Queen size bed we will be buying, but not yet.


Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had

Needed a new mattress for a while, and I’m so glad I bought this one. Was skeptical of the memory foam - but it makes all the difference. I feel a world of difference every morning, would recommend 100%.


Happy sleeper

I have had my new bed and mattress for just over 2 weeks and can say so far I am extremely satisfied,I am sleeping very well thank you. Difficult to assess total quality at this stage but so far so good


Really comfortable

After searching for a good value mattress at several competitors I decided on this mattress at Dreams. It is very comfortable especially with the inclusive memory form, a good mattress at a great price


Good for the price

I find the mattress very comfy on each side. However as I'm single - if I sleep in the centre its not so comfortable. Probably because of the set up of the springs? Still a good buy for the price range.


Comfortable mattress

Had this mattress nearly a month now and it's great, I love going to bed now and hate getting out of it. I have a bad back and it is much better now I have this mattress, very pleased with my purchase.


Bought replacement Mattress from Dreams

Recently went into Dreams, Warrington to check out replacement mattress. Within 10 minutes only due to the excellent salesman I had purchased a mattress which is fantastic. Thanks very much Dreams!!!


Great sleep

Had this several weeks now really good firm mattress just what we needed although bought for guest room we have slept on it a number of times following guests staying. Good quality and value for money.


Queen Anne great size

I purchased this bed about 2 months ago for the spare bedroom. So far everyone that has slept in it have said how comfortable it is. I am so pleased with it and it fits great in the room - perfect buy


Baby bear sleeps soundly on this!

Actually she's more of a teen, but no complaints & spends most of her time in it so it can't be bad at all! A really comfortable mattress with more than adequate support. Lovely... so look no further!


excellent service

Bought the bed frame and mattress about a month ago, polite and friendly service on the phone, really happy with the text updates and the delivery on the day...faultless! Will use again in the future.


excellent mattress

we were recommended this mattress from a number of choices and this was the best by far. it's far more comfortable and gives a great nights sleep. I would recommend it to anyone who has back problems.


Fantastic Mattress

I brought this for my sons small double bed & the mattress is fantastic, it is soft & sturdy & he has slept so well on it. Would definitely recommend it. Was quite expensive but well worth the money.


Best of both worlds

The combination of a pocket sprung mattress with a firm memory foam topper built in works very well for me. I have slept very soundly since buying this mattress. The price was incredibly good too.



I have brought 5 mattresses over the last year from Dreams and was surprised that not one of them had the label saying when it was purchased (as advertised on TV). This aside, mattresses are great


Amazing Franklin mattress

I bought this Franklin open sprung mattress and it's absolutely amazing to sleep on. It's so comfy it's like lying on clouds, it moulds to your body shape due to it having a layer of memory foam.


Soft and comfy

Bought it for my 5 year old as she upgraded to single princess bed from her old toddler bed. It's gorgeous, firm enough to support her spine but soft at the same time. Great memory foam finish.


Good Mattress For Children

Tested the mattress in a Dreams store first. Although the mattress felt a little softer in store to the new one, the right choice had been made. My son has now got used to it and is very happy


Very comfortable!

This is the second mattress of this type I have bought, I got one last year for my son. I bought the second one as they are so comfortable. They give a lot of support whilst still being soft.


Adequate for my needs

Bought this mattress for my child's bed. Seems to be ideal for him. I've sat and led down with him on it and it's comfortable enough. Not rigid enough for me but perfect for a growing child.


A really comfortable night's sleep

Bought this mattress for my daughter's 18th and she absolutely loves it! We tried it out in the store first and the final product is every bit a good as we were expecting. Thank you Dream!


Lovely mattress

Such a lovely mattress - it is firm enough for my partner with his back problems, with a lovely memory foam layer that feels soft and cradles you as you sleep. Also it's a very good price.


Comfy and affordable

I've had this mattress for a few months now and have found it to be very comfortable. I purchased it along with the manhatten black double bed. It was affordable and I would recommend it.


Just what I wanted!

Have slept well since first night using my Franklin mattress and have woken without backache which was beginning to happen with my old mattress. Service and delivery were also excellent.


Great comfort

This was a purchase by my mother she is 85 years young and loves it took a couple of nights to get used to it as her old one was VERY old but now she wishes she had bought this years ago


Very comfortable

Bought for teenage daughter, she loves the comfort of the product, bit soft if it was for me but it's all about personal preference when choosing a matress. Quality good, service superb.

Questions and Answers About Conroy Traditional Spring Mattress - Medium

Thinking of buying the Franklin as a single bed for an aged relative: does it still have ottoman storage and what happens if it cannot successfully be delivered to the room required?

Answer: Hi , This bed can come with an ottoman if required and to confirm the dimensions of this bed as a single size are as follows: Height 52cm Width 90cm Length 190cm It is our recommendation that all items are measured so that you are confident the goods will fit into the room of your choice. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

It's saying the dimensions of the mattress were needing is a single H100cm x W99cm x L201cm but can't see any that match that size it's for an Earlswood bed frame(solid slats) 233-00016

Answer: Hello , A standard UK 3ft mattress of 90 by 190cm will be just fine for the earlswood bed frame in a single. The dimensions you have mentioned are for the bed frame. The frame is designed to fit any UK standard mattress in it's given size. Many thanks for the question.

Does the Franklin open spring divan bed come with a headboard?

Answer: Hello, Our divans sets do not include headboards. However, we have a great range of headboards so you can choose the one to suit your bedroom. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Would this mattress be okay on wooden slats more than 3inches apart just bought one but read wasn't good on slats over 3inches please advise

Answer: Good Evening, This mattress is suitable for use on a variety of different bases included slatted and solid bases. This mattress will be suitable to use with slats that are more than 3 inches apart. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi Would this mattress be suitable for a slatted bed?

Answer: Hello The Franklin will be suitable for slatted bed frames as long as the gap between the slats is not bigger than 3 inches. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you buy insurance for the matress like you can in the shop and do you get the mattress protector free?

Answer: Hi You can buy bedcover online, and if you purchase it on a mattress you will get a free mattress protector on all sizes except toddler, European small single and small double.

Do you accept PayPal as a method of payment?

Answer: Hello , Paypal is one of our payment method's through checkout once you are ready to place an order. Many thanks for your question.

I have recently bought a copper bed frame with sprung slats from you.  Would this type of mattress suit sprung slats? If not, what would be the correct type of mattress for this type of base?

Answer: Hello, This mattress will suit sprung slats as it has pocket springs in the foundations of the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Are the drawers the same size on the 4 drawer and 2 drawer version of the small double bed? And what size is this please?

Answer: Hello, All the drawers are the same size L 70cm x W 44cm x D 12cm and can hold up to 15 KG. Many thanks for the question.

Does the price showed include the mattres? 

Answer: Hello Annie, Yes the price does include the mattress. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the density of the franklins memory foam mattress all I find is medium

Answer: Hello , The density of this mattress is V50. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

what is the depth of the mattress?

Answer: Hello , The depth of this mattress is 21cm. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

how many springs?

Answer: Hello , There are 325 open coil springs. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can I upgrade the mattress for this base?

Answer: HI , Yes, you can upgrade the mattress for this base. Thank you for your question.

Hello, How much weight bed? thanks

Answer: Hello , This bed weighs 53kg. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

On your Franklin open spring medium matress what is the depth please?

Answer: Hello , The depth of this mattress will be 21cm. Many thanks for your question.

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