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Bodyshape Pocket 2000 Ortho Mattress Rated 3/5 based on 42 customer reviews

Bodyshape Pocket 2000 Ortho Mattress

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What Makes The Bodyshape Pocket 2000 Ortho Mattress Great?

It took us a few days to get used to thus new mattress, especially because our old one was in terrible conditions. After a week, I can say I find this mattress very supportive (medium/firm sounds right), even if its quilted cover makes it feel soft at touch. The mattress came vacuum packed which made me worry a bit about its solidity but it retained its shape pretty quickly and seemed solid afterwards!

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Handcrafted in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK means that the product is built here, by people being paid a fair and honest wage using certified and safe products of good quality and construction. UK manufacturing is some of th best in the world and all of that is reflected in this product

Orthopaedic Support

Do you suffer from back pain? If so you will likely find that an orthopaedic mattress will be massively beneficial to you. Slightly firmer in the comfort side of things but ultimately with a better support layer means that your back and neck will thank you for years to come.

Medium to Firm

Firmer than the average mattress, a medium to firm mattress is ideally suited to those that are looking for extra back support but still require and amount of comfort from their mattress. Ideally suited for a large range of the populus and becoming much more common, deviating away from the previous medium-for-everyone model.

25cm deep

A 25cm mattress is a good depth for a product of quality. Plenty of room for some good quality springs and enough space for a good top layer of comfort. This side of product should just about fit a standard sheet but do not be surprised if you find you do need to upgrade to a deeper fill sheet to fit over the mattress.

Reflex foam

Reflex foam is basically like memory foam without the memory part. Reflex foam is used more as a supportive layer than a comfort layer and is often used as an alternative to conventional spring systems.


Single sided means only one side is comfy. Positives are you only need to rotate the mattress occassionaly rather than the more cumbersome rotate and flip. Downside is the lifespan of the product may suffer as a result, only marginal, but worth mentioning.

Approved by the National Bed Federation

The NBF is one of the most prestigious awarding federations in the industry, helped slightly by the fact that it is one of the only, however, it is still a great source of comfort knowing that this product holds approval by the team

10 Year Guarantee

A 10 year guarantee is a huge reflection of just how much trust the manufacturer and the retailer have in their product. for reference, mandatory requirements are for a 1 year guarantee.

Mattress depth: 25cm

25cm is a great depth for a mattress, just thin enough to manage squeezing a normal bed sheet over, without the need for a specialist extra-deep sheet, while also being thick enough to fit a decent quality spring system inside. 

2000 individual pocket springs

Typically, the more springs the better. The average mattress has around 1000 springs and so anything more than that is considered good. The firmness/tension of a mattress is also not dictated by the amount of springs and so you do not need to worry about the firmness being unsuitable when it comes to spring count. Simply the more springs, the better the mattress can contour to your body. 2000 springs is considered great.

Pocket springs

Pocket springs are like natures own springy piece of comfort, except they are not from nature. Alas, pocket springs are a very good part of a mattress and often found in the more premium models. Lower quality products will frequently use open coil spring setups, where pocket springs house each spring in a tiny pocket for additional stability and continued support. Pocket spring typically lasts longer than open coil due to this.

Reinforced mattress edge

One of the most common complaints in the industry is against mattresses with a weak mattress edge. It can often result in the user feeling like they are going to fall off the side of the bed and bed avoided. This mattress has a reinforced edge, something that helps ensure that particular scenario is avoided when you get close to a mattress edge while sleeping.


Rolled up mattresses are ideal for anyone looking at trying to get a mattress up a tight staircase or in a car to bring home from the shops. Do not missunderstand just how troublesome getting a mattress up stairs can be. Heavy and cumbersome, sometimes a rolled up mattress that expands to the side of a full mattress anyway, may be the better option

Fire Resistant

Fire resistant does not mean the product will never catch fire, rather, it will not go up in flames quite so quickly. Resistant to fire in the same way that I am resistant to kisses, sooner or later you end up giving in.

Foam encapsulated for enhanced comfort

Supportive 5cm layer of high density foam

Revitalising orthopaedic support

Luxury quilted cover

This mattress comes with a quilted cover. Many people overlook the cover as a need for consideration however, the right cover can add additional comfort and in the case of this one here, adds quilted comfort that offers a soft but hard-wearing cover that is both breathable and stylish.

Refreshing Fresche technology

Rolled up for added ease

Balanced medium to firm firmness

A medium tension mattress like this is the goldilocks of mattress tensions. Not too soft, nor too firm, medium is typically suitable for the vast majority of people that are looking for a good nights sleep. If you are of average build without back or neck problems, this should be a suitable product. If you are of lower BMI and a side sleeper, consider a softer mattress, whereas if you are of a higher BMI and suffer neck and back pain, consider a firmer tension.

Single-sided for added ease

A single sided mattress is typical for the industry and relates to how  a mattress has the comfort layer on one side of the mattress. only This means that the mattress only needs to be rotated rather than flipped. The benefit of single sided mattresses is that they require less upkeep in that there's no flipping, but also, there's less components involved in the creation which saves costs.

Customer Reviews For The Bodyshape Pocket 2000 Ortho Mattress

Based on 42 review

After a few nights the mattress becomes very comfortable. Yes it is firm but there is a sponge like layer which really supports how you lay in bed. The body gets used to the mattress firmness and now dont think about it. My lower back ache has been cured - Ive learnt not to overlook a new mattress in future! Nice in Winter as it is surprisingly warm.


Very supportive mattress- I suffer with extreme back pain in the morning getting out of bed, but with this mattress I have not struggled at all and have been in less pain than with my previous mattress. It is quite firm which is great for me but soft enough that I don??t get pressure point pain - brilliant mattress highly recommend.


This mattress offers good support. When I first got it I was concerned about how much foam it contained, but the foam is dense enough to not suck you in like those other memory foam mattress?? (which I hate). I??m a front sleeper and it??s firm enough to provide a good nights sleep.


Supporting my hips and lower back really well, two problem areas for me. Took me a few days to adjust but now my aches and niggles have largely gone.No complaints from my other half, although he would probably be just as happy on the floor!


My new mattress is as I expected very comfortable. I??ve had one before and I??m as happy with this one as I was the last.


A good firm and supportive mattress. If you need a solid orthopaedic mattress then you cant go wrong with this.


Nice and sturdy as id hoped, the memory foam was also surprisingly tough which was a nice bonus.


Good for side sleepers and front/back sleepers. Just firm enough. Good mattress for the price.


Relatively smooth top surface and very supportive to lay on. Good value for the price.


As the mattress arrived rolled, it was so easy to get into the bedroom.


The mattress came or rolled up, didn??t take that long to expand


Very comfortable. Easy to move. Fresh cover that can be washed.


Very comfortable and well made. Goes great with my new bed. N


Very happy with my new mattress. comfortable light.


Better nights sleep than memory foam mattress.


Great replacement for our old tired mattress


Good transaction very comfortable mattress


Lot better than just memory foam mattress


Detachable cover good idea.Super comfy


Great value and perfect firmness.


All was good no problems at all.


Quality is to a high standard.


Best mattress ever purchased


Quite firm and comfortable


Looks nice on the outside


Comfy and supportive


Firm and comfortable


Good all rounder

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