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Airsprung Beds Revivo Kids Anti Allergy Foam Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 4 customer reviews

Airsprung Beds Revivo Kids Anti Allergy Foam Mattress

Firmness: Soft Mattress

4/5 - 4 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Airsprung Beds Revivo Kids Anti Allergy Foam Mattress Great

Nice mattress,,really comfortable

Top Features: Hypoallergenic, Roll-up

A Hypoallergenic mattress is ideally suited to those that have some form of allergies and are concerned about their sleep environment. The biggest consideration toward a hypoallergenic mattress is that is reduces the likelihood of experiencing allergies in your sleep.  This mattress is also a roll-up mattress, meaning it is great for those looking to navigate stairs or trying to manoeuvre themselves. Delivery costs may also be less as a result of the smaller package due to how roll-ups are delivered

Core Construction: Foam

When a mattresses core construction is foam that means it does not have a traditional spring system common withing the industry. Make no mistake however, reflex-foam as it is commonly dubbed, is a fine substitute that many of the big bed-in-a-box retailers have latched onto in recent years to to it's supportive feeling and non-dipping effects. Well worth consideration, tensions can vary depending on material compound.

Hypo-allergenic: Yes

A Hypo-allergenic mattress is created using materials that have a low expectation of producing allergic reactions. Due to the wide scale of allergies that people can have, there is no guarantee of not experiencing a reaction, however, this product represents one of the best chances you'll get to not have reactions.

Top Comfort Layer: Soft Filling

Soft fillings will mean this mattress will come with a natural top comfort layer, however, we're not too sure what is inside. When people refer to soft fillings they are most commonly referring to Cotton, Wool, Silk or Cashmere but in some circumstance may also be referring to Mohair, Bamboo or Latex.

Firmness: Soft

A soft tension mattress is ideally suited to those with a lower BMI than average. For anyone of average build, or for anybody that happens to suffer from any form of backpain, we would typically recommend medium tension or above. That said, soft tension mattresses can be hugely comfortable for both side sleepers and smaller build persons.

Mattress Overall : 90cm W x 190cm L

This is the dimensions for a single mattress, the mattress is available in single, double, king size and super king size variants, just click through on the offer to choose the corresponding size you require

Country of Manufacture : United Kingdom

Rest assured this product is not a cheap import, designed, produced and manufactured to the suppliers specifications, this product is entirely UK manufactured

Mattress Turn : No Turn

A no turn mattress means that it does not need to be flipped, however, that does not mean that it should not be rotated. Always rotate your mattress seasonally to ensure the highest lifespan of the product

Hypo-allergenic : Yes

These mattresses are specifically designed for those that are prone to allergies, a hypoallergenic mattress will not necesserily guarantee you an allergy free experience, but it has the best chance of reducing the odds of complications or irritation for those commonly effected

Pressure Relieving : Yes

This mattress is specially formulated to relieve pressure on your joints and back due to the unique product design.

BS 5852 Certified : No

This British Testing Standard supersedes BS 5852:1990 and is a testing method dubbed Source 5 for determining the ignitability of covers for upholster. Rest assured though, this certification is typically associated with products for use in hotels and other areas whereby liability needs to be reduced further than the standard acceptable flammability standards. This is not something that an average consumer would need to worry about for their home

BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified : Yes

This is the nationally recognised certification given to all products produced or imported to state that the product passes mandatory fire tests necessary for a product to be sold.

Roll-up : Yes

Roll up mattresses are becoming increasingly common. They fit in the back of a car or are easily delivered making them ideal for those in need. One consideration is that these mattresses typically rely on reflex foam or micro-springs in their construction due to the roll-up nature meaning you are unlikely to find supportive pocket springs in these models. Not a big problem, but a sacrifice worthy of mention with these mattress-in-a-box products

Low Motion Transfer : Yes

Your movement does not impact your partner who is fast asleep next to you. Ideal for those that turn a lot in their sleep, or like to...

Core Construction : Foam

Where traditional mattresses would typically feature open coil or pocket sprung constructions, foam has become increasingly popular over the last 5 years due to its ability to offer decent comfort and support while being able to be compressed to extreme levels, most typically foam constructed mattresses are likely to be roll-up bed-in-a-box mattresses

Colour : White

White in colour but you may find that inner drawers and undersides remain unpainted depending on the product, a nice modern finish to suit a nice modern room

Top Features : Hypoallergenic, Roll-up

If you suffer allergies you may want to consider a mattress like the above that has been specifically built to prevent and reduce allergic reactions. That is not to say there are no allergies with this product, everyone is different after all, rather, the meterials it is manufactured from are rated as unlikely to cause allergic reactions

Commercial OR Residential Certifications : Yes

Potentially suitable not only for the home, but also for commercials like landlords and hotels. Consult independant research.

Top Layer : Soft Filling

Soft filling top layers and covers give an extra layer of comfort for those looking for a comfier sleep experience. Do remember that support is equally important and should also be a consideration sided with comfort.

Manufacturer Warranty : 5 Years

Normal warranty within the UK is at 1 year so a 5 year warranty like the above is a big surprise and a sign of confidence that the retailer has in this product.

Filling Material Composition : Polyester, Foam

Polyester is extremely common in mattresses, in fact, almost all mattresses will carry at least some amount of polyester as it will often be used to create a micro-barrier between the top layer and the base layer. Regardless though, what is polyester? Well polyester is simply a synthetic resin that gets spun and used as wadding and fibre fillings. Polyester when used within mattresses is generally described as non-woven and thermally bonded material of polyester fibres to form a mattress sized pad of varying densities and weights. You will typically find polyester in mattresses from low-medium pricing scales, should you start going into very high priced mattresses, you can expect polyester to be replaced with natural fibre.Memory foam is another material composition listed in the specifications for this mattress. Memory foam was developed by NASA back in the 80's and has been used as a comfort layer ever since. Ideal if you want the absolute best in comfort and squishy softness. To be avoided if you find yourself getting too hot in the evening.

Mattress Overall : 75cm W x 190cm L

This is the dimensions for a small single mattress. Small single mattresses are ever so slightly smaller than normal single mattresses. Only really suitable for very tight spaces where dimensions are razor tight and play a factor. Ideal for those with a smaller frame but not ideally suited where you can otherwise get a single or small double in place. Fortunately the mattress above is available in a range of different sizes that should be suitable for whatever space you require.

Firmness : Soft: Suits side-sleepers

A soft mattress may be suitable under certain specific circumstances, be warned however, softness does not correlate with comfort. A soft mattress is only suitable if you have a low BMI or you sleep solely on your side and require less back and neck support than average. We would generally advise an amount of caution when selecting a soft mattress over the much more common medium firmness

Cover Material Composition : Fabric

All mattresses have covers, these aim to serve 2 purposes, firstly, they can offer additional comfort in addition to the fillings for the person laying on them. Secondly, they help protect the mattress from the person sleeping. Different mattresses will use different fabrics as a protective layer.

Mattress Construction : Core Construction: Foam, Top Layer: Soft Filling

Mattress Thickness : 13cm

Revivo collection

Mattress Construction: Core Construction: Foam; Top Layer: Soft Filling

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