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Sleepeezee Immerse 2200 PocketGel Plus Pillow Top Mattress

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5.0/5 - Read 13 Reviews
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22p per sleep based on average mattress lifespan
Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
With Divan Bed Set
With Ottoman Bed Set
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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Sleepeezee Immerse 2200 PocketGel Pillow Top Mattress is a luxurious mattress that contours to your shape and provides that perfect level of support for a restful night's sleep. This mattress features a 4cm dual-gel layer, which is supportive yet cool. The soft, quilted cover is made from supersoft knitted fabric, and the pillow top is filled with anti-allergy Sensifil™ smart fibres for allergy sufferers.

Breaking down the layers we have a support layer and comfort layer. 

Starting with the comfort layer this mattress comes with a deep and luxurious gel layer on top. Gel is one of my favourite top layers because it is both cooling and comfortable with deep and luxurious softness that translates into a very comfortable nights sleep. Typically manufacturers try and get away with a lower filling amount while still being able to make all the typical gel benefit claims. Not so for Sleepeezee who are providing a generous 4cm of gel in this product against the typical 2cm seen elsewhere. It's a testament to the additional quality craftsmanship and luxurious materials that go into the new Sleepeezee range of mattresses. What's more, since gel is breathable you'll get a cool nights sleep.

Onto the support layer and you get an impressive 2200 pocket springs. I've covered the different spring systems multiple times on the website and as any long term readers will note my that pocket springs are my favourite support layer. The reason is quite simply that pocket spring tends to offer the best body contouring and long term support. With springs, the more the better is typically the rule, albeit the usefulness of additional springs tends to drop off at around 2000-2500 mark.

When it comes to comfort you've got a medium tension from the pocket springs which is great news for the majority of people since medium tension is largely suitable for the vast majority of people. Do you like sleeping on your side? Great, medium tensions allow your shoulder and hips to sink sufficiently into the mattress and avoid contourting of the spine and back while you sleep. Prefer sleeping on your front or back? That's fine too, medium tension supports your back and neck enough to again, offer a fantastic nights sleep. In terms of recommendations, unless you are considerably below or above BMI guidelines, a medium firmness is normally suitable.

What that means then is the Sleepeezee Immerse 2200 PocketGel Pillow Top Mattress largely ticks all the most important boxes on someones checklist.

How does it feel?

Firmness of The Sleepeezee Immerse 2200 PocketGel Plus Pillow Top Mattress depends on bodyweight. Adjust your weight below to get an indication of how it may feel. Remember though that firmness is entirely subjective.
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Reasons to Buy

The gel is great because it has many of the same benefits in comfort as memory foam but with none of the downsides. See, foam is traditionally not breathable which makes you too hot. With gel there is no such issue yet still remains extremely comfortable. 

Customer reviews are very positive remarking on the plush comfort and great nights sleep they are getting. What's more, you get an impressive 5 year guarantee which helps go some way to showing you just how much the brand believe in the product while giving you the confidence you need to make such a considered purchase.

Reasons to Avoid

Downsides reported by customers tend to point to the pillow top, which a few have remarked has caused them to get a bit too hot at night This is unfortunate as many will be looking to this mattress for its cooling gel properties. That said, it's entirely subjective, largely people report the mattress is comfortable and soft and from a brand you can trust.
Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark
Of The Sleepeezee Immerse 2200 PocketGel Plus Pillow Top Mattress
Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews.

Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark

Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews. For example, a firm pocket spring support layer is more breathable and offers better back support but may prove unsuitable for side sleepers, the reverse is true for a soft-medium tension reflex foam support layer. This is one of 100+ datapoints considered when generating the below ratings.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the quiz above for a more tailored guide.
  • Back Sleepers
  • The amount of support offered from a mattress will vary depending on the firmness of the tension and the type of support layer used. Based on a person of average build.
  • Side Sleepers
  • If you sleep on your side you typically need a supportive tension that is not too firm, nor too soft. This is because your hips and shoulders need adequate sinkage.
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers need a reasonable amount of tension in the base support layer to adequately offer body contouring and help prevent aches and pains. Results will vary based on your build.


  • Breathability
  • Mattresses that feature breathable materials help promote airflow and keep you cool making for a more hygienic night's sleep.
  • Turning on mattress
  • Certain materials like memory foam can make it difficult to move about on the mattress while you toss and turn. Same too for pillow tops which can create a cloud like sensation which can make manoeuvrability challenging.
  • Stability
  • Depending on the type of support layer in place can have an impact on stability, edge to edge support and roll together prevention. Pocket springs of a firmer tension will have better stability than open coil soft tension, for example.

Ease of Use

  • Turning handles
  • Mattresses typically need to be rotated frequently and having turning handles can be massively beneficial, particularly in larger sizes which can become fairly heavy.


  • Initial Odour
  • Materials in mattresses, particularly memory foam and rolled bed-in-a-box mattresses can have an initial odour, this is typically short term and reduces considerably within 24 hours.
  • Long Standing Odour
  • Certain materials inside different mattresses can produce a small odour. Typically this is short term rather than long standing but there are minor exceptions.

Brand Rating

  • Overall Brand Rating
  • This is based on community driven customer reviews tied to product reviews and grouped together at a brand level to produce a score.
Of The Sleepeezee Immerse 2200 PocketGel Plus Pillow Top Mattress
Brand: Sleepeezee
Retailer: Mattress Online
Delivery Time: Excellent
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Excellent
Guarantee: Good

Calendar Icon Radar Analysis Radar Analysis Question Mark

Radar Analysis looks at the product, brand and retailer against base norms established within the industry and determines where the product sits by way of established performance metrics.

What Makes The Sleepeezee Immerse 2200 PocketGel Plus Pillow Top Mattress Great?

5 year guarantee

A 5 year guarantee is quite rare in the industry and is a great indicator of the retailer beleiving in their product. Anything go wrong in the next 5 years, no drama, get it replaced.


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems


A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

31cm deep

One of the deeper mattresses available from any retailer, this is a very deep mattress and one that will require specialist deep fitted sheets if that's the direction you wish to go. The depth of a mattress does not always correlate to a decent product, however, it is always a fairly good indicator.


Single sided means only one side is comfy. Positives are you only need to rotate the mattress occassionaly rather than the more cumbersome rotate and flip. Downside is the lifespan of the product may suffer as a result, only marginal, but worth mentioning.

Includes turning handles

Oh turning handles are pointless I hear you say. Just try flipping and turning this product without handles. It can be a pain. Remember that mattresses should be both rotated and flipped frequently, not a problem if you are opting for a sinle, but those doubles and kings can get heavy. Handles are very good.

Air Vents

When you sleep you also sweat, when this happens it generally leaks into the mattress. Sounds a little gross but that is the way it works, no drama however as matresses are built to be breathable and air out any moisture buildup, the addition of air vents helps ensure this happens with peak efficiency

Handcrafted in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK means that the product is built here, by people being paid a fair and honest wage using certified and safe products of good quality and construction. UK manufacturing is some of th best in the world and all of that is reflected in this product

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Pocket springs

Pocket springs are like natures own springy piece of comfort, except they are not from nature. Alas, pocket springs are a very good part of a mattress and often found in the more premium models. Lower quality products will frequently use open coil spring setups, where pocket springs house each spring in a tiny pocket for additional stability and continued support. Pocket spring typically lasts longer than open coil due to this.

Reflex foam

Reflex foam is basically like memory foam without the memory part. Reflex foam is used more as a supportive layer than a comfort layer and is often used as an alternative to conventional spring systems.

Includes a free 60-Night Sleep Trial: swap for any other Sleepeezee mattress if you don't love it!

This is a relatively new introduction from the guys at Sleepeezee and one set to upset the industry and the way we shop for mattresses online. What happens when you buy a mattress online and you don't like it? Well, more often than not if you've opened the packaging, you are no longer able to claim under the distance selling regulations and the 14 day cooling off period is void. In steps the 60 night sleep trial from Sleepeezee. If, within 60 days you are not completely satisfied with your mattress you can simply swap it from another in the same range. Massively fortunate for anyone looking at buying online and a safety net that is still fairly  unheard of in the industry among traditional manufacturers.

Two layers of Staycool™ Gel provide double the comfort!

Stay cool Gel helps keep your body cool while you sleep. Gel is a great alternative to memory foam and even latex, both of which can cause you to get too hot without proper airflow (memory foam is the worst for this). This gel also operates as a part of the comfort layer and provides a high degree of comfort.

The 4cm dual gel layer keeps you cool and fresh

Traditional memory foam has one critical pitfall around heat retention and buildup. See, the foam absorbs heat and is not particularly breathable meaning that it can cause many people to get too warm as they sleep. Cooling gel foam is different however featuring all the positives of traditional memory foam but without the pitfalls of heat build up. It's a great option for those who find comfort in the foam.

Firm base of reflex foam provides essential support

When we fall asleep, our muscles relax and what that does is it allows our body to decompress. But when we're sleeping on a too soft mattress, the muscles don't have enough support and they're not getting the proper relaxation.The benefits of a firm mattress are that you're going to sleep more soundly,  your back pain is going to be relieved and you're going to have less muscle aches and pains.

A combination of 2200 SoftTouch™ and SoftTech™ pocket springs

Pocket springs are probably the best support layer you can get in a mattress helping to provide measured and even support across your body where you need it most. What's more, the unique feeling of pocket springs hugs each point of your body, offering contouring across each pressure point to relieve aches and pains. Lesser models will frequently include alternatives to pocket springs like open coil traditional springs and reflex foam. Do not be fooled, while pocket springs are often slightly more money than their counterparts, you are typically getting a better spring system and base layer.

Pocket springs provide incredible, personalised support for your body

Pocket springs are of considerable better quality than their poorer traditional open coil counterparts. Put simply, pocket spring contours better and supports better than other base layers. When it comes to pocket spring mattresses, the general rule of thumb is that the more springs the better. There are exceptions, of course, but for the best part this is likely to be a good quality mattress based on it's base layer.

Pocket springs move individually to absorb movement for a peaceful night

Pocket springs are of considerable better quality than their poorer traditional open coil counterparts. Put simply, pocket spring contours better and supports better than other base layers. When it comes to pocket spring mattresses, the general rule of thumb is that the more springs the better. There are exceptions, of course, but for the best part this is likely to be a good quality mattress based on it's base layer.

Quilted, supersoft knitted cover

This mattress comes with a quilted cover. Many people overlook the cover as a need for consideration however, the right cover can add additional comfort and in the case of this one here, adds quilted comfort that offers a soft but hard-wearing cover that is both breathable and stylish.

Features a pillow top for a truly luxurious feel

Mattresses traditionally have a support layer with a comfort layer on top. Pillow top mattresses come with a further comfort layer that sits on top of the traditional comfort layer to give additional softness and a deeper nights sleep. Pillow tops are usually found on more premium products.

Pillow top is filled with anti-allergy Sensifil™ smart fibres

Anti-allergenic means that the product will be suitable for not aggravating an allergy further and is intended or prepared for those suffering from an allergy. This makes the product ideal for those looking to prevent or relieve allergic symptoms.

Hypoallergenic materials make this a great choice if you have allergies

Allergy sufferers often experience the problem of waking up in the middle of the night or having to get up in the morning with a stuffy nose and eyes. The reason why you wake up with a stuffy nose is because your mattress has accumulated dust mites, mould and mildew, all of which are allergens. The solution is a hypoallergenic mattress is made from materials that do not support mould or dust mites. They also have anti-microbial properties that effectively kill any bacteria that may come into contact with it.

Edge-to-edge support means you can sleep right up to the mattress edge

Edge support offers a sturdy border across all edges of the mattress and gives you the opportunity to sleep in more positions and fully spread out on the product, embracing each and every part of the mattress and not having to stick to the middle. This is because the edging is reinforced and gives you that feeling of stability and roll-off prevention while you sleep.

Medium firmness - a great all-rounder

A medium tension mattress like this is the goldilocks of mattress tensions. Not too soft, nor too firm, medium is typically suitable for the vast majority of people that are looking for a good nights sleep. If you are of average build without back or neck problems, this should be a suitable product. If you are of lower BMI and a side sleeper, consider a softer mattress, whereas if you are of a higher BMI and suffer neck and back pain, consider a firmer tension.

Single-sided meaning there's no need to flip

A single sided mattress is typical for the industry and relates to how  a mattress has the comfort layer on one side of the mattress. only This means that the mattress only needs to be rotated rather than flipped. The benefit of single sided mattresses is that they require less upkeep in that there's no flipping, but also, there's less components involved in the creation which saves costs.

Sturdy handles for convenience when moving

The Mattress has turning handles for easy manoeuvring, which makes it a great choice for people who need a little extra help when rotating or flipping their mattress. If you're moving with a partner, the handles can also help keep the mattress level.

Gel foam

Gel foam is used as a top layer and offers much of the same sort of comfort as memory foam but without the heat build up normally associated with it. All the pros and non of the cons. It's a great choice for those looking for something a bit better than traditional memory foam.

Fire Resistant

Fire resistant does not mean the product will never catch fire, rather, it will not go up in flames quite so quickly. Resistant to fire in the same way that I am resistant to kisses, sooner or later you end up giving in.

Chrome vents allow excess moisture and heat to escape easily

Vents increase breathability within the mattress ensuring it stays fresher and cooler for longer.

Reinforced mattress edge

One of the most common complaints in the industry is against mattresses with a weak mattress edge. It can often result in the user feeling like they are going to fall off the side of the bed and bed avoided. This mattress has a reinforced edge, something that helps ensure that particular scenario is avoided when you get close to a mattress edge while sleeping.

Approved by the National Bed Federation

The NBF is one of the most prestigious awarding federations in the industry, helped slightly by the fact that it is one of the only, however, it is still a great source of comfort knowing that this product holds approval by the team

Mattress depth: 31cm

With a depth of 31cm, this mattress is quite thick and featuring a fair amount of heft. While quality is not necessarily determined by depth, it does go some way toward allowing good quality fillings.

Knitted Cover

It is common in the industry to have a knitted cover, these covers can come in a variety of patterns but are typically hard wearing and do not present problems for consumers.

Dual-layer of StayCool™ gel - providing pressure sensitive support without all the heat

Gel is one of the best new comfort layers to hit the market, offering many of the same benefits of memory foam but without the downsides of heat retention and heat buildup. Gel offers ultimate comfort thanks to its viscoelastic foam and gel bead mix.

2200 pocket springs - a mixture of SoftTech™ and traditional pocket springs

These are springs that are individually wrapped in their own fabric pockets, allowing them to move independently from one another. This can provide a more comfortable and supportive sleep surface, as the springs can conform to the contours of your body more easily.

Pocket springs mold to your body and bring amazing individualised support

Jersey fabric is soft to the touch and provides ultimate comfort. The fabric is also resistant to stains and moisture, making it ideal for those who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities.

ViroFresh™ technology fights off bacteria with anti-microbial technology

100% hypoallergenic - no need to worry about those pesky allergies!

Hypoallergenic mattresses and bedding are both great options for preventing dust mites and having a hygienic nights sleep that consists of materials that are relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

It features a pillow top to provide you with luxurious comfort

Beautifully microquilted knitted cover

We really like soft knitted covers as the fabric is incredibly soft and stretchy while also being breathable, helping to keep you cool while ensuring the mattress can breath. The result is a hygienic nights sleep that has you sleeping deeper, improving the quality of your sleep and reducing tossing and turning.

Medium firmness: perfect for those inbetweeners!

Medium tension mattresses are suitable for the vast majority of people as they are not too soft, nor too firm. This firmness can offer a good amount of back and neck support while still being soft enough to prove suitable for side sleepers. The key benefit for this type of layer is that it's sort of a "one size fits all" approach that gives your body the contouring and support necessary while remaining soft and squishy.

100% recyclable and vegan-friendly

A product that is 100% recyclable is considered better for the environment and goes a long way to reducing your personal waste. Recyclable products and materials are able to be repackaged and remade into new products.

Foam encapsulated so you can have amazing edge to edge support

Chrome vents channel excess moisture out of the mattress

Vents increase breathability within the mattress ensuring it stays fresher and cooler for longer.

No need to turn - this mattress is single-sided: just rotate the mattress

Single side mattresses have a few pros and cons compared to traditional double sided mattresses. The main positive is that you do not need to flip, meaning a hassle free low maintenance product. The easy care nature does reduce durability slightly since there is less surface area utilised as there is no secondary comfort layer on the reverse.

Easily rotate the mattress with the built-in handles!

A mattress with handles can be a great way to make it easier to flip your mattress. This can be especially helpful if you have a heavy mattress or if you live in a small space where flipping your mattress would be difficult.

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Customer Reviews For The Sleepeezee Immerse 2200 PocketGel Plus Pillow Top Mattress

Based on 13 reviews

Top end mattress, well made and very very comfortable, you won't be disappointed.My best buy this year so far!


Very comfortable and well made. I don't wake up with any aches or pains any more.


Definitely a firm/medium and no movement felt from the other side of the mattress!!


Really comfortable, great support, as good as a quality hotel mattress.


The mattress feels comfortable looks very well made.


Comfy firmer then expected but very comfortable


Very sumptuous very deep comfy


Great nights sleep


Firmness comfort


Comfy and sturdy


It feels comfy.


it looks plush


Good quality

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