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TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 398 customer reviews

TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 Mattress

Brand: TheraPur
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Becky's Thoughts On The TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 Mattress

The TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 is one of the newer mattresses offered from Dreams and has some high-end properties that make it a great choice for your next mattress. Made in the UK by expert craftsmen, this mattress comes in medium tension, the middle-of-the-road, ideal choice, for the vast majority of the population. You may find this mattress slightly too firm if you have a very low BMI, while you may find the mattress too soft if you have a high BMI or suffer from back pain. Typically though, this is more likely than not going to be a suitable choice.

The TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 mattress comes with a pillow top cover, this is like having a permanent mattress topper included with your mattress, this makes for effectively double the comfort. In practise, it can make putting on sheets a bit of a pain, but the minor inconvenience is generally offset by the additional comfort layer and quality.

To help prevent overheating while you sleep, the mattress comes with trademarked ActiCool fabrics that have cooling properties to ensure you are never too hot, nor cold while enjoying REM sleep.


What Makes The TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 Mattress Great?

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Exclusive Purfibre comfort and support layers

PurFibre® layers feature improved airflow that enhances the support and comfort of the mattress. Often associated with therapur mattresses, the purfibre layers are often mixed with actigel layers ensuring the ultimate in comfort and support from a top layer.

ActiCool quilted cover

Stay cool regardless of how hot it is with the special cooling properties within this quilted cover.

Sumptuous pillow top

With a pillow top, this mattress effectively comes with it's own built-in protector. That's all a pillow top really is, an additional top layer of comfort which makes all the difference when it comes to getting that good nights sleep. We quite like pillow tops, they have their place in the industry. 

Comfort grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

3200 pocket springs (King)

Ensure that every single part of your body is moulded to your mattress by going for one with 3200 springs, all perfectly aligned and adjusting to every movement you make

Exclusive 4cm ActiGel zoned and profiled foam

This is a unique support layer unique to Dreams that helps to provide a soft and durable layer with fel-like properties that mould to your shape

TheraPur Care Guide

Therapur offer care instructions to help get the most from your mattress. The instruction cover maintaining its appearances and how to avoid damage from water and hot surfaces for example.  It includes actions to avoid such as inadvertently removing a fire-retardant coating. These instructions can come coupled with the warranty. It is important to follow the care instructions as not to void this warranty.

About TheraPur

Therapur is a sub-division of Dreams Beds that produces high quality mattresses that feature new technology, namely, actigel, a unique substance that, when combined with hypoallergenic materials and pocket springs creates the mattresses that make your nights sleep extra special. With UK based manufacturing, each Therapur mattress is handcrafted within the UK.

1 year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is standard for the industry and gives you an adequate peace of mind as to the quality of the product and it's components. 

Customer Reviews For The TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 Mattress

Based on 398 review

The Perfect Nights Sleep

We brought this mattress back in March but due to the issue's with Covid-19 we waited until June for its delivery. All I can say is that it was well worth the wait!! This is without doubt one of, if not the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. It is total luxury! I used to spend a lot of time in hotels in the US and always marvelled at the beds in most of the places I stayed. This mattress is even more comfortable than the ones I used to look forward to sleeping on when I was away. It gives fantastic support, whilst feeling soft and luxurious. From the moment you lay down on it you are in a special place and just know you are in for a goods night sleep. I wake feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for the day. A fantastic investment.


I just dont want to get up in the mornings!

We bought this mattress just over two weeks ago and,although we tried it instore we both agree that this is way beyond our expectations. the mattress provides just the right amount of support for two people who both suffer with back problems and yet is without doubt the most all round comfortable bed that we have ever slept on. we have spent a lot of money inn the past on mattresses that have promised to provide the best sleep ever, but then failed to deliver. This mattress however does exactly what is sets out to do;it provides comfort in spadeloads and all the support that we need. I have always been an early riser, but i can say that for the first time i really do not want to get up in the mornings.


this is the one for a comfy sleep

This mattress may be expensive but it is excellent. for the last 2 weeks we have both had the best comfiest sleep ever, for a very long time we had been ignoring the state of our old mattress, but we took the plunge and decided to order this mattress, we tried nearly every mattress in store but kept on going back to this one. The mattress is very thick, the gel makes the bed seem cool but in fact at the moment you are toastie inside. I find the bed not cold when you first get in at night unlike the old one, in fact i have not needed bed socks at all. The mattress is very supportive, I do not feel any movement at all from my husband if he rolls over etc. Going to bed now is such bliss


Great night's sleep

I originally discovered this mattress in store after trying the Sleep Match mattress finder. This was the second mattress on the list of five. After testing them all in store, I finally decided on this and having slept on this mattress for about 3 weeks now, I can say I am happy with the purchase. I've not noticed any lumping on the topper (as mentioned by other reviews that I'd read online) and it doesn't make you excessively warm at night, like some foam mattress. Nothing yet to indicate poor quality and overall, I have slept very comfortably with my new mattress. I'd highly recommend going to the Dreams store to try Sleep Match where possible - it worked very well for me.



This is the best mattress I've ever owned. I upgraded from a memory foam mattress and the difference is extremely noticeable. The bed leaves me with no aches or pains including my lower back even after sleeping on it for 10 hours. The bed does feel cold when jumping in however it warms up within a matter of minutes, whilst keeping the rest of the bed cool. I've never had issues with being too hot or too cold with this matters. The only downside I can think of is that it needs rotating every few weeks, and this tasks cannot be done by yourself due to the weight and size of it. Apart from that the mattress is flawless.


It’s comfortable

Had this 3 months now, mattress is comfortable, however, a ‘ridge’ in the middle where we don’t sleep. My main issue has been finding a fitted sheet large enough to fit a superking, gave up and got a flat sheet, mattress cover (therapur) does not fit well (not big enough despite being the correct size and you get horribly creased sheets underneath you. I do not find this a ‘cool’ mattress as it is described to be, additionally it is so heavy it’s near impossible to get the sheet tightly fitting, overall an absolute pain as the sheet needs refitting every day. The sheet issue affects the comfort of the mattress.


If you want to sleep like a baby - get this!

We bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it is definitely worth the investment! My partner usually has trouble sleeping and doesn't get much deep sleep in, but this mattress has changed everything. As for myself, I generally sleep well, but I no longer have occasional aches in my body/neck due to sleeping in the wrong pose. Apart from this mattress being super comfy, the top layer of cooling gel adjusts to your body and helps you snooze throughout the whole night without waking up. The only negative - it is hard to get out of bed because it's so comfy!


Very nice if you like a soft mattress

This is a very nice mattress if you like soft mattresses, unfortunately it was given the comfort rating of a medium and in my opinion this mattress doesn't come close, as I wanted a medium I found this mattress was not for me and as it has very little support it just made my backache worse. I will therefore being doing a comfort exchange for a harder mattress. The mattress itself is lovely, but Dreams let me down by giving it a medium rating rather than a soft rating. I feel very let down by dreams misleading me which has now cost me a lot of money.


Best nights sleep in ages!

We went to dreams because my husband had bought a hybrid mattress from an online company (with a 100 day trial) but it didn't take long for me to have awful backache!! It was too hard. We needed a supportive matress that was also a bit softer for me. The lady took us round the shop and helped us choose one that we were both happy with. My husband is so happy with the mattress too, he was worried it would be too soft but with all the extra pocket springs it's very supportive. We're so happy with our choice! Super comfortable and well worth the money


Brilliant mattress

Needed a replacement for our 7 year old mattress that had sank pretty badly in places but was still a decent mattress. I suffer from back problems and needed medium firm however my wife doesn't like firm feeling mattresses. Opted for this one as gives the best of both worlds. Cooling effect is good but once you put the mattress protector (Therapur cool) and then a sheet it's not as noticeable- great for anyone worrying about it being too cold. Have been following the rotation instructions and just hope it lasts for years to come


Holy Shirtballs!

This bed is absloutley everything I wanted and more, I never want to get up anymore and feel myself and the duvet have become one. It's the comfiest bed I've ever had and I have zero regrets about going super King because now I can starfish without my other half complaining. His input for this review that it's very deep so get a deep fitted sheet. 35cm, You're welcome. The only problem weve had was that when putting the bed onto the base there was a splinter and it ripped a little of the material on the bottom.


Really comfy bed

We bought this bed to help me be able to sleep as I've struggled for years now. We aired it for a few hours to get rid of the smell as advised. The bed took a few days to soften, but then it was like sleeping on air! It is so comfy. I actually have to start properly sleeping which is amazing! We choose the igel as my husband gets really hot in the night and he's finding it good, but I can still feel the heat from coming him so not sure how good that is, but the comfort of the bed is great! I totally recommend!!


Therapur actigel mattress

I bought this mattress recently it took four weeks to deliver . I've invested alot of money into this mattress due to having ongoing back problems. It has definitely been worth it I dont wake up with aches and pains . The gel topper as been very cooling in hot weather and been rotating every week . It is very comfortable and no rolling into each other keeping it form . Would highly recommend to invest in a good quality mattress. I've taken out extra insurance for peace of mind for future .


So pleased bought this mattress

After looking and trying many mattresses came across this one. Admit was very hesitate as it was a lot of money but after trying several and I do mean several times in the shop as well as having the 40 night guarantee went for it. And am so glad did. From the very first night felt so comfortable and realised just how bad our old mattress was. Yes this mattress is not the cheapest in the store and is a considered investment but well worth it and would withouth reservation recommend to anyone.


Like sleeping on a cloud!!!

I had this mattress delivered 1 month ago and I have to say it is the perfectly matched mattress for myself and my partner. We absolutely love it, we both sleep in different positions and both have an equally good nights sleep! It is soft (yet not too soft) and you feel like the mattress is almost hugging you whilst giving you just the right amount of back support! I have had the best sleep of my life in the last month and it is because of this mattress! I would highly recommend this product



No-one that I know has ever spent more than a couple of hundred pounds on a mattress and I was embarrassed by spending over 1K on mine. The embarrassment has now changed to an overbearing smugness, this is the best money I have ever spent. My backache is slowly disappearing and I'm sleeping better than I have slept in a long, long time. I would rather give up my husband than this mattress (actually I'd rather give up my husband than the much cheaper pillow)! Love, love, love it!


Best mattress we have ever had!!

I bought this mattress only a few weeks ago and wow so far it’s amazing best nights sleep ever! I had just had spinal surgery before Christmas and needed to buy a new mattress as it old one even though it was only 6months old was absolutely terrible which is no surprise as it was only cheap. So this time we thought we would spend a lot more and go for quality l. We have the superking so it’s a fantastic size for when our 3 young children appear in the middle of night.


Better than more expensive ones

I was originally aiming for a Premier Inn mattress ad I believed they were the best medium firmness mattresses out there as I have spent a lot of time in hotels with work. However, this mattress feels like an upgraded version and it's cheaper. Its ever so slightly less firm than a Premier Inn one but it may be down to the comfy pillow top. This is quite a thick matress so make sure you measure out how it will look in your frame and next to your bed side tables.


Wonderful once I'd settled in

Initially the bed felt very soft compared to the mattress toppers I'd used in the past, and I worried we'd made the wrong choice. However, after a few nights of getting used to it, I can say that is without a doubt the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. One note of caution, the mattress is quite deep. If you're using an ottoman base like I am, think about how high the total bed will be! I'm fine with the extra height, but it may not be to everyone's taste.


A mattress everyone should have!

I purchased this a month ago.. Wow, never realised how bad my last mattress was until I had this one.. Aches that I once woke up with gradually disappeared.. It is so worth spending money on a good mattress. This is expensive, but I feel, worth every penny.. The only down side is turning it every week, it is heavy, would benefit from handles at the end too.. It is very deep, so standard fitted sheets don't fit.. Athother than that, it's perfect.. ??


Soooo comfy

Bought this & was so happy to receive it in the expected delivery date despite lockdown. The delivery men were so friendly - while maintaining social distancing!! (with helpful tips as to how my husband and I could get it upstairs). We were not disappointed with our purchase- we are having the best nights sleep in years!! It is so comfy and very supportive for my back as I have suffered from sciatica for years - would not hesitate to recommend!!


Seeking comfort?!

Have You ever been to a hotel and thought that mattress was amazing?! Well we wanted that feeling every time we got into bed at home, and so far this mattress is giving it! We’ve only had it two weeks so I guess time will tell of it’s real quality, but so far so great! My only advice would be to make sure you have deep fitted sheets, we had to go buy some, and it is quite a heavy thing to rotate every week. So far very worth it!


Super Comfy!

I Purchased this mattress about a month ago after I tested it out in store, when it first arrived it was A LOT harder than i remember in store, but as promised it softened up quite quickly. Its still not yet as soft as the one in store however its definitely getting there, i believe in a few months it will be. i no longer have any back pains, and my partner cannot feel me rolling around the bed anymore which is great for him!


Sleep at last!

When I tried this matress in the shop, I practically cried as it was so comfortable. I haven't slept in my bed for couple of years due to my spinal deformities. This mattress is wonderfully comfortable and I've had some excellent sleep. It is as molding to your body as memory foam, but no where near as hot. Please remember the normal depth of your fitted sheets won't be enough as it is noticeably deeper. I had to buy new.


Feels like a cloud

For a long time I have been trying to make my bed comparable to a hotel bed. This mattress has done just that. I love how thick it is too! My only draw-back is that the stitching of the side handles isn't great. It is a very heavy mattress which also needs turning, I can hear the stitches going when I try to lift the mattress. I have a standard double sized bedframe and this mattress comes up a little short on the length.


So comfy!

I have had my bed for about 3 weeks now and I love it. It was a long overdue purchase but so worth it. I suffer with Disc pain in my lower back and recently suffered whiplash. Not sleeping well I was waking up each morning with back pain so thought enough is enough! I now wake up after a good nights sleep pain free. It’s great. There is just one problem now... I don’t want to get up! Now I wake up every morning


best £1200 i havee ever spent

We bought this matress as we was desperate for a new one. With getting older nad having 3 children it has taken its toll on my back espeshally. Since haveing this matress and purchasing the the tempur cloud pillows, i sleep much better and my joint dont ache. in fact you struggle to wake me up with me being so comfy. definintly recomend this . Thank you Ian from the preston store for all your help and advice.


Sleeping beauty

It's always difficult to choose the right mattress. But with help from the Dream(s) team I did. My new mattress is great. The top layer allows me to sink into comfort (technically it relieves any pressure issues) and the springs support me leading to a great sleep experience _ something I've been missing for too long. Really happy with this mattress and look forward to sleeping well for many years to come.


Super comfortable

I bought this mattress about a month ago after going around a few different bed stores. We ordered it from dreams and I am so glad we did. Everything was so easy from initial enquiry right up to the guys putting the bed together on delivery. The mattress is very comfortable and high which makes it easy to get in and out. I have had the best nights sleep for a lvery ong time. Thank you Dreams.


Amazing Mattress

Getting a new mattress had been on our agenda for a while but we could never decide what worked best for both of us. FINALLY we agreed on this one, not to hard and not to soft, a happy compromise. It was delivered a few weeks ago now and already has made such a difference to comfort and sleep. The overall quality of this mattress is impressive and well worth the money. We would highly recommend.


So comfy, great value and a great nights sleep.

We purchased this roughly 3 weeks ago now and it is hands down the best mattress we have ever bought. After spending numerous hours testing different ones with varying values we are so pleased with this one. Not the cheapest but also not the most expensive but it has certainly aided in getting a much better nights sleep. Coupled with great service it has been a thoroughly enjoyable purchase.


Worth the pricey tag. Great mattress.

A beautifully comfortable mattress. Although pricey, it was definitely worth spending on this. I find it immediately comfortable and sleep well but hubby is still adjusting from old mattress. Soft but very supportive. I had to buy new fitted sheets as this mattress is very deep. Had lots of help and advice in store but were allowed time alone to discuss our purchase without pressure.


Best Nights Sleep for years!

We were not sure what we wanted, as I had broken my back some years ago. The staff were brilliant and extremely helpful with their advice and time. We tried many mattresses, and the Therapur ActiGel we chose has not disappointed at all. It is always a worry buying something so important, but the 40 day trial period is a brilliant idea, it really helps to make the decision easier.



If you have lower back pain and sleep on your side this is the mattress for you. We went and did the sleep match thinking it wouldn’t be that good and boy were we wrong! We tested this out in store and immediately loved it. We’ve now had it at home almost a month and my back pain is non-existent in the mornings now, and it’s SO comfortable. Get in your local store and give it a go!


Sturdy yet comfortable

I received this mattress just over 2 weeks ago and so far my sleep has improved massively. It’s easy to turn the mattress even with limited space for one person due to the handles on the sides. It’s a dream to get into bed on a night and I’m hoping we have many more nights of good sleep and for someone who struggles to sleep very much at all this mattress has been a godsend!


Wonderful support

We bought this mattress as we both suffer from bad backs. It was worth every penny! We are sleeping like logs, neither of us notic if the other turns over in bed as the mattress is so stable. Our bad backs have improved and we would highly recommend. Only one drawback; the mattress is very heavy and needs turning every week. This is a real struggle for us as pensioners.


Excellent Mattress

We were looking for a new mattress and having tried a number in store prior to purchase, we selected the Therapur Actigel Response 3200. Having had it for a month we are really pleased with it and can honestly say we are having the best nights sleep we have had for many years. The mattress is so comfortable and we would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.


Very comfortable. Not too warm, not too cool.

Now had this for about a month and we are both extremely impressed with sleeping comfort. My wife has severe orthopaedic issues, suffering from both polymylegia and fibromyalgia, and since using this mattress has enjoyed good healthy sleep every night. No more broken sleep, no more aches and pains in the morning. Just a good night’s sleep for us both. Thank you dreams


Beautiful bed

I had a few issues picking a new mattress but when I came to Dreams the staff were great, I was measured on the sleep mattress and although I didn’t like any of them that was suggested Andria was so knowledgable about suggesting ones would suit me. This mattress is so comfortable and so much better than my previous one. I live it so much. Thank you Dreams!


fantastic comfort

we bought this a few weeks ago and by far the best thing we have done ! fantastic comfort, wish we had bought it a few years earlier. Comfy, cozy but not too warm and the beat nights sleep we have had in a long time. Could not recommend highly enough. Staff were friendly and a great help, a pleasure to deal with. Delivery staff were fantastic as well.


Wonderful mattress for a good nights sleep

Bought this mattress around a month ago and at first I was not sure as we were so used to our old mattress however I am now feeling the benefits of a new mattress. It is extremely comfortable, we both get a good nights sleep without disturbing each other when we roll over and its excellent quality. Also no more rotating the mattress every 2/3 months.


So comfy!

I recently purchased this matteress. We had booked our selfs in for the test ved and its really helped toward the purchase of our new bed matteress ect. This mattress keeps us at a regulated temperature which is just perfect to wake up and not feel all muggy and horrible likely you wake up from a great nights sleep feeling great and ready for the day.


Sleeping on a cloud!!

Purchased the king Therapur Actigel 3200 mattress, one of the best purchases we have made. Took a few days to get use to it however now it is dream to get into bed. It’s keeps you cool all night but still feels cosy. The gel and memory foam technology moulds your body so you feel supported in bed. We always woke up with sore bits now they have gone.


As comfortable as I expected

I had my new mattress delivered just over two weeks ago. Straight away I noticed the improvement on my old one. It provides the support I require without being too firm. I believe the high number of springs makes a great difference. The ActiGel Plus makes it very comfortable. I'm very pleased I chose this mattress and the value for money it offers.


comfortable but i was expecting to sleep better.

had this mattress for a few weeks, its comfortable but not as good as I thought it would be, perhaps it takes longer to settle in to it. I also had to purchase extra deep sheets but they still come untucked because I am a restless sleeper. unfortunately at least once a night I have to get out and tighten the sheet as it gets hooked on the top part.


Great quality & value for money

I bought the bed and frame a month ago, although I had a major problem with the delivery service, the products themselves are exceptional, two thirds of your life is spent in bed so why should you go cheap and buy rubbish quality goods. Dreams beds are fantastic!! Highly recommend, but once purchased you must call immediately to confirm delivery.


Soft but very supportive

I bought this a month ago and have now ‘broken’ the mattress in, it is really soft and squishy but i feel well supported and don’t feel like I'm inside the mattress unlike memory foam mattresses. It has a nice hotel feel to it. The only problem is the mattress is quite thick so it is hard to get my fitted sheets on but i get there in the end.


So Comfy!

I got to admit I was not happy spending so much money on a mattress, but after 2 nights kip my fears were gone. It is so comfy! I don't get on well with memory foam as I find it too hot, but this mattress is Gel so doesn't heat up meaning I get a comfortable nights sleep. Wish I had brought one sooner as it's the best investment I've made.


Ultimate comfort

We purchased this bed a month ago after deliberating about the price. It was more than we wanted to pay but worth every penny. I suffer with arthritis and it has been a long time since I have been so comfortable. I wake up some mornings and I have not moved as opposed to tossing and turning most nights. I would highly recommend this bed.


very comfortable

This mattress is very comfortable and is very supportive, i hardly roll on the mattress even when my fiancee moves on it, the only thing with thte mattress and its not a downside at all is the top of the mattress is quiet slippy therefore i had to buy sheet straps to prevent the sheet riding up the sides when im asleep at night.


You get what you pay for.

After visiting this was the most relaxing I tried. The mattress is soft without you disappearing into it which is helped by the top gel layer too. It is worth bearing in mind the depth of the mattress when buying the frame, because it is so thick I wouldn't have wanted any higher. Very happy so far after a couple of weeks.


This mattress is brilliant!

We have had this mattress for two weeks and it has been a blessing. The support it gives has reduced our bodies from aching, meaning we wake up more refreshed. The acti-gel rocks! Not only providing a delightful surface to sleep on; it has helped me sleep better and cooler. Couldn’t recommend this mattress high enough.


Really helped with my neck/back

Our old mattress had me regularly waking up with neck ache (and subsequent headache), maybe 3 times a week. We've had this mattress for about 2-3 weeks now and I've not had any issues since. Really looking forward to getting a comfy, full-nights sleep once the kids are old enough to not wake us up during the night :D


Very comfortable and supporting. Great price too.

My partner had back problems and i had neck and shoulder problems and we needed a better mattress. We got recommended a number of mattresses but this was out choice balancing comfort and price. The results.....comfortable nights sleep and no pain anymore. I was sceptical but this really did help. Very pleased.


Wonderfully comfortable

This mattress was chosen for us by the Dreams computer testing bed. It’s spot on for . Best mattress we have ever had and great nights’ sleep have been had. Will be buying another one for another room. Not cheap but you get what you pay for and in this case I think you get a lot in terms of comfort and structure.


Absolutely amazing

This mattress has changed my life! It is so incredibly comfortable i don't know where to begin. Before having it i had a silent night with a foam topper. I woke up daily very stiff and in pain, to the point i couldn't turn over. Now i am able to move around, turn over and sleep through the night without any pain.


Back pain no more!

I've had this mattress for less than a month — it's not a soft as it was in store but I'm assuming that it will get softer over time. But wow — so comfy, I used to have back pain a few times a week from our old hard mattress, haven't had back pain once since buying this. A great nights sleep every night so far.


Great mattress

I woke up everyday feeling like an old person with my last mattress but after buying this mattress the difference is immediate. The mattress is just special. It’s soft but supportive, luxurious but affordable and I swear I have not had a bad nights sleep in the last 2 weeks. I would definitely recommend it.


Best mattress I’ve ever had!

This mattress is amazing! Honestly couldn’t fault anything about it. The mattress is super soft, comfy and the perfect amount of firmness. The cooling layer is top notch, it makes sure you stay nice and cool whilst in bed. The mattress feels sure luxurious. Best mattress ever. I’m completely in love.



We have had this mattress for almost a month now and we have never had a better nights sleep. We used Dreams sleep match technology and this was one of the mattresses suggested. I am sure that, due to the quality it will keep us sleeping like babies for years to come. You DO get what you pay for!!


Life changing- in a good way!

I've been sleeping on this mattress about a month. It was expensive, but so worth it. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say my life is better as a result of this bed! I sleep better, it's ridiculously comfortable. I used to have to get out of bed because I was aching, not any more! Love it.


Absolute amazing matress

We bought this matress at the start of november but had to wait until mid december for delivery as we were just so busy!! Since it came, we have struggled each day to get out of bed because we just dont want to get out of it!!! I have never been happier with my nights sleep before in my life!


Sleep like a baby

We got the bed delivered 14 days ago and my wife and I have both been raving to each other about how well we have slept. Our last mattress was firm so we used DREAMS sleep match technology and it matched us to a less firm mattress and the technology was right. Best sleep in a long time


So comfy!

We bought this recently and are so glad we did. It is so comfortable and I have no aches in my hip now which used to bother me constantly over the last few months on our old matress. Really pleased with pur choice. We tried many others in the shop but this is the right one for us.


ActiGel feature is great!

This mattress is extremely comfy. The ActiGel layer really works and keeps the temperature nice and cool. Its very supportive but not too firm. It is very deep so you have to use flat sheets rather than fitted which tend to move about but overall I am very happy with the purchase.


Helen's mattress

I purchased this mattress at the beginning of Sept. 2019. went in looking for something reasonably priced and comfortable. after looking around for something to meet my needs, I came across this. the price was more than I wanted to pay but it was worth it. excellent mattress.


A mattress for a grown up!

Our first mattress that was purchased as an investment for a comfortable nights sleep. I wish we had bought one of these years ago. The difference between this mattress and one of the rolled up delivered ones is incomprehensible. Quality, comfort, and best of all, unbroken sleep.


Excellent comfort

Such a delight to have this new mattress. It has the perfect level of fitness and softness. You can sit on the edge of the bed without it collapsing. There is very little disturbance when one person moves too. I don't overheat and an shelling much better than on my oils mattress


Luxurious mattress

I bought this mattress about a month ago. I love it. It’s comfortable, feels luxurious and soft but also supportive. I’m a back and side sleeper and rolling onto my side is effortless. My shoulder sinks nicely into the softness though I’m still fully supported. I’m VERY happy.


Comfort :)

This arrived in October and have never slept better, so comfy whilst offering all the support we need. Have already recommended you on to family who have since bought products from you also. We purchased other products including the cool gel pillows and quilt from you as well


Total comfort!

Nearly held back buying this mattress as some others said it was very firm and I don’t like a firm mattress due to arthritis. I can only describe it as like sleeping on a cloud! No more tossing and turning at night, it is simply wonderful. Revolutionary for my back and hips!


Just as comfy as I remember

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and still love waking up on it. It feels like a hotel mattress making getting out of bed in the morning very difficult. No longer waking up with aches and pains. Though expensive I think it is worth it. Hope the quality lasts over time.


Simply floating on air!

I have never had a mattress as comfy as this before. I chose this product for it’s cooling gel topper and it really does work. You know when your feet or body searches for a cooler section of the bed? Well this whole mattress is cool at all time without you feeling cold :)


Best sleep for a long time

Had this for a month now and have to say it’s so comfortable. I sleep on my front and back and this is perfect for me I always fall into a deep deep sleep. I get up now feeling ready for the day ahead. I highly recommend this mattress if you sleep on your front or back.


Total comfort

I bought this bed in February this year after think I wanted a foam mattress. After trying different foam mattresses Paula the sales rep asked me to try the therapur gel mattress I am so glad she did, as soon as I Lay down I knew it was the matress I wanted. Thanks Paula.


Best mattress ever

My daughter bought this recently, normally she has great trouble in getting off to sleep and staying asleep. This mattress solved both those problems. Influenced by her feedback we bought the same mattress and, true enough, same result for us. Wouldn’t buy anything else.


Extremely comfortable mattress

I bought this mattress for my son after buying 1 for myself then 1 for my daughter. It is the most comfortable mattress which is why I bought 3 of them. I have another daughter and when the time is right I will be buying it gain. That is the biggest compliment I can give


Best mattress ever

Made to measure by dreams hitech review of our needs, perfect mattress for us, best mattress and most comfortable I've ever slept on. Highly recommend the selection process and the mattress. I'm not buying off the shelf again, made to measure was perfect for us.


So comfy

I did not realise how poor my original mattress was compared to this. Keeps you cool and very comfortable. Usually mattresses that mould your shape are too hot but this is different. Getting some great nights sleep and feeling like I dont want to leave the bed!


Best mattress we’ve ever had

We bought this mattress a month ago and since then every night’s sleep has literally been a dream. No longer waking with aching bodies, we now wake each morning feeling fresh and revitalised after a too-quality sleep. We’d really recommend this product.


Best sleep ever !!

I bought this mattress just a month ago and I love it , it does what they say it does , keep you cool , I would honestly recommend it to anyone , even the older ladies like myself that have the tropical moments , to me it’s definitely money well spent :))



We had this delivered about 3 weeks ago. The Dreams delivery guys were very good and Covid 19 PPE prepared and took the new mattress to the loft room and took the old one away. Mattress is very comfy and we have had some great nights sleep ever since.


Great nights sleep

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago as we'd had our exisitng matress for 10 years and although it felt fine, it was massibvely shaped to me and my wife. the new TheraPur matrerss jsut suports us better and has resulted in a much better nights sleep.


Never want to get up!

Had this for about three weeks now and never had such a comfortable mattress. Got a built in topper which I don’t normally want and my partner does! It’s firm enough for me and soft enough for her. Keeps us cool when we want. What more you you want!


A soft and pleasant sleep

I brought this about 3 weeks ago and I have seriously found a change in my quality of sleep. I wake up without any aches or pains due to uncomfortable sleeping positions. It keeps my body balanced and provides structure on areas with more pressure.


Incredible sleep

We got this mattress last month. could be one of the best purchases we've ever made. We went from having disrupted sleep due to our old mattress to the best night sleep from day one. The comfort is beyond comparison to anything we've had recently.


Best nights sleep in a long time!

I bought this mattress a month ago and since I've had it, there has not been a morning that I've woken up aching like I would have with my previous mattress. The cooling element to the mattress feels luxurious and comforting. Excellent investment.


Extremely comfortable

Superb comfort for both of us despite significant weight difference between us. Definitely notice more comfortable temperature after switching from previous mattress with memory foam topper. New odour faded quickly. Delighted with this product.


Therapeutic actigel 3200

Extremely comfortable been sleeping on this mattress for a week the only problem I have is I don’t want to get out of bed. Best mattress I have ever had. And it keeps my partner from sweating in bed which was the main reason for this purchase


Therapur actigel plus mattress

My wife was having trouble with her back on our memory foam mattress she was going to a oasteopath and she recommended at least a 3000 spring gel topped mattress so we purchased the Therapur 3200mattress and it has made a huge improvement


Game changer

I used to sleep on a mattress where every movement resulted in a spring to the side or back. This mattress has changed my sleep life. It feels like I’m sleeping on air. Getting up for work has become the main challenge I face in life.


Best purchase I have ever made!

This mattress is so comfortable. We tested it out lots of times as it is expensive but it was definitely worth investing. The cooling top is great and it is soft enough for a relaxing sleep but not so soft that you end up sinking.


Brilliant mattress

I bought this over a month ago and it’s been great, with my old mattress I woke up every day with a sore back but not happened since purchasing this one. The only one thing I would say is the cool part doesn’t stay cool for long.


Best purchase

I bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago and it is worth every penny. It is a bit on the expensive side however I had been having the best sleep since. Prior to that I was waking up with shoulder aches using memory foam mattress.


Good quality medium/firm mattress

Had this about two weeks now and I must admit it took some getting used to. The pillow top was strange at first, felt like sleeping on blankets but very comfortable when we got used to it. I would say it is on the firmer side.


most comfortable mattress

i have been sleeping on a relatively cheap mattress for about 5 years and have been suffering with hip pain lower back pain and neck pain (i am 32) i have tried this mattress now for 3 weeks and i have no pain and sleep so well


Great support for a difficult back

I received the mattress a few weeks ago and it has almost completely resolved my back problems and allowed me to sleep. It's so comfortable and the gel layer doesn't heat as much as my previous memory foam. Definitely recommend


Great product

Have had this for 3 weeks and I'm very pleased - comfortable from the very first night. The smell of the gel takes a while to dissipate but airing the room as much as possible has made it bearable. Would definitely recommend.


So comfortable, love it!

I bought this a few weeks ago, and it's been so comfortable. It's on the softer side of medium, but once the pillow top settles it's a delight. It's very deep, so i reccommend buying deeper fit fitted sheets. So far, so good!


Give it time

Felt really firm and uncomfortable for the first few nights and not like the one we tried in the store. But now a couple of weeks later it is the comfiest thing ever and I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Love it

Questions and Answers About TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 Mattress

Can you use a mattress protector with this bed? If so which is best so you still get the benefits of the cooling gel.

Answer: , We would recommend using a mattress protector as this will help to keep your new mattress clean and hygienic, helping to prolong its life. In our range of mattress protectors we offer a TheraPur Cool mattress protector, this is faced with 100% cotton for natural breathability and is filled with unique Quadfill fibres which are both breathable and encourage temperature regulation. As a result, this will help keep the cooling benefits of the gel. Kind Regards, Dreams


Answer: , Electric blankets can be used with all our mattresses however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the mattress surface. In addition, using an electric blanket may alter the comfort grade of the mattress depending on the mattress type. We also recommend following all guidelines and instructions specified by the manufacturer of your electric blanket. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is difference and benefits between zipped and not zipped mattresses?

Answer: , The difference between a zipped and non zipped mattress is that one mattress is a whole complete mattress and the other can be joined/separated by a zip. The main purpose for the zip it to allow the mattress to be separated for either allowing ease of maneuvering the mattress into a property or to have the option to split the mattress into separate. beds. Many thanks Dreams

Does this mattress bend at all worried about getting it up my windy stairs

Answer: , All mattresses can bend slightly but we would not bending enough to get up windy stairs. We would recommend buying a Zip & Link mattress instead which can be a King or Super King and splits in half so that our delivery service crews can take the mattress up tight stairwells. Kind Regards, Dreams

I know Sleepeezee and therapur are the same company. Can you tell me if the sleepeezee Poise 3200 the same as this type please? 

Answer: , Yes, Sleepeezee do manufacture our TheraPur range. The Response 3200 has very different fillings including our exclusive ActiGel foam and a different ActiCool cover compared to the Poise 3200 so they are not the same product. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi.  Your FAQ says your guarantees are from 1 to 10 years.. Why does this mattress being such an expensive item only have a 1 year guarantee.. And going by some of the bad reviews on this mattress such a small guarantee is very off putting 

Answer: , Our mattress guarantees vary depending on the mattress brand. This mattress has a standard one year guarantee, however you can purchase an additional 8 year guarantee on the mattress for peace of mind. Many thanks Dreams

How much does this mattress weigh in kg?

Answer: , Please find the weights for each size below: Single - 28kg Small Double - 36kg Double - 43kg King - 48kg Super King - 57kg Super King Zip & Link - 57kg Kind regards Dreams

Hi. Do you need a specific sheet to cover this large mattress? As our standard one only really covers the top layer and a quarter of the big part of the mattress. Or does the big part usually just remain on show?

Answer: , The depth of this mattress is 32cm so we would recommend using a fitted sheet that is as deep as this in order to cover and protect the whole mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have just purchased a Therapur ActiGel plus Response 3200 D Mattress, Is there a specific Base suitable for this mattress.

Answer: , All of our divan bases and bed frames are compatible with this mattress. We do sell a TheraPur divan base to match the brand of your mattress. Kind regards Dreams

Is the gel top always so cold? Store wasn’t too warm but I found it cold and that was with clothes on! Bit worried it’s freezing when you climb into bed naked? Do you think in a warm house and with a sheet on it might not be so cold? 

Answer: , I do apologise, if your house is warmer than the store this will warm up the mattress, and a sheet will also assist with this. Many thanks Dreams

Can this mattress get professionally steam cleaned or would that damage the gel layer?

Answer: , A professional steam clean would be suitable for this mattress, we would just advise not to use any cleaning detergents. Many thanks Dreams

Electric blankets: one of your replies was: Electric blankets can be used with all our mattresses however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the mattress surface. So where would the blanket go, please?

Answer: , We would advise to place an electric blanket on top of a mattress protector. Many thanks Dreams

Hi, I bought some of these mattresses and was wondering which mattress topper would be best for super king and king as you've sold out of the super king?

Answer: , Any of the mattress toppers that we sell would be suitable for this mattress. Many thanks Dreams

In the description it says it has a 1 year warranty is this correct? As the equivalent from a different seller is 10 years

Answer: , This mattress is only covered by a 1 year guarantee. Many thanks Dreams

I have the TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 Mattress is this suitable to use on and electric ottoman frame .

Answer: , Yes this mattress will be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

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