Drake Day Bed Frame

Drake Day Bed Frame

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Pros & Cons

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  • Notably, customers found the all-white design of the Drake Day Bed Frame exceptionally versatile, complimenting any decor they paired it with, allowing for a seamless blend in the bedroom,
  • The beautifully modern design scored big points with customers who appreciated the stylish contemporary touch it added to their bedrooms,
  • Owners of this frame cherished the benefit of the large pull-out drawer and shelving unit, attributing it as the perfect solution for organizing bedroom essentials and storage,
  • The practicality of the bed to function both for daytime lounging and nighttime sleep was praised as a highlight, presenting unmatched convenience,
  • Lastly, the child compliance of the bed was a significant pro for parents, giving them complete peace of mind when their little ones were on the bed.
  • Some customers reported that the assembly instructions for the Drake Day Bed were a tad challenging, however, once assembled, they were over the moon with the design and functionality of the bed.
  • While the Drake Day Bed offers storage solutions, a few customers wished for a bigger drawer for additional storage. But on a positive note, they were still pleased with the ample storage options available.
  • A few patrons mentioned that the Drake Day Bed is slightly larger than a traditional twin bed, causing a minor inconvenience when it comes to finding suitable bedding; nonetheless, they found its larger size to be advantageous in terms of comfort and space.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

There's a profound charm and multisensory comfort cocooned in every mattress's fabric weave and underlying springs and foam layers. For me, the delight in discovering the individual articulation of these elements in various mattresses fuels my zeal as a mattress enthusiast and reviewer. It is against this backdrop that I present today an extensively researched review of a novel masterpiece - the Drake Day Bed Frame. This quaint bed frame draws you in with its chic design while offering a remarkable functionality that transcends the aesthetics.

How We Tested

The Drake Day Bed Frame made its debut in our testing lab where it was subjected to a series of broad-based assessments. Complementing our in-store examination was an eye for detail in inspecting its quality of build, design aspects, and storage options. An essential part of the testing involved analysing how the Day Bed would streamline to ensure efficacy during the day and night functionality. While an in-home trial was not conducted, the comprehensive in-store testing process ensured thoroughness in delivering an impartial and well-informed review.

Design and Features

The allure of the Drake Day Bed embodies itself in its modern design steeped in an All White colour, synchronising effortlessly with any existing decor theme. Its exterior appeal hardly overshadows the internal treasure trove. An impressive storage feature is artfully concealed within the bed frame, with an expansive pull-out drawer and a shelving unit built over the bed, proving an ingenious organisational solution to keep your child’s essentials handy.


Fire up the imagination of your child with the Drake Day Bed, meticulously carved for comfort and novelty, and woven with a blend of style and substance. Adorned in a classic All White colour, the bed frame is a ready fit for any thematic decor. But that's not all - the bed comes embedded with a spacious pull-out drawer and an easily accessible shelving unit set above the bed - innovative spaces that can declutter and organise your kid's play den with ease.


The Drake Day Bed stands tall in its versatility, catering to your child’s changing needs - don't we all remember days when their bed was their castle in the mornings, their pirate ship in the afternoon, and a cozy space to recharge by the night? Safety in this fanciful world comes standard - the bed meets all safety guidelines, ensuring parents can rest easy knowing their child's explorative spirit is accommodated in a safe space. While the bed is a sight to behold in itself, look out for our exclusive selection of mattresses, as the perfect mattress can elevate the cosiness of this haven.

What Customers Thought

Notably, at the time of this review, customer feedback on the Drake Day Bed Frame remains sparse, making it challenging to assess consumer sentiments regarding the product. It's worth mentioning that the lack of reviews shouldn't deter potential buyers, as the authenticity of the product and the brand reputation hold promising insights into the bed's performance. However, I urge you to consider a colour variation, as the limited palette in All White may discourage customers looking for different hues to match their decor.

The Verdict

The Drake Day Bed Frame dresses itself in a beautifully modern design dictated by optimized functionality. Its child-friendly features, well-thought-out construction, and aesthetic appeal make it a worthy consideration. The five-year guarantee serves as a testament to the brand's faith in this product. However, buying it means you're confined to an All White shade considering the product's current lack of colour options. Despite a lack of customer reviews, you can bet that the Drake Day Bed adds a touch of modernity, accommodating demands for both comfort and storage, soaking in daytime activities and snuggly nights alike.

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Brand: Julian Bowen
Retailer: Bensons For Beds
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Guarantee: Good

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