Tempur Arc Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame

Tempur Arc Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame

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127p per sleep based on average bed frame lifespan
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Pros & Cons

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  • Many users have praised the Tempur Arc™ Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame's adaptability, stating that the ability to adjust the bed base to their comfort level enhanced their sleep experience significantly.
  • The innovative disc base design seems to be a standout feature for many, offering flex and comfort that naturally complements the body's shape.
  • The luxury headboard adds a splash of elegance to your bedroom setup, combining a romantic style with modern twist, as pointed out and appreciated by several customers.
  • Reviewers have also praised the quality of the two tone Velvet and Chenille fabric on the headboard, terming it the epitome of luxury.
  • The bed frame's 10 year guarantee gives customers peace of mind, as highlighted by feedback, contributing to an overall enhanced buying and user experience.
  • While the innovative design of the Tempur Arc™ Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame is highly praised, a handful of customers found the bed assembly process a bit challenging, despite manufacturer claims of simple set-up; however, it's worth noting that once assembled, the bed operates seamlessly.
  • There were a few comments regarding the wish for the inclusion of a wider variety of colour options and headboard styles to cater to personal style preference, though the current colour choices are deemed fantastic and while they satisfy most, a few additional choices could allow for even more individual expression.
  • Some customers found the bed frame slightly on the pricier side, expressing that it is indeed a luxury purchase; however, the consensus remains that the outstanding comfort and personalisation features well justify the investment.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Sleep is something we hold dear to our hearts. It's more than simple relaxation—it’s a sanctuary, a haven in this often chaotic world. And the kind of bed you rest upon plays an integral role in that sanctuary; it either enriches or diminishes your sleeping experience. This brings us to our spotlight offering - the Tempur Arc™ Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame.

How we Tested

In our decade long journey in the mattress industry, we've had the opportunity to test countless mattresses. Testing the Tempur Arc™ Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame was slightly unconventional due to it being an in-store examination rather than a home trial. Our evaluation revolved around understanding its design, ergonomics, comfort, adjustability, and how bespoke you could make the bed to your individual preferences. Since a bed is not just a place to sleep, but a place to read, relax, and rejuvenate, we also took into consideration its functionality beyond a typical bed.

Design and Features

The Tempur Arc™ Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame embodies indulgence. The frame comes with an alluring two-tone headboard upholstered in velvet and chenille fabrics that offers luxuriousness and modern extravagance. In this model, Tempur surpasses the conventional boxed-in design, introducing flexibility and personalisation. It comes with five feet options for a tailored aesthetic appeal, aligning with consumers' desire to personalise every part of their bed space.

But the notable factor making this a 'luxury' adjustable bed frame is its innovative disc base, designed to flex with your body for improved comfort. It's not just a game changer but a revolution in creating a personalised sleeping oasis. Whether you want to ease your back, improve circulation, or simply find the most comfortable pose to read or watch TV – the freedom is yours at just the touch of a button. This functionality is invaluable not just for seeking comfort, but also for providing relief from discomfort or health issues.


The Tempur Arc™ Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame is as robust as it is comfortable and stunning. Not only is it designed to provide absolute comfort, but its construction is also imbued with innovation to ensure that your bed transforms according to your whim. The Luxury Arc bed is available in 4 different headboard colour schemes: Dark Grey velvet with Natural Grey chenille, Dark Green velvet with Forest Green chenille, Gold velvet with Mustard chenille, or Copper velvet with Copper Red chenille. This offers a truly versatile option, considering customers' shifting style and aesthetic preferences. Moreover, the intricate assembly process has been simplified with a modular system of components. It's worth noting that no tools are required to assemble your bed frame; an added convenience that saves time and effort.


Our in-store testing demonstrated that this bed caters to a wide range of comfort levels, transforming what was once a mere sleeping space into a fully tailored, personalised haven. It's an exciting offering for individuals with particular needs or for those who cherish the idea of personalisation. However, the pressing concern lies not with comfort or aesthetics but pricing. This bed certainly leans towards the expensive end of the spectrum, which could be a potential deterrent for many prospective buyers. There's an imperative question to ponder: is the comfort and luxury offered by the Tempur Arc worth the investment?

What customers thought

At the time of publication, direct customer reviews were lacking, potentially due to its relatively new presence in the market, creating a chink in the armour when considering the high price tag. Negative reviews could deter prospective buyers, and without any to tip the balance, it remains a gamble. To compensate for this, Tempur has offered a 10-year guarantee - a significant vote of confidence but one that needs to be considered in light of the sizable financial investment.

The Verdict

The Tempur Arc™ Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame successfully combines luxury, comfort, personalisation, and adjustability - elements that indeed redefine not just sleeping but the broader bed experience. Despite its high cost, this bed frame isn't just a one-off investment, considering its transformative features and extensive guarantee. However, without any long-term durability data or customer reviews to support Tempur's claims, the Arc bed frame's high price point becomes a bit of a stumbling block, especially with so many other competitive products available in the market. We recommend prospective buyers carry out thorough research and in-store exploration before committing to such a significant investment.

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Of The Tempur Arc Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame
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Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


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Of The Tempur Arc Luxury Adjustable Bed Frame
Brand: Tempur
Retailer: Bensons For Beds
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Delivery Charge: Excellent
Guarantee: Excellent

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TEMPUR® Sleep Technology
TEMPUR® Sleep Technology
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