Hopkins Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

Hopkins Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

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Pros & Cons

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  • The high quality 2.1 sound system enhances your cinematic experience right from your bed.
  • The inclusion of a sound bar in the footboard makes a significant impact and elevates your bedroom entertainment.
  • Boasts a stylish, classic headboard design that complements any bedroom space effortlessly.
  • Equipped with Sleepmotion, it offers the perfect position for a variety of bed activities, from watching a late night movie to reclining with a book.
  • Some users may find the control of the TV lifting mechanism via wireless remote to be a bit cumbersome, especially those who are not tech-savvy.
  • The built-in sound system, though quality and immersive, may not suit everyone's preference, particularly for those who prefer quiet and intimate settings.
  • Although the quilted statement headboard is stylish, some may dislike the fact that it takes up more space, compromising on minimalist aesthetics.
  • The choice of soft woven fabric in classic grey or navy tones may not to be everyone's liking, particularly those desiring more variety in colour and texture.
  • While being fully adjustable, some customers may find the Sleepmotion technology complex and difficult to adapt to.
  • The mass and weight limit of 355 kg/55 stone might be too high for some customers, leading to the feeling of excessive sturdiness.
  • Some customers may consider the process of assembling the bed, which requires two people and around 1.5 hours, as a significant inconvenience.
  • The necessity of purchasing the mattress separately could be a drawback for those who prefer complete package deals for their bedroom furniture.
  • Users who favor a more traditional sleeping arrangement might not find the Zero Gravity technology appealing or comfortable.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Stepping into the world of sound sleep and luxury is a wonderful journey, and our stop today is observing the Hopkins Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame. Celebrating indulgence and combining it with good night's sleep, this bed frame brings the cinema to your bedroom without you having to compromise on comfort or quality of rest. The Hopkins embodies a unique blend of aesthetics and high-end sleep technology with a dash of entertainment. It promises to create your personal sanctuary wherein relaxation, rest, and entertainment coexist harmoniously.

How we tested

Our process of testing this highly innovative product was methodical and comprehensive. It ranged from experiencing the installation process to spending days immersing ourselves in the unique features that this bed frame has to offer. We explored everything, from its unique design aesthetics to its innovative sleep technology features, testing its user interface for the integrated Smart TV and how seamlessly it integrates with the bedframe. Moreover, we also checked the adjustability provided by different Sleepmotion bases. Interacting with the product over a span of several days provided us deep insights into the tangible and intangible benefits it can bring to a user's sleep experience and overall bedroom environment.

Design and features

The Hopkins Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame is indeed an architectural marvel, exuding minimalistic elegance with a quilted statement headboard. The bed frame embodies soft woven fabric upholstery, available in two classic tones - grey and navy, beautifully complementing various aesthetic atmospheres. But do not be fooled by its simple exterior, as this bed frame boasts of some impressive hidden features. Of these, the most striking one is its strategically designed footboard that hosts a Smart TV, which can be cleverly concealed or revealed using a wireless remote. It also hosts an immersive 2.1 sound system, delivering an auditory experience of the highest quality, which turns your bedroom into a personal movie theatre.


The bed frame's construction supports three adjustable Sleepmotion bases, paving the road for personalized comfort. The selected base can replace the slats on the bed frame, adjusting perfectly to your distinct comfort requirements. The frame’s cutting-edge Sleepmotion technology also obliquely promises a weightless feeling and eases pressure points. It’s wireless and app-enabled, allowing you to make adjustments for your back and feet remotely, bringing comfort at your fingertips. The sum total of all these features culminate in a sturdily constructed and technologically advanced bed frame designed to suit a diverse range of user demands.


Whether you need a day of lounging around watching your favorite shows or desire a night of uninterrupted sleep, the Hopkins Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame poses as an ideal purchase, thanks to its multi-faceted features. Offered with a 1-year guarantee, the bed frame is equipped with built-in USB-A and USB-C charging ports, fulfilling the modern-day tech needs. However, considering the product's price point, it caters to a specific market segment that doesn't shy away from investing in high-end home commodities which amalgamate comfort, luxury, and state-of-the-art technology.

What customers thought

Customers have consistently noticed and loved the high-quality sound system which comes integrated with the TV bed. The sound system promises a truly immersive and cinematic experience, right from the comfort of one's bed. Many have commended on the classic and stylish design of the headboard, which is a clear winner in any bedroom space. With Sleepmotion, this product offers optimal comfort and viewing experience, irrespective of whether you are watching a movie or are engrossed in your favorite book.

The verdict

To wrap it up, the Hopkins Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame offers a compelling package of luxury, comfort, and entertainment for those willing to invest. However, the price might lean towards the higher end considering the functionalities presented. The mediocre 32" Smart TV might seem inadequate to some users, and thus the upgrade to a 43" 4K TV seems like a worthwhile route. To sum it up, the bed frame is your ticket to achieving the perfect balance between rest and recreation.

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Of The Hopkins Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame
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Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


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Can I fit my own tv in to this bed?

Answer: No, you would need to use the TV that comes with the bed frame.Many thanks,
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Of The Hopkins Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame
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