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Erin Bunk Bed

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What Makes It Great

Bought this for my 3 and 6 year olds about 4 weeks ago. It is in a bedroom about 2.5m square and fits in very well with room for two medium sized wardrobes. We love the shelves at the back as there is somewhere to put a nightlight/books and special toys without cluttering up the bed. The bed sizes are great, I have slept in the bottom bunk myself a couple of times and whilst the headroom is a bit too tight for an adult to use on a regular basis it is very comfy and enough space for the odd night! The only downside for me is that there are no hand holds on the ladder but my 6 year old seems to manage fine - and on the flipside it stops the 3 year old climbing up as she can't grip it very well! All in all very pleased with this bed, it felt like a lot of money to spend on a child's bed but it is so sturdy it is definitely worth it and hopefully will be sellable once my two have finished with it.

Maximum mattress depth of 15cm (top bunk only)

Suitable with a Euro 3’0 single mattress with a maximum depth of 15cm

Made from foil covered particle board

Double shelf storage

Underbed storage drawer available

Recommended age for top bunk: 6+

Delivery not available to Northern Ireland

Questions and Answers

Do standard single mattresses fit this please, 3ft ?

Answer: , The ideal mattress to be used with this bunk is a Euro Single mattress, which measures 90cm (W) x 200cm (L). Standard Single mattresses measure 90cm (W) x 190cm (L) - as a result, a standard single mattress can be used with this frame, however there will be a 10cm gap on the sleeping area. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, Does mattress come with this bed

Answer: , This bed does not come with a mattress and therefore the price displayed online indicates the price of the bed frame only. We have a range of mattresses available to purchase online or in store that would be suitable to use with this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. Once assembled how easy is it to disassemble and transport?

Answer: Hi , This is assembled by our external delivery company and is therefore difficult for us to know exactly how easy it would be to disassemble. It should be the same level of difficulty of any flat packed furniture. Thank you for your question.

can you please tell me the, weight, length, depth, and height, of each box for shipping

Answer: Hi , Box 1: Weight 35KG, H:135mm x W:1723mm x D: 332mm Box 2: Weight 35KG H:88mm x W: 2127mm x D: 390mm Box 3: Weight 35KG H:89mm x W:2127mm x D:342mm Box 4: Weight 38KG H:38mm x W:2077mm x D: 902mm Thank you for your question.

Hi what is the height of the bed rail /safety rail for the top bunk please? Also is the bed on display at any london/greater london stores? 

Answer: Hello, The mattress can not be more than 15cm, please use the store locator to call your most local store as each location may hold a different floor display depending on store size and location. Many thanks for the question.

What height should the mattresses be? In which branch closest to Edinburgh can we view this bed? Many thanks!

Answer: Hello , The height of the mattress should be 15cm. It will be best to call your local store's in the area as they will have different range plan's depending on the size of it. Many thanks for your question.

What colour is the wood and can the ladder be fitted on the right hand side?

Answer: Hello , The frame is white with a grey oak effect back panels and underbed drawers. Unfortunately the ladder can only be fitted on the left hand side. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What colour is this bed? Is it displayed in any stores?

Answer: Hello , The bed frame is white and you will have to call your local store using the store locator to check if they have this within the current store range. Many thanks for the question.

Can they build the bed in a box room the room is 10ft buy 7ft

Answer: Hello, This will be a tight squeeze with the length of the frames pieces but it will be entirely up to you as the length of the frame is just over 6ft 8 inches. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, is there a maximum weight for the lower bunk please? Also, what is the depth of the shelves please? Thanks.

Answer: , Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

How deep is the drawer and can it be pulled out beyond the ladder? In the photo it looks restricted by the ladder 

Answer: Hi , This is a free standing draw so it will pull right out. It measures as Height = 22cm, Width = 42.5cm and Length = 163cm. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

On the website it states it needs a euro size mattress (200*90) but you answered Catherine001 that a 190*90 mattress would fit. Can you verify which of the two it is?

Answer: Hello , It is a euro single (200 cm), but the answer to the previous person was that they can put the uk single mattress in if they wish to do so. Many thanks for your question.

Is the free assembly that is included in the bundle available when you click the free option at door? Why when you get through to payment does the delivery time jump up to 6 weeks when your website says 2-4weeks delivery time?

Answer: Hello , £39 is for the delivery and the assembly, you will always get the current lead time when you get to the checkout. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, can the drawer be purchased separately? I already have this bed. But didn't buy the drawer at the time. (Wish I had now) 

Answer: Hello , This can not be purchased separately online. You may want to contact our customer services to see if this can be arrange. Many thanks for the question.

Can the Erin Bunk be delivered to Northern Ireland? Can we use the finance option to purchase it on line?

Answer: Hello , The N.I stores operate under a franchise I would advise to contact the Belfast office to confirm that on 028 9050 8300. Many thanks for the question.

Hi there. Is the 65cm height between the bottom and top bunk taken from the surface of the bottom mattress? If you know what I mean..?! Trying to work out if too low for my five year old to comfortably sit up in bed. Thanks! 

Answer: Hello , The side rail height from floor to top is 31cm but the height of the rail that supports the slats is 22cm from the floor. Many thanks for the question.

Hi What mattresses sizes that fit into both beds please? And can these beds be detachable for future use?thanks

Answer: Hello , Both beds take European size single mattresses (90cm x 200cm). The beds are not detachable. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Previous Q&A says mattresses should be 15cm height. One of the 200 x 90 mattress (Euro Single 3.0) on Dreams website has 20cm height. Will this mean mattress being above height of the guard? Are there Dreams mattresses better suited to this bed?

Answer: Hello , There is one of the three kinder mattresses that would suit this bed and it is only 20cm in depth. Many thanks for the question.

Does the bed come with mattresses as standard or do I need to order Them and if so do I need to order one or two?

Answer: , No, this bed frame does not come with any mattresses. You will need to purchase 2 x Euro single mattresses. Kind regards Dreams

It states the width of the bed is 52 inches. Please clarify is this including the ladder, therefore the actual width of the bed itself is less than 52 inches? 

Answer: Hi , We give you the widest measurements so yes, this is inclusive of the ladder. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Is this bed white or cream? 

Answer: Hi , This bed probably sits between these colour ranges, we would describe it as an off white shade. Thank you for your question.

Hi What is the depth of the ladder at floor level

Answer: Hello , The measurement for this will be 132cm. This will cover the wall to the furthest point of the ladder. Many thanks for your question.

Hello With regard to the height - is it measured to the shelf or to the top bed base? thanks

Answer: Hello , The height is measured to the highest point, the floor to the top of the shelf. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi I saw the single mattress size from your web site is 190 x 91cm, is it the right size for this bunk bed please?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will fit the bed frame perfectly with those measurements for a single mattress. Many thanks for your question.

Does the bed come with two mattresses? And is this included in the price?

Answer: Hello , No, there are no mattresses included in the purchase of the Erin Bunk Bed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is home assembly service an option?

Answer: Hi , Assembly is included in the price of this product and therefore would come as standard. Thank you for your question.

Can adults sleep on the top bunk?

Answer: Hello, This is not recommended however we do not have a weight restriction set for our frames. Many thanks for the question.

What material is the bed made from

Answer: Hello , The Erin Bunk Bed is made from foil covered particle board. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, I’m just wondering if this bed comes with matresses? As it doesn’t say on description. Thanks 

Answer: Hi , No, you will have to purchase two European sized single mattresses separately. Thank you for your question.

Is how much the ladder comes out included In the dimensions?

Answer: Hi GrCe45, Yes, the width is inclusive of the ladder - we provide the widest measurements. Thank you for your question.

Hi.  Is there a sample of the Erin bunk bed set in your Watford branch?

Answer: Hello , I am afraid we do not have this particular frame within this branch. Many thanks for your question.

Is there anything to stop a child falling from the top bunk.

Answer: Hello , This bed has a safety rail and a height limit to the mattress of up to 15cm. Many thanks for your question.

It is unclear from the photo whether the drawer is part of the bed frame and on runners, or does it just lie on the floor and you have to drag it out when you want to use it? many thanks in advance!

Answer: Hi , This is not on runners, this is able to be pulled out. I hope that helps. Many thanks for your question.

Would it be suitable for an adult to use either the top or bottom bunk? or both?

Answer: Hi , Both the top bunk and bottom bunk have a maximum weight limit of 13 stone. Thank you for your question.

Hi, Can we flip the ladder onto the right hand side to suit our room requirements?

Answer: , Unfortunately the ladder is unable to be assembled on the other side of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you know the height at the top bunk? I assume the height dimension of 165 is to the top of the shelf?

Answer: Hello , The height of the bunk would be approximately 134cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How safe is the top bunk with no guard rail?

Answer: Hello, This is the reason why we recommend the bed for 6 years old and above. Many thanks for the question.

Can the ladder be put on the right hand side instead of the left?

Answer: Hello, The ladder can only be placed on the side seen in the product image. Many thanks for the question.

HI, Can you tell me the overall height of the bunk bed from bottom to highest point please.

Answer: Hi The height of this bunk bed is 165cm. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

hi is this bed 132cm wide icluding the ladder attached??

Answer: Hello , Yes this bed is 132 cm including the ladder. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the bed frame made of? 

Answer: Hello , The Erin Bunk Bed is made from foil covered particle board. Many thanks for the question.

Hi can the beds be separated in the future if i wanted to put side by side ?

Answer: , Unfortunately the Erin bunk bed cannot be split into two singles Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, could you provide the dimensions of the under bed drawer please? Thanks

Answer: Hello, The length is 163cm, the width is 42.4cm and the height is 22cm. Many thanks for the question.

what colour is the Erin bunk bed, can you get it in pink?

Answer: Hi , This bed is white, and is currently the only colour choice. Thank you for your question.

If width is 132cm including the ladder, what is the width without the ladder - would like to know if the non ladder end would fit into alcove! 

Answer: Hello , Without the ladder the width is 107.3cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Are there any weight restrictions on this bunk bed please

Answer: Hello , There is no set weight limit for the bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Can it be assembled without the ladder?

Answer: Hello , I am afraid that it can not be fitted without the ladder. Many thanks for your question.

Can you get the ladder on the right hand side instead of the left?

Answer: Hello , It can only be positioned as seen on the product image. Many thanks for your question.

Which stores is this bunk shown? 

Answer: Hello , Not on display in any of your local stores, I'm afraid. Many thanks for your question.

Hello is it possible to order the drawer separately? I already have the bed.

Answer: Hello , I am afraid not, it only comes as part of the set. Many thanks for your question.

Are the bunk beds suitable for a 12 year old 

Answer: Hi , Absolutely, this product would be a perfect choice. Thank you for your question.

Please specify firstly how much human weight the top bunk can carry and secondly how much the bottom bunk can carry.

Answer: Hi , The top bunk and bottom bunk can both carry 80kg. Many thanks for your question.

Hi  What is the dimension of the lower bed? Is it a standard double bed that can fit adults too? What is the suitable mattress for the lower bed? Thank you 

Answer: Hi , The lower bed takes a euro single 90 x 200cm. Many thanks for the question,

What is the clearance between the top and bottom bunk?

Answer: Hello , This will be approximately 65cm in clearance. Many thanks for your question.

Can I ask what's the weight of this bed when delivered unassembled? As well as the box size. I'm intending to have this bed shipped over to Singapore.

Answer: Hello , The Erin weighs 141kgs. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What size mattresses will fit in each bunk? Thanks 

Answer: Hi , This bed frame takes a euro single 90 x 200cm. Thank you for your question.

Hi, what is the maximum user weight for the top bunk?

Answer: Hello , The maximum weight is 80kg. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can the ladder be fitted on the RH side of these beds?

Answer: Hello , No unfortunately not. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi Please can you tell me the colour of this looks like two colours but I cannot quite work them out and am wondering if it will clash with the beech furniture I already have. Thank you

Answer: Hi , Of course, this bed frame is grey and white. Thank you for your question.

Does this bunk bed come with mattresses or purchased separately

Answer: Hello , Mattresses are purchased separately. Many thanks for the question.

Your website clearly states FREE ASSEMBLY. Can you confirm this is correct.

Answer: Hello , Yes, it is a free assembly for this range. Many thanks for your question.

Does the bed come with 1 mattress and additional to be purchased

Answer: Hi , The mattresses are an optional extra. Thank you for your question.

Hello can you let me know if the ladder can be assembled on the other side of the bed? Thank you

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this is not possible. Thank you for your question.

Does the shelving unit have to be attached to the wall?

Answer: Hi , No, this is part of the frame structure. Thank you for your question.

This looks white and oak, but it also looks cream. There is no description of the colour and I really hope it's cream to match my kids' room but assume it will be white as that seems to be the in colour at the moment?

Answer: Hello, The colour of this bed frame is just off white. Thank you for your question.

What is the height of the top mattress please? I am trying to work out how much clearance there would be from the top bunk to the ceiling as we don’t have particularly high ceilings.

Answer: Good Evening, The total height of the Erin bunk is 209cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the maximum weight limit for the top bunk?

Answer: Hello , The maximum weight limit is 13 stone. Thank you for your question.

Hello, is the support for the mattresses a single piece of wood or wooded slates? Many thanks

Answer: , This bunk comes with wooden slats Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, can you tell me what the dimensions of the draw under the bed are please and the clearance from the bottom of the bed frame to the floor? Thanks

Answer: Hello , The clearance will be 16.7cm. Many thanks for the question.

What is the distance between the top of the mattress of the bottom bunk and the slats (base) of the top bunk? I would like to know if someone can sit up comfortably on the bottom bunk without hitting their head on the base of the top bunk. Thank you 

Answer: , This distance is approx. 72cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please specify the maximum human weight that the top and bottom beds can carry.

Answer: Hi , Each bed can take 18kg. Many thanks for your question.

Is there matching furniture to go with this bunk bed? 

Answer: Hello , I am afraid not. Many thanks for your question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 review

Good solid Bunk Bed

I bought an ex-demo from the Dreams store in York. The staff were extremely helpful and courteous, even though they could not help us in actually taking down the display model to take away. The bed was fairly easy to dismantle and sturdy enough to handle the dismantling and transport home and rebuilding. Our two boys, 6 and 3, love it and almost immediately started to load the shelves at the back with their teddies and toys, so much so that we had to clear some before putting them to bed the night it was built. The ladder is more like steps and easy enough for our 3 year old to climb without fear of falling, not like some where it is a ladder with rungs. The under bed drawer is going to be very useful for bedding for both beds.


Awesome bunk bed for twin boys

We bought this bunk bed as our 3 1/2 year old twins wanted their room made into a "big boy room". They were previously in cot beds but said they wanted to sleep in a bunk bed after trying one in a hotel we stayed in. We looked at lots and this one stood out and the boys told us we had to buy it. Bonus feature was the assembly came as standard, so we didn't need to worry about having to do that. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a bunk bed. The boys love the shelves on each level where they keep their water cups and teddys.


A lovely bed

Item was delivered 25th Jan and I am so pleased with it, it is incredibly sturdy and heavy which makes you feel like your little ones are really safe. Was really impressed with the guy who assembled this it was up in around 1 hour (very quick) the shelves are so handy for night lights, decorative bits, books etc..... I would recommend this bed to anyone for their children it looks so nice and the service from Dreams was really good too and the price was excellent value - very happy indeed


Very complicated to assemble

Spend whole day assembling it with an experienced guy but it was really complicated. I think this you can do once in your life. If you assemble it then you won’t de-assemble again. I mean you cannot Install it again in another room. The guy who was supposed to fix for free was telling it will take him 30 min to do but I doubt this. He also gave us bad time so at the end we did it ourselves. When fixed it is really beautiful & efficient. Kids will love a lot.


Great bunk beds, assembled within an hour

Great bunk beds, both my sons love it, ideal storage shelf’s & lovely colour, very neutral. Couldn’t believe it was delivered & assembled within an hour, great service. My partner was so pleased that he didn’t need to assembly it. Came within the expected timeframe so my boys were so excited. Only issue was the drawer which we paid extra for was smaller than expected for the price & there is no handles on top of the ladder


Children Love It!!

I brought this bed and was firstly told 6 weeks delivery which was fine as we were in no rush, within two weeks the bed arrived and was assembled. The man assembling the bed was extremely polite and assembled the bed with ease. My children absolutely love the bed, with their own spaces and shelves for their belongings. It looks truly beautiful in their bedroom and we are very happy with the purchase we have made.


Love the shelving

We have had this bed since November and are really pleased with it. It is well made with great shelves on both bunks so the kids can have their own private storage areas. The ladder is very sturdy with good wide steps. Delivery and build by Dreams was a dream! Plenty of notice for delivery. One part of the bed was slightly damaged and the delivery guys organised a replacement part, no questions asked.


Sturdy, easy to climb bunk bed

Bought this bunk bed for my boys (4 and 6) nearly 3 weeks ago and they love it. They take turns sleeping on the top bunk. They love the shelves to put books, teddies and toys on. Stairs are easy to climb and the bed is sturdy and well made. Take note: not so easy to shift once built so make sure it’s built where you want it! This bed is heavy. Happy with my purchase.


Erin Bunk Bed

Bought the Erin bunk bed for my 12 & 7 year old daughters and they absolutely love it. Very sturdy, well made and the integrated shelving has been very well received. The bed looks great and is a real space saver. Highly recommend! I chose to have the bed assembled by dreams themselves. The gentleman did a fantastic job and was very professional.


Lovely Bed

I bought this bed after looking all over for a few months. The reviews were good which helped me make up my mind. When it came there was a small crack in the draw which I was a bit disappointed about. However, after a few phone calls and emails they have agreed to fix the part of the draw. Overall though I am happy with the service from dreams.


Great product.

Very happy with both he quality and the service provided. Ordered online and was given an 8 week estimated delivery time however it arrived within 2 weeks. Was assembled by the delivery guy who was very professional and although 1 of the steps was damaged it was replaced quickly. My 4 and 6 year old love the bed.


Great looking, sturdy bed

We bought this bed about a month ago. It looks great and the shelves and additional drawer are particularly useful. The bed feels solid and well put together. It's quite expensive once you add 2 decent mattresses but seems worth it for the quality. It's a double thumbs up from our 6 year old :-)



Delivered earlier than estimated and good communication from the supplier. Faux wood looks a little cheap and the draw is independent from the bed which makes £100 seem a bit much. The bed is big and The kids live the shelves but the chipboard base rather than slats won't take any action!


Seven year old twin grandchildren love it.

Have had the bed a few weeks now and been used by the grandchildren for a sleepover twice now. They love the shelving, enabling them to put their soft toys in place. We have also installed some battery fairy lights. Roomy and comfy and they both sleep well on it.


Amazing service

I bought this for my 2 girls 2 weeks before Xmas and it arrived in 1 week even though we were given a 6 week window. The girls love the bed, we loved the service. Loads of shelf space and feels very strong and sturdy, built to last. Strongly recommend


A big hit

Our girls absolutely love the Erin bunk bed. The shelves are a brilliant addition. They have all their toys lined up and love having their own personal space. Very sturdy and well made. Installation team were very professional. Highly recommended.


Great bed, delivery and assembly

Couldn't be happier with this bed. A good solid bed perfect for my daughter. Plenty of room for me to join for night time stories. Customer service has been fantastic, including a very quick delivery and assembly. Would 100% recommend Dreams


Great children’s bed

I bought this bed a couple of weeks ago for my 9 year old daughter. Just like the photograph. Was built in an hour and a half. My daughter loves it - perfect for displaying her books and ornaments. Would definitely recommend this bunk bed.


Happy customer

Brought the Erin bunk bed for our two girls great looking bed. Fast service they even built it for us. Thanks team, Looks nice in there bedroom ( I think I might sleep in it lol ) It's a bed made for many of year's use.


Lovely bed

Bought this for my daughters aged nearly 4 &6 they love it. It’s spacious and the shelving area is really useful frees up so much space. Purchased the under bed draw as well which is quite handy. It’s sturdy and stylish


great sturdy bunk bed my son loves!

Sturdy bunk bed dreams staff delivered and assembled very efficiently. My son loves it, top quality sprung mattresses with very practical top lining that unzips to wash in case of any accidents. Thank you Dreams!


Children are delighted!

I bought this one month ago and the children love it! They love the storage for their precious items and soft toys. It is sturdy and well built and was the build service was excellent. I am very pleased with it.


Good solid bed

This bed is great just the right to make without a struggle, looks good and the shelves are so practical. It’s so sturdy and solid that I actually cannot move it. My girls absolutely love it.


Kids bunk bed

I bought this a few weeks ago. The team came and assembled the bed really quickly ( and when they said they would). The bunks look great. Well made and very sturdy and my boys love them.


Excellent solid bed

Bought this last week, bought as ex display, easy to dismantle and put back together, excellent value for price paid, my boy is very happy and the extra storage is very handy


Excellent bunk beds

I bought this stove for my young daughters , they and I couldn’t be happier !! Very sturdy and spacious!! Great amount of storage for there books / teddy’s / games ect


Excellent quality and features

I bought this for my 7 year old daughter and she loves it. The shelves are really useful for storing her books and keepsakes. Free assembly and delivery was great too


Very beautiful and money well spent

I bought this for my girls aged 6 and 4 and they liked it very much, so much space for their story books ,bedside lamp and toys etc .very pleased with the purchase


Ten out of Ten

The man came round fitted the bed taking away all the cardboard. Feel very safe in fact my 40 year old daughter sleeper in the bottom bunk. Very happy


Good quality bunk bed

Highly recommend. Good quality, sturdy and great design. A bonus they come and assemble! My boys love it, especially when we make it into a den.


Great beds with storage!

I bought this for my son who has a small room so the built in shelves and draw are a fantastic space saver. It comes with assembly as standard.


Awesome bunk bed

This is the perfect bed for my 5 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it. The extra shelving space is brilliant for housing her toy dolls.


it is okay but it needs to improve

it is alright but not excellent because it hasn't got any different colours or it doesn't have stairs or not even a sleepover at the bottom



Absolutely fantastic , love the shelves as kids are individuals. So they have their items on them. Own night lights etc, books etc....


Fantastic bunk bed

Fab service bed was built didn’t have to pay extra always a bonus! A great bed our girls love it and looks so pretty in there room


Great bunk beds

Great bunk beds would recommend, nice change that they come flat packed but are assembled as part of the price by the delivery team


Kids love their new space

Our kids were sharing a room for the first time and this bunk have them each their own space to make individual to them. Love that!


Super Product

We bought this for our little one a few months ago and are totally delighted with the productZz. Looks great and so study and safe


Great bunk bed

Bought this for the grandchildren and particularly love the steps, little bookcase for each bunk and the under bed storage drawer.


Great !!

Great bunk beds kids have settled into them so well , so glad it came with free assembly. Great price great item.


Solidly Assembled

Had item about 6 weeks....quickly assembled.....very sturdy and not rickety....expensive but overall a good buy.


Just amazing!!!

My daughter loves it!! So much storage room with the shelves. It's clean looking and beautifully made.


Erin bunk beds

I bought this for the boys and very happy with the product . Very comfortable and lots of storage .



I bought this bed, for my two daughters and it is a fantastic bed. I would highly recommend it.


Great Bed

I am very happy with this item. Very strong and sturdy. Both my girls love it.


Great bunk bed.

Bought this for our daughter, she loves it and looks nice and is very sturdy.


Extremely happy

I bought the bed for my son and am extremely happy with the quality of it .


Lovely colour

My boys love this bunk bed!! It's solid wood and they love all the shelves


Great quality bunk bed

Great quality and sterdy bed plenty of storage space best I have seen


Large size not sutable for small rooms

I bough this bed thee month ago, it takes more space than expected.


As soon as it looks

Bunk bed is very sturdy and the shelving is a great addition.


Bunk bed

I bought this bunk bed month ago I am happy with the product


Great bed

This is a very good product for fast and good presentation .