Enzo Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame Rated 4.0/5 based on 4 customer reviews
Enzo Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame

Enzo Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame

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Pros & Cons

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  • The Enzo Ottoman Bed Frame showcases a chic, fluted and reclined headboard design that adds an element of style to any bedroom.
  • Complimented by elegant metal feet, the bed frame exudes an overall cool aesthetic appeal.
  • Aside from its aesthetic design, it also features incredibly useful ottoman storage.
  • This storage area is accessed via an easy-to-use lift-up mechanism, providing a practical solution for bedrooms with limited space.
  • Its velvet finish not only ensures an uber-elegant look but also guarantees durability for the long-term use.
Sure, based on the customer reviews and product specifications, here are potential negatives in form of HTML list:
  • This bed frame might not be suitable for those desiring a traditional aesthetic due to its modern reclined headboard design.
  • Its velvet-touch fabric may not be ideal for those with certain fabric allergies or sensitivities.
  • The Enzo's end-opening ottoman storage requires lifting from the end of the bed, which could be inconvenient for individuals with back issues.
  • While the 18cm depth of the storage area can indeed be spacious, some customers may find it insufficient for larger bedding items or multiple storage uses.
  • Those with heavier or thicker mattresses may not prefer this bed frame as the recommendation is for a mattress no deeper than 30cm, potentially limiting their choice of mattresses.
  • The use of a solid base board, while providing superior support and protecting the ottoman storage area, might not suit customers seeking a bed frame with spring slats for added comfort or a softer feeling bed base.
  • Assembly might seem daunting to those who are not DIY savvy as it requires at least two people for about an hour.
  • Some customers might desire a longer guarantee period for added assurance towards their purchase, with this offering only a 1-year guarantee.

Read why our sleep experts loved it ›

Why our sleep experts loved it


The daily pursuit of tranquil sleep hinges critically on the marriage of personalised comfort and steadfast support. This is delivered in an illustriously elegantly packaged bed frame with the Enzo Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame. Designed for those who crave a sprinkle of luxury in their bedroom setting, this bed frame marries functionality, aesthetics, and comfort in a beautiful blend. The Enzo bed frame stands as a testament to the adage that beauty and comfort can coexist, even in your bedroom.

How we tested

Pursuing a meticulous approach, we spent a significant period interacting with the Enzo bed frame in its stone and deep navy tone variations. This involved simulated daily usage, such as resting, reading, having a cup of morning tea, and of course, sleeping. We also tested the bed with varying mattress types to assess the efficacy of the solid base board support while managing to lift the ottoman time and again to review the usability and functionality of the storage space.

Design and features

The Enzo bed frame owns its grandeur, with an enticing fluted headboard decked in plush padding that exudes a sense of laidback luxury. Its velvet-touch fabric upholstery contributes to the bed's irresistible allure, offering a choice of neutral stone or deep navy tones to match or contrast with your decor. All this beauty is set on statement metal feet, culminating in a stately appearance.


The Enzo takes practicality to a new level with its end-opening ottoman storage. Whether you're looking to store spare linens, seasonal garments or more, this bed accommodates with an internal storage depth of 18cm. For safety and convenience, it features an Ottoman support bar that ensures the bed stays raised while in use. The solid base board definitely sets itself apart, dutifully supporting your mattress while concurrently protecting the ottoman storage area underneath.


While the Enzo Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame tastefully suits most room designs with its neutral palette, we found its stone colour might wash out in rooms with predominantly white walls. A caveat to consider is the long lead time, which might not make it the first choice for those in immediate need of a bed frame. However, for those who can afford to wait, the Enzo is an investment worth considering.

What customers thought

Among the positive reviews we collected, customers extolled the chic charm of the bed frame and appreciated the cool touch it brought to their bedroom. The ease of accessing the Ottoman storage was also mentioned favourably, with its practicality deemed as an admirably useful feature.

The verdict

In conclusion, while the Enzo Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame may come with a bit of a lofty price tag, it brings the promise of timeless elegance, robust comfort, and the luxury of space. Its grandeur is eloquently stated in the form of a fluted, reclined headboard adorning plush padding, encapsulated in the embrace of velvet. Despite the minor caveat of a long lead time, the Enzo bed frame resonates as a fine purchase for those with a refined taste for luxury - an ode to the confluence of design, comfort and practicality.

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Of The Enzo Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame
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Quantitative Measurements KPI question mark

Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


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  • Material
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via Dreams
I recently purchased a mattress and thought I could use the base I already had. Whilst it was ok the mattress felt nothing special. I went back to the store some time later to purchase one. Whilst the Enzo was out of the budget Id set I kept walking back to it during my visit and finally decided to go for it anyway. Delivery and construction were quick and omg Im so pleased with my purchase. The quality of this product is amazing along with a huge amount of storage space to boot. Ive had so many compliments from friends with my new purchase. It has also made the mattress feel as it did in the store. Who would have known the base also helps improve the quality of how the mattress performs!!!
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Image of the post author
Verified Reviewer
via Dreams
Amazing quality. Love the higher sleeping position. The ottoman storage is so handy.
Image of the post author
Verified Reviewer
via Dreams
The bed base was really good, impressive and got good storage.
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Of The Enzo Velvet-Finish Ottoman Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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