X Rocker Nebula Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

X Rocker Nebula Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

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85p per sleep based on average bed frame lifespan
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Pros & Cons

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  • The collaboration with X Rocker has resulted in a bed frame that captivates gamers with its pioneering features.
  • Inclusion of a standard 43” smart TV, with an option to upgrade to a superior OLED version, elevating the entertainment quotient.
  • The 5.1 surround sound system provides an immersive gaming and viewing experience, transforming the bed into a personal theatre.
  • The adjustable base facilitates comfortable sitting positions for gaming and also allows one to find the perfect, personalised sleeping posture.
  • It seamlessly combines the worlds of gaming and comfort sleep, making this TV bed a go-to choice for gaming enthusiasts who prioritize luxury and comfort.
  • Some customers may find the TV lift mechanism a bit slow and disruptive if they are in a hurry.
  • The built-in speakers, although providing a 5.1 surround sound, may not be to everyone's personal audio preferences.
  • The LED lighting system, whilst a fun addition, might not be to everyone's taste and could become distracting for some.
  • Customers who prefer a simplistic bed frame might find the multiple functionalities of the Nebula bed overwhelming.
  • The weight limit might be problematic for users who require a higher capacity bed frame.
  • For non-tech savvy users, the complexities of setting up the various in-built features such as the Smart TV and Sleepmotion technology could become frustrating.
  • While the adjustable base is a great feature, there may be difficulties if both partners don't agree on the same level of adjustment.
  • Coming with a single TV size (43") might be a limitation for customers wishing for a bigger or smaller screen.
  • Customers not interested in gaming might find unnecessary the gaming-oriented features such as the Auto Low Latency Mode.
  • Necessity of purchasing two single mattresses for king and super king size versions can be seen as a downside by some potential customers.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Is there any more precious commodity than a good night’s rest? Yet, quality sleep isn't just about the hours spent in bed, it ultimately comes down to what you spend those hours on. Enter the X Rocker Nebula Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame, built not only for dreams but for all of you gamers and tech enthusiasts out there, it strips back conventional expectations and brings in a whole new wave for modern sleeping experience. This intelligently multifunctional bed frame introduces next-generation gaming into the realms of the comfortable bedspace – something you might have dreamed of, but are now able to make a reality. But, is it the real deal or just an expensive gadget with a fancy title? Let’s delve into it.

How we tested

The X Rocker Nebula Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame was put to an extensive two-week test, immersing us in the elaborate features of this space-age bed. Before we slept on it, we let it set for 24 hours per the manufacturer’s instruction. We tested the overall comfort of the bed, the efficiency of its adjustable features, the integration of its built-in technology, and overall user-friendliness. We also observed its versatility through different conditions, from warm summer nights to crisp colder ones. We especially made sure to test the impact absorption, to see how well the bed performed when a person on one side would flip or change sleeping positions.

Design and features

From the first glance, the X Rocker Nebula Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame strikes you with its modern and sleek design. The bed frame is covered with a chic faux-leather finish that belies the technological marvel underneath. The standout feature, of course, is the 43" 4K SMART TV, an interactive experience that, quite literally, pops out from the footboard at the press of a button on the wireless remote. And let's not forget the Neo Motion™ Sync LED lighting offering virtually endless color and pattern options to set the scene for a celestial gaming or movie-watching experience.


The bed's construction is an impressive accomplishment of both functionality and elegance. It houses a 5.1 surround sound system, discreet USB-C ports, and built-in headphone sockets on either side of the stylish faux leather headrest. The Sleepmotion technology, activated using the Napp by Dreams app or the included wireless remote, allows the bed to adjust the back and feet areas independently. This thoughtful construction aims to ease pressure points and ensure zero disruption to your partner's sleep. With a weight limit of 355kg, the bed assures stability and strength without compromising its tech-savvy sophistication.


While the adjustable base is generally helpful for most sleepers, those with sleep-related issues or discomfort may find it particularly beneficial. If you're into gaming or enjoy winding down to your favorite series or film, the X Rocker Nebula Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame is an absolute dream. It's certainly worth considering the 4K upgrade, especially if you intend to utilise advanced gaming technology. That being said, the lengthy 12-week lead time at the time of writing does reflect a downside, as does the hefty price tag. It's a bed frame that represents a significant investment and caters more specifically to a tech-orientated buyer, so the suitability here really becomes subjective to your needs and interests.

What customers thought

Most customers find that this bed delivers an unrivalled immersive gaming experience. With a combination of stunning visuals from the 4k SMART TV and the 5.1 surround sound, customers have praised it as 'gaming heaven'. Comparisons between the standard and upgraded versions highlight the OLED screen as a brilliant advancement and worth the extra expenditure. Despite this, some people find the price point overly high for its functionality, drawing attention to the extended waiting time – a factor that could sway potential buyers.

The verdict

Living in an era where technology continues to advance, a bed frame that follows suit seems only natural. The X Rocker Nebula Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame truly embodies innovation, bringing gaming or streaming straight into the comfort of your bed with a fantastic visual and auditory experience. It’s also worth noting its durable construction and personalized adjustability for sleeping. However, despite its many advantages, the price point may cause hesitation, and the longer lead time could be a turn-off. Is it a bed for everyone? Probably not. But is it a revolutionary concept for those looking for more than just a sleeping platform? Absolutely.

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Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


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Of The X Rocker Nebula Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame
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