X Rocker Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame

X Rocker Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame

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  • The X Rocker Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame provides a unique gaming and TV watching experience with its immersive sound system.
  • Its integrated RGB lighting, which can be adjusted for colour, pattern, and speed, adds a distinct touch, enhancing the overall ambience.
  • The bed offers the flexibility of syncing the RGB lighting to bedside tables, allowing customization to individual tastes.
  • The inclusion of a standard 43" smart TV offers a great viewer experience, while the optional OLED upgrade takes it to the next level.
  • App-controlled lighting adjustments make the usage experience more convenient and customisable, according to different moods or preferences.
  • The collaborative effort between Dreams and X Rocker brings together industry expertise for a furniture piece that is as functional as it is stylish.
  • With its built-in 5.1 surround system, the bed provides an immersive experience, making it not just a bed but an entertainment hub.
  • According to some customers, the assembly of the bed can be a little bit complex and time-consuming, potentially necessitating two people and considerable effort.
  • Some users felt that the product is slightly expensive, particularly when opting for upgrades such as the OLED TV version.
  • A small number of users might find the variety of colours and patterns of the RGB lighting system overwhelming, preferring a more straightforward design.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

While we spend a significant amount of time shopping for the right mattress, we often overlook the bed frame. In today’s evolving world, a bed frame is no longer just a piece of furniture to house your mattress; it has become a state-of-the-art presence in the room, serving multiple purposes beyond just comfort. One bed frame that beautifully captures this contemporary paradigm shift in the bedroom furniture industry is the "X Rocker Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame". Let's delve into the detailed review process with an intent focus on this amazing offering, which has truly reconsidered the 'bed' in ‘bedroom’.

How we tested

We put the X Rocker Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame through a rigorous two-week testing in a real-use scenario to evaluate its virtues. This involved a thorough examination of its construction, technology integration, comfort, practicality and durability. Our assessment was further complemented with feedback from existing customers for a well-rounded, impartial evaluation.

Design and features

As the name suggests, the Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame is an all-in-one bed frame featuring a 4K 43" SMART TV as standard, ushering you into the next generation of gaming, streaming, or simply curling up with a good film. Its modern faux leather finish lends an air of sophistication to your bedroom, while the Neo Motion™ Sync LED lighting – an app-controlled system offering over 200 vibrant colour and pattern modes - provides atmospheric lighting to enhance your entertainment experience. The in-built 5.1 surround sound system enhances the immersive experience, bringing alive the action in your games, music, and movies. Moreover, it facilitates accessible charging with USB-C ports and headphone sockets on both sides of the bed frame.


This bed frame boasts impressive construction quality with a 32cm deep side-opening ottoman storage feature. This handy storage space helps keep your bedroom clutter-free. Moreover, the bed frame's solid construction supports sprung slats for exceptional mattress support, ensuring a great night’s sleep. A ventilated media tray keeps your gaming consoles safely tucked away and can conveniently be attached to either side of the bed. With all these thoughtful features, the bed frame's construction certainly echoes functionality, comfort, and sleek design.


Given my passion for mattresses and bed frames, the Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame struck a chord with me, primarily due to its suitability for diverse requirements. If you're an ardent gamer or a serial binge-watcher, the bed frame's entertainment facilities are ideally suited to you. The 43" SMART TV, as well as the built-in 5.1 surround sound system, offers a top-notch multimedia experience from the comfort of your bed. Furthermore, the deep ottoman storage and ventilated media tray ensure neatness and space optimization, making the bed frame an excellent choice for those who crave order in their room.

What customers thought

Existing customers echoed much of our enthusiasm for the Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame. One customer review particularly showed their fondness for the bed frame's gaming-centric technologies, referring to it as the "ultimate in TV bed gaming heaven!". The customer lauded the bed frame's app-controlled RGB lighting for providing an immersive gaming experience that reacts to game sounds and accompanies their favourite music. Plus, the 5.1 surround sound system was praised for creating a magnificent, absorbing environment, particularly when paired with the OLED TV upgrade.

The verdict

Overall, the Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame emerged as a unique, cutting-edge bed frame that beautifully blends functionality, comfort, and technology. The bed frame's immersive features take the gaming and streaming experience to new heights. Add to that its lush design aesthetic, ample storage capabilities, and built-in console space, and you've got a winner. While the price point may be on the higher side, the amount of integrated technology makes it worthwhile. So, if you're passionate about maximizing your bedroom's potential, this may just be the bed frame you're looking for.

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Of The X Rocker Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame
Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.

Quantitative Measurements KPI question mark

Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the quiz above for a more tailored guide.
  • Storage Space
  • Certain bed types have a design that caters toward additional storage


  • Material
  • Certain materials are typically more durable than others for long term use

Questions and Answers About The X Rocker Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Image of the post author
Do u get a tv with this bed frame?

Answer: A TV is included in this bed, you can choose form three options:43" Smart LED HD TV43" LG Smart 4K TV43" LG OLED TVMany thanks
Image of the post author
how long do we pay for the bed

Answer: If you purchase the bed via finance, this would depend on the length of term you agree.Thanks
Image of the post author
What depth of mattress should I buy for this bed?

Answer: The bedframe can comfortably fit a mattress of 30cm.Thanks
Of The X Rocker Nebula Ottoman TV Bed Frame
Brand: X Rocker
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Guarantee: Average

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