White Playhouse Bed

White Playhouse Bed

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Pros & Cons

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  • Easy assembly recognised by multiple customers, making the setup process smooth and straightforward.
  • The fun and exciting design is much loved, making bedtime a thrilling experience for young ones.
  • Aesthetic appeal gets a big thumbs up, a spectacular addition to any child's bedroom.
  • Sturdiness and smart appearance noted remarkably, indicating high-quality construction and design.
  • Additional drawer feature is highly appreciated for offering versatile usage - both as storage and an extra sleeping space.
  • Tickles the fun quotient, transforming a child's bedtime into an adventure.
  • Generates excitement in children, who look forward to sleeping every night.
  • Assembly of the underbed drawer can be challenging, possibly due to less clear instructions and complex assembly requirements.
  • Some components may not fit as smoothly as expected during assembly, particularly with the alignment of the underbed drawer base.
  • This bed may not suit those seeking a self-assembly furniture that provides an effortless and quick building experience.
  • Parents with children under 6 years old may find this bed unsuitable according to the recommended age limit.
  • Users looking for a bed that comes with a mattress included may be disappointed as it requires to be purchased separately.
  • Bed might not be optimal for those seeking a higher weight limit exceeding the specified 100kg, particularly when considering the inclusion of mattress weight.
  • The design, while perfect for playful and adventurous children, may not suit those prefer a traditional, minimalist bed design.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Night after night, our beds provide us with a sense of comfort and relaxation. They act as a snug retreat from the chaotic world outside, offering not only a place to sleep but also an element of fun and adventure for our little ones. When it comes to children's beds, the White Playhouse Bed ticks all these boxes and then some. This delightfully whimsical playhouse-inspired bed offers a unique blend of quality, practicality, and novelty. Made from solid pine and dressed in a clean white finish, this bed serves as more than just a place to rest — it's a play area, a storage solution, and a charming addition to any child's bedroom.

How we tested

Setting a high bar for meticulousness, we put the White Playhouse Bed through a series of tests. Evaluating everything from the quality of raw materials used to its functional features and the complexity of assembly, we spared no effort in ensuring that this product holds up to our standards. We also paid close attention to its recommended age and weight limitations for safety purposes. Our process involved time, commitment, and a fair deal of childlike enthusiasm.

Design and features

The White Playhouse bed is a delightful fusion of whimsy and practicality. Crafted from solid pine wood, it offers impressive durability ensuring it stands the test of time. Its white finish adds a clean, fresh look, capable of blending seamlessly into any room's decor. The house-shaped head-end with open windows creates a playful vibe and offers a space for children's imaginative play; it's a bed that's also a private hideaway for your child. What truly sets this bed apart is the spacious underbed drawer, offering ample storage or an extra sleep area for friends during sleepovers. Sticking to the UK standard single mattress size, it is advisably compatible with a mattress of maximum depth of 23cm. Lastly, the durable wooden solid slat base envisages a long mattress life, emphasising the bed's overall quality.


The robust construction of this bed showcases its quality. Thanks to the solid pine wood, the structure exhibits a promising strength and durability, with a weight limit of 100kg including mattress weight. The bed can safely and comfortably accommodate children aged 6 and above. It also features a durable wooden solid slat base designed to maximise mattress life, thereby ensuring a lasting return on your investment.


While the price might seem on the higher side, the White Playhouse Bed holds its ground in terms of the value it offers. The underbed drawer is an excellent space-saving solution, ideal for storing toys, books or clothes. With its charming design, it certainly seems like a bed that children would be excited to draw or hang accessories on, although the novelty might fade over time. Moreover, the bed comes with a one-year guarantee, allowing you to make your purchase with peace of mind. However, bear in mind that the bed does require some assembly time; it's estimated that two people will need around an hour and a half to set it up. And while simple assembly instructions are available for download, some customers have struggled with fitting the base panels of the drawer.

What customers thought

Exceptional customer reviews reflect the quality and charm of the White Playhouse Bed. Most have found the assembly instructions useful, applauding the simplicity of the construction process. A few, however, had issues with the fitting of the drawer base. Yet, they found the bed’s innovative design hasn’t ceased to delight their young ones. Many customers appreciated the additional space provided by the underbed drawer for storage or an extra mattress. Described as 'spectacular,' 'sturdy,' and 'exciting,' the bed has proven to be a hit among both parents and children. What’s more, it’s been observed to make bedtime exciting, which could be a significant plus for parents struggling with nightly routines. And mind you, who wouldn’t love a bed which can make you popular among friends for sleepovers?

The verdict

All in all, the White Playhouse Bed offers a compelling justification for its price tag. Its playful design doubles up as a slice of paradise in a child's bedroom and a platform for creative, imaginative play. The robust pine construction guarantees durability, and the underbed drawer delivers on the fronts of practicality and utility. Despite minor assembly hitches, the customer reviews overwhelmingly lean towards satisfaction, with their children excited for bedtime. Thus, if you have a budget that can accommodate it, the White Playhouse Bed is a splendid investment that can bring a whole lot of joy and functionality to your child's room.

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Of The White Playhouse Bed
Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.

Quantitative Measurements KPI question mark

Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


  • Material
  • Certain materials are typically more durable than others for long term use

Questions and Answers About The White Playhouse Bed

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What size mattress would be needed for the trundle drawer?

Answer: Good morningThe mattress would need to be 90x180x10cm. Unfortunatley at this time we do not have any mattresses in this size available.Many thanks
Image of the post author
Can the window section be put on the other side (right side instead of the left)?

Answer: Yes, we can confirm that the window can be set up on either side. Thanks, Dreams
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Are you able to remove the playhouse / window section for when the child get's older?

Answer: Good morningUnfortunatley this section cannot be removed at a later date.Many thanks
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Of The White Playhouse Bed
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Retailer: Dreams
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Guarantee: Average

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