TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Sensory Headboard

TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Sensory Headboard

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Pros & Cons

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  • Utilises sleep innovation technology to enhance your rest.
  • Capable of detecting subtle vibrations caused by snoring and makes automatic adjustments for comfort.
  • Features an adjustable headend height for optimal sleeping posture.
  • The design is sleek and modern, adding an aesthetic value to your bedroom.
  • Offers a perfect all-round sleeping solution based on comfort and design.
  • Some customers found that the smart snore-detection feature could be too sensitive, occasionally adjusting the bed from minor vibrations not related to snoring.
  • Although the contemporary design is largely appreciated, a few customers felt the available colour range didn't suit their bedroom aesthetics.
  • While the adjustable settings cater to a broad range of sleepers, the bed may not be suitable for those who require a firm, non-adjustable base due to specific orthopaedic issues.
  • The USB ports, though handy, are located behind the headboard, making them somewhat inconvenient to reach for certain customers.
  • Given its specialised features, some might find this bed too tech-heavy, especially those who prefer a more traditional, simple bed setup.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Discovering a bed frame that’s not just innovative but also enhances your sleep quality is like finding a rare gem. And, with the opulent palette of choices available today, making the right choice could be quite challenging. That's why we decided to put one of the most talked-about bed frames, the TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Sensory Headboard, under the microscope. Known for its smart features and an adjustable base with voice and snore detection, this bed frame has set off quite a buzz in the marketplace. Here's what we discovered from our thorough investigation and hands-on experience.

How We Tested

Our testing focused primarily on the bed frame's features and its practicality in enhancing sleep quality. We explored its smart features, snore detection and adjustability component, upholstery, and overall comfort. Also, we examined its unique features like the USB ports and lighting. As we conducted our testing in-store, it's worth noting that our assessment doesn't include its performance within a home setting.

Design and Features

The TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Sensory Headboard doesn't fail to impress with its modern curved headboard design and smooth flat woven upholstery. Further adding to its appeal are the spindle-style legs, which are available in a pleasing variety of colours, making it integrate seamlessly into any home decor. Adding instant atmosphere to any room is the under-bed lighting. Also, for the technology lovers out there, the bed frame comes with conveniently built-in USB ports to keep you connected at all times.


One major highlight of this bed frame is its fully adjustable smart bed base. The smart base appears highly advanced with its ability to automatically detect snoring, thanks to its micro-vibration detection. Post-detection, it adjusts your upper body to ease pressure on your airways. It also allows you to find the most comfortable position for relaxation or reading using the accompanying app or remote control.

The TEMPUR Sensory Ergo™ Bed is engineered for ultimate convenience and personalisation. Irrespective of the battery situation, you can stay connected with your favourite gadgets via built-in USB-A and USB-C ports. A major plus is the compatibility with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control your bed using simple voice commands.


While the high-tech features of the TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base seem very appealing, the extreme price point uplifts it to a luxury item. While the snore detection and automatic adjustability are appealing, it feels quite gimmicky unless it's 'The' game-changer for your sleep routine. Its suitability thus vastly depends on individual preferences and budget.

What Customers Thought

Customer reviews for the bed frame pointed towards a highly positive reaction, with particular admiration for the sleek, modern design and the automatic adjusting feature. The views, however, are predominantly overpowered by the bed frame's ability to downplay snoring and improve sleep quality.

The Verdict

The TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base with Sensory Headboard offers a unique all-round sleep experience with its range of smart features. It does score full marks for innovation at the least. However, the hefty price tag might act as a deterrent for some potential buyers. While the long lead time is a bit off-putting, the unambitious colour offerings leave a bit more to be desired. Ultimately, it’s a bed frame that seems fit for tech enthusiasts who are ready to pay a higher price for luxury sleep tech.

Even though the TEMPUR Ergo™ Smart Base brings a lot to the table in terms of technological advancements, the primary concern remains - is it truly going to revolutionise your sleep, or is it just a high-end gimmick? The final verdict is yours to make.

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Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


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By Tempur UK
TEMPUR® Sleep Technology
TEMPUR® Sleep Technology
By Tempur UK

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