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Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Latex Mattress

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4.7/5 - Read 53 Reviews
Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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becky says

The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Mattress is an incredible product available in multiple sizes, from single to Super King, so, regardless of the size of your room, you will find the option for you, and in case you sleep with others you can choose the more comfortable option for your family. Space will never be a problem.

With 1122 pocket springs, the Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Mattress is a durable and comfortable mattress, since it offers you stable support (thanks to the fan-favourite pocket spring support layer) but without being too rigid (the firm layer is alleviated with the help of the latex comfort layer on top), having a slight rebound effect that characterizes them.

Being a single sided mattress, your mattress will not need to be flipped as the cushioning comfort layer is only on one side. To help prevent any sinkage and uneven settlement, you are still advised to rotate it head to toe periodically, in addition to having specialized technology to give the optimum firmness to the edges of the mattress, so you can lie down and get up easily; this is called edge-to-edge support.

The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Mattress is also silent, being one of the benefits of its pocket springs and characteristic of the great quality components used within the mattress. It simultaneously allows adequate ventilation, giving you fresh and cooling nights that will help ensure the latex materials do not keep you too warm.

Thanks to its Dunlopillo® Latex, you can enjoy its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, so your sleep will remain sanitized, in addition to being excellently ventilated, since latex has the best qualities for air flow. It is an elastic material with excellent adaptability to the body, so you will feel comfortable regardless of the position in which you sleep. In case you are interested in ecology, this is a natural and sustainable material, sourced from rubber trees.

It has a one-year warranty, typical for the industry but a little on the low side given the price. That said, any faults would generally expect to rear their head early on in the life cycle so this shouldn’t represent too much of a concern.

Handcrafted by Relyon’s bedding experts who have over 160 years of experience, Relyon mattresses are renowned for offering stable support that will keep your body from sagging, preventing morning pain and poor posture during the day. The Taunton also helps relieve pressure points, so despite being a firm mattress, you will still feel extreme comfort depending on body type.

Last but not least, its Belgian Damask Cover gives it a luxurious touch, according to consumer reviews, contributing to the aesthetics. 

The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Mattress seems like a good buy with good material make-up, good ventilation, good quality and great comfort. 

How does it feel?

Firmness of The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Latex Mattress depends on bodyweight. Adjust your weight below to get an indication of how it may feel. Remember though that firmness is entirely subjective.
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Of The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Latex Mattress
Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews.

Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark

Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews. For example, a firm pocket spring support layer is more breathable and offers better back support but may prove unsuitable for side sleepers, the reverse is true for a soft-medium tension reflex foam support layer. This is one of 100+ datapoints considered when generating the below ratings.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the wizard above for a more tailored guide.
  • Back Sleepers
  • The amount of support offered from a mattress will vary depending on the firmness of the tension and the type of support layer used. Based on a person of average build.
  • Side Sleepers
  • If you sleep on your side you typically need a supportive tension that is not too firm, nor too soft. This is because your hips and shoulders need adequate sinkage.
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers need a reasonable amount of tension in the base support layer to adequately offer body contouring and help prevent aches and pains. Results will vary based on your build.


  • Breathability
  • Mattresses that feature breathable materials help promote airflow and keep you cool making for a more hygienic night's sleep.
  • Turning on mattress
  • Certain materials like memory foam can make it difficult to move about on the mattress while you toss and turn. Same too for pillow tops which can create a cloud like sensation which can make manoeuvrability challenging.
  • Stability
  • Depending on the type of support layer in place can have an impact on stability, edge to edge support and roll together prevention. Pocket springs of a firmer tension will have better stability than open coil soft tension, for example.


  • Initial Odour
  • Materials in mattresses, particularly memory foam and rolled bed-in-a-box mattresses can have an initial odour, this is typically short term and reduces considerably within 24 hours.
  • Long Standing Odour
  • Certain materials inside different mattresses can produce a small odour. Typically this is short term rather than long standing but there are minor exceptions.

Brand Rating

  • Overall Brand Rating
  • This is based on community driven customer reviews tied to product reviews and grouped together at a brand level to produce a score.

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Of The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Latex Mattress
Brand: Relyon
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Latex Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Layer of breathable and pressure-relieving Dunlopillo® latex

Dunlopillo latex is a personal favourite of mine with the soft top layer proving popular for many. Memory foam was once a fan-favourite but often resulted in people getting too warm. Latex has many of the same compression and bounce back properties but without the heat build up, its a great alternative that can suit many.

Luxurious Belgian damask sleep surface

Damask cover is a type of sleep protection that has been used for centuries as it offers both comfort and hygiene. It's traditionally made from silk and other fabrics that are resistant to dust mites and allergens, making it a great option for those with allergies and asthma. Damask cover is available in a range of sizes to fit any mattress.


Hand Tufting is a labor intensive process that involves securing the fittings to a mattress rather than having them operate independently and loose within. This small act not only secures, but also leads to the mattress lasting longer and feeling firmer. A hand-tufted mattress is great for anyone looking for additional stability while they sleep.

Edge-to-edge support

Edge to edge support is hugely beneficial in a mattress as it gives you the full surface area of the product to spread out. This ultimately means you can utilise the edges of the product without fear of dipping or rolling out.

Sleepmotion compatible

Sleepmotion offers a series of adjustable bed frames. Anything that is marked as Sleepmotion compatible is thereby suitable with most adjustable beds regardless of brand.

Single sided - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

A single sided mattress is typical for the industry and relates to how  a mattress has the comfort layer on one side of the mattress. only This means that the mattress only needs to be rotated rather than flipped. The benefit of single sided mattresses is that they require less upkeep in that there's no flipping, but also, there's less components involved in the creation which saves costs.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

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Customer Reviews For The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Latex Mattress

Based on 53 reviews
Beds, sweet DREAMS and the Reylon Taunton Mattress

A very simple purchase from start to finish from the moment we got to dreams, we were shown what mattresses would suit given the recommendations from their tech machine and shown the various matches, too often we complain about not sleeping well or aches and pains when we get up, we knew we needed a new mattress as it had served its time. The staff member we spoke with was fantastic and the costs were explained clearly along with indication of delivery time. I couldn't recommend this mattress or dreams highly enough.

Great buy

I bought this in store through the recommendations from sleep match machine...which I highly recommend. Delivery was great and for an extra charge they took my old mattress. It took me a few days to get used to but I love it..I am still searching for a pillow that is comfortable (I am a side sleeper). I am following the after care and turning the mattress every week for the first four weeks and allowing it to air.


Bought this because I am a fan of latex and natural fillings. I have only had it a couple of weeks and I already love the sleep and comfort it gives. The latex makes it so comfy while being firm and supportive great for spine alignment. Perfect! Reminds me of being in a 5 star hotel. Had some issues with marks on mattress but customer service are very good at sorting issues

A Dream from showroom to home

Superb sturdy yet soft mattress and excellent service from the Dream team. We tried out the whizzy technology in the showroom before being shown a selection tailored to us. Consequently we bought a mattress perfect to us. Delivery was a dream too. A great selection of times and dates and possibly the most efficient and professional service ever enjoyed by a retailer!

Amazing products from amazing company

After using the instore magic mattress preference detecting machine the salesman took me round the store to the options provided and I found this most amazing mattress I have ever owned and it was such a bargain to boot! Dreams even collected my old mattress for free. Not my first mattress purchased from them and it wont be my last!

Comfort and cooling

Love the cooling latex layer, ideal for us menopausal ladies! Was always against a firm mattress but using the sleep station in store helped me identify this was actually what I needed. Its helped my back no end and is a great investment

Great firm mattress

The Taunton mattress ensures you have a great nights sleep. Not only from the individually wrapped pocket springs providing support all across the mattress, but the soft Belgian damask cover gives a real feel of luxury.

Best mattress I have ever slept on!

Best support I have ever had to sleep. I only wish I had bought this mattress sooner, it could have surely prevented some of the back issues that triggered my visit to Dreams. I now sleep comfortably!

Taunton mattress

Desperately needed a new matress. From the first questions and the amazing test bed, the whole experience was about getting the right choice for us. We ended up with the Taunton mattress, best ever.

The beds and our experience in the of your employe

Very comfortable beds. The men that delivered them were efficient and helpful-very pleasant. The salesman in High Wycombe was also charming. He made helpful suggestions and was not at all pushy


extremely supportive ..........................................................................................................................................................................

Very comfortable

Sales person in the showroom advised us which mattress was most suitable for our needs and it is very comfortable. I actually got an ex display model and they threw in plenty of extras free.

Dreams cloud like mattress

Having failed to adjust to our previous mattress purchased online. The mattress that we purchased from Dreams is like sleeping on a cloud. No more back pain or contant tossing and turning.

Very comfortable

Its a great mattress for my back condition, very comfortable and supportive would highly recommend, although Id avoid purchasing from store, sadly online was a much better experience

Absolutely love it!

This mattress is heavenly. Its comfortable and offers the support that I need. I dont regret my purchase. Its an incredible mattress. Its also great for bouncing :)

Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo Latex Mattress

Bought to replace my memory foam mattresses which as a hot sleeper, I struggled with. This mattress is very comfortable indeed. Not sure I have ever slept so well.

Comfortable and amazing!

This mattress was one of the mattresses selected when we used the sleepmatch machine in store, and it is amazing! Easily the best nights sleep Ive ad in years!

Amazing purchase - so happy with new mattress

Its been an amazing purchase- our pains in back and hips have decreased and its just a lovely mattress to sleep on. Could not be happier with it.

Great experience

It was a great experience to shop at Dream. Staff was helpful and nice, delivery was fast. Most importantly the quality of the mattress is superb.

Very impressed

Ordered two mattresses, they turned up exactly when they said it would. Had great advice in the shop too. I would definitely recommend.

A great mattress

It is a comfortable and relaxing mattress which my partner and I enjoy sleeping on. It has really improved our sleepless nights.


Its the best nights sleep Ive ever had. I work away and have to sleep in dormitory style beds - its a joy to come back to.

King size Taunton

Quality mattress at an affordable price. Delivered with care and paid extra to have old mattress taken away for recycling

Mattress of Dreams !!!!

From the moment we stepped into the store to the moment we slept on our new mattress , we couldnt be happier !!!

Best mattress ever.

Best mattress Ive ever slept on, so pleased with it, its very firm. Really pleased I choose this mattress.

Already sleeping better!

Might seem pricey, but work it out across the years and its a solid investment in yourself and good sleep.

Always will use Dreams!

Extremely unbiased sales people, no hard selling to put me off so will use again without doubt.

Mattress has made a big difference

Love it! This mattress is really comfy and is helping with my posture too. I would recommend!

Great mattress for our changing needs and requirem

Welcome update after 10 years. Quality mattress that suits how our requirements have changed

New mattress

Lovely mattress so comfortable, had a lovely night sleep. So glad bought this mattress.


This is a firm mattress as described and I definitely recommend turning it as advised


Matress is brilliant and the staff where excellent in helping us choose the right 1

Dream mattress

Perfect mattress thats firm enough for me and soft enough for my sleeping partner.

Best sleep

Best nights sleep ever its what we all need had a bed from Dreams 14 years ago

Would not recommend

Firm yet also stays sunken. After 1 week has already got 2 human sunken outlines

Good quality product

Very comfortable mattress, good quality product, looks like it will last well

Thank you very much

Great advice great products great sevice, and having a great nights sleep

Purchase from dreams

Nice firm mattress Build quality looks and feel good Highly recommend

best mattresses out there

second matress from here now absolutely lovely will not go anywhere else

Reylon Taunton Mattress

Nice firm mattress that doesnt get as hot as other mattress types

Amazing mattress

We were very happy with our purchase, this is a great mattress!

Relyon Taunton matress

Very comfortable and supportive for those with spine problems.

Nice mattress

No faults or problems. Really comfy and a great nights sleep

Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo Latex Mattress

Very good a little bit hard but still very comfortable 9/10

Very good matress

Good quality matress. Delivered when stated, good service.

Relyon Mattress.

Good quality comfortable mattress at a reasonable price.


So comfortable from first use knew made the right choice

Great mattress

Very comfortable mattress, great value at the price.

All-round great

Perfect mattress, I havent had a bad night's sleep!!

Reylon Mattress

Great value mattress, comfy and well put together.

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Questions and Answers About The Relyon Taunton Dunlopillo® Latex Mattress

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Is this mattress suitable for a wooden slated bed frame? Does it keep you cool

Answer: It features breathable and pressure-relieving Dunlopillo latex, which offer natural temperature regulation to help keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. This would also be suitable for this type of bed frame. .

Got this matress with the exchange deal because the first was too soft. Had it for a month and all my pressure points are SORE. In between my knees are soo painful. What can I do. My husband seems OK.

Answer: I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Please do get in touch with the customer service team as they are best placed to advise further here. .

What is the depth of the mattress

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch with your question. This would be dimension A, which is 22cm..

Is this mattress suitable to be placed on a sprung slat base ?

Answer: This would be suitable for a sprung slat base, yes. Hope this helps, .

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