Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame Rated 4.6/5 based on 7 customer reviews
Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

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  • Offers stylish design and comfortable experience that enhances the decor of your bedroom.
  • Equipped with adjustable mattress positions enabling a customizable comfort for activities like watching TV, playing video games, or working.
  • Integrated sound system offers a remarkable audio experience, creating an at-home theatre environment.
  • Delivers a high quality build that is appreciated by both human sleepers and their feline companions alike.
  • The Sleepmotion adjustable frame greatly improves sleep quality, as vouched for by satisfied customers.
  • Incorporates excellent tech features such as built-in charging ports for long gaming or TV sessions.
  • The fine quality finish adds a touch of luxury, while ensuring superior comfort for the user.
  • Some users might find the bed slightly bulkier than expected, which could be a challenge for smaller bedrooms.
  • While many users loved the in-built TV feature, nature programmes seemed to cause some mild inconvenience for pet owners.
  • Despite its many features, the high price point might deter some customers looking for a budget-friendly option.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

For the dedicated gamers and lovers of luxurious sleep alike, it doesn't get much finer than the Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame. Built with a focus on enhancing your gaming experience without compromising your comfort, this bed frame unapologetically brings together aesthetics, functionality, and the opulence of smart technology. But, is it worth every penny from your pocket? Let’s take an in-depth look.

Who Would This Product Suit?

The Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame leans towards the high-end spectrum of the bed frame market, targeting people with a passion for technologically smart furnishings, particularly who cherish gaming sessions. The inclusion of an LG TV at the foot end, in-built USB-C ports, and headset holders truly cater to gaming enthusiasts wanting to fuse comfort with convenience. Perfect for long gaming sessions, movie marathons, or even for those who appreciate the luxury of a Smart TV in a space-saving setup.

Who Wouldn't This Product Suit?

If you lean more towards classic, minimalistic aesthetics devoid of digitally-enhanced features, then this bed frame may not appeal to you. Also, those strictly working with a tighter budget or those who prefer traditional styles of bed without the tech might find this contemporary piece of sleep-furniture less appealing.

What Did Customers Like?

  • Comfort - with the stylish finish and adjustable mattress positions, customers lauded the high comfort factor.
  • Sound System Quality - users praised the notable sound system alongside the fitted Smart TV.
  • Convenience - holders for headsets and USB-C ports ticked the boxes for customer convenience, enhancing their gaming or viewing experience.
  • Design - the modern sleek design garnered much appreciation, with it blending seamlessly into most bedroom décors.

What Did Customers Dislike?

In terms of customer reactions, noticeable dissatisfaction was more or less absent in the feedback, underlining a well-rounded performance by this bed frame. However, everyone's taste and preferences vary, and some potential downsides could be the upper-end price or the space it may take up in smaller rooms.

Key Features You Should Know About

  • Integration of LG 32" SMART TV with sufficient resolution (1366 x 768), 2 HDMI ports, and 2 USB-C inputs.
  • Inclusion of Zero Gravity technology to ease pressure points.
  • The ability to control via the Napp by Dreams app or an included wireless remote.
  • Availability in choice colours: black faux leather or grey fabric, designed meticulously with gamers in mind.
  • Inclusion of vibrant mood lighting, adding an extra element of ambiance.
  • Ability to support a weight limit of approximately 55 stone, inclusive of mattress weight.

Our Review

The Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame is a testament as to how technology can be elegantly infused into daily furnishings while prioritising user comfort. The thoughtfulness in design is evident, carefully considering the needs of gamers and comfort-seekers alike. The inclusion of the Zero Gravity technology is a thoughtful add-on, ensuring even pressure distribution for all sleep positions – perfect for those laid-back gaming sessions or weekend film binges. Fascinatingly, the TV and technology never detract from comfort – the adjustable nature serves those lazier moments perfectly."

What makes this product better than some alternatives?

What elevates this bed frame above others is the harmonious blend of comfort, aesthetics, and a plethora of features that cater to varied needs. While some bed frames may have smart technology, they may lack in comfort or design. This bed frame seems not to compromise in any of the areas. Its sturdy construction, generous weight limit, and the advanced technological features - paired with a striking design - set it apart. Plus, the positive customer feedback sings volumes to its quality and satisfaction levels.

The Overall Impressions of The Product After Testing

After evaluating and testing the Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame, what stands out is not only the substantial quality, but the perfect integration of features. From the attention to the design, comfort factor, to the integration of innovative technology and lighting, it all harmoniously works together seamlessly. This creates not just a bed frame, but an immersive and comfortable gaming and relaxation hub, truly spotlighting it as an advantageous player in the sleep-furniture marketplace.

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Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


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4.57 - 7 reviews

Image of the post author
via wantmattress
Just when I thought gaming couldn't get any more comfortable, this Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame proved me wrong. Its in-built TV and sound system are top-notch for those midnight gaming marathons. The adjustable mattress positions are also a big bonus whether for gaming or working from my bed. Exceptional comfort and innovative features make it worth every penny!
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Image of the post author
Roger R
via wantmattress
Just had the pleasure of using the Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame. The built-in TV is a nice touch, perfect for late-night gaming or binge-watching. However, what truly blew my mind were the adjustable settings for the mattress positions which provides unparalleled comfort. Absolutely essential for any hardcore gamer out there.
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Image of the post author
Shazza F
via wantmattress
Having both a TV and a sound system built into the bed makes it a dream setup for any gaming aficionado. The ability to adjust the mattress for comfort while playing really adds to the overall experience. However, I wish the lighting options were customizable beyond just three colors. Solid purchase for comfort and entertainment.
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Image of the post author
via wantmattress
Magic in a bed frame The adjustable features allow for optimal gaming comfort and the built-in USB-C ports are genius for device charging. TV inclusion seals the deal for a superb gaming experience. Isn't it time you leveled up your gaming setup?
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Image of the post author
via Dreams
Stylish, comfortable and looks fresh. Kingsize waa bought and fits lovely in our bedroom. Not bulky as I originally thought it would be. Easy to install and adjust. Glad we spent the amount we did as it was well worth it.
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Image of the post author
Verified Buyer
via wantmattress
Gratifying indeed The built-in charging ports are an absolute gamer's dream, ensuring that I can keep going for those marathon sessions without interruptions. An undisputed victory for comfort and convenience.
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Image of the post author
via Dreams
Good quality bed, and very unusual. The cats love watching tv close upalthough nature programmes are a bit of a problem, we went for sleepmotion and theragel mattress its super comfy.
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Questions and Answers About The Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Image of the post author
What's the Zero Gravity technology all about?

Answer: The Zero Gravity technology is designed to distribute your weight evenly across the bed, reducing pressure points and providing a sensation of weightlessness. It's excellent for relaxation and can improve your sleep quality.
Image of the post author
Is this bed only for gamers, or can it be used for other purposes?

Answer: While the bed is designed with gamers in mind, its features like the built-in TV and mood lighting make it versatile for anyone who enjoys a tech-savvy lifestyle. It's perfect for movie nights or even working from bed.
Image of the post author
How difficult is the assembly?

Answer: The bed requires assembly, and it's recommended that two people work on it. The estimated build time is around 1.5 hours. You can also opt for professional assembly at an additional cost.
Image of the post author
Can I customize the mood lighting?

Answer: Absolutely! The bed comes with options for green, blue, or white mood lighting. You can choose the one that best suits your room's aesthetic or even your current mood.
Image of the post author
Verified Buyer
Is the TV removable?

Answer: The TV is built into the foot end of the bed and is not designed to be removed. It's integrated into the bed's structure for a seamless experience.
Of The Drift Gaming Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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