Drift Gaming Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Drift Gaming Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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Of The Drift Gaming Ottoman TV Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Drift Gaming Ottoman TV Bed Frame Great?

It’s the ultimate gaming bed

This gaming bed has everything you need to sleep-hard and game-hard. With a unique gaming oriented design and useful features that will help give you the edge in play.

With a TV included in the foot end

The ultimate convenience is here with a built in TV at the foot end and a head board at the other end. The result is that you can rest comfortably and watch TV or play games, all without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

Mood lighting under the bed, behind the headboard & in the TV lifting mechanism

Gone are the days of modifying your PC with strobe lighting, instead we now have full gaming bed frames with under-bed mood lighting for that ultimate gaming appeal. The sheer size of this frame means that your colours and style goes beyond the computer and into the bed so that you can game in comfort.

Storage for your consoles

Headset holders on each side

Like any true gaming bed, you need somewhere to hold your gaming accessories and in this use case you get headset holders either side to accommodate multiple players.

USB ports on each side

This bed frame features two USB ports on each side, allowing you to connect your device directly to the bed frame while you relax in comfort. The ports are designed to make it easy to charge any compatible device, so you won't have to worry about running out of battery during your gaming session. 

Stylish winged padded headboard

A stylish winged padded headboard is a beautiful and functional addition to any bedroom. This type of headboard is typically upholstered in a fabric or leather and features wings at either end to provide extra comfort and support while you rest. The wings can also create a dramatic look, making the bed the focal point of your room. Winged padded headboards come in a range of sizes and styles, from traditional tufted designs to more modern, sleek versions. 

Handy side opening ottoman storage

Internal storage depth: 19cm

The storage space available in this luxury ottoman will provide plenty of room for most bedroom items with the most logical choice being replacement bedding, sheets and pillows. The storage space is deep enough to allow further items to be stored for those who want a clutter free minimalistic experience.

Sprung slats as standard for better shock absorption and cushioned support

Sprung slats are flexible and strained slats that move under your movement, helping to create an additional bounce to your base and helping to reduce the firmness of the mattress that sits above. The sprung slats also promote breathability with airflow navigating between the slat gaps to keep your mattress hygienic and safe.

A choice of black faux leather or grey fabric, designed with gamers in mind

This innovative bed frame comes in two different style and colour options and provides maximum comfort and is perfect for any gaming setup. The adjustable design allows you to customize the bed frame to your own individual needs, while the extra cushioning ensures the utmost comfort while playing video games all night long. 

Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

A one year guarantee is suitable for many as the vast majority of problems that may occur often do so within that first year. At the same time, more and more retailers are beginning to offer multi-year warranty and guarantees although these often come at a slightly higher price point on average.


This TV is HD Ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

2 x HDMI ports

2 HDMI ports in a TV is fairly standard but crucial for those looking to make full use of their media center. A TV bed is no different and by having enough space for a smart fire stick and a games console you can be sure your TV bed is future-proof.

2 x USB input

The USB sockets allow you to plug in your phone or any other device that can be powered via standard USB A connection. This means less tangles, less wires and less plugs around your bedside. 

1366 x 768 resolution

There are a few different resolutions available depending on the size and option selected on the order page, this is the lowest resolution available and still offers 720p resolution and is considered HD-Ready but not Full-HD.

The TV comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty

A one year warranty is commonplace for the industry and in line with expectations. This gives you enough time to determine any manufacturer faults and is typically within the period that issues would occur.

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