Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame Rated 5.0/5 based on 3 customer reviews
Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame

Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame

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  • Integrated USB and USBC charging points located conveniently on both sides of the headboard, cherished for their modern utility.
  • Multifunctionality with a trundle option is highly appreciated by users, whether for overnight guests or as a handy storage drawer.
  • Chic vertical stitched headboard impressions, appealing to a wide variety of home decor preferences.
  • Smooth grey velvet fabric upholstery is cherished for its ability to elevate any contemporary interior design scheme.
  • Favourable comments were made about the sprung slatted sleeping base, noted for its comfort, support, and effective ventilation system.
  • Teeming with positive reviews is the free 5-year guarantee offering, providing an unbeatatable level of assurance and peace of mind.
  • Some customers reported that although the USB and USBC charging points are convenient, their placement on the headboard can be a little intrusive and may result in bed rearrangement.
  • While many appreciated the multi-functionality of the trundle bed, a few users felt that it was not as spacious as expected, limiting its use for sleepovers.
  • A select group of customers found the velvet fabric upholstery beautiful but slightly delicate, mentioning that it required more maintenance and care than they anticipated.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Delving into the world of sleep solutions, we find ourselves fascinated by innovations engineered to bring you restful nights. One such innovation is the Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame. This is no ordinary bed frame - it’s a 21st century fusion of comfort, practicality, and contemporary technology. Geared towards enhancing not just your quality of sleep, but also catering to the digital lifestyle we've grown accustomed to, the Bergamo Bed Frame blends effortlessly with your night routines and daytime needs. Allow us to walk you through our experience with this intriguing bed frame, carefully analysing each aspect of its design and functionality.

How we tested

Exploring the Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame was an immersive experience that we undertook at our local Bensons for Beds store. The great sales team provided us with a remarkable insight into this masterpiece. We scrutinised its comfort levels, usability factors, and of course, tested the USB charging terminals. Our examination also saw us analysing its structure and material quality. This rigorous in-store testing period gave us an all-round understanding of the product’s merits and potential drawbacks.

Design and features

The Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame turns heads at first glance. With its sleek vertical stitched headboard, grey velvet fabric upholstery, and modern aesthetic appeal, the bed is designed to complement contemporary interiors. The standout feature, however, is the conveniently placed USB and USBC charging terminals on both sides of the headboard. This bed is not merely a sleeping space - it's a high-tech station, addressing the gadget charging needs for those of us tethered to our electronic devices. The multifunctional trundle is another well-thought-out feature. It can be used as an extra sleeping spot or a storage drawer, making this bed as versatile as it is attractive.


Quality takes the spotlight when we observe the Bergamo bed’s construction. The frame, ladened with carefully positioned and balanced sprung slats, ensures that the bed remains sturdy yet flexible, offering valuable support to get the best out of your chosen mattress. The velvet fabric upholstery is of high quality and promises longevity. Moreover, the charging ports are secured well to the headboard growing trust in the robust nature of the frame's structure.


The Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame, in our opinion, is ideally suited for both adults and children above six years. The bed is an all-rounder, embracing the needs of the modern-day family. It serves masterfully as a children's bed with the useful trundle feature facilitating sleepovers or adding storage space in addition to charging ports that will come in handy for gaming gadgets. For adults, the same features lend themselves as an extra guest bed or much-needed storage room, with the charging terminals providing easy access for nightly smartphone charging. It's clear to see the suitability of this bed frame caters to a varied audience.

What customers thought

The Bergamo bed frame has amassed positive customer reviews across the board. Customers praise its sturdiness and comfort, but they're most impressed by its innovative charging feature that lends a helping hand in their techie lifestyle. The practicality brought in by the trundle feature is also widely lauded. And let's not forget the modern aesthetic appeal - customers commend the beautiful velvet upholstery and contemporary design, stating that it blends seamlessly with diverse bedroom interiors.

The verdict

After thorough investigation, it's safe to say the Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame stands strong in its promise of function and fashion. It extends beyond the role of a simple bed frame, morphing into a modern-day essential that appreciates and accommodates the needs of today’s tech-savvy, style-conscious, space-efficient generation. Backed by a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind, this bed frame solidly positions itself as a sleep solution worth considering for families ready to step into the future.

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via Bensons For Beds
I loved the colour & the style of the bed. It looked so unique and classy. Everyone was asking where I purchased it from, I shared the website. They'll be ordering soon too! So pleased with customer service & delivery service too!
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Image of the post author
via Bensons For Beds
The bed exceeds our expectations and would recommend it.My grand daughter loves it.
Image of the post author
via Bensons For Beds
The beds is amazing thank you bensons gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Of The Bergamo USB/USBC Charging Trundle Bed Frame
Brand: Bensons for Beds
Retailer: Bensons For Beds
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Excellent
Guarantee: Good

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