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Behind the scenes at Want Mattress

Here at Want Mattress, we have always had high standards, and believe that a better night's sleep can give huge benefits to other areas of your life. Receiving over 60,000 visitors each month as of January 2021, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve and aid with sleep research, help and advice.

To ensure that our visitors get great advice, we work with people within the sleep industry to give our readers helpful and practical advice aimed at improving the lives of those looking for a better night's sleep.

About Us

We're proud of everything we've been able to achieve at WantMattress.com. Our team not only spends vast proportions of their time conducting research and analysis, but also test products in person where possible.

Want Mattress was founded in 2019 and since then we have been able to offer our own personal opinions on hundreds of products on the market, based on our own deep understanding of the industry, all to aid in improving the quality of your sleep.

Becky Reeve

Sleep Expert / Research Writer

Becky has a decade of experience in the sleep industry spending their time contributing to many articles, research pieces and reviews.

Now, Becky dedicates her time to helping everyone at Want Mattress to ensure that quality and engaging articles are published backed up by first hand experience in the sleep industry.


Katie Edwards

Research Writer

Katie joined us, having previously been involved in the medical field as a content writer for other medical websites. She joined us in late 2019 to focus toward pain prevention through different sleep options.

Katie enjoys spending her free time with her cats at home in the UK, enjoying Science Fiction comics and mystery novels when she's not writing for Want Mattress.

Rebecca Brown

Baby and Child Sleep Expert

With over a decade in her field, Rebecca joins us to help and assist with our articles focussed toward children and babies to ensure we are providing balanced and well researched content that can deliver on its aim of helping to ensure children sleep better.

Rebecca is a trained sleep advisor and self confessed sleep expert. Rebecca is a mother of two and uses her expertise with raising her own children to help support and advise.