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About Us - Our Team @WantMattress

Here at Want Mattress, we have always had high standards, and believe that a better night's sleep can give huge benefits to other areas of your life. Meet the team that make that all possible below.

In our pursuit of providing exceptional guidance to our visitors, we collaborate with professionals and experts from the sleep industry. By leveraging their knowledge and experience, we strive to deliver valuable and pragmatic insights tailored to enhance the lives of individuals seeking improved sleep quality.

These industry experts, ranging from sleep therapists and researchers to product designers and manufacturers, contribute their unique perspectives and expertise to inform our content. By working closely with these professionals, we are able to address a diverse array of sleep-related topics and concerns.

Our goal is to empower our readers with evidence-based information, practical tips, and innovative solutions that can help transform their sleep habits and promote overall well-being. Through this collaborative approach, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of those in search of a more restful and rejuvenating night's sleep.

About Us

At, we take immense pride in the accomplishments and milestones we've reached since our inception. Our dedicated team invests significant time and effort into comprehensive research and analysis to ensure we provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for our readers. Additionally, we strive to personally test products whenever feasible, further enhancing the depth and authenticity of our recommendations.

Founded in 2019, Want Mattress has rapidly grown into a reliable and trusted source for insights into the world of sleep products. Over the years, we've been privileged to offer our expert perspectives on hundreds of products in the market, drawing on our extensive knowledge of the industry. Our aim is to empower consumers to make well-informed decisions that ultimately lead to improved sleep quality.

Our journey has led us to explore various aspects of the sleep industry, including mattresses, bed frames, bedding accessories, and sleep technology. By delving into diverse categories, we've been able to develop a more holistic understanding of what contributes to a great night's sleep, enabling us to provide tailored advice for different sleep preferences and needs.

Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated and experienced professionals, committed to providing you with the best insights and recommendations in the sleep industry.

Becky Reeve

Certified Sleep Coach

Becky has a decade of experience in the sleep industry spending their time contributing to many articles, research pieces and reviews.

Now, Becky dedicates her time to helping everyone at Want Mattress to ensure that quality and engaging articles are published backed up by first hand experience in the sleep industry.

With qualifications and certificates from The National Bed Federation and a good working knowledge of the different types of products available, Becky has the skills to back up what she says in the mattress and bed arena.

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Katie Edwards

Research Writer

Katie joined us, having previously been involved in the medical field as a content writer for other medical websites. She joined us in late 2019 to focus toward pain prevention through different sleep options.

Katie enjoys spending her free time with her cats at home in the UK, enjoying Science Fiction comics and mystery novels when she's not writing for Want Mattress.

A particular passion of Katies is around nutrition for which she has the following certifications:

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Rebecca Brown

Baby and Child Sleep Expert

With over a decade in her field, Rebecca joins us to help and assist with our articles focussed toward children and babies to ensure we are providing balanced and well researched content that can deliver on its aim of helping to ensure children sleep better.

Rebecca is a trained sleep advisor and self confessed sleep expert. Rebecca is a mother of two and uses her expertise with raising her own children to help support and advise.

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As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment to helping our readers achieve better sleep remains unwavering. We consistently strive to stay current with industry trends and advancements, while maintaining the highest standards of objectivity and accuracy in our content. This dedication to excellence has positioned Want Mattress as a leading resource in the sleep industry, and we look forward to continuing our mission of transforming sleep experiences for countless individuals worldwide.

To learn more about our processes, including our journalistic standards around how we review and offer sleep advise, please view our breakdown on how we test