Simba Hybrid® Pro Mattress

Simba Hybrid® Pro Mattress

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What Makes The Simba Hybrid® Pro Mattress Great?

Happy sleepers

The Simba range includes reviews from over 15000 happy customers, not bad going considering how new the company is within the industry. 

Good for you, good for the planet.

The foam utilised in the Simba mattress lineup is CertiPUR certified which means there are no harmful materials or dyes that will impact on you of the environment. The Simba Pure foam is free from pollutants while still surpassing fire regulations. Ultimately these mattresses can keep you comfortable and giving you a great night's sleep while also keeping you safe.

Seven layers of Hybrid innovation

The pro lineup from Simba goes above and beyond the rest of the range with en enhanced 7 impressive layers including new layers only seen in the pro lineup including natural wool layers, open cell simba-pure layers and most importantly two unique patented titanium aerocoil spring comfort layers.

T3 Best Mattress Winner 2021

T3 is a UK digital and physical magazine specialising in the latest tech and innovation within the gadget world. It's only fitting then, that one of the most advanced mattresses is featured as a mattress winner for 2021.

What makes the Pro, a pro?

The pro range features more springs for more support than ever and with a base layer featuring titanium Aerocoil® springs, there's body contouring support regardless of how you sleep. Further to this, the comfort layer also features a wool breathable layer that gives better heat management than before, keeping you warm, but not too warm making an ideal all-season mattress

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