Simba Hybrid® Kids Mattress

Simba Hybrid® Kids Mattress

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What Makes The Simba Hybrid® Kids Mattress Great?

Meet the others in the Simba range

Simba has been expanding its wide variety of product in recent years, having first started with just one mattress but quickly expanding into multiple ranges of mattress accompanied by all things sleep, ranging from bed frames to pillows and protectors. Regardless of which one you choose, Simba has the perfect nights sleep made up and ready to go.

Happy sleepers

The Simba range includes reviews from over 15000 happy customers, not bad going considering how new the company is within the industry. 

Good for you, good for the planet.

The foam utilised in the Simba mattress lineup is CertiPUR certified which means there are no harmful materials or dyes that will impact on you of the environment. The Simba Pure foam is free from pollutants while still surpassing fire regulations. Ultimately these mattresses can keep you comfortable and giving you a great night's sleep while also keeping you safe.

Giving kids the best support

While being advertised as a kids mattress, make no mistake, this product has everything in it to give the best nights sleep. Featuring an impressive array of Simba-Pure layer in the comfort upper quadrant followed by a high quality Aerocool spring comfort layer for support. Regardless of how your child sleeps, they should experience comfort and support with this range.

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