Silentnight Eco Pocket 1200 Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 9 customer reviews
Silentnight Eco Pocket 1200 Mattress

Silentnight Eco Pocket 1200 Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Silentnight Eco Pocket 1200 Mattress

It’s all in the name: this Silentnight Eco Pocket 1200 Mattress is made from sustainable and Eco-friendly materials. This mattress will cradle you without crumpling, contouring to your body for a more restful night's sleep.

Part of the new Silentnight collection, this is one of the more popular mattresses in the range. For those who do not follow the industry, Silentnight have been pivoting in recent years, distancing further from the typical comfort layers of memory foam and cotton and instead producing mattresses around Eco Comfort fibres.

In a not-so surprising twist, this mattress utilises those same Eco Comfort fibres as part of it’s comfort layer. These fibres are recycled and eco friendly, having once taken the form of plastic bottles. No longer do they have the same feel however, proving instead to be a soft and luxurious layer that offers impressive softness while still being both durable and breathable.

Onto the support layer and this mattress features the impressive and supportive pocket springs, of sufficient quality and quantity to ensure that you are kept comfortable while you sleep. I personally find pocket springs to offer the best support for full-body contouring, beating off reflex foam and traditional spring in ability and longevity.

Available in the most popular sizes, this mattress will likely be suitable for most. If you are in need of european sizing through the likes of small single and small double, you will perhaps need to consider alternatives within the lineup.

The Silentnight Eco Pocket 1200 Mattress features a medium tension in firmness, proving to be suitable for the vast majority of people. Those overweight or underweight should perhaps consider a different firmness classification, however, for others this will prove suitable.

One of the most popular in the lineup for many years, this mattress is well reviewed and held in high regard from many who purchase. Those that have reviewed remark on it’s deep comfort layer and desirable support while others commend it’s eco-friendly nature.

The mattress is double sided in design which is of great benefit as it allows twice the sleeping area through rotation. This means that you get better settlement and longevity.

With a 5 year guarantee on top of the double sided nature, this mattress will stand the test of time, proving to be an ideal candidate for those looking to get the most out of their sleep.

What Makes The Silentnight Eco Pocket 1200 Mattress Great?

Handmade in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

5 year guarantee

A 5 year guarantee is quite rare in the industry and is a great indicator of the retailer beleiving in their product. Anything go wrong in the next 5 years, no drama, get it replaced.

Silentnight’s exclusive 1200 zoned Mirapocket spring system for superior support

The Silentnight Mirapocket zoned spring system is a clever combination of springs and foam, designed to give you the best sleep of your life. It’s a mattress that’s designed to give you the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Hand tufted and double sided for longer lasting comfort

The tufting holds all mattress fillings together, this gives a slightly firmer feel and prevents sagging of the mattress in the middle while offering well rounded support up to the edges.

EcoComfort fibre filling

Eco Comfort Fibres are patented to Silentnight and are part of their new green initiative that sees all mattresses in the new Eco range feature recyclable materials in the support layer. these materials can be made from plastic bottles and are both cheap and environmentally conscious. I've personally slept on Eco Comfort support layers before and find them extremely comfortable.

British Allergy Foundation approved natural Purotex probiotics keep the mattress clean and dust mite free

Web exclusive - not available in-store


Double sided just means that the product can be flipped and still retain the same level of comfort. The fillings and dibres inside the product are capable of operating in any direction. Handy for settlement and to prevent dipping.

1200 Zoned Mirapocket Springs for superior support exclusively by Silentnight

Pocket springs are probably the best support layer you can get in a mattress helping to provide measured and even support across your body where you need it most. What's more, the unique feeling of pocket springs hugs each point of your body, offering contouring across each pressure point to relieve aches and pains. Lesser models will frequently include alternatives to pocket springs like open coil traditional springs and reflex foam. Do not be fooled, while pocket springs are often slightly more money than their counterparts, you are typically getting a better spring system and base layer.

EcoComfort Fibre™ filling

Tufted Sleep Surface - perfect for sleepers who want a firmer sleep surface

Hypoallergenic & UK allergy approved

Medium Firmness - not too soft, not too firm

Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Eco Pocket 1200 Mattress

Based on 9 review

Great delivery service - supplier delivered it exactly on the promise day even during the pandemic and post Brexit- very impressive and nicely surprised. Mattress is very comfortable, looks like its made out of quality products, there is no damage to stitching or anything else that you could complain about. I like my bed on the firm side, but not too hard and this product is perfect - I would recommend testing it first in a shop before ordering online. Even tho the mattress is big, it doesnt sink in the middle when 2 people lie on it. Micro springs are doing what is says on the tin. I can say that Ive had great, uninterrupted sleep since I got this product and I would highly recommend it!


I brought this mattress for my 8yr old daughter thinking it was medium firmness. It is actual a medium to firm so it is a little hard for my daughter as she weighs less then 5stone, the mistake was my own. I have since ordered her a soft mattress topper from amazon for under £40 which she loves and sleeps brilliantly on.


We have had this mattress for a couple of years now; it is really comfy; it is quite heavy to turn (ours is king size & really need 2 people to turn!) but does have handles to help!:)


Very pleased with this mattress, very comfortable and we a getting a great night's sleep. Would definitely recommend if you like a medium to firm mattress.


A good quality mattress for the price and double-sided too so you can flip it around for longer life


Excellent new mattress- so comfortable. Wish I had changed to this one years ago.


No complaints from our 14 year old son 👍


Really comfy, good quality. Very happy


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