Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress Rated 5/5 based on 7 customer reviews
Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

This pocket sprung mattress is made in England and has received the seal of approval from the National Bed Federation. The mattress is firm in tension, making a 10cm deep mattress that is ideal for a childs first bed. It features fully encased pocket springs which will not wear out during use and a knitted cover which is 100% washable at 60c.

The Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress is handcrafted in the UK using the traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations of mattress makers. Using only to the highest quality materials and processes, this mattress creates a soothing and relaxing environment for your baby. The mattress provides firm tension which helps your baby to develop a strong, healthy spine and promotes restful sleep.


What Makes The Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress Great?


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Handcrafted in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK means that the product is built here, by people being paid a fair and honest wage using certified and safe products of good quality and construction. UK manufacturing is some of th best in the world and all of that is reflected in this product


Firm mattresses are great for those looking for an extra bit of support, either because they have a higher BMI and leanm toward the heavier side, or because they have joint and muscle pain and appreciate a decent amount of support while they sleep. If you are not actively looking for a firm mattress it may be wise to consider something else from the range that is perhaps closer to the medium firmness rating

Knitted Cover

It is common in the industry to have a knitted cover, these covers can come in a variety of patterns but are typically hard wearing and do not present problems for consumers.

Removable cover

Removable covers are great. We don't typically replace mattresses for 7-8 years. That's a lot of body fluids and protectors and sheets can only do so much. To that end getting that extra layer of cleanliness goes a huge way toward ensuring you get longevity out of your product.


Single sided means only one side is comfy. Positives are you only need to rotate the mattress occassionaly rather than the more cumbersome rotate and flip. Downside is the lifespan of the product may suffer as a result, only marginal, but worth mentioning.

Approved by the National Bed Federation

The NBF is one of the most prestigious awarding federations in the industry, helped slightly by the fact that it is one of the only, however, it is still a great source of comfort knowing that this product holds approval by the team

Mattress depth: 10cm

10cm depth is a depth that makes this mattress compatible with bunk beds. When it comes to bunk mattresses, you cannot have more than a certain depth due to the additional risks related to falling out of the bed from a considerable height. Fortunately, this mattress and the related depth, make it an ideal candidate.

10cm deep

10cm depth is a depth that makes this mattress compatible with bunk beds. When it comes to bunk mattresses, you cannot have more than a certain depth due to the additional risks related to falling out of the bed from a considerable height. Fortunately, this mattress and the related depth, make it an ideal candidate.

Perfect for babies from birth up to five years old

2019 Mother and Baby Gold award winner for Best Safety Product

2019 Mother and Baby Silver award-winner for Best Sleep Product

Firm and supportive for your little one

When we fall asleep, our muscles relax and what that does is it allows our body to decompress. But when we're sleeping on a too soft mattress, the muscles don't have enough support and they're not getting the proper relaxation.The benefits of a firm mattress are that you're going to sleep more soundly,  your back pain is going to be relieved and you're going to have less muscle aches and pains.

Individual pocket springs provide tailor-made support

Pocket springs are of considerable better quality than their poorer traditional open coil counterparts. Put simply, pocket spring contours better and supports better than other base layers. When it comes to pocket spring mattresses, the general rule of thumb is that the more springs the better. There are exceptions, of course, but for the best part this is likely to be a good quality mattress based on it's base layer.

Breathable baby-safe fibre for comfort

Cosy knitted cover - a soft, breathable sleeping surface

Treated with Actipro, a natural anti-allergenic treatment

Anti-allergenic means that the product will be suitable for not aggravating an allergy further and is intended or prepared for those suffering from an allergy. This makes the product ideal for those looking to prevent or relieve allergic symptoms.

Ideal for babies with allergies or asthma

If you suffer from asthma and allergies, you know how difficult it is to sleep at night. All those allergens and pollutants in the air can wreak havoc on your lungs and nasal passages, this mattress protects against that and aims to help ensure you get a restful nights sleep.

Waterproof, wipeable cover protects the mattress core

The water repellent cover is ideal for small accidents and spills, helping to keep the mattress hygienic and fresh for many years to come.

No need to worry about those little accidents!

Cover can be machine washed at 60°C

Isn't it great when you have a product that you can just wash in the washing machine? It's so much easier than handwashing, and of course, it saves you time. You don't have to be lazy--just put it in the washer and dryer!

2 Year Guarantee

With a 2 year guarantee, you are getting extended protection against the unthinkable. Should anything go wrong within the given period you will be covered. This is important because a mattress is a considered purchase and one that needs to be protected.

Pocket springs

Pocket springs are like natures own springy piece of comfort, except they are not from nature. Alas, pocket springs are a very good part of a mattress and often found in the more premium models. Lower quality products will frequently use open coil spring setups, where pocket springs house each spring in a tiny pocket for additional stability and continued support. Pocket spring typically lasts longer than open coil due to this.

Fire Resistant

Fire resistant does not mean the product will never catch fire, rather, it will not go up in flames quite so quickly. Resistant to fire in the same way that I am resistant to kisses, sooner or later you end up giving in.

Washable cover

Keep your mattress fresh and hygienic with a removable washable cover. Prevent moisture from building up over time. Wash your mattress cover at least once a year to remove all bacteria, dust-mites and odours and alleviate allergies by discouraging future dust mites and bed bugs from nesting.

Single-sided for easy care and convenience

A single sided mattress is typical for the industry and relates to how  a mattress has the comfort layer on one side of the mattress. only This means that the mattress only needs to be rotated rather than flipped. The benefit of single sided mattresses is that they require less upkeep in that there's no flipping, but also, there's less components involved in the creation which saves costs.

Customer Reviews For The Relyon Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

Based on 7 review

My son was out into his own room at six months old and has slept solidly since. This mattress is fantastic, its extremely comfortable and has a washable cover. Highly recommend this product! You can rest easy knowing that your child is sleeping on one of the best quality mattresses on the market.


Absolutely love our relyon mattress. It still looks brand new after a few years, and is the most comfortable mattress we have ever had.


Just what we needed, top quality and perfect for our little one. very pleased.


Excellent quality! Best service. Happy with the product!


Cover to remove and clean for accidents


Excellent product, super fast delivery


Looks nice an useful zip to wash top.

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