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Panda 100% Bamboo Bedding Set Designed with Comfort in Mind. Rated 4/5 based on 15 customer reviews

Panda 100% Bamboo Bedding Set Designed with Comfort in Mind.

Brand: Panda

What Makes The Panda 100% Bamboo Bedding Set Designed with Comfort in Mind. Great?

Plastic Free


Easy Care

Easy care mattresses only need to be rotated occasionally and do not require flipping making them the ideal investment for those that do not like to be bothered by another thing to have to maintain in their lives.


Bamboo is a natural antibacterial resource that helps protect the user from irritation and allergies that can affect a range of sleepers helping those that suffer from eczema, sensitive skin, and even hay fever.

Sustainable Resource

These products all come with bamboo as a base layer which is a sustainable resource that is environmentally friendly. Bamboo uses 1/3 the water of other plant based materials!

Free UK Delivery & Returns

This product comes with free delivery meaning that you don't pay directly for the postage and packaging. The service level offered varies as does the carrier however, it's free! Returns are also free and included in your purchase will be a return label to ensure that you have a truly hassle free experience.

Highly Breathable

Products from Panda all feature temperature control. This is due to the materials used as they are cool in the summer while providing warmth in the winter. This is in part due to the bamboo cover which is highly breathable and helps with air flow.

Luxuriously Soft

Super soft due to it's premium and economically sourced materials that hep provide a soft and allergy free sleep eperience.

Climate Control

The product features climate control technology due to it's bamboo fillings that directly help ensure that the product is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Customer Reviews For The Panda 100% Bamboo Bedding Set Designed with Comfort in Mind.

Based on 15 review

Knowing I was looking to replace my high quality, but ageing, cotton bedding, a couple of friends suggested I look at bamboo. I'd heard of cotton, lined, sateen & percale but never bamboo. I thought they were joking - but they weren't! Anyway, after a lot of careful research, I bought a bedding set for my king-size bed from Panda comprising a fitted sheet, duvet cover & two pillow cases. First of all, it's clear that the material and finish of this product is high quality. It has a sheen that makes it look, and feel, very nice too. The photo below shows what it looks like straight out of the packaging. Yes, it's a bit creased but that's to be expected. With successive washes, the material gets flatter - and softer too! Care wise, it's a 30 degree delicate wash and a low heat tumble dry. For an even better finish, just dry flat and use a cool iron. But, of course, it's all about the sleep. I normally wake around 7.30 & usually get up. On a couple of mornings, I didn't wake up until 9.30! When I did wake earlier, I went back to sleep. Enough said I think. I've had the opportunity to sleep on a warm night and a cool one. I felt as if I was sleeping at the same temperature regardless. As you would expect, such luxury comes at a price but it's value for money is exceptional when you consider how many years you will use it. Regardless of the comfort, quality, looks and easy care there are many other benefits. Those with sensitive skin will be more more comfortable as the material is both hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial. It reacts better to temperature, is more breathable and wicks away moisture & odours too. Finally of course it is very eco-friendly. I did have to email Panda a couple of times with questions about care. They were responsive, professional & friendly. They also stock a lot of other bedding products too. I will be buying more - bamboo is a wonderful material.


Price a little high,the quality is good, delivery was quick. I wanted an anti bacterial bedsheet and this was the best a available for a mattress not used in a year,I wasn't sure how clean the mattress was. You can wash these type of bedsheets far less when no visible stains are present. (Body fluids) etc. Perfect for beds only occasionally used or where bed use is sporadic. Saves washing and apply clean cotton sheets each time a bed falls into use again. Lowering maintenance. All for choosing a different fabric. I would buy either a bamboo bedsheet or a copper infused bedsheet from now on, I would never buy cotton or polycotton again, they do nothing for hygiene and harbour dust mites and lice infections within 3 weeks of washing. This is where bamboo bedsheets are far better for only slightly more in price. Single fitted sheet fits a standard u.k single bed as expected.


I cannot believe that its taken me this long to discover Bamboo Bedding!! Finally sleeping the way I should have been!! Duvet, fitted sheet and pillowcases were shinier than than I expected but are luxuriously soft and am getting used to them. I bought both grey colours to mix and match. Duvet cover is larger than standard size but I understand will shrink to fit with further washes. Same with fitted sheet which is quite deep fitting. Pillow case seems enormous on Panda pillow but fits normal pillows fine. Now I've just got to wait for another sale to equip next room!!


I admit having never shopped with Panda before I was sceptical however what an amazing surprise, the sheets were gorgeous and worked perfectly, I have POTS and hEDS and my body can’t regulate body temperature but now I’m completely comfortable and no more night sweats!


Love this bedding. The quality is fab and it feels great. We have the pillows, duvet and covers. It would be 5 stars except the pillows and pillow cases are different sizes. This is a minor inconvenience and an oddity. Other wise, strongly recommend!


The bedding received is of excellent quality. Had a bit of an issue with delivery but sent an email to Panda and it was resolved in no time at all. Would recommend and use again.


This bed linen is lovely and soft with a cool satin feel. It is well made and washes well too. It definitely keeps us cool and cosy.


Love Panda bedding. Generous sizing and so silky smooth. Just wished I could have got the single fitted sheet in blue.


I gave a pack to my very allergic Granddaughter and she says it is her best Christmas present.She loves it/


A gift for my skin sensitive Granddaughter. It is not on a bed yet but it feels lovely and soft to touch .


This is the best bedding I have ever bought. Never slept so well. Would recommend 100%


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Super soft and warm! A great purchase


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