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Limerick 3 Seater Sofa Bed

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What Makes It Great

Me and my partner were sold when we tested the show-model sofa in the Watford showroom but the product we received was completely different in terms of comfort and ergonomics. We complained straight away from day 1 stating that the material and the design is nothing compared to what we experienced but Dreams won't take NO for an answer and won't refund the sofa. Therefore be wary of this purchase. - After a month of usage, the Sofa still leans forward and softer on the edge hence you feel like you are sliding off the sofa every-time. - The less used remains super hard whereas the usually seated area are way too soft which i never experienced with other sofa beds before. - The right arm of the sofa is not flush to the ground and higher compared to the left arm. This was how it was left by the assembly team and I'm still having difficulty to fix this. - When seated (in normal sofa mode), the width is not much hence you will have less support from sofa on your hamstring and behind your knees and feels like you are dangling your legs. This is coming from a guy who is only 5 ft 6 inches in height. The sofa is practical indeed as a BED only and has a good design to be honest but there were many flaws on the sofa we received in comparison to what we trailed in the showroom. May be it was one-off model but Dreams customer service was very unsupportive when we expressed our concerns with the product and won't help us with anything.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Instructions download: click here

Soft touch woven fabric

3 seater

Supportive pocket spring seat

Easy to lift, pull out sleeping area

Ottoman storage within chaise

Changeable chaise end - left or right

Build time: 2 people - 1 hour

Let our experts assemble your sofa bed - select this service at the checkout

Ottoman storage within a chaise that can be positioned on either the left or right hand side

Questions and Answers

When it would be possible to see this sofa in store (i.e London). and how much time it will take to deliver? Thank you

Answer: Hello, Delivery depends on where you are situated, on average this will take two weeks. Please look online for our store locator so you are able to contact your local store to find out what models they have on display as stores all carry different floor displays depending on size and location of the store. Many thanks for the question.

Are the end arms detachable? Also what is the reason for the back behind the cushions folding down?

Answer: , The chaise end of the Madden sofa bed can be easily switched from left to rand hand facing if required, in addition the arms are detachable. The back behind the cushions does not fold down, the sofa is converted into a bed via a 'pop-up' mechanism when you lift the handle at the front of the unit. Kind Regards, Dreams

How long is the guarantee on this and what does it cover? I noticed in a previous question a response said it was a 5 year guarantee? Has it now reduced to 1 year? 

Answer: , The standard manufacturers warranty is 1 year covering standard product faults. We offer the option through checkout to purchase an extended warranty for up to 5 years. This includes construction and workmanship and for even more peace of mind, it also covers scuffs, spills and stains. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, we need to get the sofa through a narrow door, 66cm. Would all the parts fit?Thanks

Answer: Hi , It would depend on how much room you have on the other side of the door and the room to turn and twist. This seems like it would be very tight. Please note that we are not liable if goods do not fit through customers doors / hallways. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you. Thank you for your question.

When made into a bed would you use a standard double fitted sheet or would you need a flat sheet? Also can you take the arms off when made into a bed?

Answer: , The sleeping are dimensions are 119cm x 188cm which would mean a standard double fitted sheet would be slightly too large for this - you are able to use one, it just may not be as tight fitting as normally. The arms can be removed, but only for assembly purposes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, I have read the Q’s previously asked but still unclear of the length of the chaise end of sofa from back of off to end of chaise ie the short end of the ‘L’ shape,. Ca you clarify?

Answer: , The complete length of the chaise end is 154cm - this is from the back of the sofa bed to the foot of the chase and this includes the back rest. In comparison the seating area length of the chaise is 119cm - this does not include the back rest. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello,lady in store spent 20 min selling this sofa as coming in parts, un-boxable, with removable armrests & chaise, suitable for narrow (no banister yet) loft stairs with twist, other Q & A's say delivery only as one piece. Clarification much appreciated

Answer: Hi KerryO, This is delivered flat packed and does come in a few parts that are self assembly. No sofa beds require extensive assembly however. Assembly instructions are available to download on the product page itself within the written description. Thank you for your question.

I'm interested in purchasing a sofa, however I'm currently waiting to move into my first house that is a new build nod I don't know my exact moving in date. If I purchase a sofa are you able to hold the sofa until my moving in date.

Answer: Hello, Sofa bed's generally will be on a longer delivery then our other products. When purchasing the sofa bed we will contact you with a delivery date. You can use this as a provisional date and then extend it if necessary. Many thanks for the question.

How long does the special offer last? I'm moving to a new flat next month and would love to have this

Answer: , The offer on this sofa bed ends on 7th January. Please also bear in mind the lead time. Placing an order before the offer ends will offer delivery at the end of January/beginning of February, dependent on postcode. Kind Regards, Dreams

If we buy the Madden sofa, can we pay extra to have it delivered and assembled?

Answer: Hi , It will be free delivery on this product. In regards to assembly, it requires self assembly, it will be 8 screws which will need to be screwed and the rest is already assembled. I hope that helps. Many thanks for the question.

Could you please provide dimensions of all sides?

Answer: , The height of the sofa, when in the sofa position is 91cm, and the width is 211cm. The seating area depth is 90cm. When in the bed position, the total sleeping area dimensions are 154cm x 211cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, im interested this sofa bed but wanting more information. What type of filling are the cushions made of? How many years would this sofa last (not the mattress)?

Answer: Hi , The cushions are made of a polyester filling. This product has a 5 year guarantee but as for knowing when it will last till, this ultimately depends on the amount of use and care the product will receive. Thank you.

Do I have to build this sofa myself?  I can't see details anywhere but apologies if this is obvious! Also, do you give a precise delivery date when you place the order? Thanks.

Answer: Hi , You can select from that dates that are available when you arrive on the check out page. Luckily, you do not have to build the sofa yourself as we do offer an assembly charge for £28. Many thanks for the question.

I need a back cushion to add to the storage section could I order a back cushion to add on please

Answer: Hello, This can not be done through the website. If you purchase the product, parts may be able to be obtained through our customers services via contacting the suppliers for such a request. Many thanks for the question.

Will this sofa still be for sale in a couple of months? I don’t move until April and will need to buy on finance. If I buy on finance for 20 months can I pay it off before the end of the 20 months? 

Answer: , Unfortunately, we are not able to release our future promotion plans. Being able to pay back early on finance will depend upon the provider and the finance agreement. Kind Regards, Dreams

this sofa would only fit up my stairs if the chaise bit was detached from the sofa bed part. the end is apparently movable from one side of the sofa to the other, so does come apart. Would be be possible to separate the pieces to get them up the stairs?

Answer: Hi , Fortunately the chaise comes separate and needs to be added once the product is in place, meaning this product could be a perfect option for you. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

can this be delivered for the 31st of may?? and who do I speak to regarding the monthly payments

Answer: Hello, This can be checked on the product page as it gives an estimate delivery time. The monthly payments for anything above £400 will be advised through checkout as an option. Many thanks for the question.

What are the dimensions of packaging please?

Answer: , The Madden Sofa Bed will be delivered in two boxes, the dimensions of these are below: Box 1 - 63cm (H) x 120cm (L) x 94cm (W) Box 2 - 63cm (H) x 157cm (L) c 67cm (W) Kind Regards, Dreams

Does it has pocket springs or memory form in seating and sleeping area? Will it last for at least 6 months by daily use?

Answer: Hi , The sleeping area is pocket sprung and this product should well exceed 6 months. However, we do not recommend using sofa beds on a daily basis for comfort purposes. Thank you for your question.

Hi there Can you tell me what type of fabric is used in the upholstery and does it have stain protector added? Thanks

Answer: Hello, This will be made up of polyester and cotton in it's upholstery. There will not be a protectors added however this can be purchased elsewhere to prevent any stains. Many thanks for the question.

How long in metres is the chaise long? From the back of couch to the end of the chaise long? Do you have a store near Worthing that has this sofa bed? 

Answer: Hello, Due to this being a new range that has been just launched, it is currently only available to be viewed online. The length is 215 cm which is just over 2 metres. Thanks for the question.

Hi, I really like this sofa bed but the wall I want to put it against is 200cm wide and online it says 213cm is it possible to loose the arm on one side (not with chaise) to make it smaller?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this product comes as a whole sofa/bed and therefore this wouldn't be possible. Apologies for any inconveniences this may cause. Thank you for your question.

Whats the dimensions please

Answer: Hello , SOFA Height - 88 cm Width - 215 cm BED Seating area depth - 89 cm Sleeping area width - 193 cm Floor to sleeping area - 45 cm Many thanks for the question.

Hello, can you remove and wash the fabric?

Answer: Hello, The only part of this that can be removed and washed is the cushion covers. A damp cloth will be the best option to clean the sofa bed. Many thanks for the question.

I need to check this fits through my door. Can you please clarify how many parts this comes in and the dimensions of the parts. Thanks

Answer: Hi , The Madden comes in 2 boxes which are the following dimensions: Box 1 : 138cm x 92cm x 61cm Box 2: 155cm x 70cm x 61cm Thank you for your question.

Hi, what are the dimensions of this sofa bed without cushions? I need to ensure that the component parts fit through the door frame and the dimensions on site seem to include the cushions. Thanks

Answer: Hello, You will need to contact our customer services for this information. This can be done through webchat or by calling 08006525090. Many thanks for the question.

Does this come with stain protection?

Answer: , The Sofa bed comes with a 1 year guarantee and you can purchase a bedcover plan at checkout for up to 5 years extra protection. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the arms be removed?

Answer: , The arms come separately and have to be attached to the sofa bed when assembling The sofa bed cannot be used without the arms Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the depth of the sofa and the chaise and also the length of the chaise?

Answer: Hi, Are you sure the length of the chaise part is 193cm? That seems awfully long cause we have one which is 150cm and it seems long enough. Please confirm the length.

Hi - can you tell us the dimensions of the sofa in its delivery parts ? This would be for a 3rd floor room and the doorframe is smaller than the others in the house.

Answer: Hi , The Madden will be delivered in 2 parts. Box 1 - 138cm x 92cm x 61cm Box 2 - 155cm x 70cm x 61cm Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps

How does the sofa work when converted into a bed? i.e. Are the seated cushions when used as a sofa also used as a mattress when sleeping? Would this bed be recommended for regular use?

Answer: Hello, The seats and cushions are used when this is switched into a bed for the night. Sofa beds are recommended for occasional use. Many thanks for the question.

I have a very narrow staircase (40-45cm wide) with a 180 degree turn to an attic room, where I want to put a sofa bed.  Could you tell me how many packages and their dimensions the sofa bed comes in? Thank you 

Answer: Hello, Apart from the minimal assembly this comes as one unit and is unlikely to get up the stairs from the measurements provided. Many thanks for the question.

can I was the scatter cushions if so what temperature is it best to wash at?

Answer: , The covers of the scatter cushions can be washed - we recommend that these are washed on a cooler temperature of 30 degrees. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, really like this sofa, however I am not keen on colours and material. Is it possible to get it in a faux chocolate leather like Breton sofa bed? Thank you.

Answer: Hi , Thank you for showing an interest in this product. Unfortunately the options are only what is available on web. Thank you for your question.

Do any of your stores have this in stock to view please? Laura

Answer: Hi , Based on the location you provided, the closest store which this sofa bed can be viewed is Banbury. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, would the sofa be suitable for day to day use, or is the item intended for occasional use?

Answer: Hi , We recommend our sofa beds as occasional use when using them as a bed. This is due to comfort reasons. Thank you for your question.

Hello, I am still very confused regarding this sofa bed. Your image shows a left side corner sofa bed but I need a right side corner sofa bed. Is this possible?

Answer: Hello , Yes you can change the sides of the storage on the Madden Sofa Bed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

will two adults sleep comfortable on this sofa bed

Answer: , This sofa bed opens up into a double bed, which will be suitable for 2 x adults to sleep. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would you be able to remove and take away my old sofa?

Answer: Hello, This can be done for £28. This is available through checkout when making a purchase. Many thanks for the question.

Hi there, does it come in other colour than grey and natural? When does the sale period end? Thanks

Answer: Hello, This will only come in these two colours and the sale will end on the 10th January. Many thanks for the question.

Can it be modified to do it right side chaise longue?

Answer: , This model is reversible and the chaise end can be fitted to either end of the unit. Kind Regards, Dreams

How many pieces does the bed come in as if it is already assembled how can the bed part be either on the left or the right?

Answer: Hello, This is because you attach the arms and you can put them on the left or the right. Many thanks for the question.

Is this sofa bed on wheels? We would need to move it around when used as an occasional bed, and wonder how easy or difficult this might be. 

Answer: Hi SmithsHouse, This sofa bed comes on castors. Sorry if this causes any inconveniences. Thank you for your question.

What is the fabric?

Answer: , The fabric is a soft touch woven fabric, the fibre composition is 100% Polyester Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi can you pls clarify dimensions for the entire surface area when sofa bed is fully extended? (HxWxD) Some of the answers say the chaise longue is 193cm but other (box) dimensions listed don't mention this length, so I'm confused! Thanks v much.

Answer: , The dimensions of the sleeping area are: 119cm (L) x 188cm (W) x 46cm (H) Kind Regards, Dreams

I purchased a Madden sofa bed which was delivered on 1 March 2017. I am not entirely satisfied with it as it seems smaller than the one i viewed in the shop. The seats are not as deep and the middle cushion seems to be sagging! Regards Elizabeth Morris

Answer: Hello, Please call our customer services regarding this issue on 0800 692 5090. Many thanks for the question.

Hello. How firm is this sofa? We looked at the Ikea one at it was horribly firm.

Answer: Hi , We wouldn't state this is horribly firm however comfort is a personal preference. Thank you.

Hi. What is the length of the back of the sofa to the end of the chaise end please? As in how far will it stick out into the room when the sofa is in normal form?

Answer: , The length from the back of the sofa to the end of the chaise is 154cm. Kind regards, Dreams

Does this come in a 2 seater + bed Tess

Answer: Hi , Sorry, unfortunately it does not come in a 2 seater and bed. Many thanks for the question.

If you can change the side of the chaise (between left and right) does that mean if you need to move the sofa when moving house  you can take it apart to be 2 pieces? 

Answer: Hello, This can be dismantled into three pieces due to the arm attachments. Many thanks for the question.

Hi 2 questions please, I see from the dimensions that the Height is 88cm and width 215 cm. What is the depth please when it is opened as a bed ? Thanks. What is the time from order to delivery in Thurrock, Essex please ?

Answer: Hello, 1.sleeping area width - 193cm 2. delivery will be 2 to 3 weeks Many thanks for the question.

what type of mattresses are available?

Answer: Hello, This comes with a pocket spring sleeping area for the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Hi there just checking out the dimensions section of the page and I can't seem to find the width of the storage section from the front I just need to know for some planning.

Answer: Hi , The storage section is the chaise lounge. This is approx 60cm in width. Thank you.

What is the filling of the seats please? And what about the filling of the bed that comes out and the chaise? Coil Spring / Pocket Spring or Foam?! Thanks.

Answer: , The filling composition of the seat is a sprung base with foam. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you let me know the depth of the chaise part of the sofa please

Answer: Hello , The depth is approximately 45cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, what is the seat height please. Thank you 

Answer: Hi , The seat height measures at 45cm. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

What is the length of the sofa without the arms?

Answer: Hi , The length of this sofa bed without the arms is 188cm. Thank you for your question.

Hi. Can you take the chaise off when it is delivered to get it through our front door?

Answer: Hi , These come separately so this shouldn't be an issue. Thank you for your question.

Are the cushions detachable?

Answer: Hi Robs91 The cushions are removable. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Is this available without the chaise longue? (just a normal 3-seater sofa bed)

Answer: Hi , This product is only available with the extension. Thank you for your question.

Is this sofa available to view in your Oldbury or Dudley stores please? 

Answer: Hello, Brierly Hill has the Madden on display in store. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, How long does the chaise end stick out? Thanks :)

Answer: Hi , The chaise end sticks out by 193cm. Thank you for your question.

Hi, Can the chaise be mounted on the left hand side of the sofa (left as in if you were seated on the sofa itself). Thanks

Answer: Hi , Yes you can mount the chaise either side. Thank you for your question.

What size are the little free cushions please? I have just ordered this sofa and want to make covers for them, as they don't go with the room in any colour.

Answer: Hi , Please call your local store and ask for specifications. Thank you.

Hi, I was wondering if the L on the sofa was available on the other side? Thanks!

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately not, this only comes as seen. Many thanks for the question.

if i order the Madden can i pay for assembly and how much is it thank you

Answer: Hi , We offer an assembly service for £28. Many thanks for the question.

Are the covers removable for washing? 

Answer: Hi , No, unfortunately this is not possible to do. Thank you.

 Hi I was wondering if you could take the pillows of when you want it as a bed?

Answer: Hello, They can come off if wanted too. Many thanks for the question.

Is this a left hand facing with the bed on the right??

Answer: Hello, This can be placed either side. Many thanks for the question.

Are seat cushions foam or fibre or feathers? Thanks

Answer: Hi , These cushions have a polyester filling. Thank you.

Are all cushions foam or fibre? 

Answer: Hi , These cushions are fibre. Thank you for your question.

Is this a single or double sofa bed? What are the dimensions of the sleeping area?

Answer: Hi , This sleeps 2 people. Thank you for your question.

On the product description it says 'Changeable chaise ends - left or right' but I can see on another answer you have said it is as seen. Can you please clarify? Laura

Answer: Hello, This can go either end. Many thanks for the question.

Hi please can you tell me the depth of the sofa bed when made into a bed - the measurement from the back of the sofa bed to the end of the storage section. Many thanks

Answer: Hello, This will be 195cm. Many thanks for the question.

How wide is the bed when open

Answer: Hello, This will be 193cm. Many thanks for the question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 review

Put your feet up on the sofa bed

The idea of having an extra bed in the second lounge was the real reason for buying this sofa bed. However it is now in the main lounge and great to sit on. The sofa arrives in two boxes and it is a 'do it yourself' put together sofa bed. Once together it looks very smart, the back rest is not as high as regular sofas and sits slightly below your shoulders, so there is no head rest here. When the bed is pulled out there is only a head board for one person, something we hadn't considered. I'm 5ft 7 and my husband is over 6ft, the bed was just a bit too small, so do take that into consideration. However said that sleeping on such a firm base was such a pleasure. You really do get a good nights sleep on this sofa, it really is comfortable. The pull out base on mine does stick a bit when pushing back, but it works. The storage keeps the duvet, sheets etc. for the pull out bed. The pulling and pushing of the bed part for me only does have a few sticking points as I can't get it to work in one smooth motion. The same with pushing it back away. Sitting on it too is really comfy. The seat cushions are well stuffed and large, putting your feet up or just curling up on the sofa is a great thing to do here. The cats enjoy it to.


Faulty sofa bed, but looks great

The sofa came quite quickly after being ordered but the brackets on the chaise were upside down. This took us a while to figure out as the drawings on the instructions were so small and minimal. We unscrewed the brackets but because the sofa was manufactured so poorly, the back of the chaise didn't line up with the rest of the sofa. And the arm connected to the chaise didn't touch the floor. The sofa bed pull out connection was also incredibly sticky. I'd read in the reviews this had been the case for one or two people so I called Dreams. They sent someone round, but the appointment was almost two weeks away and then when he confirmed the problems, the replacement sofa delivery was almost a month away. So it's taken a month to sort this. The sofa looks great, it's very practical and is comfortable (eventually I got used to it, but that's only because I had a very comfy sofa before). The sofa bed is very firm, I would not recommend it for regular use unless you like a firm sleeping surface (I do, but the part that extends is not comfortable). But this sofa bed is a great length at 215cm, three seater, storage space and sofa bed. If it had come manfactured adequately, then I would have been very happy.


Looks and works great, not thrilled with comfort

This is a very nice smart looking sofa bed, versatile, very well thought out and very well designed, it looks great in the guest/second lounge room.I just struggle to get comfortable on it, it feels like it needs more padding in parts. The bed is far more comfortable on the sofa side than the pull out side but I can still get a good night sleep when I need to use it. On the other hand my partner says it's fine and very comfy. The Madden is supremely easy to pull out and put away and I really like the way you can add the back cushions in any order. Great when cleaning. No regrets with this sofa and I would still pick this Sofa. I picked this one based on the ability to disassemble to get up the super awkward stairs, I needed to get it up in to the loft, very narrow and twisted stairs and low celling left me with few other options. had to do this myself as understandably it was beyond what the delivery guys were allowed to do due to the tight squeeze.


Sofa bed

We were looking for a sofa bed which has the right size for our flat and found it on Dreams website. Ordering process was very easy and they kept me informed when it will be delivered. On the day of delivery they kept sending me messages so I know what time they will arrive. We quickly assembled the sofa, very clear instructions and quite easy and then we just enjoyed. It is of very good quality and we are absolutely happy with the product. When used as a sofa bed 2 person can sleep on it comfortably. Under the Chaise is storage room big enough for cabin size luggage and all the stuff you never know where to put.


Perfect for guest rooms

I've recently moved home, and often have guests visiting from other countries. The room I usually chuck them in my spare room, which only really had a dryer and a pile of clothes. Adding this sofa made instantly made it into a bedroom instead of what essentially a junk room. The ottoman feature provides extra storage, and I'm able to pull the bed out myself as a disabled woman with it being so easy. The delivery drivers hauled it upstairs and constructed in very little time. They were also incredibly polite, well mannered and respectful of my home.


Self assembly nightmare....

We took delivery of this a month ago, but have only just been in a position to take it to the room in which it will live and unpack it. Sturdy enough piece of furniture, but the metal bits that should enable the pieces to slot together simply were upside down on one part!!!! Once we had taken them off and reattached them the right way up that bit slotted together like a dream. Sadly on one of the arms, the metal bits are actually in the wrong place, so when it is all slotted together the arm base doesn't reach the floor....



I tried the sofa bed in store and found it very comfortable. As I often have guests stay over its very important to have somewhere comfy for people to sleep. So I'm quite disappointed, as the sofa that arrived is very hard to sit on, let alone sleep on! I agree it looks lovely, is very practical for seating lots of people and is a nice size, and the built in storage is wonderful. But, why on earth would you make a sofa with cushions so solid when it's also meant to be used as a bed??


Great build quality but very firm

I love the build quality (far superior to the similar model at ikea) and the look is stylish. The mechanism for the bed conversion and storage unit are very robust and you feel confident they will last. The staff were excellent and the delivery was efficient. My only criticism is that the seat and back cushions are very firm. I'm not sure I'd say it's particularly comfortable as a sofa. It feels unforgiving to sit on. Try it in a showroom first.


Great Design and Storage

I bought this product a week ago and the product is good however when you pay over £700 for a sofa you expect very good quality and this sofa somehow does not feel so strong as I was expecting. I am only keeping it because I bought the insurance at the time of the purchase. Also there was a staple sticking out which hurt my son when we were unpacking. In addition, the advertised changeable chaise end seems to be fixed to the right.


Extreme Comfort!

The combination of the the Hopkins king-size storage frame and mattress we purchased in January has been a great choice. I've honestly not slept as well every night in a long time. The storage mechanism feels solid, and the amount of space available for all our non day-to-day stuff is impressive, the whole product feels very good quality and should last a good while.


Good sofa, bed sofa bed

Was delivered in August, I assembled the sofa end metal parts were in the wrong place so had to 're align/ move them around them for it all to slot together and be flat, but not too much hassle. Guests used the sofa bed recently and the part that pulls out does not align with the end bit so it ends up falling through along with my guests! Not worth the money for that.


Great value for money!

Bought this sofa for my living room to be used also as a guest bed. The size is perfect for the small room, and it's really comfy for the 2 of us, plenty of space to stretch out, and it looks great! The storage compartment is also really useful and you can fit a lot in there. The bed section is very easy to pull out, and is very comfy compared to most sofa beds.


Fantastic good value bed

Got this sofa since I moving into a new flat which has a difficult turning so it's very useful having a quality sofa, that's well priced, where the arms detach and the back rest fold down slightly. The delivery guys were excellent too as they couldn't get 1 box up so they tried to try a variety of ways to get the sofa to my room of choice so 10/10 for effort!


Bad service

Bought a sofa bed. It was delivered we attempted to put it up but the brackets were wrong, then we decided to try it out. It was uncomfortable so we packed it all away, yet dreams said they would not refund as it had been 'used' even though we literally sat on it and packed it away as we couldnt put it together. We are now stuck with it. Very bad service.


Don’t waste your money!

I bought it two months ago and what I thought it’s manufactured fault it turns out to be normal, there is 5CM gap between the pull out part and corner one plus each off the parts are different height what makes it even more uncomfortable :-( Really disappointed, I thought Dreams are experts on sleeping products and this sofa is such a disappointment...


Great sofa, once you've managed to build it...

Comfy sofa, good size, handy sofa bed mechanism. Bit of a nightmare to put together though because the brackets on the chaise long and one arm were the wrong way around, so had to all be unscrewed and flipped the right way up. This wasn't indicated in the instructions so took us a while to figure out desire having built lots of other furniture before.


Great Sofa, Average bed.

The sofa is really nice, really comfy and a smart colour. However the pullout bed isnt great and will definitely need a memoryfoam topper on top of it. When you pull out the bed, there is a decent sized gap between the pullout part and the corner end of the sofa which digs into your back when you are lying there and is extremely uncomfortable


Madden sofa bed

Great delivery service by dreams, can't fault them. However I certainly wouldn't recommend the product. Not comfortable for sitting purposes. The foam is starting to dip and sink in after 5 weeks of light use. I tried to see if I could exchange it for a different sofa bed but was told that only mattresses have the 40 night guarantee.


Lovely easy to use sofa bed !

Bought thia sofa bed a couple of months back and very happy with the results. It looks just like the pictures and is a great colour. The cushions also fir very well which came with the sofa bed. So easy and light to pull into a bed and feels very secure. I had a friend stay over who said it was very comfortable to sleep on !


Great sofa

Bought this sofa in the sale earlier this year for our holidays home, paid extra to have it assembled which in hindsight it only clips in so can be done easy by yourself. however, the delivery staff were very friendly and took all the packaging away. We haven't used it as a bed as yet, but as a sofa its very comfortable.


Easy to use and looks great!

This is being used for the kids to sit on in their den whilst having somewhere for guests to sleep when they stay. Arrived as requested and the delivery men were amazing. They got it in with no problem and assembled it so fast. Was really impressed. Not the comfiest to sit on but perfect for what we need it for.


Sofa bed

I bought this for my living room as an occasional sofa bed for guests. Am very pleased with it and the storage. Although it is slightly more comfortable for one person not two. It’s fine for a couple for a few nights. Easy to assemble and due to its being in two parts was able to get it up my narrow staircase.


Easy to use, Looks great and Excellent Service

I brought this corner sofa bed for our spare room and I am really happy with the quality of the product. It is really easy to open up into a bed and the storage unit is perfect for keeping the bedding in. The service was all excellent especially the delivery! I would definitely recommend this product!


Not what I expected

I bought the sofa two weeks ago and I cnat say that I'm thrilled. It's not bad perhaps, but not what I expected. It is rather hard and feels like sitting on a chair, can't relax. Remember, if you want a soft and comfortable sofa, this is probably not for you. Although the storage is handy.


Badly made

I bought this over a month ago and although it is nice to sit on, it completely collapses when made into a bed. It’s taken weeks for an engineer to come and tell me what I already knew, that it was faulty! And now I have to wait another month for a replacement. Not happy at all.



I bought this sofa based on the specs, It covered all that I needed, sofa bed, leg, and size, but I ordered online without trying. Only thing I didn't know if whether it was comfy so I took the risk. and actually, I must say that when It arrived It was over my expectations.


I don't know how I lived before.....

Bought a Dreams 3-seater sofa-bed and didn't know what expect having never bought from them before. Product is far better than I expected; comfortable, attractive, practical, and movie days have never been the same when it's pulled out. Couldn't be happier.


Nice sofa

We use in guest bedroom, reversible L is useful but a bit tricky to set up - took us about half an hour to reconfigure and set up because the catches are quite difficult to line up. No issues with it since, the storage space is handy to keep blankets in


Madden sofa bed

Really pleased with this sofa bed. As our space was right it was a bit difficult to clip in place but it fit perfectly. Easy to pull out for double bed. Storage guests found it comfortable. Service at wednesbury excellent and very helpful.


Great sofa bed

We brought this as we was redecorating out snug room ,been looking but couldn't find anything to fit in .then we went to dreams to buy a bed and there it was the perfect sofa bed for our room it's comfortable loads of space well pleased with it


Very comfy!

The service was brilliant from the minute we stepped into the shop to after-order service. We needed to reschedule the deliver twice and the people we spoke to were fantastic and brilliant. Very helpful staff and a very comfy matress!


Perfect fit!

I bought this sofa bed recently and so far I am very happy with it. This sofa is a perfect fit for a small flat, however despite of the slightly smaller than regular sofa size, it can be converted into a good size double bed.


It is cosy and comfortable.

We received ours before Christmas. So glad we did. It works very well as a sofa bed and it ands warmth to our living room. However the drawer always catches when pulling the drawer out, and when up there is a large gap.


Amazing Service and great sofa!!!

I bought the sofa in store and we received amazing service at the time. When it was delivered few weeks after it was Perfectly on time and the the team did install it for us in the living room very quickly. Well Done!


So easy to use!

I bought this sofa bed as a second bed for the house and couldn’t recommend it any more. It’s really comfy the only downside is the pillows could be a little softer but that may wear over time.


sofa bed

Really happy with this sofa bed.Easy to pull out for double bed. Storage is great and big enough.Delivery guys very friendly and helpful to asamble all parts together.Fully recommended.


Very professional and efficient.

We bought our mattress and sofa-bed from dreams and we have been very satisfied with the quality of both of them Very nice and friendly service as well! Would highly recommend!


Very good sofa bed

Love it. Big enough for me, soft enough although all review said differently. Only 4 stars because one of the handle is not flitting well but is acceptable the way it is.



This is a great sofa bed, very comfy but also looks good! It fits perfectly in the gap we have and is very easy to assemble, it has a good amount of storage too. Amazing!


Great new addition to our new home

A great sofa and sofa bed, easy to assemble and looks amazing in our new snug. We now pull out the bed part and use it as an extra large snug sofa which our two dogs love


Poor quality huge price

I brought sofa month ago and im not happy on my purchase. Poor Quality for huge price feel im overpaid a lot. Expected better quality for that price. Not recommended


Very comfortabe

I bought this in November for my main sitting room, to be used mainly as a sofa. It is very comfortable plus has the benefit of putting the chaise to either end,


Great Sofa with useful storage

Sofa arrived as promised. Was very easy to put together. The Sofa can be set up with the storage part either side. colour was very nice and it looks very smart.


Great sofa top quality for price

Great sofa, with the sofa bed out it is just as large as a double bed, the sofa has become more comfortable as we have broken it in the more weve sat on it


Good looking

I bought this 3 weeks ago and it looks very pretty but it can be quite stiff, sleeping on it can be quite painful and more padding would work miracles



We had it for about the month now and so far we are absolutely 100% happy. It's perfect size too, and as a bed it's really comfortable. Love it!!!


Very Happy

Delivered & assembled on time. Good 'hidden bed' mechanism, & storage. Solid build & very comfortable, so I bought a 2nd one for a guest room.


Good product

Comfy and looks really nice made to a good standard did have issue with scre catching on moving parts but easily fixed with a screwdriver


Perfect for my living room

Purched not long ago, fits in really well, love the choice of colour grey, but it could of been wider width ways. Sofa is very comfortable.


Love it

This is exactly what we needed. It is very comfortable and turns into a bed settee very easily. The chaise bit is great for watching tv on.


Great design

I searched for several weeks to find a sofa that was comfortable, provided storage and didn’t look cheap. I finally found one at dreams.



Disappointed ! The part which extends to a bed broke two times already. Not happy with this sofa bed. Therefore I wouldn't recommend.


super good as a sofa bed

bought this to replace a smaller 2 seater with no sofa bed feature. So happy with it as its really comfy as a sofa but also as a bed.


Great sofa

I bought this a month ago. So far so good. Very comfortable sofa. Head rest could be higher but definitely recommend this.


great sofa

Had it only for over a week, but love it already, comfortable, looks nice, sofa bed set up within two second - great!


Looks terrific!

Looks great in my living room. Have yet to use it as a bed. Cushions are quite firm, but it does help my back.


excellent customer service

Iam very happy with the corner sofa I bought and the shop staff and delivery men were friendly and helpful.


Extremely comfy

I brought this sofa bed a month ago and it is amazing pulls out nicely and is really comfortable to lie on.


Good qaulity sofa bed

I bought this sofa bed a few weeks ago and it is good quality but a lot firmer cushions that in the store


Love it

Great corner sofa! Good quality, plenty of storage and comfy bed to sleep for our guests. Very satisfied


Poor Fabric Qaulity

I bought this product 1 year ago, initially, it looks good but now I noticed lots of lynt in top cover.



Delivery and set up easy. Comfortable as a sofa with good storage feature. Not used as a bed yet.


Sofa, bed and storage. Perfect

Have had this for a month now, perfect for what we needed. Used in the lounge as our main sofa.


great features !!!

I bought this a month ago!!! really good product cozy and we have really good naps on it!!!


Meets our needs.

Very happy with this purchase. Looks great, very comfortable but not slept on yet.


Excellent product

I bought this sofa bed a month ago. It is very spacious and offers great support


Great sofa bed - Great Service!

Really high quality for the price. Delivery guys really thorough and helpful.


good purchase

quite firm, but pulls out very easily and hopefully it will softens soon!


Madden sofa bed

Arrived the other day couldn't be happier, smart, comfy and practical.


Solid bed

Have had it for nearly a month, no issues solid bed that looks great.


Just the job

Exactly what I was looking for. Added bonus as it was on sale.


Great sofabed

Does all the things you want a sofabed to do - very satisfied


One of the few stylis L shaped sofa's with storage

I bought it recently and it fits perfectly and looks great


Great sofa bed

I bought this for a our spare room and does the job!