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Simba Hybrid® Pillow

Simba Hybrid® Pillow


What Makes The Simba Hybrid® Pillow Great?

Happy sleepers

The Simba range includes reviews from over 15000 happy customers, not bad going considering how new the company is within the industry. 

Good for you, good for the planet.

The foam utilised in the Simba mattress lineup is CertiPUR certified which means there are no harmful materials or dyes that will impact on you of the environment. The Simba Pure foam is free from pollutants while still surpassing fire regulations. Ultimately these mattresses can keep you comfortable and giving you a great night's sleep while also keeping you safe.

The Pillow Redefined

This pillow goes beyond others in that it features multiple layers of differing technologies that all work hand in hand to deliver the perfect nights sleep. Featuring the fabled Stratos temperature regulation that keeps you from getting too warm while you delve into luxurious and deep comfort. furthermore you have a mesh border to further increase airflow finished with a soft and hypoallergenic filling that keeps you safe and supported.

Meet Stratos®

Stratos is a new technology utilised by Simba to help ensure adequate temperature regulation. This technology ensures an even and measured temperature that is not too hot nor too cold. The technology is applied to the cotton layers which helps to release heat and increase breathability keeping you at the right temperature regardless of the season.

Nanocube Technology

Picture this, you spend a chunk of money on a new pillow only for it to be too deep, problematic and representative of an issue that thousands of people suffer. Enter nanocube technology, the act of creating a new removable filling that allows you to have a pillow that is adjustable. Simply add or remove comfort-cubes as you see fit to get the nights sleep you need at the depth and height you need.

A Sustainable Sleep

It's important to be aware of your own carbon footprint while trying to ensure that impact on the planet is minimal. This range of products achieve sustainability through reducing use against energy and materials while improving logistics to ensure minimal harm.

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