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Simba Hybrid® Duvet

Simba Hybrid® Duvet


What Makes The Simba Hybrid® Duvet Great?

Happy sleepers

The Simba range includes reviews from over 15000 happy customers, not bad going considering how new the company is within the industry. 

Meet Stratos®

Stratos is a new technology utilised by Simba to help ensure adequate temperature regulation. This technology ensures an even and measured temperature that is not too hot nor too cold. The technology is applied to the cotton layers which helps to release heat and increase breathability keeping you at the right temperature regardless of the season.

A Sustainable Sleep

It's important to be aware of your own carbon footprint while trying to ensure that impact on the planet is minimal. This range of products achieve sustainability through reducing use against energy and materials while improving logistics to ensure minimal harm.

Cool on every level

One of the main issues around much of the products sold in the bedding industry these days is that comfort typically comes hand in hand with warmth. Not so with this, featuring active temperature regulation you'll stay cool for longer helping to create an all-season nights sleep.

Simba-Renew® Better than feather & down

What makes Simba-Renew special is that this filling is made up from recycled PET bottles which makes it great for the environment while being better than traditional feather and down. Furthermore Simba-Renew is light, airy and breathable while still being warming and offering good thermal performance.

No bumps in the night

Poorer quality duvets have the filling get lost, ending up more heavily weighted in one section or corner than another. With the Hybrid Duvet, Simba have sectioned off the comfort into smaller squares, ensuring that the fillings cannot move more than a few inches and allowing a full and evenly weighted experience.

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